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Hero of the Russian Federation!
Comrade Hero
Player: @Comrade Hero
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tank
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Aleksandr Alexandrovich Biryukov
Known Aliases: The Man Who Fell To Earth
Species: Metahuman
Age: Apparently in his late 30's
Height: 6ft 5in
Weight: 300lbs
Eye Color: Glowing Red
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Dual citizenship of the United States and the Russian Federation with no known criminal record
Occupation: Adventurer and Crimefighter. Former Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot, Cosmonaut, and Aeronautical Engineer
Place of Birth: New York City, NY
Base of Operations: International
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Aleksandr Biryuk (father, deceased), Caroline Jackson (mother), Nina Jackson (sister), Thomas Jackson (grandfather, deceased), Holly Jackson (niece), unidentified grandparents in Ukraine (deceased).
Known Powers
Cosmic Energy Emission and Mastery, Enhanced Physiology, True Flight and True Invulnerability
Known Abilities
Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot, and Cosmonaut. Various Military, Engineering, and Scientific expertise, knowledge and experience.
Tactical Belt containing a variety of useful Medical and Law Enforcement equipment.
No additional information available.

Comrade Hero was created by James Hansard in 2004.



Past Group Affiliations: Member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Attained rank of Colonel in the Russian Federal Air Force and Russian Federal Space Agency. Former Special Operative in Directorate "V" (Vympel) of the Russian Federal Security Service, Former Special Operative with the Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR) of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Present Group Affiliations: Unknown

Base of Operations: Formerly Moscow. Currently International.

Known Powers

Aleksandr Alexandrovich Biryukov was born with latent metahuman potential but this did not manifest until he was in his mid-thirties. Aside from being healthier, stronger, faster and fitter than most people, there was no indication that Nikolai was anything other than a normal human being. It took massive exposure to cosmic radiation, the trauma of surviving the vacuum of space, re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere and crash landing in the frozen Arctic, to activate Nikolai’s metahuman potential. As Comrade Hero, Aleksandr's Powers are derived from his unique metahuman physiology and the unknown cosmic energies surging within him.

Metahuman Physiology

Comrade Hero’s metahuman physiology provides him with extraordinary levels of agility, strength, endurance, speed, and reaction time. Comrade Hero’s skin, muscles, bones and cellular structure are far denser and durable than those of a normal human.

Comrade Hero is capable of operating freely in the vacuum of space, in the crushing depths of the oceans, and surviving extremes of temperature and other hostile environments.Comrade Hero does not require air, food or water; and his body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles, granting him phenomenal endurance. Bodily wastes are internally recycled back into usable materials.

Comrade Hero can go for weeks without sleep; however he will eventually tire and require rest. Comrade Hero has amazing regenerative and recuperative capabilities, enabling him to rapidly recover from any form of harm at a rate fifty times faster than normal. With time, Comrade Hero can regrow large areas of lost tissue, organs and limbs. Comrade Hero’s regenerative and recuperative capabilities are strong enough to repair fatal damage and eventually return him to life if he is ever killed. Comrade Hero is immune to disease, illness, and the effects of aging.

Cosmic Energy

Massive exposure to cosmic radiation permanently affected Comrade Hero at a cellular and genetic level. He is constantly absorbing and storing energy and radiation that is used to support a variety of Cosmic Energy Emission and Mastery Powers including Energy Melee attacks, Flight, Power and Damage Boosting, and Super Speed.

Character History

Aleksandr Alexandrovich Biryukov was born on November 5, 1970. The son of Aleksandr Biryukov, a former diplomat in the Soviet Union’s United Nations delegation; and Caroline Jackson, daughter of US shipping and oil magnate Thomas Jackson. Nikolai was born in the United States, but raised in the former Soviet Union by his father’s family in the Ukraine.

His younger sister Nina was born in 1975, and was raised by his mother in the United States. Nikolai would not get to see his mother or sister in person until nearly three decades later.

Aleksandr’s childhood was relatively uneventful and without incident. He grew up with his paternal grandparents in Cherkasy in the Central Ukraine.

Aleksandr graduated from secondary school in 1988 and joined the Kharkov Higher Military Aviation School for Fighter Pilots. He graduated with honors in 1993, receiving his Pilot-Engineer diploma. Aleksandrsubsequently attended the Ministry of Aviation Industry Test Pilot School in Zhukovsky, receiving his Test Pilot Degree in 1996.

Upon graduation, Aleksandr was selected as an experimental test pilot and posted to a classified Russian Federal Space Agency test site somewhere in Siberia known simply as Lot 11 Nikolai excelled as a test pilot and enjoyed working with the various ‘X Planes’ being constructed and tested at Lot 11.

In the aftermath of the First Rikti Invasion in 2002, Lot 11 came into possession of a number of Rikti artifacts and technology. Some of this was reverse engineered and incorporated into the Phoenix Project - an attempt to create a SCRAM-Jet that could make extended sub-orbital leaps through the edge of space.

In 2003 Aleksandr was given the honor of piloting Phoenix IV on its maiden voyage. Aleksandr piloted Phoenix IV to the edge of space with no problems. It was during sub-orbital testing that Aleksandr ran into trouble. Phoenix IV was violently exposed to a massive bombardment of unknown cosmic radiation.

Aleksandr’s SCRAM-Jet exploded spectacularly, sending him hurtling helplessly towards the Earth. Aleksandr plummeted over 70 miles and crashed into the frozen wastes of the Arctic. The resulting impact created a massive crater and briefly lit up the night sky with an eerie crimson glow. A week later rescue crews recovered the unconscious Nikolai, were astonished to find him alive and complete unharmed in the middle of a crater a half a mile across in diameter and 100ft deep. The cosmic energies that had destroyed Phoenix IV had activated the latent metahuman potential in Aleksandr - creating a near indestructible man infused with cosmic energies he could now control and channel through his body.

Aleksandr was immediately transferred to Moscow for debriefing and assessment by order of the Metahuman Identification and Utilization Division of the GRU. Aleksandr was quickly recognized as a potential asset and began specialist training to help him control his abilities. Aleksandr was nicknamed ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ in recognition of his astonishing survival. But it was Aleksandr who eventually decided to adopt the name of Comrade Hero as his hero identity, despite suggestions of several more exciting and dramatic names.

Given Aleksandr’s parentage, it was decided to send him to the United States. Obstentiously as part of the Russian Federation’s assistance to the rebuilding of Paragon City, but primarily to gather intelligence and curtail the activities of the newly emergent Council. Moscow was particularly worried by the ease with which the Council had overthrown and absorbed the remnants of the fascist Fifth Column into its ranks.

Aleksandr returned to the United States in 2004 and was granted a Paragon City Hero Registration Card in April 2004. He was also joyfully reunited with his mother and sister, and introduced to his American relatives As Comrade Hero, Nikolai strives to protect and educate the peoples of America against the depredations of criminal undesirables, against capitalist exploitation by immoral corporations, and against oppression from the corrupt governmental policies and practices.

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