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Daddy's little girl
Daisy Jean Starkweather
Player: < Confidential >
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50+
Personal Data
Real Name: Daisy Jean Starkweather
Known Aliases: Daisy, Daisy Starkweather, Baby Girl
Species: Unique mix of Human, Demonic, and Rikti Energy
Age: Appears to be 27. DOB: 16 June 2012
Height: 5' 6.5" (1.69 m)
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single and looking
Known Relatives: Daughter of John and Sophie Starkweather, Sister to David, Arren, Matthew, Ryan, and Claire Starkweather
Known Powers
Mind Control and Empathy
Known Abilities
Reading Thoughts (from any source), Understanding Rikti Technology, and obeying her father
< Confidential >
Looking for love in all the wrong places


Description on Character

(( Appearance and base personality from Daisy Adair (played by Laura Harris) of 'Dead Like Me.' )

Ms. Starkweather claims to be the daughter of John and Sophie Starkweather. Moreover, she claims to have been born just recently. As City officials interviewed her, she repeatedly reminded the officials of being inferior and wasting her time. It seems that there was some sort of temporal time rift that made her age rapidly to her current apparent age of 27.

If she is truly the child of John and Sophia Starkweather, it would seem more likely that she was born in another dimension or timeline than some strange mystical time rift that caused her to age rapidly. The question of why she has the knowledge of a 27 year old did come up. Her response, "Since you are asking the question, I do not believe that your mind can handle the answer."

Time will tell whether Daisy Jean Starkweather will take after her villainous father or heroic mother.


A strange Rikti device was brought into the Villains of Paragon City’s base. While John and Sophie Starkweather happily announcing that they were pregnant with their fourth child, the device’s energy was released directly towards Sophie. She appeared to be unarmed from the blast, but her unborn child received the alien energy. John Starkweather recognized the device as something similar to the Rikti aging devices. His unborn child began to quickly age.

Within hours of being hit by the Rikti energy, John and Sophie’s daughter was born. They agreed to name her Daisy Jean Starkweather. John liked the name Daisy and his wife did not argue about the first name, but questioned his choice of her middle name. John defended by saying, “Jean has been a huge part of VoPC. Without her, it might not be here today. And, her part in making sure our daughter would be born. We owe her this simple honor.” The name was settled and everyone noticed that the child was still aging.

With the help of Phase Seer, the excess energy was removed and Daisy stopped aging. In a few hours, she aged to a 27 year old woman. Since the process was totally unique to the Rikti device, the energy also gave Daisy knowledge, too much knowledge. As she aged, her psychic powers developed. Her mind reached out and copied pieces of the others nearby to create her unique background and personality. Most of the people, near her birth, willingly took orders from John Starkweather. Daisy totally trusts and loves her father. She will always obey his orders, without question.

From the process of her birth, Daisy gained the knowledge of several languages: English, French, Spanish, and Rikti. She was given Rikti knowledge, which she is slowly learning what this means. Her knowledge about the Earth was copied from the people that were present during her extreme growth period. Some of it is right, some wrong, and some completely off the mark. Daisy is constantly wondering and learning what is right knowledge.


Daisy is best described as a Mind Controller with Empathy powers.

Game Powers

Mind Control: Levitate, Dominate, Confuse, Mass Hypnosis, Telekinesis, Total Domination, Terrify, Mass Confusion
Empathy: Healing Aura, Heal Other, Resurrect, Clear Mind, Fortitude, Recovery Aura, Regeneration Aura, Adrenalin Boost
Teleportation: Recall Friend, Teleport, Team Teleport
Flight: Hover
Speed: Hasten
Psionic Mastery: Indomitable Will, Mind over Body, World of Confusion
Varies temporary powers

Character Powers

<< work in progress>>
More importantly, when reading minds, she doesn’t actually read minds, she reads thoughts. From the mixing of Rikti energy, human DNA, and demon blood, Daisy is a very unique mentalist. If a being, item, or something totally alien or foreign produces thoughts, Daisy’s mind can understand them. This means that she can 'read' computers, sensors, random thoughts, and many other odd things. Her mind can get overwhelmed from so many thoughts. She has learned how to block out (ignore) most floods of thoughts.

When trying to read her thoughts, Daisy's mind produces very strange and alien thoughts. Reading her mind is possible if someone is familiar with reading alien minds. She can bring up defenses against someone trying to invade her mind. If someone is just looking for information, and she notices them, she most likely would help them out. If the reader is trying to control her, she would attempt to resist. Her mind is extremely strong and she knows what it is like to have nearly god-like powers (more than just he Well of Furies.)

Daisy is working on controlling smaller and smaller objects with her telekinesis. She believes that is the key to unlocking even more secrets to the universe(s). Besides, it was on a Babylon 5 show. So, it must be true. Often, she trains hard by moving as many small objects as she can at the same time. She has found that the small object controlling is making it possible to move extremely large objects.

Daisy's Life

Daisy is very young. She was almost born yesterday. This puts her into a pretty limit group of people, who do not have a childhood. She was born on 16 June 2012. She was a full grown adult, about 27 years old in appearance, within an hour of being born. With her mutant mind, she remembers her birth, felt her mother's pain, felt the concern of her father, and even more thoughts of anyone present.

First Week

16 June 2012 to 22 June 2012
<< work in progress>>
The first week of life was very different for Daisy than most other infant. She was a full grown adult with adult needs and wants. She had joined her father's organization, Villains of Paragon City and started to develop her powers and knowledge. She experienced her father's death, her mother going a little crazy, and turbulent life in Paragon City. She had her first sexual encounter with one of the members of VoPC and several other nameless men.

She was told by many people that her father is an evil person and should not be trusted or followed. None of them told her something she didn't already know. Daisy can read minds, but it takes a lot of effort and she would rather talk to people and just read their thoughts. She learned that a lot of people in Paragon City do not like to have their minds read. There are a lot of random thoughts out there floating in the psychic air. Daisy liked walking around the city and collecting those thoughts.

Second Week

23 June 2012 to 29 June 2012
<< work in progress>>
The biggest thing was having her father come back to life. She was present and felt every part of it. Her biggest realization was she doesn't like secret. So many thoughts float around. It is very difficult to keep secrets. Her father was not strong enough to officially take back leadership and wanted other groups to believe he was still dead. She kept the secret by not going to places that people would ask her about her father.

Her father's mind was also in struggle. It had taken several people of VoPC into a strange dream world. Powers did not work in the place. It was terrifying for Daisy to be unable to hear the thoughts of anything. While in the strange dream world, she babbled a lot to help her block the thought that her powers were gone. She learned some about Gelle while in the dark place.

Third Week

30 June 2012 to 6 July 2012
<< work in progress>>
This must have been a very exciting week where what happened is completely confidential.

Forth Week

7 July 2012 to 13 July 2012
<< work in progress>>
Daisy gained the power to connect to the Well. She quickly learned how to harness the power and started down the Incarnate Path. The sudden change in her power was noted by the Rikti and they moved to assassinate her. They thought they were successful. For one week, Daisy's body was without her mind and soul.

Fifth Week

14 July 2012 to 20 July 2012
<< work in progress>>
Awaking in the [RedMoon] base was a surprise for Daisy. As she says, she was someplace else and claims that she wasn't really dead. Her body just needed to be repaired. To everyone else, it appeared that she was dead for one week. The most important thing, to Daisy, that happened, was, she was able to talk with her mother. Reading her thoughts is one thing, but actually talking brings on so much more. Random thoughts have too many meanings. Conversations give some much more information, emotion, and ideas.

Daisy worked a little bit as a hero, too. She has the goal of being a hero even has her father seems to work upon his person agenda. It doesn't mean it is a bad thing.... is it?

Sixth Week

21 July 2012 to 27 July 2012
<< work in progress>>
A demon prince from Hell tried to take her mother back to Hell and force her to be its bride. Daisy was successful at stopping the demon from taking her mother.

Seventh Week

28 July 2012 to 3 August 2012
<< work in progress>>
Upon hearing that her mother disappeared and was thought to be in Hell, Daisy asked her father when a mission to that dimension was going to happen and she wanted to be on it. Her father told her that she was not going to be on that mission. Being extremely loyal to her father, Daisy did not go on that mission. She went alone on her own mission.

The story of her adventure is unknown to most. She fought many minor demons and some not so minor, but avoided the powerful ones. Daisy searched for her mother and could not find her or anyone that knew where she was located. The young hero began to feel that her mother was not in Hell. Perhaps, she was in some other place. More searching would be needed later.

When Daisy returned to Paragon City and the VoPC base, she was surprised to learn that her father had already taken another lover. It wasn’t a surprise that it was her Aunt Jean (who is not really her aunt, but is a loyal member of the VoPC and to her father.) Daisy gave her father the news about his wife being missing and might be gone. He wasn’t happy that she went into Hell, but was glad she had returned.

August 2012

August 2012
<< work in progress>>
Over the last few weeks, Daisy has been training her powers. She is working hard to move smaller and smaller objects with her Telekinesis power. She feels the potential from the Well of Furies. Daisy knows that she has just started to understand and use those powers. She also feels that if she was a little bit more powerful, she would have found her mother and been able to rescue her. Now, she can only hope that her mother will return as she trains her skills.

September 2012

September 2012
<< work in progress>>

October 2012

October 2012
<< work in progress>>

November 2012

November 2012
<< work in progress>>

December 2012

December 2012
<< work in progress>>

Character Notes

<< work in progress>>

How Daisy Starkweather is Played

(( Section stolen from Femme Fencer. Thanks. ))

Roleplay (RP): This character is played with strict role-play discipline. Messages done in emote or in not bracketed chat are coming from Daisy. Messages done with out of character brackets ((OOC)) are coming from me, the player portraying Daisy, usually to prevent misunderstandings or for matters of efficiency. I do this to maintain the suspension of disbelief for you and the others around me. Mistakes happen and sometimes we forget these little rules, but I try to follow them as much as possible when playing Daisy.

Mature Roleplay (MRP): Think of Daisy as a character in a film with at least a PG-13 rating and, in some cases, an R rating. She does some interesting things in the game, like reading thoughts, fighting heroes, and have sexual encounters. Daisy likes to get people to talk. This can be dangerous. Conversation topics can travel all over the place and do.

Erotic Roleplay (ERP): I don't play this game to ERP. That said, Daisy has a life in the bedroom, just like any other adult. Bedroom scenes aren't off limits, but they have to happen naturally and in character. If your character feels like kissing her, kiss her. If your character feels like touching her, touch her. Depending on the context, one act might lead to another, and you might end up playing out a bedroom scene if she really likes you and wants to take it there. Just keep in mind that she has emotions, needs, standards, and all the other things any woman feels before letting herself go. But here are a few rules. If you feel you have to know more about the player who plays Daisy before doing it, do it with another character. If you feel you have to know more about the player who plays Daisy after doing it, you'll get put on /ignore. I don't do OOC fantasies. I don't want to know if you get off on ERP. I look at it as a literary exercise and a character study, like writing a bedroom scene for a soap opera or a romance novel.

Text Fight Roleplay: Daisy does not like to fight, but will. This character will text fight with you, using chat descriptions to indicate attacks and counters. When text fighting, I take the following factors into account to determine responses(from least important to most important):
-Realism (it's important for the suspension of disbelief, but we've all got superpowers, so we can have a lot of tolerance here)
-Powers (what your character has to throw or defend (In game and character powers ))
-Levels (how experienced or powerful the characters are)
-Descriptive Flair (how artistic is the attack)
-Drama (the fight has to be interesting to the peanut gallery, which means it shouldn't end on the first few attacks)
-Fairness (you can't expect the same character or team to win each and every time the two square off)
-Numbers (being outnumbered three to one is an advantage that can't be ignored)
-Fun (the goal of text fight should be to give your opponents reasons to text fight in the future, not to disuade them from text fighting in the future)

More notes

<< work in progress>>

Quotes About Daisy Starkweather

A place for in-character (IC) contributions on or about Daisy Jean Starkweather

"My little, well, not-so-little Daisy means the world to me. We've had our differences, sure--especially when those son-of-a-bitches /dare/ try to *touch* my BABY GIRL! *The recorder shakes and nearly cracks open* Oops, my bad, didn't mean to go off on -that- little speel. Anyway, it doesn't change the fact she'll *always* be my little Daisy. No matter what the circumstances... or what little prick I'll have to gut next." -- Arbiter Death

"That young lady has the body of a twenty-year old model, the psychic powers of a hundred year old mystic, and the life experience of a pre-schooler. I don't know if that combination attracts trouble, or causes trouble. Either way, I keep my eye on her, but even that is hard to do. How do you keep your eye on someone when the "someone" intuitively knows you are keeping an eye on them?" -- Femme Fencer

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