Cackling Oblivion

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Cackling Oblivion
· Magic Corruptor/Defender ·
Dark Blast/Time Manipulation
Dark Maiasma/Energy Blast
Player: @Blightrix
Villain Group
Real Name
Firaxis Dimentio/Garius
Cackling Oblivion, The Black Trickster, Dimi, Chuckles, Lord Chuckles
Nether World
Nether World Estate
Physical Traits
Human Soul
Unknown, assumed to be European
Presumably Male
Apparent Age
6' 3"
196 lbs.
Body Type
Too burned to tell, presumed white
· Distinguishing Features ·
While the mask is off his flesh has been burned, his lips cut off, and his eyes are replaced by small flames that allow him to see.
Powers & Abilities
Dark Blast/ Time Manipulation
Dark Maiasma/ Energy Blast
Patron Pool
Soul Mastery
· Known Powers ·
Dimensional Manipulation, Illusions, Shadow Magic
· Equipment ·
THe Mask of Madness (It's what makes him into Cackling Oblivion)
· Other Abilities ·
Master of the arcane arts and most forms of magic from novice to master levels



((Yes Cackling Oblivious' IC name is Dimentio and is commonly refereed to as such, by people who know him at least. I, in no way claim Dimentio as my own and is Copyright of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. However, Cackling Oblivion is Dimentio in only IC name and starter costume, personality wise and pretty much everything else is different, maybe slightly, and maybe a lot.))

Pre-Back Story

During Garius' life (before he really became Cackling Oblivion) he lived during The Dark Ages. During this time of plight, mages had very little freedoms and where only allowed to study basic cantrips. Most didn't even say they where mages and others barely managed, other where killed by zealous churches claiming mages where the devil incarnate. What exactly happened to change this has been lost to history but one thing is for certain, Garius would have a tremendous effect on this outcome.

Garius' Backstory

Dimentio has only recently rediscovered his original name, Garius, but still would rather go by what the Mask of Madness uses, Firaxis Dimentio:

Garius has shared his true past with only one person, one that he truly related with, Engel auf Holle. While mages where oppressed in the past some actually managed to obtain a decent profession. People in the current age would consider a jester to be a terrible occupation because they were unfamiliar with the benefits. As a Court Mage (Jester with magic) Garius was allowed to speak his mind, and often used subtle jokes to express his displeasure with the current state of mage treatment. While that may have been one of his only perks, however, the message often fell on deaf ears. The nobles that he entertained where often too smug and self-centered to catch the overall message.

Garius was beyond furious, but he knew that nothing could be done to help the situation, this often lead him to notice the irony of how powerless men were able to control people with unimaginable power. One night, however while he slept, a demoness appeared in his chambers and offered him a chance to break free from the shackles that the world had placed on him. In order to do this he would need to study not just forbidden magic, but demonic magic. This form of magic where kept in hideous books which were sealed away in a holy sanctum to keep "the vile mages" from ever reading from their passages. Garius was hesitant at first, but the thought of freedom overwhelmed him. He agreed to study from the dark pages, unfortunately it would lead to a cataclysm that no one could have ever foreseen.

The War for Freedom

To Garius' surprise, when he finally managed to find the tome required, there was more than one book. He had to act fast and chose one that was bound in black leather and had many arcane and demonic symbols etched into it. He had no idea what he was about to do, but if it saved him from the incoming guards, he was willing to go through with it. One thing the demoness didn't mention though, was that people whom would read from those forbidden tomes lose their minds even if they glimpsed upon their pages, but something unexpected happened, he remained sane...for the most part.

He easily cleared the guards with the sudden burst of dark power that now coursed through him and made an escape with the tome in hand. The deed was done and Garius felt his freedom at hand. While he did not suffer any effects from not only reading the book, but also using the spells within, he would soon lose himself and bring about his inevitable end. His constant use of the spells began to twist him mentally and it showed to people around him. Eventually when the lords realized their guardsman would be useless against him they were left with only one option. The lords of the land would have to allow mages to not only practice advanced spells, but also allow them to join the military force to assist in the defeat of the new threat. With an arsenal of battle ready mages at their disposal the lords where given a new hope and a possible end to the blight that had been ravaging their lands. The fighting was fierce and even with so many soldiers and mages capable of combating Garius, it was still close and almost one-sided at first. Garius was defeated, and had to be punished for such unspeakable crimes!

The Torture and Death of the "Monster"

The inquisition that had taken Garius had little choice in the matter. He had to be made an example of and was sentenced to death by torture. His lips where cut off so the words of the vile tomes would never touch his lip, his eyes pulled out so he may never read from the tome again, he was also slashed in several areas to cause severe pain. Finally he was burned alive in the city square, hundreds watched, some sympathizing, other with hate in their eyes. People called him a monster and he was soon forgotten to history. However, the magi that helped defeat Garius where not only allowed to continue their studies of advanced magic, but also allowed military positions and places in the Clergy even. It seemed that through Garius' actions and his quest for freedom, he instead freed every mage but himself.

The Mask of Madness

While Garius was kind and virtuous, reading from the tome had tainted his very soul and he was thusly cast down into the pits of Hell. He was not greeted with pitchforks and lava baths though, instead the demoness that had tricked him into reading the tome stood before him, smiling. She was holding a mask that resembled a harlequin's. She said she was impressed, and not just her, but even the rulers of Hell where amazed that a human was able to read from the demonic tomes and still retain his sanity. In return for such an astounding performance she was going to grant Garius the opportunity of an after-life time and bestow upon him the Mask of Madness, which he accepted after much thought. The mask changed him into the demon noble Firaxis Dimentio, and he was granted land, servants and even the power that Dimentio has controled since his creation.

The mask is more than just a relic, but is actually a pure demonic soul bound into an item of power to grant the user the demon's power and rights. The only way for humans to become nobles and not just small demons such as imps and gremlins, would be to posses such an item. When the mask is on, though, it is not obvious, Dimentio's lips move and he seems to have skin.

Some Scars Can Never Be Erased

While Garius was killed and sent to hell, the scars that where inflicted upon him, cut into his soul. His lips and eyes were still missing when he donned the Mask of Madness but when he read from that black tome he was granted the sight of a demon which shows as small fires in his eye sockets. When he removes the mask, which he has recently often started doing ever since he revealed his true face to Engel, he reverts back to his "human" form. In this form his eyes are gone and replaced by pure demonic fire, his lips have been sliced off and his entire body has been burned. Dimentio has recently scryed his original self before his death and now uses what he calls a "Grand Illusion" to use that form. When like this, he loses his demonic invulnerability due to the amount of concentration needed to hold his apparel; however, his magic power is increased drastically due to that concentration.

The Circle and the Demon

The Circle of Thorns is well known for their demon summoning, however when they pulled Dimentio from his abyss they got a little more than they could handle. By using a variety of illusions and magic spells he managed to break free from the Oranbegan city and make his way to the surface where he was faced with the Rogue Isles. He decided that since he could pass between Earth, Hell and Purgatory without hassle that he might as well see just how much the world has changed and thus began his journey for power and the chance to annoy most people he comes across. While he glimpsed many major changes in the world form Hell, he is still oblivious to a lot of the changes that people call entertainment and other various forms of technology.

Deadly Intentions

While Dimentio tries to run off as lazy when it comes to his job as a punisher of the sinful, he and Garius wish to see humanity's extinction, with the exception of a few. While this would cause plenty of souls to pile on Dimentio's door step, he still thinks his goal is worth his time, despite what he says. Both of them have their own reasons for ending humanity, Garius wants revenge for his unjust execution, and believes that humanity is corrupt and evil even while heroes fight for their own type of forced justice. Dimentio's reasons date back to when he still had his original body. Dimentio wishes to see the destruction of humanity as a twisted revenge against the gods for his eons of imprisonment, it is this motivation that makes the two compatible with one another, but Garius may possibly doubt this goal.

Time in the Tower

While being on the mortal plane for roughly a year, Dimentio made very little contact with anyone, mostly out of the disdain he and his human 'host' have for humanity. However he found a home in the Arachnos Tower for some time where he met the first and possibly only mortal he could ever call a friend. The human was a female who went by the name of Engel auf Holle (Angel of Hell in German) a tortured girl who was abused almost daily by her 'creator' of sort Orb Weaver Cyclos. The Mask made it his personal business to make a living hell out of Cyclos' days while Garius (The human side) saw to it that Engel was at least happy. Engel was also the only person Firaxis/Garius had ever shown their true face to because of a connection that Garius felt. Garius believed that they were more alike than what others might think since their personalities differ greatly, but he knew of her scars and even managed to talk her out of any suicidal thoughts she might've had. Firaxis and Garius spent many months in the tower until both of them had agreed that this just wasn't the place for them. While they were short on humans they still felt their dislike for all of them besides Engel.

But while they felt like they did to The Tower's members, they missed the spirit that its members had. The lively attitudes and insanity turned out to fit Dimientio more than he thought. He found Engel after a long absents and rejoined to cause either trouble or just bring a new air or light hearted-ness, but it would seem that something darker is brewing within Dimentio...

Staring at an Abyss

After a few months in Abyss Empire, Firaxis has begun to understand most of the people he's met. He prefers some more than others, but respects them all the same. In the Tower he was more known as either Dimi, or Clown. Here he was dubbed "Chuckles" by Permafrost Zero, a name he has taken much liking to and even went so far as to refer to himself as Lord Chuckles. While the Abyss has its kill joys, Firaxis still manages to enjoy himself all the same, and has even risen slightly in rank. Chuckles has even found himself challenging a few of the leaders just to see how far he has come, while they handed him his butt on a platter both he and they have noticed his potential. While he may not want to take leadership, even if he were to beat one of the leaders, he still wants to best them one day, even if it's just for giggles.

Abilities In Depth

Dimentio has an arsenal of magic spells and demonic tricks that he often uses some for combat and others just to aggravate others.

Shadow Magic: Dimentio's most used ability and the root of the vast majority of his powers. It varies what he can do with it, such as being able to blast forth beams of negative energy but also for other things like changing how he appears to others.

Illusions: Based off his Shadow Magic, Dimentio is capable of breaking the boundaries of how people perceive everything from what they see to what they feel. He mostly uses this type of magic as offensive spells such as splitting the minds of his enemies or destroy their sensors if they are some sort of robot. It can be used like his shadow magic, in that he can use it to play tricks on people, such as making them see things that aren't there or blinding them for a brief moment.

Dimension Manipulation: Often using this power to spy on people, Dimentio also uses it as his means of invincibility, for when people get a little too angry with him. Dimentio often spies on others by shifting in between Earth and Hell. On this plane he can still see and talk to others, but very few things are able to detect him. His "invincibility" is similar to Ghost Widow and Numina's ethereal forms; however, he is in a small pocket dimension that exists on the mortal plane. In this small bubble no harm can come to Dimentio, but he is still able to interact with people in any non-aggressive way and vice versa.

Time and Space Manipulation: A type of magic that branches from his Dimensional Manipulation, Dimentio uses this to warp time and space around a certain area, ally, or enemy to either assist or hinder the target(s). This power works by warping the fabric of reality around the target and like his Dimensional Manipulation; he can warp the universe to do a variety of things to the target such as warping Time and Space around the target to freeze them in place.

Various Demonic Magic: Through incredible practice he is able to break the limits of what his powers can do. Dimentio can use his magic to create illusions that cause people to lose their minds while also protecting himself in combat. He has a variety of passive demonic abilities such as sensing the dark desires of others.

Simulacra: A recent power that Dimentio has picked up and also based around his illusion powers. He is able to bend reality to create several, poorly constructed, doppelgangers of himself. It's obvious that they are flawed but the fact that most enemies attack them instead of him leaves him to believe that he's the only one with any sort of "brain" on the mortal plane.


Like any over powered super thing, Dimentio has a few exploitable weaknesses if you have the knowledge to know what they are that is...

Holy Weaponry: Most holy weapons would be ideal for vanquishing Firaxis, though to truly banish him would take much more than simple blessed weapons. And only true holy arms could find a way past Dimentio's dimension. These kinds of weapons are rare even in Heaven where they were forged, how anyone would get one is a mystery.

True Name: Like most demons Firaxis has a true name that when spoken by anyone will bind him to them until their death. To obtain his true name though would take much effort. For one his name has been well hidden and split in two to be placed in both Heaven and Hell.

Magic: Magic is always a sure-fire way of taking down an all powerful mage, since technology is often predictable, thus the chaotic power of magic is also ideal for handling Firaxis when not in his little "bubble"

Binding/Imprisonment: Like any demon, Firaxis is able to be bound by very powerful magic, though this is not the best method unless you have a way to keep him from escaping. Binding rituals often take time and need the demon to stay in place somehow, either through some sort of spell to hold them in place, though how to keep Firaxis from moving would be nothing short of miraculous.

Combat: While he may be invincible while not fighting, when Dimentio must concentrate to use his magic he cannot support his pocket dimension that he often hides in, thus he is vulnerable to any type of harm. Though don't expect him to go down easily for he has many tricks that can do away with most foes.

Fractured Mind: This has never happened with Dimentio but it is possible to play Garius and Dimentio against one another. Since they are both two entities working as one it would completly cripple them if they were to disagree with each other. However, they both strongly trust each other and have many of the same ideas, but Garius may possibly be swayed to doubt his intentions if the opponent knows what to say.

The Mask of Madness: The relic that Dimentio's soul is bound in and the means that Garius has transcended to demon hood. There is one critical flaw with this mask. It is possible to remove the mask but Garius only removes it for a few minutes or only a couple of hours, the reason being is that if the mask is removed for more than twenty-four hours then both Garius and Firaxis Dimentio will cease to exist.

Allies, Friends and Buddies

Engel auf Holle - The first person that Firaxis really opened up to. She is the experiment and pet project of the resident mad scientist of the Arachnos Tower. She is very shy though has a lot of anger built up inside of her. She was always intriguing to him but it was Garius that really saw something more. She was tortured almost daily and it was this that made Garius take his mask off for the first time since putting it on all those centuries ago. Garius has even attacked her "master" due to the anger he felt toward her abuse of Engel. While Engel is Firaxis/Garius' friend she was not enough to keep them in the Tower. They left after several months and Engel still feels that they abandoned her even though she still tackle hugs him every time she sees him.

Permafrost Zero - Frost or Frosty is the kid who gave Firaxis his current name, "Chuckles." He thinks of her as a very good friend and is possibly the person he hangs out with most in the Abyss Empire. Though he talks with her a good deal, he still doesn't know much about her. He knows she is human yet she also possess some very strange powers and forms. She also has a very fiery personality, something that Chuckles gets a big kick out of as well.

Grinning Guillotine - A person who caught Firaxis' eye the moment he set eyes on her. She's wild, fun, and possibly crazier than he is! Her attire alone was enough to get his attention for she was dressed nearly the same that he was. Guil's personality seems to match Chuckles' very well, even though she's human, which surprises him. If anyone baffles him it would be Guil, her outfit, personality, and pretty much the why or how of everything about her is something that just perplexes him.

Simi'Kraz - The second in command of Abyss Empire, and easily the sanest of the Empire. She isn't what Chuckles would consider fun but she has supplied some interesting missions and seems to have some odd form of respect for him, or maybe Chuckles just thinks that she does. Simi seems to tolerate Chuckles but has made use of his ability to manipulate dimensions on more than one occasion and has even made use of his some of his more basic mage skills, such as scrying.

Pyra'lis - Possibly one of the toughest people that Chuckles has ever encountered, Pyra'lis has risen to General status in Abyss and has been converted to an Ashen Demon by Labal. Chuckles doesn't know her very well but is well aware of her personality, he doesn't care for her too much, but if anything, Chuckles respects her strength.

Labal - The head honcho of all of the Abyss Empire, Labal or Boss-man is never really around enough for Chuckles to know too much about. Chuckles is aware that he's had some adventures in the past and he even has a family, but beyond that he is a complete mystery. He seems rather popular among various people, though Chuckles obviously hasn't been on Earth long enough to know who they are or how they know the Boss-man.

Zephinerahk - An entity of Chaos, not quite like Chuckles, Zephninerahk, Zephy or Agent Orange or Mr. Pink (depending on his color) is one of Chuckle's greatest friends. He's currently watching after Engel since Chuckles left the Tower though apparently some tragedy has struck during the course of their relationship. There was apparently hostility between the two involving feelings for Engel, but Chuckles was completely oblivious to it. Chuckles isn't capable of feeling much of anything, Garius' soul allows him to understand emotion and have a good grasp of how they work, but love is an emotion that neither Chuckles nor Garius will ever feel. However, Zeph believed Chuckles to be competition for Engel at one time, although it was quickly cleared up once Chuckles began to hear Engel's thoughts about Zeph.

Orb Weaver Cyclos- Not one that Dimentio would consider a "friend" but more of a personal punching bag since she's very easy to annoy. She is the "master" of Engel auf Holle and the one that caused her so much grief. Engel and Cyclos seem to be getting along recently but Dimentio still attempts to get on her nerves as often as possible.

The IC Comments

((Go ahead and post your IC thoughts and comments on Cackling. Be it hate, love, or whatever; just do it.))

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