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By: @FredrikSvanberg



Conrad Freeborn made a mistake once. It earned him a lifetime prison sentence in a maximum security prison, normally reserved for super-villains. During a prisonbreak orchestrated by Arachnos, Conrad escaped along with several other non-powered individuals, and made his way to the Rogue Isles, hoping to start again. When the shipping container he and his fellow inmates was hiding in opened up, however, it wasn't to a new life as free men, but as slaves to Cage Consortium, to work in the mines.

They told him that he would pay for his freedom, that he would be a free and wealthy man once he had paid off what he owed. They lied. But they were also telling the truth without knowing it, because Conrad would be wealthy, and he would be free. When he broke into a sealed chamber lined with precious magical coral, he knew he had finally made it. He had to kill a man right then and there to keep the secret, but it was worth it. He smuggled the precious coral out of the mine the only way he could, swallowing it piece by piece.

By the time he realized that the coral didn't seem to leave his body he was already hearing its whispers in his mind. By then it was too late. He had no choice but to heed the coral call.


Conrad is infused with the red magical coral of Sharkhead Island. The coral can grow to form a shell around him, protecting him from harm. It has also granted him superhuman strength and physique. The coral call provides him with an instinctual gift for magic, whispering into his mind what needs to be done to cast spells and perform rituals when he requires it.


While Conrad's goals are simple: freedom, security, a decent life, the coral has other plans for him. It is using him as a tool for its own mysterious purposes, whatever they might be. Conrad doesn't know and he doesn't really care at this time. He just knows that if he refuses to do what the coral wants it can hurt him, maybe even kill him. He is left to his own devices most of the time, to enjoy his freedom and power however he pleases, but he is still a slave.


Cage Consortium is pretty much on top of Conrad's list, and the coral seems to agree for some reason. Cage wants the coral Conrad stole back, and to make an example out of him to discourage other thieving slaves. The coral seems to want to gather as much of the mined coral as possible, to increase its power or for other mysterious purposes. This puts it at odds with both Cage and Arachnos, who doesn't allow anyone else to own or trade the coral mined out of Sharkhead.



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