Bella Liberty

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Bella Liberty
Level 12 Natural Scrapper
Martial Arts/Shield Defense
Player: @Gamma.Girl
Activity Level: occassional
Real Name: Bella Liberty
a/k/a: '
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: '
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Build: Slender
Complexion: Light
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Distinguishing Features
Biographical Data
Birthdate: '
Birthplace: '
Nationality: American
Residence: Founders Falls, Paragon City
Occupation: Hero
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Legal Citizen of USA
Relatives & Associates
Known Powers
Martial Arts / Shield Defense
Skills & Abilities
Round Shield
Additional Information


Character History

When your last name is actually "Liberty", people tend to expect certain things from you. When add to that the fact that you come from a long line of crime fighters, you fate is pretty sealed.

Bella was trained from childhood to be a fighter. Despite having no super powers, she's more than able to hold her own against super powered thugs and villains.

She chose as shield as her primary weapon to symbolize her dedication to protecting the citizens of Paragon. Her family has used the Liberty Bell as part of their Coat of Arms since it was first brought to America.


Bella is fairly "no-nonsense" in her crime fighting demeanor. She'll drop a joke on occassion but she's mostly all business. Like her attitude toward her job, when she unwinds and cuts loose, she doesn't go halfway. She works hard, fights hard and plays hard.

Powers and Abilities

Bella is highly trained in Martial Arts


Bella uses a round shield with the emblem of the Liberty Bell

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