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For it is not light that is needed, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.
- Frederick Douglass, What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? (1852)

((The above is an example of the very top of one of my pages; I looked for a quotation that seemed to fit the character in some way, and sourced it above. You may choose not to have this kind of thing, and so you may delete it if you wish; otherwise, just overwrite the quote, author, and source with your own!))

((This is your lead sentence area. I usually use this area for a short, few sentence description of the character. The first instance where I name the character I put in bold (eg Winter Tornado), which is a holdover from Wikipedia standards.))

[[Image:((if you have a 300 pixel wide image of your character uploaded to Virtueverse, you can enter it in here. Note that you only have to put in the file name, eg. Winter.jpg, and not File:Winter.jpg. If you do not have an image, remove this line; you can add it in later if you have an image uploaded (or someone else may do it for you. ))|300px|]]
((If you have a catchy line you want under the image, put it here. Otherwise, remove this line.))
((Your character name!))
Player: ((If you want, you can put your global name here; otherwise, remove this line))
Origin: ((Character Origin))
Archetype: ((AT))
Security Level: ((Between 1 and 50))
Personal Data
Real Name: ((The name of the person behind the mask, so to speak. It is possible this is the same as the character name.))
Known Aliases: ((If you have an alias for the character that others know him/her as, put it here.))
Species: ((For most folks, could be human, but the Union includes alien races, robots, and stranger things in its ranks.))
Age: ((This will usually be apparent age, and may be approximate))
Height: ((Self explanatory))
Weight: ((Self explanatory))
Eye Color: ((Self explanatory))
Hair Color: ((Self explanatory))
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: ((If your character holds down a job in addition to heroing, this is where to put it. You can otherwise default to "Hero of Paragon City"))
Place of Birth: ((If you know where the character was born, this is where; otherwise, delete this line.))
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: ((Married? Single? Widowed? Goes here.))
Known Relatives: ((If you have relatives, put them here. If you don't know yet, go ahead and remove this line-you can always add it back later))
Known Powers
((Short power description here. Don't worry about details-that'll go in later. If you feel your powers fit more in Abilities, remove this line.))
Known Abilities
((If your character has other abilities/talents outside of their powers, that's good to add here. Otherwise, remove this line.))
((If your character relies on equipment-or has objects that are worth mentioning-put them here. Otherwise, remove this line.))
((Any little comments you feel would be appropriate to the herobox. Otherwise, remove this line.))



((This is where you'd put down a basic outline of your character's personality. It's the viewer's first look at the kind of hero you are-and the kind of person you are, too!))


((I usually summarise the general powersets here.))

((Primary Powerset))

((This is where you'd put down the description of your primary powerset. You do not have to go into detail on each power, but can go with general descriptions.))

((Secondary Powerset))

((As per the Primary Powerset))

Additional Powers

((I usually have a one sentence blurb to indicate that the character has other powers/skills about to be described))

((Pool Powerset))

((This is where I describe the pool power, and how it relates to my character. For example, flight may come from an alien gem, rocket boots, air control, or however it fits your concept. Repeat this section with copy/paste for as many pool powers/ancillary(epic) powersets as your character possesses.))


((Here is where you can go into details on any special abilities. They aren't necessarily limited to the ingame abilities; they can relate to skills and talents gained from occupations and/or hobbies.))

Weaknesses and Limitations

((Some heroes just have their Kryptonite. This is where you would put in yours. It's possible your character doesn't have any special issues, in which case you may remove this section.))


((Some heroes rely on equipment above and beyond what they get from their powersets; you can describe them here, or you may choose to simply remove this section.))

Character History

((This is the nuts and bolts! This is where you can describe your character's origin story, and perhaps even significant events since becoming a hero! Go wild! You've already got a headstart on this with your Personnel Records-bring 'em to life here!))


((This section uses the template below. friendname1/frienddesc1 refers to organizations you may be affiliated with; we've included Union Supreme here as an obvious example. neutralname1/neutraldesc1 refers to friends you have that rate special mention (including those in the organizations); and enemyname1/enemydesc1 refers to special enemies for whom you've got a large grudge against. You can have multiples of each of these, by simply incrementing the number 1 to 2, 3, 4, and so forth.))


  • TBD:
  • TBD:


((If you have any trivia to put in about your character, this would be a good place.))

This article about a character is a stub -- a small, but growing, work in progress. If you're the creator of this character, why not consider expanding it?

 ((This indicates that your page is a work in progress; you can remove it when you feel it's shiny enough!))
 ((You may replace Tanker with whatever AT you belong to (Blaster, Scrapper, etc).)) ((Male can, of course, be replaced by Female as needed.))
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