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Dae Yeon Carpenter
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Security Level: ~42
Personal Data
Real Name: Dae Yeon Carpenter
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 68 (D.O.B. August 25th, 1939)
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 110 pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Occupation: Semi-retired
Place of Birth: Korea
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Leah Carpenter (daughter)
Known Powers
Highly developed control over ice and highly attuned psychic abilities. Has developed a magic based mind control, which has a near perfect success rate on unprotected minds with the only side effect being a powerful phobia of Dae Yeon. Also practices other witchcraft, which can be utilized for all sorts of minor to moderate tasks.
Known Abilities
Very high knowledge of Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese arcana.
She is classified as a high level but currently benign magical threat by Legacy Chain. Because of her witchcraft training program, she has her own makeshift cabal amongst inductees, the majority of whom are loyal to her.

Dae Yeon Carpenter (legal name; she is almost always referred to simply as Dae Yeon) is an experienced arcane scholar, artifact hunter, and Korean witch. She is the leader of the Yeon Cabal and mother of Leah Carpenter.


Dae Yeon (born 1939) is part of a family that has practiced witchcraft for the past 700 years. After receiving training in the classic witchcraft of old, she decided to use her powers for "heroism", having been inspired by the heroes of Paragon City. She had a career from 1958-1975, gaining quite a bit of fame as one of Korea's first superheroes. However, she wasn't really a "hero" because while she did abide by the sensationalism and the bringing criminals to justice aspects, it was all a front for her to steal artifacts, materials, and spells from the other magic organizations in Korea. She became completely obsessed with power, an obsession only matched by her ability to control other people's minds. If she claimed that a building got frozen solid and shattered by the enemy, even if they didn't have the sort of powers necessary to do so, by golly, all the police, government officials, and news reporters believed her.

By 1975, she almost single-handedly drove all the magic organizations of Korea either out of the country or deep underground. It was around this time that she realized that with development of more modern methods of criminology and devices that could detect/block psychic control, it would be much harder for her to keep her real nature discreet. She immigrated to Paragon City (once again using her psychic control to expedite the process) with the intent to start a family out of the prying eyes of the media.

Because all she really knew about social interaction was how to manipulate people, she did exactly that to get a husband. She found someone she thought was attractive and after failing to get his attention through normal means, she isolated him and used a potion to make him believe he loved her. The potion, however, was something that humans built an immunity to over time and while initially a couple drops would work for weeks on end, she found after a few years that she had to get him to consume a full cup of it in order to get it to last a full day. Around 1979, when they already had their only child and he knew full well the extent of Dae's powers (if not some of the applications), she told him the truth. He stayed in the marriage mostly out of fear for what might happen if he left her, along with dedication to his daughter.

Dae used pretty much everything she knew about witchcraft to try to insure that her child would be perfect. It first seemed to succeed, but by 1982, the first appearances of Leah's non-human traits came forth. Dae attempted pretty much everything to fix them, but failed. It wasn't until later that Leah's other two curses came to light. On top of all the curses that Leah had, she also found out that she had become sterile through apoptosis of all the egg cells and her daughter's immune system rejects all mundane foreign entities, pretty much ending the family line there. This fact, more than anything else, broke Dae's spirit. She turned her obsession towards removing all of Leah's curses, with most of the focus on trying to remove her sterility and inability to maintain relationships. However, whoever cursed Leah was extremely powerful and made what can almost be considered a perfect curse. Due to this, every lead that Dae has taken turned up empty.

Dae started her own witchcraft store in 1984, also supplying lessons in "witchcraft" to everyone. The initial program is just simply home remedies and such in a new age syle, but one seemingly innocuous test she gives everyone reveals whether or not they have potential magical ability. If they do, they're initiated into the unadvertised part of the program. They drink a potion that will bring to the forefront any latent magic powers, with the most powerful usually falling within one of the six traditional elements of Korean witchcraft (fire, cold, electricity, wind, earth, and telekinesis). Afterwards, they are given a book detailing how to develop their powers and instructed only to come back after they're able to pass all of the tests detailed within. Her daughter was first person she enrolled in her program, with about 120 other children going through it before Legacy Chain pressure made her cancel the program in 1996 (mostly due to the fact that she didn't also teach morality in the use of witchcraft in her program as well). While some have gone on to become heroes, most either abandoned their studies or used their powers for criminal purposes. Recent events have shown that she never really canceled it, though, but instead started taking in orphans and outcast children to find those with powers.

Dae's attitude towards her daughter was the same as her parents had with her, in that she believed that motivation has to come from within and independence is an important trait. Dae would prevent things from getting out of hand at school (often using her psychic control), but beyond that, she tried to not touch anything Leah could handle herself. Dae's patience grew thin with Leah over the years that she had to more or less guide her life through the school systems. She didn't like that Leah had pretty much come to acceptance of her curses and made no attempt to change them. She eventually cut Leah off from her resources to try and motivate her to overcome her curse, but has maintained indirect watch over Leah in case things get too bad.

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