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Desert Dragon

“Apparently she tried a spell just out of her league and wound up fused with a demoness, she has a infectious personality and by the end had me relishing in being a cat-girl and even agreeing to help her assume a similar form. However I have to thank her for one thing. By transferring a bit of her magic to me I’ve gained new levels of control of the tiger, though no cure as of yet it's better then degeneration.”

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Atra Pardus

“He claims to be some sort of were-cat, a Begarah as I recall, and believed me a Khan. He works with a lot of other lycanthropes of different breeds and offered to lend me support in these trying times, I may take him up on it.”

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“He offered to cure my condition but the price, my soul, was a deal breaker, while I did see the logic of some of his words I’ve also seen enough to know my soul is not tradable.”

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Dead Eye Kid – Jake

Jake was just looking for a good time, a time lost gunslinger he proved a nice distraction from these changes and a evening of passion that I won't soon forget, though he makes me miss my Stephen even more, however, he has been lost in another dimension for some time now, maybe it is time I moved on?”

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Stephen Kasper

“Stephen helped me in the wake of Shanth and even with the raising of a litter not his own. It was a unique relationship, but as heroes of two different worlds I should have expected something like a dimensional barrier to split us apart.”

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God's Gift to Women

“A interesting man, apparently cursed by god to be a defender of women, it seems he can't remove his armor because he has a unusual effect on others. All I know is around him I reverted to a more human form, I hope to see him again, there is something...between us.”

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Robert Deacon

“Another interesting case, apparently he was offered a hero license or jail time, and took the former, he has no powers and only a ax to aid him and yet he seems quite capable and determined, unlike others might be.”

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“I met Blightspire at the tail end of some missions investigating Tacyon Charge's doppelganger in Talos, he seemed a nice enough fellow but I don't have nearly enough to go on.”

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Tacyon Charge

“A friendly robot, given his history (a reprogrammed Praetorian Clockwork), he seemed to be genuinely worried about his doppelganger's actions hinting that there is more to this metal man then electronic sheep, a soul perhaps?”

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Temporal Freeze

“One of the fine members of the PPD striking out solo into hero work, while a bit naive (he didn't even believe Nemesis were real!) he has a good heart.”

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Jenny Garn

“Maybe it's the fact she prefers a catgirl form, or maybe it's the fact she is another metamorph but I find myself quite comfortable around the tanker-girl, and am looking forward to spending more time getting to know her better.”

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Purple Presence/Original Pink Neo Ranger

“It's hard to live up to a memory, but even worse when the memory comes back. It seems my predecessor was fused with a Nictus, becoming a Warshade, I’ve tried to befriend her but she is rather cold and quite a dark character I always come away feeling a bit chilled.”

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Anita Bell

“With each new person I meet I am finding it harder and harder to keep my dislike for my new form. Anita was infected by a lycanthropic War Wolf and is part of a group of catgirls, yes a dog in the cathouse! And she is very caring and understanding. I want to just listen to the advice of my new friends but it is hard to just ignore Shanth and that stupid experiment.”

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Phantom Shell

“Some sort of construct, she says she feeds on the creative energy of others, I think she can be creative in her own right. I feel extremely comfortable around her as well. In fact I don't even mind the fact I act more feline like around her, In fact it's liberating. Apparently she has a power like my empathy in that she assumes forms that are compatible with the one she is being inspired from. I hope to spend more time with her, she makes me feel at peace with myself.”

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“I want to hate him, I really do. But I...can't. My empathic bond will never go away and I will always feel drawn to him, desire him, and want to please him. My armor broke the psychic bond and I was able to distance myself but if he were to return some day I think I would fall back into my old ways, like it or not.”

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“When I Entered the D he complemented me on my appearance, I know I should be use to it by now, Catgirls are quite attractive after all, and as we danced he began to pet me, one thing lead to another and we consummated our passions in his base.”

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Clockwork Cindy

“She is a perfect example of my fears, as soon as she saw I was a catgirl she attacked me with a plasma torch. My armor had to sedate me and transport me to the ARK for emergency medical attention.”

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The Surviving 8

Some of Pink Defense's thoughts of the Surviving Eight.


I never liked Statesman, he just seems like such a ego case. Honestly I can see how he could become Tyrant or Reichsman. Still I respect him for his years of service and his power still he gets on my nerves.

Sister Psyche

Shanth really turned me off to psychics, so I always make sure I keep my armor tuned and ready when I pass through Indy Port, honestly I only deal with her when I need to so I haven't really formed any thoughts.


I can respect this guy, we are a lot alike. Both of us choose to be heroes and our gear is from our own ingenuity, though he had the benefit of a super powered legacy and a small fortune which I never had.


Again another hero I can relate to, him and Dr. Aeon are my heroes, they made their powers, well the armor to harness their powers, and like Positron now I two have innate powers I use technology to enhance and control. I'd love to swap notes with him some day.


Again I don't have a lot of time with her, she's what some kind of ghost?


I'd love to see what makes him tick, he's so human, makes me wish I got to meet the real Atlas.

Back Alley Brawler

I can respect anyone who retires only to come back as a hero and use some sweet power gloves to get back to his prime.


I'm sure the two of us could spend hours exploring the limits of energy forms on the human body, it would be quite interesting to work with him, and Mynx offers a good chance to look at the catgirl condition.


Seer Allira

I haven't really had the pleasure of spending any time with her.


This old world Positiron, or Prometheus intrigues me in his ability to make power armor, or something similar, using Grecian technology, I look forward to working with him more.


The great warrior gives off a vibe of strength that his modern descent, Statesman, lacks. Imperious feels like a leader, he feels wise, as opposed to Statesman who just feel like he has too much power and no idea what to do with it.

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