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· Mutation Brute ·
Street Justice
Energy Aura
Player: @Snugglebunny
Real Name
Xu Lin
Hong Kong
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Powers & Abilities
Ability to tap into the Yiichou

There is a growing number of individuals with the capability to tap into time. Manipulating it in subtle ways to enable the flow of battle to change one way or another. Time and space connect and cycle in ways that are often unknown to the mortal man, and those fortunate enough to tap into it should be wary.

The Yiichou is a tricky mistress. And when a certain ambitious woman found a way to tap into it 376 years ago, it did not allow her to tap out. Someone of her questionable morals took advantage of this, however. Used it to her benefit. She stepped in and out of its flow, manipulating the triads until she had a firm foothold for herself in her own future. And so, she became a whispered name in the ranks. The Viper Unbound. Not to be tested. Deadly with her bow and arrow. It was said you never saw her wrath coming. And she never seemed to age.

The name of the Viper carried along for several generations. And then a son was born. The Tiger. Fierce and quick to cast judgement, his weapon of choice was poison claws; close and personal. His reign decidedly shorter, only twenty-seven years. And then a vacuum.

Xu Lin heard the stories. They were all around her in Bangkok - from her tutors to the whispers of the vendors on the streets as dark began to settle. She never gave them much thought.

It was odd, though, that her grandmother seemed nearly as young as her mother. With only 20 years dividing them, it would be difficult to tell that Xu Mei was her mother-in-law. Her father had married young, though. Xu Heng had taken Liling as a wife when they were merely 18. Lin was born only two years later. Good genetics', her grandmother had always said when asked about it.

They were a well-off family, running a banking firm as well as two high-end jewelry boutiques specializing in pearls and precious gems. The family employed guards and chauffeurs and a cleaning staff. It was comfortable, and admittedly excessive... and very high on protocol.

Lin was raised with very strong expectations, though she was not aware of most of them until much later.

Quiet girls are good girls.
Eat and dress modestly.
Manners at all times.

She had a high expectation set on her for physical wellness, including running, meditation, archery, and the start of hand to hand combat. To protect yourself, grandmother said, The archery is tradition.

Her freetime was filled with books and her cats. Things seemed idyllic until she turned 14.

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