Brutius Rex

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Brutius Rex
Player: @Dust
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Warshade Archetypeicon_warshade.png
Threat Level: 50
Personal info
Real Name: Brin Baker
Known Aliases: Brutus, Lady Statesman, The Hand of Karma, Rex
Species: Human/Nictus
Age: 23
Height: 5'10"
Eye Color: Glowing Magenta
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Occupation: Full Time Villian (Take what you want give nothing back)
Place of Birth: Kings Row
Base of Operations: Cimerora
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Karma the Destroyer (Foster sister)
Known Powers
Enhanced strength, Umbral Force, Shapechaanging, "Imortal?"
Known Abilities
Stratigic Sense
No additional information available.



The Conclave, Midnighters Club, Kheldians/Nictus


Rex isnt known for thier kidness or mercy. They are a powerhungery, envious b**** that has a collection of chips on thier shoulder that drove them slightly mad. They thought Brutus the King would have been to on the nose for a "super name" ith that tells you whet they think of themself.

Personality Traits


Brutius Rex always wanted powers like Statesman and to be a member of the Freedom Phalanx. They seized the opportunity for Power as soon as it Presented itself. Rex found a weak Kheldian named ShardShade lost and alone outside the cities war walls and made a deal with it for its own life. They fused with ShardShade for the use of its power.

Enhanced strength

With her lust for power, they always worked hard to maintain their peak fitness whether it was by training or Performance enhancers.

Umbral Force

"Masters of the void, Warshades can manipulate dark energy, gravity and matter to blast and dominate their foes. The gravimetric nature of most Umbral Blast powers often slows the targets attack and movement speed." "Warshades can generate Dark Fields to give themselves incredible defensive capabilities."


Kheldians can make an energy "copy" of any being it's been joined with in the past - such as the Nova and Dwarf forms of tri-form Kheldians and now ShardShade can turn into Brutius Rex


being so drawn to power and battle Rex has always been fascinated with strategy and the works of Sun Tzu, the Roman Empire and Arch Villians like Recluse and Ghost Widow

Romulus Strategies and Tactics

After coming into their power as a Warshade they gained the trust of the Midnighters Club and infiltrated Cimerora and joined Romulus' Traitor Legion. Rex trained and learned from the Legion but was eventually banished because of her obsession and zealot behavior as she tried to become a new Romulus.

Character History


Brin grew up in and out Saint Mary's orphanage and foster homes with thier insepreatble foster sister Sampia.


Post-Shard Shade


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