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Player: @rageycat
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Caraecyn
Known Aliases: several curse words
Species: shapeshifter/entity
Age: 10 months?
Height: varies
Weight: varies
Eye Color: white/crystal blue
Hair Color: red-purple/white
Biographical Data
Nationality: ?
Occupation: Thief?
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Singlish
Known Relatives: none here
Known Powers
Gravity, Psychic
Known Abilities
lamps, safes, broken cars, cape of holding?

"Cheer Up! It's only your life!" -direct battlequote

Caraecyn came about as a what if scenario originally in a mud, two scenarios in fact, one was the concept of a child raised in an environment of abusive people wherein he was encouraged to be abusive and trust no one. The second concept the one kept was that of an abused slave living in an environment of cruelty and humiliation. In both concepts the character breaks away from their own form of imprisonment.

Caraecyn eventually became a highly philosophical character that questioned the very ideas of all society and of logical thought, noted for both committing atrocities and great acts of kindness or even sometimes both at the same time. Overall the character is meant to be a sort of additive creation growing from each experience, constantly seeking to improve.



Born fair featured, he only grew more feminine as he aged, but the midwife had named him even before this having already seen his destiny. He was named Caraecyn, a name right enough but in the common tongue it sounds like "carry sin" and for a boy who looks like a girl born into slavery, it was an accurate prediction of destiny.

He had gone through many changes before eventually coming to Paragon City, learning to shift his shape which was almost always of female cast, and then learning of ways to bend others to his very will with magic. Time and time and time, so much so it is meaningless, not to say he is timeless, he just has ceased to care. but if he thought about it he has set many a plan forth that has taken decades to enact.

Caraecyn has become the embodiment of his goddess's will, which is dissension, or according to him freedom. He seeks to controvert any and all rules, to open new ways of thinking and being. To that end good and evil have become merely false concepts to him, that limit and hold back the freedom all should have, the very freedom even deities would deny.

In usual controversial manner, instead of just finding a way to Paragon City across dimensional barriers, he formed himself a body and inhabited it. How he did this he has not said and is not likely to do so since he desires for others to figure things out for themselves.

He found Paragon City much to his disliking and so after a couple of weeks arranged for his own imprisonment. He found a shady jeweler and tried to trade some gems he had for money, only to be cheated. His response was to steal the jeweler's cash register, minus its money. Of course a very hard boiled hero just happened to be near at the time and Caraecyn had demonstrated powers so he allowed the hero to ambush him, only to literally drop the roof on said hero. He was finally caught trying to make off with a bank's safe door.

Somehow(could it have been some of the insults he tossed at the guards) he was placed with a very sadistic pyromaniac in the holding cells, he managed to get the villain and himself free and the villain decided to start a few fires, only to hit a tank of volatile gases helpfully pointed out by Caraecyn who was out of the blast radius when things got a bit too hot.

Caraecyn did not even bother fleeing and was sent to the Zig for petty theft, vandalism, assaulting a hero, and arson. Escaping from there, well with Arachnos around that was easy. He is now seen frequently about the Rogue Islands and Pocket D.

<<Recently, Caraecyn has been doing administration work in arachnos, though not required he decided a brown ugly desk surrounded by a cubicle was necessary. His patron Sciricco sends him lots of paperwork. Why he is doing this he has only said something about a promotion.>>


Caraecyn is at first glance most likely a teenager with a somewhat peppy demeanor. He smiles a lot, he is friendly and also seems to be confused by the English language and its many layers of meaning. But as someone gets to know him or at moments of pique he demonstrates his real age and knowledge. he is a bit snarky at times and has a darker sense of humour which can lead to complex pranks, some of which just do not make sense.


Akasutki's - Freaks & Ninja with a need for a mage, Hurray!


Great slide

Robbing a bank in skyway city may seem boring, but apply a truckload of axl grease to the highway, disable the flight packs of the entire contingents pf longbow in the area and simply add in a little push of created high gravity and you have, the great slide... Longbow is still trying to make the charge of assault stick for this one and the dry cleaning bill, the bank just had their insurance pay for the bank vault door Caraecyn had stolen.

Art Apreciation

Foiling longbow again Caraecyn was seen running off with all of the art exhibits off the talos bank. He was heard screaming that he had just saved the collective good taste of the entire world. The art was later found in the famous mob boss, Litty the gerbil's bedroom while he was on a swiss vacation. Litty who had been a noted enemy of Caaecyn's and has sent out parties to search and capture him found his bed well slept in and the tacky nouveaux art scatter about.


Months of carving and refined echo testing allowed Caraecyn to shift the harmonics of a cave network to humorous effect when he lured the wailer king and minions to it. Using high quality recording equipment he cut his first ever album, Wailer King and the Chipmunks. It has not sold well but he is hopeful with Christmas not far away.

The Wailer king has been quoted, "This isn't funny Dave!" Apparently it is noted Caraecyn introduced himself as Dave to the wailers.


Gravity Control

Being Human is just one of those chores...

Whether holding an enemy in place, tossing them in the air, or just crushing them, Caraecyn uses gravity to good effect. He particularly enjoys hurling objects at his enemies, especially when it can provide some amusement, such as knocking an enemy out with a coffin, which he might place them in just for the fun of waiting for them to wake up. Recently, he has developed a way to call forth a sort of gravity elemental to aide him.

Psychic Assault

This area of his powers, Caraecyn does not talk about a lot and he is somewhat uncomfortable with it as well. He can emit bursts of mental disruption, blanket an area with his own emotionally charged mental screams, violently rip out thoughts from an enemy, or steal their mental energies to boost his own body's stamina and regenerative properties. One may note that this would also lend to the idea that he could use his psychic powers for communication as well as other gentler prospects.

Additional Powers

Caraecyn can cloak his presence with a weak invisibility spell and he has access to a spell to hasten his actions as well as another to allow him to move at super speeds, which incidentally speeds up his metabolism. From a circle of thorn's magical text he has worked out spells of levitation and flight. Finally, he has begun working on his teleportation spells and can summon allies to himself as well as teleport masses of enemies, though this is not pure teleportation and involves manipulation of gravity fields. Adapting to this world has allowed him to more easly display his feline heritage and so he has acquired preternatural balance and leaping and it is personally noted by a few less civil members of his villain group that he has a mean double handed smash. No one wants to talk about the axe for some reason.


Caraecyn is a formally trained mage, and has even had time to further refine the art of magic using geometry and other maths. He has a creative bent and likes to make the most odd uses of his magic he can. His range of lore is quite diverse.

As a slave he was trained in proper etiquette but he has not seen much use for this skill in the islands.

Shape-shifting has allowed him to tweak his form and even now he is altering it somewhat drastically from what a human would consider the norm.

Weaknesses and Limitations

He is very curious, not exactly a supernatural entity but some of their rules may apply and of course he is adapting to his new body still. Though as he often will say it is his body a rather clear hint at exactly what an exorcist can do with themselves.

He has problems sometimes with the English language though he often exaggerates this flaw for fun.


Cape of holding- Not having much more then room for loose cash he enchanted his cape to hold things, in catboy form, it is wrapped up into itself in his pocket(ask him about it if you are confused) allowing him access to its things. He picks up oddments all the time from an smg to web grenades.


Catboy- The feline youthful humanoid form he originally took, he started out with barbed wire wrapped around his face and his gloves but took it off his face because it was bad for social situations. he wears loose thin leather garments with gray studs producing a design. He is very feminine looking and has been mistaken for a woman more than once.

Human- With white hair with a touch of cyan, pale skin and his earned cape as white as his hair on the outside and a dark near black gray on the inside, he started out as just a human version of his catboy form, with those slight changes. Later, he decided to add muscle mass and height to the form for further differentiation between the two as well as comfort which is not something he easily explains.

Alien- Mouthless and covered in rigid insect like carapace this form arcs with bluish energy and with no mouth present, speaking would seem rather difficult but he manages somehow.

Hybrid- a mixture of his not seen in this world crystal draconian form and his feline form. It glows with an inner light.

Vanguard eyesore-decked out in his very own suit of vanguard armor... that looks like a malajusted fashion designer with the opposite of good taste colored it. Seriously.. its bad

Other Characters

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