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Player: @DarkDiva
Origin: Natural/Extraterrestrial
Archetype: Tank
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Cyndair
Known Aliases: None
Species: T'rahatan
Age: Approx 88 Earth years equiv to 18 T'rahatan
Height: 6 Feet
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: T'rahata, Belishtah Province
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Super Speed with better than human jumping height
None Known
No additional information available.

Note: Extremely out of date, should be updated sometime in the near future.



The T’rahatan

Cyndair is a native of the planet T'rahata. T'rahatans are a sentient species that has flourished for millions of years. The T'rahatan are tall by human standards; seven feet is approximately the average height. They are easily recognized by their vibrant red skin and all tend to wear their hair very long. In T'rahatan culture having short hair is a sign of shame.

Two other characteristics mark them. First, the T'rahatan have the ability to manipulate fire. Apparently they are able to somehow use their nervous system and convert electro-impulses into flame. The fire can be directed anywhere on a T'rahatan's body. While there was a short attempt to study this after Cyndair first arrived on Earth no progress was made.

The other most notable ability is T'rahatans have a phenomenal regenerative ability. At early adulthood most can heal injuries instantaneously. It is believed this is also responsible for their long life span (a T’rahatan can live up to 2000 Earth years according to Cyndair). A T'rahatan must take and extraordinary amount of damage before becoming incapacitated.

Of minor note is T’rahatan empathy. This is a very limited ability and is only truly effective with other Empaths although it gives small results with any species.

Early Life

Cyndair’s early life was very normal for any child. Raised on the T’rahata home world she lived with her parents all of her life. Her father was an architect and her mother an engineer in one of the planet’s energy recyclers. She was a well loved and happy girl.

Cyndair was outgoing and curious as a child. She had a natural resiliency that would serve her well in later life. Cyndair’s parents often found their daughter testing the limits of anything and everything. She was terribly curious even for a child. While not particularly studious Cyndair was considered bright by her teachers; if not a trial as well with her constant questions.

Tragedy Strikes

T’rahata and its two colonies hadn’t been involved in an intergalactic conflict in over a millennia. After the Asteroid Wars the T’rahatan were respected and feared for their species abilities as well as proving themselves formidable warriors. However that section of the galaxy was changing. An until recently unknown species named the Krotashii had been moving through the neighboring sectors for a few decades. While there was nothing remarkable about the Krotashii themselves they possessed fearsome and advanced technology; along with a brutal bloodlust. The Krotashii left a wake of devastation wherever they went. They conquered many planets. Those who surrendered willingly become provinces of the new Krotashii Empire. Those who didn’t had most of the adult population killed. The children and whatever adults were left were enslaved.

Unfortunately the T’rahatan were no match for the Krotashii’s technology. When the Krotashii finally set their sights on the wealthy T’rahatan worlds they decimated them. The Krotashii moved systematically first through the T’rahatan colonies and then to the homeworld. Cities were turned to rubble. The elderly and adult population were brutally murdered except for the few adults that managed to catch the eye of a Krotashii conquerer.

As far as Cyndair knows her father died serving in the militia. T’rahatan fighters were treated most brutally and none were spared. Cyndair’s mother was pregnant and had been excused from the drafting. During a dash for the underground shelters Cyndair’s mother was killed trying to protect her daughter from Krotashii troops. Cyndair was forced to watch them violate her mother before they tortured her to death. Then they turned their attention to Cyndair.


Like many others her age Cyndair was considered prime slave material. She was old enough to be useful but young enough to be malleable. In order to avoid infighting among the Krotashii troops all slaves were taken to the Krotashii homeworld. There they were sold in a bazaar-like atmosphere and a percentage of the profits were given to each soldier involved in the world’s conquest.

Many died on the journey to Krotashii. The prisoners were given little water and no food. None of the children below school age survived. The Krotashii considered this weeding out the weak.

When Cyndair arrived at Krotashii she happened to catch the eye of a provincial governor. Cyndair was a striking girl even for a T’rahatan. She fetched a high price in the slave markets. T’rahatan were new and exotic slaves for the Krotashii and they were biologically similar enough to be appealing to the conquers.

When Cyndair arrived at the Krotashii province she found that her life could indeed get worse. The governor was a sadist who had purchased Cyndair for his personal use. An implant was installed over all T’rahatans’ left eyes to prevent them using their fire abilities. With her natural healing the governor consider Cyndair the perfect pet.

It wasn’t until a few years later that Cyndair had her opportunity to escape. The Krotashii Empire had grown rapidly and was now feeling the consequenses. Food shortages, rebellion and political strife within their government was tearing the Krotashii apart. During one of the food riots on the provincial planet where Cyndair lived she managed to kill the House Mother and escape. She stole a small ship and slipped out of the system.

A New Life

Coming to Earth

Cyndair crashed on Earth recently during a Ritki invasion in Atlas Park. Confused and overwhelmed she was lucky enough to be found by an elderly homeless woman named Gina who was a squatter in an apartment building in Atlas. Gina took pity on the strange girl and let her stay with Gina. Gina taught Cyndair English as well as began instructing her in reading and writing.

A few days after meeting Gina Cyndair came back to the building after going out to forage for food in the Atlas dumpsters. To her horror the Lost had moved in and killed or driven off all the residents. In tears at the loss of her new friend Cyndair went through and systematically killed all of the Lost gang that had taken up residence. Gina was no where to be found.

Once again alone Cyndair was at a loss of what to do. She wandered aimlessly about Atlas Park for several days. One day she came upon a group of Hellions in an alleyway mugging a woman. When one of the Hellions ripped open the woman’s shirt Cyndair charged in a fury. Two Paragon patrolmen managed to stop Cyndair before she killed the gang members but all five Hellions were hospitalized with serious injuries.

The Hellions’ would be victim vouched for Cyndair saving her life. The police decided not to arrest the alien girl even though she wasn’t a registered hero. Instead they escorted her to Paragon Hero Registration.

The registration office manager, Katie Trammon, felt her heart immediately go out to this lost girl. Cyndair stayed at Hero registration for week and charmed much of the staff once she came out of her shell after realizing that Hero Registration was not a prison or punishment. Katie continued Cyndair’s language education and marveled at the girl’s quick learning. Cyndair was actually using her Empathy to accelerate her learning even though she ended each day with terrible migraines.

Unfortunately Cyndair could not live in an office building. Katie Trammon briefly debated taking the girl in but Cyndair’s powers needed training and the girl had abilities Katie didn’t know how to deal with. Finally Katie came upon a solution. It almost broke her heart when Cyndair begged Katie not to send her away.

The Grae Academy

Cyndair need a home, education, and training for her powers. She also wanted desperately to be accepted and learn about her new world. Katie ended up referring Cyndair to the Grae Academy; an offshoot of the Supergroup: The Paragonian Knights. With a hug and tearful goodbye Katie sent Cyndair off in a taxi to meet with the esteemed Headmistress Lady Grae.

Cyndair was taken in that day by the Academy. She was given food, shelter and even a stipend from the Freedom Corps. The Academy opened an account in her name and gave Cyndair an allowance until she either graduated or was considered capable of managing her finances; whichever came first.

As soon as Cyndair heard of Icon she immediately made a trip to acquire human clothes. The only clothes she had were the ones she managed to escape in and wanted to adopt the style of her new home.

Cyndair the Hero

Cyndair embraced being a hero wholeheartedly. Now that she had the ability to once again call the Fire she set out to help others who could not help themselves. While upset and confused at the rule that “Hero’s do not kill” Cyndair obeys for the simple fact that she is so used to doing what she is told. She still feels a great deal of dissatisfaction at the fact that so many villains seem to escape custody shortly after being captured. Other than that complaint she found gratification in helping others and loves going on rescue missions.

Cyndair is trying to relearn the Fire side of her abilities. Her regeneration has also improved by leaps and bounds and it may be that Cyndair is finally entering into the adult stage of her life-cycle. This process takes several Earth years however.


Cyndair is friendly and eager to please. She’s very physically affectionate which surprising give her past abuse. She becomes attached to people she likes easily and is extremely protective of those she cares about. She still has the insatiable curiosity of her childhood and will often blurt out questions if she doesn’t understand something. This often leads to a lot of embarrassment on her part. Much English slang and euphemisms continue to confuse her and she will often get them mixed up.

Cyndair also tends to interpret things very literally. Many of those around her will often chuckle at her turns of phrase. While she finds this somewhat embarrassing it still will please her to make others happy; even if they are laughing at her expense. She dislikes it when those she cares about engage in arguments and will often try to calm the waters. When she feels others being threatened she is ferocious in battle.

Cyndair still carries the scars from her enslavement both physical and emotional. Threats of physical abuse from those in authority terrify her whether they are made in jest or not. She’s perfectly happy to answer general questions about her people but she shies away from anything relating to the Krotashii. While not really deft at it Cyndair makes every attempt to avoid talking about her scars or her time as a slave. It is likely that she is in denial and her pain will come out in its own time. Being among so many that have family Cyndair has already begun to have problems controlling her emotions and memories.


Cyndair has already claimed many of the students at the Academy as her friends. Whether they feel the same way about her is open for debate. She feels especially close to Bastian Cavalli, sensing that he like Cyndair carries burdens he’d rather not discuss. Currently Cyndair is being housed in the temporary dorms of the school but hopes to find a roommate soon. She has a desperate need to be liked and fit in, although she is outspoken about her personal beliefs. The two impulses often conflict with each other. Still the Grae Academy has such a variety of what Paragon City has to offer that oddly enough Cyndair does seem to fit in; she just doesn’t realize it.

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