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Blackstar by Jazz
Player: @Blackstar
Origin: Science
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 100
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Species: Cosmic Being
Age: Unknown
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 300 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Founding Member of the Canadian Shield
Place of Birth: Homeworld (Unknown)
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Darkness Control
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



Episode #1 "The Hatred"

On a moonless night in a dark alley, some rumblings begin to stir in the old ward district.

A Rikti flies through a wall that leaves a smoldering and hazy hole. The alien leans against the wall, taking shallow breaths, suddenly it's head snaps to the hole. A shadowy silhouette begins towards the alien, with green lines of energy bleeding from its scowling eyes, as the figure approaches the aliens feet, he raises his hand. The Rikti begins to claw it's way trying to flee as he hears the figure speaks in a deep raspish voice:

"As it was told and what was promised, mercy is not a word the Rikti will ever have a chance to learn."

A bluish and black flame erupts from his hand encases the alien as it burns it to a pile of smoldering ashes. The figure takes flight, leaving a trail of the similar bluish and black flame that emoted from his hand. He begins to scan the city for the remnant alien Rikti invaders he followed here. His hatred for them fuels his vengeance for their blood. He begins to think of his wife and children from his home playing in the fields.

For a moment he was at peace and actually began to land but then he remembered the attack from on his home world. Fast, furious and without mercy his entire planet almost wiped out without any warning. All just to enslave a race and plunder their planet for resources, so the Rikti can survive beyond the original lifespan. The Rikti shall pay for their crimes. He remembers the friends he lost in the war on all those missions to find the secret weapon they needed to win. Years of war took their tolls on this once happy and pleasant person, who now almost wore a permanent scowl. He snaps his as he sees a Rikti trying to scuttle about like a Terran roach.

"Mmmmm another to satisfy my thirst."

The alien is scout and very vast and mobile and it's probably on its way back to the nest. Blackstar begins to concentrate on the alien, he begins to slow down, not appearing to be as mobile. He continues his concentration and disappears and reappears next to the alien. The alien seems to recognize him and coils in fear.

"Yessss? You know what's about to come don't you? Was it you perhaps that slayed my family when they were hapless? Or was it one of your other hell spawns?"

Blackstar?s eyes flare with rage and his hand flares with bluish black flame and he grabs the alien by the throat.

"Now I will consume your soul from the power your race gave to me. Is it not humorous that your species is hunted by something you created? A thing that does not love you, or your race as a mother, or father, but as an eternal enemy bent on resolving the vengeances of my planet. Over 2 billion vengeances need to be enacted to be exact. So now with the power given to me I consume your life into my own."

The alien?s body is encased in the cold fire and it appears to be losing its skin as the fire remains. In the center of the fire is a red mist and underneath a pile of ashes and Blackstar waves his hand as the fire and the red mist returns to his hand. He raises his hand to his mouth and pauses.

"**** you Rikti for attacking, **** you! Because of you I have become this monstrosity and devourer of souls. So if I am going to feast I will feast on the souls of your living until there are no more of you or until I am dead."

He opens his mouth as the red mist enters and he begins to sway in delight and pleasure.

"To the ends of the universe I shall hunt everyone of you down. D@mn you for killing my family, d@mn you killing my friends, d@mn you for killing my planet, d@mn you for making me what I am."

Blackstar begins to fly off into the dark moonless night.

"Damn you all to hell?"

Episode #2 "The Creation"

A mans head hangs low blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

"It’s bigger than I thought."

Xhandarr’s arms and legs are bound in round encasing shackles.

"You were wrong priest; I should have known not to trust them."

The scene pans out a little more to what appears he is at the tip of something huge pointed downward.

"I guess the priest misunderstood the vision. But how could he have been so wrong?"

The scene pans out some more to reveal a huge ship poised over the planet in a striking position.

"You were wrong, we will be wiped out and defeated."

Xhandarr looks saddened and begins to think of that fateful day.

…During the attack everyone is running for cover and Xhandarr spots a church of Aegir that somehow has remained pristine. He charges for the church and jumps for the doors as an explosion happens behind him that propels him through the door. As he begins to wonder….

"Why?... Why am I running for my life when there is no life to run for?"

A voice comes from no where.

"Because Aegir has divined that the Rikti never shall ever completely defeat us."

Xhandarr interrupts "So that's it? Not ALL of us will be wiped out but we shall be defeated? That is nothing to live for…

The priest interrupts in a powerful booming voice.

"SILENCE!... Aegir has said that a messenger shall be sent to the enemy under peaceful intentions, only to be betrayed. The messenger shall become the deliverer, the deliverer of his people’s defeat into victory, and he shall continue to deliver his message of vengeance for all eternity till this enemy is no more. As it was told and what was promised, mercy is not a word the Rikti will ever have a chance to learn.”

Xhandarr flinches from the pain in his ribs and then cracks a smile and laughs.

"Heh, the same mercy they showed upon me when I was sent to them to deliver our message of peace."

He looks at his planet from his shackles and marvels at its beauty. The soft pillowy clouds, the purple lands with the cascading silver mountains, the rolling green oceans.

"Priest, your vision was wrong. They betrayed all of us to bide them time for their doomsday weapon. The alteration is drawing my life force to tune the weapon's deadly beam so it only affects my people. You were wrong…"

The device begins to power up and his limbs begin to tingle.

"You were wrong…

He feels a massive pull at his very core as the weapon fires.

He Screams: “WRONGGGgggggggggggg!”

A huge blue white beam strikes the planet and begins to encompass the planet with energy much like a fog. The planet is almost covered a cosmic shower begins to rain down upon the weapon and it begins immediately to take damage. The commander disables the weapon in standard precaution as he does not want to destroy their flagship.

The aliens were so bent on destruction of the race that they ignored an astrological phenomenon that was occurring in a neighboring star system. A star that was going nova at the same time it was being devoured by a singularity. The massive gravimetric forces caused a rare unusual cosmic reaction that caused the power of the star to be projected in opposite reaction of the black hole. The path it took, Aegia and the Rikti doom weapon.

Xhandarr: "Now this has to be what the priest meant in his vision. My form is altered from this infernal machine to kill my own kind by my life force being taken. But I am sure we have dead down there and that must mean the defeat must from the loss of life we shall incur from this war."

The main pulse of the cosmic shower then starts slamming into the ship and through the shields.

"Such is life that I am so honored to sacrifice my life for the defeat of the Rikti."

The ship's commander suddenly orders a usual step as he recognizes their fate. He orders them to change the shield output from blocking the damage to absorbing the damage. As soon as that process begins he orders them to fire the weapon past the capacitor levels. It appears to be working when all the energy is being stored in the depleted power cells but as he is about to congratulate himself when a loud metal crashing sound occurs. The main trigger mechanism had been sheered through by the cosmic forces and weakened it.

A piece of the mechanism, a beam, fell off and crashed into the control panel of the energy flow circuitry and the wires got crossed and mixed. This caused the energy flow to pass through Xhandarr instead of drawing from him. The strange energies began to flow through him as the weapon powered up to fire its beam. Xhandarr is feeling better, his pain is gone, he is no longer hungry, he begins to believe his end is near and so are his planets. So he prays.

"Aegir grants me the light of peace and happiness when I make my journey to the fold of eternity and return to my beloved people."

The weapon fires again, but this time it's a bluish black beam. When it hits the surface it continues through core onto the other side. Piercing the planet's heart it begins to fracture and break. The commander orders them to vent the cosmic energy into space and stop firing the cannon. However it was too late and the energy was corrupting and violating every circuit on the ship and then it reached the reactor.

The reactor slowed for a moment as the cosmic energy seeped into its containment field and caused a violent reaction. That took the energy of the star, stolen energy from the black hole and the generated anti-matter power that began to overload the reactor. The commander orders the crew to abandon ship and eject the reactor core into deep space. The reactor then suddenly pulsed and the gun fired a larger beam through the planet itself that fractured in half and began its countdown to doom.

The back of the ship suddenly disappeared into pock black hole as it began to explode and the other half pulsed and disintegrated subjected to billions of cosmic radiation. Xhandarr’s section was self contained and somehow survived the chaos going around as it he witnessed his planet fixing to exploded. His section was being propelled at phenomenal speeds.

Aegia explodes and destroys the rest of the Rikti vessel and every last bit of it sucked into the singularity. Xhandarr begins to wonder how long he will have live before he dies in this capsule. As he looks down is skin begins to change, its getting darker. It appears to be quasi-real, and by Aegir he can see stars inside himself.

"What have these monsters done to me? Am I dreaming?"

He coughs violently from a strange tingling in his lungs. The shackles on his arms cracked and he thinks the bonds of energy that pulsed through here might have weakened them. He attempts free his arms by sliding them out, he begins to strain when his arms just fly out of the shackles through shattered metal.

"That was easy enough now to free my legs."

Blackstar eyes flare when he awakes and looks around in anger. As he leans back in his bed and begins to doze off again he mumbles…

"no mercy…"

Episode #3:"The Invasion"

Day of the Rikti attack:

Blackstar flies through space over looking the Earth.

"So cold, so empty…" "I often wonder why the Rikti are that way, but it is so much easier to kill them that way."

He begins his decent back to the Earth as he replenishes his cosmic energies to full power.

"How lucky these Terrans are that in a strange twist of fate so many of them wield so much individual power so they might be able to fend of the Rikti attack. We only had one and by the time that one showed up, it was… too late. Why does the Earth so deserve to be spared? They war amongst themselves, plot malicious things against their own. We were unified in absolute peace and harmony; we cared for all of our people. Everyone respected each other regardless of stature. Why? Why? Why do I defend those who wish to do harm to others?"

His expression changes to one of a somber note. Then he ponders for moment and sudden green energy lines begin to leak from his eyes they flared brilliantly. You could almost see a scowl behind that energy.

"Because, no race deserves a fate worse than Haties at the hands of the Rikti!"

He flies back to Vancouver, as it reminds him the closet of home. The residents there are for the most part pleasant. Even their dialect and accents seem somehow similar to his language. He figured this is why he picked up the language rather quickly and easily. He still stumbles with some of the uncommon words from time to time but he feels that he has successfully blended into the populace. Amazing that his race is so similar to home as he then thinks about if there is more to the universes chaotic than everyone believes.

"I hope their combined might is ready for this invasion as I have eons of practice against these roaches. I know it's going to happen soon."

He flies back at max possible speed to help defend his new home, his beloved Canada.

The scene changes to massive battles that are happening all over the Earth on a static GNN broadcast.

"SkkkkkkShhhhh……fatalities are in the hundreds of thousands, millions more are injured. How are we going to combat this threat, heroes from all over the globe are amassing in Paragon City while the Rikti are regrouping? Factual truth is hard to come by as most communications are disrupted, rumors are quoted in that even the villain groups and villains are invited too, as this threat is to all humanity. SkkkkkkShhhh……"

The screen changes to the global conference, with the Secretary General of NATO speaking to the mass of super beings all gathered in one roof.

"This is a threat to us all and as such the only way we might be able to fend this threat is that we attack them as a unified force. We need to suspend ALL hostilities until this threat is defeated. To you shadier types suspend all plans for vengeance, greed, plans to take over the world, etc. until this has been accomplished. It does you absolutely no good if you proceed on this when you’re dead and there is nothing left to go back to."

"And to you heroes that have any actions or plan you have for retribution for the others here. Those needs have to be suspended as well until your goal with the Invaders is finished."

The Secretary General of NATO pounds his fist on the podium at the crescendo of his speech; each slam happens on each emphasis of one.

"All of us should have only ONE goal, ONE objective, and ONE desire… With this, the Earth shall never be DEFEATED!"

The Secretary General of NATO raises his clenched fist in the air in triumph. The mass cheers and raises their arms in defiance of these Invaders as the Secretary General of NATO looks upon them in approval.

"We are in agreement then? If any entity here does not wish to participate, please speak to assembly here as to why you do not wish to participate. Also, if you wish, you may depart without discussing a thing."

A lone figure steps towards the Secretary General of NATO, calmly, wearing a black and dark blue costume, lines angled and jagged across the chest, legs, boots and gloves. This stranger is masked and seems to wear a permanent scowl underneath the mask.

"I have more reason than anyone here to fight against the Rikti, this day would come, and that I knew of. I can tell you with absolute confidence, that there is no dealing with the Rikti, do not trust them at all. When the Rikti seem to be in retreat and running, finish them off quickly and do not let any mercy come to them. If you do show mercy, they will come back, better prepared than before and most likely defeat all of us. The Secretary General is absolutely correct when he declared it will take all of us to defeat them."

The Secretary General of NATO glares at this unknown hero, as he looks upon this stranger in suspicion.

"How do you know who or what they are to call them by name? More over, who are you to speak to this mass as if you own them?"

The stranger poises himself to speak out loud as he steps up the stage a little higher.

"I know the Rikti oh to well, that is their name, and I have been battling with this race for eons. How do I know them? They killed my wife and children in their initial assault on my home world. Later, I was sent to them to be the ambassador of peace. I was the ambassador of a truce negation with my race and theirs. That's when they captured me and destroyed my planet with their weapon. I am Blackstar and I am the last of the Aegirians! If these are not credentials enough please tell me what is, for this reason I swear my loyalties to the Earth. As such, if a man from another world is willing to die for your planet, we all should.

As there is a mutter of agreement from the masses.

"BUT...There will be a cost, there will be fatalities, do not be disillusioned of this fact."

A debate begins to rage on, others speak for and against this proposition. Some begin to ask for conditions for their participation, some begin to demand land for their services. the Secretary General of NATO begins to scowl and in loud thunderous voice of command.

"ENOUGH! This is exactly what I am talking about. These demands, conditions, payment of services, ALL OF IT, must be suspended. If this is unacceptable then you are free to go. However, I have permission of the world's governments to grant all of you pardons for all offenses in all countries if you participate and help in this time of need. All others that need supplies or equipment, the world governments will cover the cost of items of need and you may keep the equipment afterwards. Other bonuses will be awarded after the …" He looks over to Blackstar as he seems to stumble on the on the next word a little "…Rikti have been defeated and the Earth is safe again."


Blackstar by Adamo
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