Copper Charge

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Copper Charge
Player: @Red Ice
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon mutation.png
Archetype: H archetypeicon tanker.png
Ability Level: 50
Occupation: Construction worker
Personal Data
Real Name: Ethan Kord
Known Aliases: "Duracell"
Identity: secret
Species: Mutant
Age: 38
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: copper orange
Blood Type: unknown
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Middletown, DE
Birthdate: February 13, 1986
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Current Residence: Faultline
Religion/Faith: technically Jewish
Sexual Orientation: ambiguous
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Sandra Kord (mother, deceased); Andrew Kord, Sr. (father, deceased); Byron Kord (younger brother, deceased); Andrew Kord, Jr. (younger brother, deceased); Patricia Kord (younger sister, deceased)
Known Powers
superhuman strength
Training / Abilities
partial invulnerability, athleticism
copper transluscent shield (magic origin)

Copper Charge is a part-time hero who occasionally protects Paragon City from your normal activities such as zombie invasions, Rikti invasions, and supernatural activities. While he seems to be a fairly easy-going, friendly, and simple young man, there actually is more than meets the eye.



Everyone has a story, right?

The Family

On February 13, 1986, an Ethan Kord would be born in a small city of Middletown, Delaware. He would be the first child of Andrew and Sandra Kord. Andrew worked for the Department of Transportation in the state, while Sandra worked part-time as a piano teacher, full-time housewife. They would lead quite a normal life and Ethan would then have younger siblings. At 4, his younger brother Byron would be born. At 6, Andrew Jr. And at 8, a younger sister Patricia.

However, life in the small town would prove to be dull for the whole family, and the parents decided that there is more to life than this small town. They felt like they could have a better quality of life elsewhere. After some research, they found some sort of excitement and a little thrill to be living in a place others have called the City of Heroes. In 1996, the Kord family promptly moved to Paragon City. Particularly, they moved to the best side of town. White Plains.

Life here, of course, would be less than simple. The family would meet many people of the magical persuasion, the kids would make mutant friends, and even meet outworldly kinds. The family would then get acquainted with many of the city's heroes, and even meet and shake hands with the heroes, Positron and Synapse.

The Demise

Unfortunately, having a "not so simple" life means having to pay a price. And pay a huge price, this family did. The night of May 23, 2002, the Rikti invaded. In almost a blink of an eye did the area called White Plains become decimated. Everything seemed to have been destroyed. The Kord's were no exception to this.

It would seem like the entire family's life is over.

The Mutation

It was, however, not exactly meant to be. Underneath all that rubble, Ethan called out for his parents. His two younger brothers and sisters. Nothing. He was scared, frustrated, and thought he was going to die. All of a sudden, he found his eyes glowing a faint orange/reddish color. Screaming out in agony and distress, he punched and kicked the wall that laid beside him and on top of him. Both in close proximity of actually smashing him to his demise.

To his shock, he looked at his right hand... his debris-laden right hand. He felt no pain. No shock. No injury. He then proceeded to punch his way through until he got to the outside world. Out of all that debris. He then laid witness to the destruction of White Plains, and Paragon City in general. A Freedom Phalanx reserve member found the 16-year old Ethan via his glowing eyes in the middle of the night and quickly sought him refuge. He promptly fainted and he was rushed to the hospital.

He awoke the next morning in Phoenix Medical Center in Talos Island. He was met by a doctor who was attending to him. Of course, the first question that rose in his mind was his parents and siblings. Sadly, they had no news and further iterated that it would best to assume them for the dead, as it seemed like many many civilian lives were lost.

The doctors would also tell him that there was an oddity about him and they were very concerned. After putting him through many unique and incredible stress tests (mainly including strength tests), the doctors deduced that Ethan had superhuman strength. They found that his cellular structure contained an extra set of genes that made his body produce a hundred times the amount of copper and it would somehow lead to further muscle growth. They also warned him that because of this, he would need to continue to come back to check his strength progression. Especially so because he was only 16.

Social Services then reached out to him and wondered what they should do. The friendly-mannered Ethan stayed strong and said that if he really needed to be adopted for the two years he was still a minor, he would be fine with it. After some search, he stayed with a rather quiet family in Independence Port.

Being with this family proved to be challenging but he continued to persevere throughout his solitary behavior and mannerisms. He kept to himself 95% of the time and was anti-social, as the events of the war devastated him greatly. His powers continued to grow (he basically went from an average stick to a muscular high school football player in figure, and his hair progressively became hued with a rusty orange color) and he felt that his adopted family weren't very accepting of him and his power. After graduating high school and after he was old enough to be on his own, he left the family in Independence Port to pursue his own life.

The Suggestion

Ethan was halfway going to college while he had a side job to make ends meet. Living on one's own wasn't easy and Ethan was no exception. For convenience, he moved over to a small apartment complex in Overbrook (Faultline) while working to restore and rebuild the sector in its many reconstruction and restoration projects. Still making frequent visits to the doctors for power checking, Ethan made the suggestion to them that he become a part-time hero. It would give him an outlet for his powers. The doctors were both shocked and left in awe. While they were afraid that Ethan would somehow get out of control because of his physical strength, they were not at all against this suggestion.

In an homage to his mutation and strength, he sought out a blacksmith who could somehow make him a shield. A shield to symbolize his strength, determination, and tenacity. He found this mysterious blacksmith in Croatoa and later gave him a translucent shield that had a faint orange/reddish glow, just like his eyes did in the aftermath of the Rikti war. Though because the man was able to sense solitude in Ethan (due to the loss of his family, of course), the shield he created was magically made translucent. With it, he adapted the name Copper Charge and licensed himself to be a hero with no connection to his civilian life.

He currently patrols the entire city, though mainly participating in Rikti invasions, zombie invasions, and supernatural activities. He also seems to have taken an interest in thwarting plans, robberies, and kidnappings involving Outcasts, Trolls, and The Freakshow.


Here's a few things to better understand Ethan.


As a child, Ethan was happy and content. He liked making new friends and meeting people, he liked playing sports, and liked going to theme parks and what not. He was fairly active and he was curious about everything. As a teenager, Ethan had a wonderful sense of humor. Even in bad situations, he would find humor in them and make others laugh. He was very adaptive in his environment, and it was this that makes him very tolerable. As a teenager, he made many mutant friends because of his tolerance. Though, he was heavily devastated when he found himself alone after the Rikti War in 2002. He kept to himself, distanced himself from the rest of the world, and one could probably say that he was clinically depressed. To this day, however, he still perseveres and keeps going on about his life daily.



Ethan has a fairly weird taste in music. Most people his age don't listen to this stuff these days, but I suppose this is what makes him unique in a sense. You could even say that this playlist is cheesey, given the number of love songs in it.


Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

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