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The Soldiers of Rularuu are an enemy group found mainly in the Shadow Shard zones of City of Heroes.

Enemy Types


Rularuu Brute

The main shock troops in the Rularuu army are the Brutes. Faceless and grotesque, the Brutes are powerful fighters. Their primary weapons are the giant crystals that sit atop their heads, but they can also make short work of a hero with their powerful, club-like arms.

Rularuu Natterling

Natterlings travel in large packs, hopping about the floating islands and mystic causeways of the Shadow Shard looking for intruders. They're very good scavengers, and any piece of technology or any living thing they find they'll scoop up and bring back to their masters.


These hideous creatures watch over the entirety of the Shadow Shard. Their giant eyeballs serve not only as a mechanism for exceptional sight, but also as their primary weapon. Regrettably, standing behind a Sentry is no safer than standing in front. Their thorn blasts can tear a hero to shreds, and they seem to be aware of everything around them.

Rularuu Wisp

Wisps are intelligent and capable leaders within the army of the Rularuu. Despite their frail appearance, they're quite tough and resilient to physical attacks, although they hate to feel the touch of another living being upon their flesh.


Bull Natterling

What are Natterlings made of? No one can truly say. Their twisted bodies seem to be composed of all manner of matter, from the flesh of Brutes to the strange jewel-like Kora fruit. In battle, the Natterlings will shoot gouts of this amalgamated material at their enemies, causing great damage and a very unpleasant smell.

Noble Brute

Despite their size and name, the Brutes are far from stupid. They are expert soldiers, who work well with each other or with the many other strange creatures that inhabit the Shadow Shard.


The denizens of the Shadow Shard have learned never to look a Sentry directly in the eye. By doing so, they become vulnerable to the Sentries' Paralytic Gaze, which can hold a person in place, unable to defend himself.

Wisp Oppressor

The Wisps are always in flight, floating about from one place to another with surprising speed. When seen from a distance, they are really quite beautiful, but at close range their psychic attacks can rend even the most disciplined mind to shreds.


Honored Brute

The most powerful Brutes know that it's best to weaken the enemy before charging into the fray. These creatures love to drain their enemies' Endurance before entering battle. Another favorite tactic is to use the power of their crystals to slow their foes' movement and attack speed.


The Sentries may look like mindless monsters, but their army is organized and adept. At Firebase Zulu it is theorized that the Sentries communicate through some form of telepathy, since their leaders are able to instantly summon reinforcements when things look grim.

Wisp Overlord

The most powerful Wisps have expanded the powers of their mind so greatly that they can, in small ways, affect space itself. They can seal off their enemies in small pockets of space, rendering them unable to attack or aid allies. They can also bend space around themselves, creating a powerful Dispersion Bubble that protects all those within it.


Faathim the Kind

Faathim the Kind's sole purpose in life is to protect the innocents of the Shadow Shard. He has worked hard to maintain his independence from Rularuu, despite his imprisonment in the Chantry. He has limited means of rebellion, but he uses his mighty healing powers to assist champions of good when he can.

Ruladak the Strong

The leader of the Brutes is a most fearsome tyrant. Ruladak's robe is decorated with gems torn from the Brutes that have displeased him. The removal of the gem results in the Brute's immediate death and eternal dishonor, a fact that troubles Ruladak not in the slightest.

Lanaru the Mad

The demented consciousness of Lanaru the Mad is so twisted by rage that it has wrenched itself free of Rularuu. His psychic instability has manifested as a permanent storm that surrounds his castle and himself.

Rularuu the Ravager

The master of the Shadow Shard stands over a hundred feet in height. Rularuu's many powers make him a fearsome opponent, but his greatest weapon is truly his vast knowledge. Having absorbed thousands of dimensions, Rularuu knows all the tricks. There is truly no surprising him.

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