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The Fantastic Captain-Electric
Player: @Captain-Electric
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 45
Personal Data
Real Name: Elliot Warner (Secret)
Known Aliases: Cap'n E, Cap
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 150 pounds
Eye Color: Aqua-blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Full-time hero
Place of Birth: Duncanville, Texas
Base of Operations: Atlas Park
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents
Known Powers
Electricity Blast, Electricity Manipulation
Known Abilities
Scientific research and invention; generating electricity
Tranquilizer darts; pencil, notepad full of scientific theories
Note: Rents and owns secret mini-bases all over Paragon


Captain-Electric (Elliot Warner) is a registered superhuman hero in Paragon City and a member of the Justice Supreme super group. Dubbed by the Media an archetypal "man out of time" [See below], Captain-Electric is widely regarded as a patriot, scientist, technologist, and super genius. His identity is mostly secret, known to few individuals outside SERAPH.

His super powers were obtained from a lab accident in 1986 at the age of ten while on a school field trip. The incident unleashed cosmic energies that bestowed within Warner a genius level of intelligence, and control over the force of electricity. The accident happened at a laboratory operated by Elliot's father Alan Warner, and is publicly credited as the cause of Alan's death, when in fact it caused Alan's transformation into the supervillain Dark-Eyes, arch-nemesis to Captain-Electric. Only Captain-Electric's closest friends and allies know the truth about his relation to Dark-Eyes.



Science Origin

The laboratory accident that led to the creation of Captain-Electric and Dark-Eyes occurred near Dallas in Duncanville, Texas. Physicist Alan Warner, Chief Scientist and owner of Warner Technologies Research Corporation, built an experimental micro-portal to another dimension that imploded and released strange energies from that dimension, twisting him into a living conduit for negative energy; thus Dark-Eyes was born. His son Elliot Warner was visiting Warner Technologies that day on a school field trip, and was exposed to positive energies discarded from the collapsing portal's event horizon. These positive energies were later theorized by Captain-Electric to have emanated not from the alien dimension, but from ours.

Man Out of Time

Captain-Electric would inherit his father's research corporation in young adulthood, valued in several billion dollars; but not before becoming trapped for a decade by a misguided scheme of Dark-Eyes to imprison almost everyone he had known and loved on a 1950s-style Earth inside an artificial slow-time pocket dimension. Primal Earth's astrophysics community later nicknamed the dimension "the Retroverse" after its discovery. Captain-Electric spent his formative years there, along with several thousand other collateral prisoners, with no recollection of the modern world or their former lives.

After a decade in the Retroverse, Captain-Electric resurfaced on Primal Earth at the age of twenty, although twenty-five years had actually whizzed by in normal time within the real-world.


The cosmic energies released by the collapsed micro-portal perfected Elliot's nervous and synaptic pathways with super powers and genius level intelligence. Elliot has referred to these energies since childhood collectively as the "Power Positive" because they also altered aspects of his personality, making him notably optimistic and incapable of apathy and resistant to fear. Most noticeably, the accident created a lightning rod out of his nervous system, empowering him over the force of electricity, and allowing him to generate and manipulate vast amounts of electricity within and around himself.

Despite his power to command the full force of electricity, Captain-Electric is known by his peers to live by an old-fashioned code, preferring to take on crime and corruption with inventive solutions. His super genius mind grants him the ability to solve scientific and technological problems that few other individuals would be able to. While this ability might pale in spectacle to the electrical powers he employs on missions against super-powered foes, he actually spends far more time in his pioneering efforts to improve peoples daily lives through science and technology; when not in costume, this is most often the case.


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Captain-Electric, updated August 2012.

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