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Hey, Punker!
Blitzkrieg Bop
Player: @Bradders
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Judy Jarret
Known Aliases: Blitz, Bop, Pinky, Pinker, Bopper, Judy Bike
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Pink (dyed from Blonde)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Licensed Super Hero, self funded.
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Base of Operations: Kings Row, Paragon City
Marital Status: With Partner, engaged
Known Relatives: Josh Jarret (Brother), Emma Jarret (Mother), Joeseph Jarret (Father; deceased)
Known Powers
Fire Blast, Energy Manipulation, Fire Mastery
Known Abilities
Flight, Basic First Aid, Superspeed
No additional information available.



Supergroup: They Might Be Heroes

Former Affiliations: Angry Angels Academy, the Angry Angels


Forceful, confident, aggressive, Blitzkrieg Bop harbors a temper almost as fiery as her powers. This is the persona she projects, for those that know her better she is gentle, caring and has a prominent motherly affection for the younger heroes around the They Might Be Heroes base. She keeps her past a closely guarded secret to all but her most trusted confidants, namely Thrashdown and Square Woot.


Blitzkrieg Bop can throw fire based projectiles and manipulate energy through her fists. She prefers fighting in close quarters, despite her physical fragility, in a style known as "blapping" within the Paragon City superhero community.

Fire Blast

Blitzkrieg Bop is able to generate fireballs and flames of varying size and intensity and is able to exert enough control to use them as projectiles. With the consumption of alcohol she can generate and manipulate flames of much higher intensity. It was initially thought that her flame manipulation powers could only occur with the consumption of alcohol, but this was later proved to be untrue when it was discovered she had grown a dependency to the substance.

As her powers developed she has learned to use a barrier of flame for her own protection as well as the ability to heal herself using her powers, often bringing her back into a fight after being defeated.


By manipulating the thermal energy around her, she is able to create thermal air currents that lift her off the ground.

Energy Manipulation

As a secondary mutation, she is able to externalize energy through her fists, multiplying the force of her punches.

Character History

Judy had always loved music. She was more interested in listening to records than playing with toys. She would spend hours listening to the same record over and over, staring at the covers, reading lyrics, absorbing everything she could. As she grew in to her teens she discovered Punk Music and instantly fell in love with bands such as the Ramones and Black Flag. Around the same time she also discovered that she had limited control of fire. At first this was limited to changing the shape and intensity of the flame of her Zippo lighter, but as she grew older she found that she could exert control over much larger flames. She kept this to herself, never exploring her powers any further until the night her Father died.

Smoking outside of a Punk Club in downtown New York was always considered dangerous, this night, however, it was more dangerous than Judy could have imagined. Judy was taken hostage by a Troll (this is unconfirmed, the remains of the body were not sufficient to make a definitive analysis). Her Father, an NYPD Police Officer, was already in pursuit and happened on them as they struggled in the alley. He foolishly lowered his gun upon seeing his daughter in peril, allowing the Troll to shoot him twice in the chest, killing him instantly. The trauma of witnessing her Fathers shooting caused Judy to erupt in a ball of flame, incinerating the troll and torching much of the surrounding alleyway.

After witnessing the murder of her Father she ran away from home, blaming herself for the incident. She went Touring with her, then, boyfriend and his band, the Angry Salesmen. The band broke up halfway through the tour, and a young Judy caught her boyfriend cheating on her with a groupie. Devastated she continued touring with the main act on the tour, leaving her boyfriend and his mistress in Missouri.

She continued this lifestyle, meeting with bands and touring with them for 9 years, taking in the world as she travelled. She spent extended periods of time in cities that took her interest. Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, Mexico City all kept her static for several months at a time, until she either grew bored or found a band she liked enough and were willing to take her on the road. During this time she picked up many other skills, such as bartending, mexican cooking, guitar playing and skateboarding.

She arrived in Paragon City 9 years after leaving home, intending it to be her last stop before returning to New York. While there she saw the plight of its populace and decided to use her powers to help out where she could. She undertook a short training regime with Hero Corps, and studied heroes such as Bayani before taking the name Blitzkrieg Bop with which to fight crime with.

On one of her first patrols she met a young hero, Thrashdown, living rough on the streets of Galaxy City. Thrashdown reminded her of herself when she was that age, and persuaded her to come and live with her in her apartment. Their relationship, while rocky at first, soon blossomed, Judy readily adopted the role of a Mother figure (much to her own surprise). Judy soon found herself unable to leave, the care of Thrash being of paramount importance to her, as enjoying using her powers for the good of Paragon City. It wasn't, however, until she met Square Woot, that she knew that Paragon City would be her home for a long time to come.

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