Burke Daddy

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Burke Daddy
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Soldier
Threat Level: Sappy
Personal Data
Real Name: Matthew Burke Sr.
Known Aliases: "Daddy"
Species: Human
Age: 56
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 330 pounds
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Islander
Occupation: Detective
Place of Birth: Mercy Island
Base of Operations: Grandville
Marital Status: It's Complicated
Known Relatives: Matthew Burke (Son)

Harry Burke (genetic grandchild) Lynch Burke (genetic grandchild) Larry Burke (genetic grandchild) Scary Burke (genetic grandchild) Burke Momma (Lover)

Known Powers
Arachnos Soldier, Training and Gadgets
Known Abilities
Cooking fast food, Entrepreneurship
Checkbook, Ol' Bessie (favorite rifle)
No additional information available.



Matthew Burke Sr., father of the merc Matthew Burke, is a well-honored veteran of the Arachnos military.


Military food was awful, and Burke Sr. relished every outside meal he could get. Retiring SSC, Burke Sr. went into the restaurant business soon afterward, purchasing a local chain of Harby's.

Meeting Martha

There he met Martha Burke, alias Burke Momma, and noticed her flagrant use of coupons. This he admired, as Burke Sr. is a known infamy-grubber. Martha's use of coupons all but bankrupted his branch of Harby's, which was sold off to an anonymous party.

A son, the rebellious one

After one crazy night at Pocket D, Martha finally admitted to Burke Sr. that she was pregnant. Burke Sr. insisted the child be named after him, and it was done. As Martha had a pretty crazy life, both parties felt that baby Burke would be best off with a retired military officer than someone actively spying on Arachnos for her own gain. Burke Sr. loved his son very much, and made sure he was well taken care of, even on a scant military pension. From an early age, Burke Sr. noticed Matthew's fighting abilities and he taught him how to best use his skills in battle. Burke Sr. raised his son until the age of 18, and from that point Matthew decided to leave home. The last keepsake Burke Sr. has from Matthew is a hastily written letter from Matthew on the night of his sudden departure.


You have taught me the way of the world, your world. I need to find my own path, something away from Arachnos. They didn't give you anything, Dad, just terrible memories of "honor" and "justice," and then they leave you with nothing at all. Sure, you have a pension, but you deserve more than that. Arachnos will forever be a thorn in my side. I know what I'm writing is treasonous and disappointing to you, but I have to at least tell you why I'm leaving. You probably won't hear from me that much, if at all, but I will let you know if something happens.


Living his own life

Burke Sr. does detective/contract work, hoping to regain some infamy lost over the Harby's coupon debacle. Martha agreed to send some work his way, as she missed causing mischief. But at least now Burke Sr. gets discounts at other branches of Harby's.

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