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" -and that's why you killed him.. Your son-in-law. Isn't it, ma'am?"

This question was posed to an elegantly dressed woman, Mrs. Rebecca Langley, who was a wealthy Paragonian socialite. She was born into wealth, and thus, had always been surrounded by a certain class of people. Then, this beaten, disheveled man, clearly determined to ruin her gala and embarrass her in front of everyone, had literally fought through her entire security and barged in to accuse her of murder. The worst part? He was right.

"This is completely ridiculous, what you're saying is-"

"Go ahead. Tell me I'm wrong. Your own daughter came to me, and I found everything the police missed. Oh, listen carefully. Those are sirens in the distance. Won't be long now."

Suddenly, she realized that she recognized this man. Michael Murphy, head of the private detective agency "Rough 'N' Tumble". An ex-cop who gained notoriety as a successful, if unorthodox private investigator. He had called her on everything. How could he spot such little details? She was upset, disappointed to be caught by such a.. brute.

"Isn't this the part where you smack the accused around before turning them in to the police?" she said, her every word tipped with venom.

Michael grunted, eyes fierce like a rabid dog held back by a leash. "I can't hit a lady."

A smarmy smile grew on Langley's face. "Chivalry, from a neanderthal. That's a surprise."

Suddenly-*WHAM*-, Michael's fist connected with Mrs. Langley's face, knocking her to the ground with force. He spit on the ground.

"Good thing you're just a cold bitch."


Michael William Murphy is the son of the brutal vigilante "Vigil". Michael, raised by his mother to be different, was once a police officer, working within the law. But time lead Michael to realize the corruption within the city of Paragon, and soon after, Michael left the force to become a private investigator. He now leads "Rough 'N' Tumble Detective Agency", solving crimes the PPD can't, or won't.


"You're a lot like your mother, Mikey. You care about people, even when it hurts. And then, you're like me, a stubborn bastard unwilling to compromise. Together, we'll end up driving the poor woman insane."

Mike is rarely a happy camper. Grumpy, bitter and grim, this man is not the easiest to approach. For those that can take his initial skepticism, he can be a loyal, if tough, friend. He's not afraid to call people on their shit, no matter who they are, and he expects his best friends to do the same for him. Mike is a man who values truth and honesty, having grown up around secret identities his entire life. This is perhaps what has driven him to become a relentless private investigator, unwilling to let anyone's mysteries go unsolved. Though, if there is one lesson that Michael has learned in his life, it's that sometimes the truth isn't always so refreshing.


"This city will tell you everything you need to know to protect her. All you have to do is listen."

Fitting his rough personality well, Mike's a brawler, and a merciless one at that. He'll do almost anything to win, the "almost" being the only real difference between his and his father's fighting styles. Though he is a bit unorthodox, a background in boxing and techniques picked up from his father's self-taught martial arts style have made Michael a formidable opponent.

However, Mike is far from being a dumb brute. His strongest skill is his ability to use deductive reasoning, much like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. He has an eye for small details, and understands human nature far too well for his own good. This has led to a successful career as a private investigator, solving countless murders, crimes, and other mysteries both for the police, and everyday people.


Nikki- Nikki is Mike's best friend and sparring partner. A former love interest until Mike's job got in the way one too many times. They still fight for fun now and again, and he knows he can count on her to have his back.

Zadrian DuPont- Zad's one of Mike's first buddies and another person Mike feels he can trust. The two don't have much in common, but they can laugh with each other, and Zad is good at making sure Mike doesn't act like he's got a stick up his ass all the time.

Zack Lanning- Zack's a new friend of Mike's, but he's already got points going for him having helped supply Mike with his Carnyx Brand Mechanical Gauntlet, a "toy" that helps Mike punch the tougher supers in Paragon City. They have no problems ribbing each other, and Mike feels at home with friends like Zack. Mike's group, Rough 'N' Tumble Detective Agency, currently works alongside Uni-Con, the group Zack is affiliated with.

Lia MacKay- Mike originally met Lia through Zadrian, the man initially trying to spark some sort of relationship between the two. Instead, the two have become friends, and while they aren't as close as Mike is with some of his acquaintances, he still has a great deal of respect for her.

Vigil- Mike's father is the feared vigilante and anti-hero known only as "Vigil". Mike and Vigil don't talk much in public, and the way each describes the other can shift between loving respect and angry disapproval. However, the two are very alike in a number of ways, including their brutal, relentless fighting style.

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