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"Look, if you had... one shot... one opportunity... to seize everything you ever wanted... one moment... would you capture it... or let it slip..."

-'Lose Yourself', Eminem

Dawn and Dusk
The Balance
Player: @Tomato is Tasty
Activity Level: High (Most Weekends)
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Tomasu
Identity: Dawn and Dusk, The Restorer, Tomato, Haldy-Clone, The Scales, The Lost Killer, Scarfy
Species: Mutant
Age: Somewhere between 15 and 21. Exact age unknown
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnicity: Japanese/American
Residence: St. Martial Gardens Apt. 78 (Living with Ross)
Marital Status: Married to Carson Rosilex Burns
Profession: Assassin/Hitman
Known Relatives: Ashley (Adopted Mother), Sloane (Praetorian)


The history of the assassin Dawn and Dusk is a short one, but one to be noticed. In the Isles, some time in the 90's, a young, single Japanese woman died giving birth to a bastard son, with dark, dark eyes and pitch black hair. This son was named Tomasu. The son survived, and was kept in hospital for the next four years, in a deep coma.

Age 4-6: The Skulls

As soon as he went out of the coma, he was sent onto the streets to fend for himself. Tomasu struggled, unable to find food, and unable to light a fire, due to his youth and lack of knowledge of the world. He was dying, and quickly. However, a small band of Skulls found Tomasu in the dark alleyways of Mercy Island. They took him in as one of their own, raising him and teaching him how to steal, how to talk, how to read and how to survive on the streets. They treated him as if he were one of them, and each of them was like a father to him. This went on for two years, until Tomasu was about six. One day, a group of Lost attacked the abandoned building the Skulls lived in, killing all of them except for Tomasu and taking the building as their own. Tomasu was forced out onto the streets once again, only now he could fend for himself, having learned perfectly all the skills he was taught. About halfway through December that year, however, his mutation kicked in. His hair turned blonde, his eyes turned blue and he could run much faster than the normal adult human male.

Age 6-14: The Origins of Power

From here on out he had to fend for himself. He taught himself how to fight, and how to kill using knives and clubs. He claimed a small jetty as his own, and took to murder, stealing any money that the people he killed had and spending it on food and drink. At the age of eight, a group of Lost (although not the same one that killed the Skulls) took control of the Jetty, beating Tomasu to near death before throwing him into the water. Somehow he survived, although the details are unknown at the moment. While under the water, a shining object caught his eye, and then he faded into unconsciousness again, washing up on the beach near Fort Darwin. His eyes were opened up to the world properly now. Here, you kill or you get killed. No 'but's, no 'maybe's, no 'if's.

A few months later, after he had fully recovered, he went back to the jetty, wanting payback. He remembered the shining object in the water, and decided to find out what it was. He swum down, deep under the water, and surprised himself with another mutant ability he hadn't known about until now- he could breathe underwater. Upon reaching the floor of the waters, he found the source of the glimmering- a chest. Inside the chest were two blades, both beautifully crafted. One had a dark blue hilt, the other a dark purple. Tomasu took the blades, and set off to take back what was his. That night, some say you could hear the screams from Port Oakes.

After that night, Tomasu decided to train himself in the art of dual-bladed combat. He trained night and day, hunting Snakes, Lost and the Rogue Isles Police. He perfected the basics, but wanted more. He began to try channeling his mutant energies, and found that doing so allowed him to achieve this wish. He was faster than normally possible, much more flexible and much, much more dangerous. He was no longer some clumsy orphan kid who was good with knives. He was Tomasu, and he was out for revenge.

After a couple more years, about the time when Tomasu was 14, he decided he would do a mass culling of the Lost in Northern Mercy Island. He killed every Lost he could find, and was rarely hurt back. The Lost in Mercy Island began to fear the young boy known simply as "The Lost Killer". He was mostly successful in his culling, wiping clean the Lost from the northern half of the island.

Age 14+: Don't Do Drugs

"You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the Grim Reaper." - Robert Alton Harris

A drug dealer had given Tomasu a sample bag of a new drug on the streets, similar to nicotine, only you sniffed it rather than smoked it, and it was much more addictive. A single sniff of this drug hooked Tomasu straight into it. He was spending all the money he stole on the drug, not using any to buy food or drink. He sniffed it during the day, and sniffed it during the night. The remaining Lost in the area found out about his addiction, and moved in to take his jetty. He was in trouble again, and this time, he had no way of stopping it.

Rumors spread. Some said the fabled 'Lost Killer' had been killed himself by the Lost. Others, those who knew of the new drug guessed that he had OD'd on it, like so many had already. One thing everyone was certain about was this: The Lost Killer was dead.

A month after the rumors started, a boy was found dead in an alleyway, apparently having overdosed.

It had been his mutations that finally did it, though, not an overdose. The drug had reacted with Tomasu's blood, boiling him from the inside out. Since nobody knew of Tomasu personally, nobody claimed the body, and it was thrown into the waters of Mercy.

Age 16+: Tomasu, the Balanced One

"Here come the rain and thunder now, nowhere to run, to run to now. I'll disappear, you'll wonder how, lookin' for me, I'm underground." - 'Underground' by Eminem

This was possibly the biggest mistake they could have made with Tomasu. Water filled his body, moisturizing it, filling his veins, his arteries and somehow stimulating his heart and brain. Slowly, his body managed to change the water into something incredibly similar to the mutant blood he had originally, if less viscous.

Tomasu was back, and he had experienced death in a way that nobody had before.

He had gone to Hell, and come back. He had seen the lack of balance between Good and Evil. Tomasu had changed, and it hadn't been for the better.

Recent Events

((Any major events that happen to Tomasu in-game will be recorded here.))

Recent Events: New Beginnings

"The end is uncertain and I've never been so afraid. But I don't need a telescope to see that there's hope and that makes me feel..."

"brave..." - Tidal Wave by Owl City

Tomasu decided that culling the Lost was a pointless cause. His eyes had been reopened to the world. He joined the masses of villains that swarm the Rogue Isles every day, no longer staying in Mercy. He put himself up for hire for anyone and everyone, as long as the money was right. People began to hear of this young assassin and his motives, and began to call him 'Dawn and Dusk', the Balanced One. He adopted this name as his official alias.

Three months later, Tomasu met Envy, a young, incredibly friendly demon. Envy originally saw him at the D, and was intrigued by how incredibly similar he looked to Envy's husband, Haldien. Suffice to say, the two of them were great friends from then on. Envy was the thing that Tomasu needed in his life- a seemingly bright light in the darkness. Envy introduced him to Haldien about a week later, and from then on, Tomasu and Haldien would argue over which one of them was the clone. The bright light doubled. Tomasu had two brilliant friends, who he cherished greatly.

The day after Tomasu met Envy, a young woman by the name of Ashley adopted him.

Recent Events: Rosilex

"Tomasu is my light in the darkness, my soul mate, the one who fills a hole that I've felt my whole life. I hate sounding sappy, but I like being truthful." - Ross

Tomasu still was desperate for more. It didn't take long, though to figure out what this 'more' was though. A boyfriend. And so began the search. Envy and Syl helped him come across a few people. Unfortunately, they were gay-haters, not his type or just plain straight. It seemed unlikely anyone would appear. One day, after a particularly painful rejection from a man named Zad, Tomasu met Ross. He was a small boy with ginger hair and a passion for all things blue. Tomasu immediately began to crush on him. A short time afterwards, Ross disappeared, leaving Tomasu's crush to bubble and swell. Eventually, Tomasu was aching for Ross to come back.

A week after Ross left, Tomasu was given a special job over on the mainland. He had been hired by a mysterious man to take out Emil Marcone, the leader of the Family, as he was relaxing in Las Vegas. Talking with Envy about the job, he found out that Envy and Emil had a deep hatred for eachother, and as Envy told him more, he grew a hatred for Emil as well. Unfortunately, the job was a fake, an ambush. Tomasu fought and fought, but he could not overcome the huge mass of Family. Eventually, he had to escape via smoke bomb, and took a Ferry home. On the way home, Tomasu collapsed of blood loss, and was admitted to the Port Oakes hospital upon arrival with many an internal injury and a broken right arm.

Over the rest of that week, the internal wounds healed with amazing speed, likely another attribute of his mutation, or possibly of his draconic blood. Suffice to say, he was let out for the weekend with just a broken arm, and then returned to the hospital to undergo a revolutionary new surgery which would speed up the mending of bones to about a week. While Tomasu was in hospital for the second week, Ross reappeared. Envy told him about Tomasu being in hospital and, the crush apparently being mutual, he visited him and invited him on a date to a movie. Four hours later, Tomasu was admitted from hospital with a completely healed arm.

Apparently, their relationship couldn't wait for the movie. The two chatted at the D, found out that their feelings were in fact mutual and awkwardly made it official that they were together. They moved in together in an apartment across the street from Envy and Haldien.

Their feelings for each other continued to swell until Tomasu couldn't think of anything but Ross, and Ross of anything but Tomasu. Ross was Tomasu's everything. Tomasu cherished him more than his own life.

On Friday the 13th of August, 2010, Tomasu proposed to Ross, and Ross said yes.

They were married on the 3rd of October the same year.

Recent Events: Since Then

Since the two married, a few small things have happened. Tomasu's dragon blood, given to him by Ashley, who turned out to be a brood mother, has fully developed, and Tomasu can take on full dragon form, keeping most of his speed, but also gaining great strength, powerful wings and the ability to breathe fire. He only uses the fire for show, though, as not only has his dragon blood developed, but his mutant genes have as well, and actually mixed in together with it. ((WIP))


Tomasu is quite shy when approaching new people, but quickly warms up to most. He is normally cheerful (if awkward) when talking to others, but those who know him well enough know that he can get very serious very quickly. When on the job, he is harsh, merciless and unforgiving of his enemies.

When around Envy, Haldien or Syl, he acts much sillier than when he's just hanging about on his own in the D, and seems to give off the feeling of wanting to fit in with the crowd.


Tomasu is a very thin boy, although still is much bulkier than Envy, Haldy or Ross. He has Japanese-American features and blonde hair, which came from his mutation. He has deep blue eyes, as well. Hidden away underneath his shirt and pants normally are a tail and two tiny red and white wings. If you are to see him in his casual clothes or shirtless, you will notice his chest is tattooed, some of the tats going down to his hands.

Tomasu always has his two blades on him.

A basic portrait shot of him in his casual outfit, made using a very simple program. Originally used on User page.
A shot of Tomasu in his ninja clothing. D'awwwwww. This is the first (And currently only) actual drawing of Tomato, and was done by User:AwkwardEnvy.
A sexy shot of Tomasu in his casual clothing. Makes me want to have him remove his tattoos IC. This was also made in a program.

Costume 1: 'Work Clothes'

When on the job, Tomasu will normally be wearing his traditional outfit. This is comprised mostly of leather tights, with one of his white headbands and a trenchcoat. It's been noticed that the trenchcoat doesn't have any bulges in its pockets, and yet Tomasu will constantly pull the most random things out, such as battery-powered blow-driers, wooden blocks for his sculpting, lollipops, Nerf guns, Nerf grenades, a Nerf Chaingun and other assorted goods. When in this outfit, it is normal for him to be wearing a mask over his lower face. In his work clothes, he keeps Hebi and Noctem's sheathes attached to the hips of his tights. 'Normal Clothes'

When Tomasu is in a casual setting, he'll normally wear a pair of jeans, a small pouch, converses, a shirt, a scarf and a white headband. Due to the scarf, some have given him the nickname 'Scarfy'. He tends to keep his trenchcoat in the small pouch, and his blades are slipped into hidden sheathes in the sides of his pants, their hilts hidden under his shirt.

Costume 2: 'Work Clothes'

When on the job, Tomasu will normally be wearing his traditional outfit. This is comprised mostly of leather tights, with one of his white headbands and a trenchcoat. It's been noticed that the trenchcoat doesn't have any bulges in its pockets, and yet Tomasu will constantly pull the most random things out, such as battery-powered blow-driers, wooden blocks for his sculpting, lollipops, Nerf guns, Nerf grenades, a Nerf Chaingun and other assorted goods. When in this outfit, it is normal for him to be wearing a mask over his lower face. In his work clothes, he keeps Hebi and Noctem's sheathes attached to the hips of his tights.

Costume 3: 'Half-Dragon'

As Tomasu has grown as a dragon, even his half-dragon form has matured. His wings are now fully grown and his skin is much more scaly. In all of his forms (excluding his fully human form), his wings are blue, and his chest and legs are covered in a glossy (yet not slippery) black and blue coating (likely formed by his mutant genes, rather then those of his dragon genes), covering the basic scales. Apart from the basic differences, his half-dragon form still looks like the same old Tomato.

Costume 4: 'Three-Quarter Dragon'

((Note: This costume slightly spoofs off of SS3 in DBZ))

If worried that he may need both agility and strength in a fight, Tomasu can go into Three-Quarter dragon form. He dramatically increases in size and strength, while still keeping his agility and light weight. In this transition between half and full dragon, Tomasu's wings also go into a midway stage, the bones growing faster than the delicate membrane. For some strange reason or another, his blades also take a special form of their own, Hebi becoming a massive, disfigured monster blade and Noctem becoming a shining masterpiece of weaponsmithing. In all of his forms (excluding his fully human form), his wings are blue, and his chest and legs are covered in a glossy (yet not slippery) black and blue coating (likely formed by his mutant genes, rather then those of his dragon genes) covering the basic scales.

Costume 5: 'Full Dragon'

Tomasu's second most powerful form is the Full Dragon form. In this form, he could be mistaken easily to be a full blood dragon. His wing membranes catch up to the bones, giving him a massive wingspan. His facial structure morphs into a much more reptilian shape, fully growing scales and spines. In all of his forms (excluding his fully human form), his wings are blue, and his chest and legs are covered in a glossy (yet not slippery) black and blue coating (likely formed by his mutant genes, rather then those of his dragon genes), covering the basic scales.

--Skills and Abilities--

Tomasu has a wide range of different skills.

Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

Skills and Abilities: Enhanced Agility and Strength

Tomasu's mutations caused him to be able to move much faster that the average person. The mutation is still growing, and so Tomasu is quickly becoming faster and faster. His half-dragon blood has also increased his strength greatly.

Skills and Abilities: Half-Dragon

Thanks to Ashley, Tomasu's now a half-dragon, and can slightly fly, has incredible strength (although not as strong as Envy), can eat very spicy food due to his tongue being designed for fire-breathing and, if he were to roar, it would sound like a dragon.

Skills and Abilities: Dual Blades

Tomasu taught himself to wield two blades at once while he was on the streets, so that he could use Hebi and Noctem for something, rather then having to sell them for money. His fighting style is very flowing, very precise, and yet holds some of the dirtier traits of street fighting.

Skills and Abilities: Sculpting

Tomasu is an expert when it comes to sculpting wooden figures. He does it as practice for accuracy, and also for fun. Every sculpture he makes, he puts incredible detail into. He's recently learned how to bring these figures to life through runes, as well. So far, he has created six animated sculptures:

  • Mohawk, a small wooden dragon. Tomasu covered him in metal, afterwards, and gave him to Envy as a gift.
  • Mini-Envy, a miniature version of Tomasu's closest friend. He gave mini-Envy to him as well.
  • Big-Daddy, a medium-sized wooden fox cub. Tomasu notched tiny holes on the entire of the fox's body, and then slipped red synthetic fur into each hole. This sculpture would be worth more at an art auction than all of Tomasu's other sculptures put together (apart from the turtle), for the hair alone. The sculpture, despite being wooden, seems to be almost exactly like a real fox in every way.
  • A dancing lollipop. This is his most basic animated sculpture, and just dances. It can dance in all styles, and seems to enjoy dancing with Big-Daddy. This was created by Envy's request.
  • A small turtle, named Shelbert McPhalanges by Ross. Tomasu made this while he was in hospital, as a gift for Ross. It is his most detailed sculpture, with lifelike scales and ornate carvings on the shell.
  • A single sunflower, which he painted, and keeps hidden away. There are rumors that this sculpture contains Tomasu's greatest secret- the secret of the 'OverArc' and how he's related to it.


Skills aren't all that's needed in a city of villains. Everybody needs equipment, and Tomasu is no exception.

Equipment: Hebi and Noctem

Hebi and Noctem are Tomasu's two small blades. Hebi is slightly flatter, and has a shimmering dark-green hilt. Noctem has a dark-purple hilt and a tiny hook on the tip of the blade.

Tomasu will often use Hebi as a carving blade when sculpting, and has been known to use Noctem's hooked tip as a torture device.

Equipment: Headband

Tomasu is rarely ever seen without some headband on. He normally wears a white one, and keeps a heap of back-ups in his trenchcoat. When he's messing around, he'll wear a pink one, though.

Tomasu also uses his headbands for practical things, such as an instant-bandage, a gag, handcuffs and a bow tie ((Because bow-ties are cool. :D))

--Strengths and Weaknesses--

Like any hero or villain, Tomasu has strengths and weaknesses in combat as well as socially.


  • Tomasu's strength and agility is an obvious strength.
  • Tomasu is very merciless when it comes to dealing with an enemy. He won't hesitate to torture them if need be, even through paralysis, acid, burning, freezing, poison and other incredibly painful ways.
  • Tomasu has all the skills required to survive on the streets at a young age.
  • In combat, due to being self-taught, Tomasu's fighting style is often unpredictable.
  • While, unlike most assassins, Tomasu's true identity is something he has no trouble sharing, there are no files on him anywhere in the world, not even in Arachnos. So as well known as he is, he is still very much a mystery.
  • Tomasu's much smarter than he seems- he had to learn everything he knows from the streets. He never used the internet until 2010, never watched television, never played video games, never even played normal games with other boys and girls. He's learnt all he knows in these areas in a few months.


  • Tomasu's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness- his friends. Tomasu is very protective of his friends, and would take a bullet for any of them without hesitation. This will likely prove to be the end of him someday, as it can be taken advantage of very easily.
  • Tomasu is very socially awkward. Enough said on that.
  • While he is very strong and fast, his bones break just as easily as anybody else. In fact, his arm was recently broken by Emil Marcone.
  • Tomasu's scales haven't grown in yet on his dragon form, and so, apart from being able to dodge, he has very little protection against attacks.
  • When Tomasu died and returned, it was understandably a very traumatic experience. This was discovered accidentally when Tomasu was willingly having his mind probed to find out the source of his 'strange back pains', which turned out to be his wings preparing to burst out of his back. While probing, the mind reader accidentally set of a mental alarm, which caused Tomasu immense pain, knocking him unconscious. Later, Tomasu told Envy that he had seen his death and rebirth as if it had just happened, and was severely traumatized. If these memories could do this once, they could do it again.
  • Tomasu is easily distracted when Ross is brought into anything, be it combat or socializing.
  • Despite his intelligence, he has limited reading skills.


(Stick yourself in if you think you should be there but aren't!)

  • Highly Envious: Tomasu considers Envy his closest friend, having made very few in the Isles. When talking with him, he feels as if he's talking to someone of the same situation to him- a boy of his age (whether he really is or not isn't important) who has had to grow up in the Isles with almost no chance of survival, and has made it through. He also absolutely loves Envy's personality, always cheerful and silly, and is heavily affected when he is around, growing much less concerned and much more carefree. Envy was the one who gave Tomasu the nickname Tomato, due to the similarities between the two words.

  • Metal Apocalypse: Haldy, Envy's husband, is a whole different matter altogether. Tomasu and Haldy seem to have a very strange relationship, due to their similar appearances. They seem to be "Frenemies", as Tomasu would call it: Friends who tease each other in a way that enemies would. Multiple times has Haldy and Tomasu been in trouble with Envy for their little squabbles- more often Tomasu is the one in trouble than Haldy. It's all taken in good fun though by Tomasu, although he gets a little bit sick of the way the two act around eachother sometimes, and constantly wishing Ross was there.

  • Ashley: Ashley is Tomasu's adopted mother. The two seem to share a very special bond, but not much else has been gained. Recently, not much has happened.

  • Ross: Ross is Tomato's husband. The two met via Envy about three weeks before Tomato fought Emil Marcone. In the following weeks, they both grew a huge crush on eachother, before finally letting eachother know. The two both care deeply for eachother, and Tomasu would likely do anything for Ross. Tomasu proposed to Ross on the 13th of August, in 2010, and they married on the 3rd of October that year. Recently, after the death of Ross's Praetorian and many disappearances of heroes and villains of all strengths, they've become quite concerned for each-other's safety.

  • Sylvia: Sylvia and Tomasu are good friends, and Syl has hired him on a couple of jobs before. She once tried to hire him to kill one of Envy's closest friends, Ash, though, and since then, Tomasu hasn't exactly been trusting of her.

  • Paul Ooshun: Friends isn't exactly the right term for the relationship these two hold - it's more of a fandom. Tomasu highly admires Paul's work in the world of villainy, and believes that he alone could be a major scales-changer when it comes to the balance between good and evil.
  • The Lost: Tomasu had many a fight with the Lost over land, getting beaten to the brink of death multiple times in his early teens. Tomasu has sworn that he will rid the world of these monsters if it kills him. However, he places this grudge behind his goal of world balance, and will not work on it until he has achieved his goal.

  • The Good Side: Tomasu is of the mind that the forces of good and evil are out of balance, with good heavily knocking evil off-balance. He believes that he is here to aid those that are evil as to bring the world to balance once more.

  • Emil Marcone & The Family: Tomasu hates this man for what he has done to Envy. In late July, 2010, Tomasu was given a chance to release his anger on Emil when he was hired to do so. Unfortunately, it was a set up, and Tomasu barely escaped, being admitted to Port Oakes hospital with a broken arm and multiple internal injuries.

--Other Stuff--

IC Trivia
  • Tomasu gives off a slight draconic aura. This may be noticed by dragons, dragon hunters, certain monster hunters and aura-readers.
  • Normally Tomasu's mental state is such that a mind-reader could easily enter his mind, but not access his deepest secrets.
  • His singing voice sounds like a mix between My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way and Franz Ferdinand.
  • His normal voice sounds similar to Ling from Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood.
  • Ross-attack: Where Tomato starts thinking about Ross and falls to bits at the thought of him.
  • In Tomasu's aura/soul, there is an interesting little chunk of energy interlaced with the whole thing... it's very unique.
  • To those who would be able to access such things- There may be details on a deceased, unnamed individual going by "The Lost Killer" (Arachnos certainly has this information, as does the Longbow stationed in Mercy) but there is NOTHING about any individual named Tomasu, or going by the name 'Dawn and Dusk', 'The Scales' or any of Tomasu's other aliases. According to Arachnos, Crey, Vanguard, Longbow and any other companies' databases, Tomasu doesn't exist.
  • Tomasu spent eight years with little-to-no social interaction. He learned most of the stuff he knows either recently, or through listening to conversations in the streets and through open apartment windows.
OOC Trivia
  • To those who didn't notice, this character's inspirations in Film and Literature include Fullmetal Alchemist's Edward Elric (For his voice, rants and how protective he is of his friends), Otori Takeo from the book series Tales of the Otori (For his name and that he's an orphan) and others (too lazy to add them all right now).
  • Some other inspiration that lead up to the final personality of Tomasu was the character Highly Envious.
  • Tomasu is probably the character who borrows the most traits from my own personality. He's got a very wide set of moods, from deadly serious to incredibly silly, and can go from one to the other in a matter of seconds. He is very friendly, and at times is very hostile. He is a little bit cowardly, as well (Such as when A. Maris got angry at him for following her.). All of these traits also belong to myself. He also solves many goals of mine in City of. He's a ninja (although I use the word assassin more), he is a DB/Ninj (Two powersets I've wanted desperately to try together), he's an easy character to roleplay but he's sane (very hard for me to roleplay normally- full of awkward moments)and he is the final piece in my OverArc (And no. Not going to discuss until I finish organizing the pieces myself!).
  • The similarities between him and Haldy were accidental. Honestly!
  • His part in the supergroup 'To Spiti Tau Vladimir' is NOT common knowledge WHATSOEVER. Bringing up any knowledge of a relationship between him and the group will result in a swift ignore, unless it was previously organised. If you just want to know OOCly, however, send me a tell!
Tomasu's Song

Tomasu's Song is a short, 1 minute theme song I wrote for him, having been unable to find anything suitable. It's supposed to feel happy, yet sad at the same time, because that's very much his personality. It's composed of a piano and a violin, and is very simple. I wrote it on Sibelius Student.

The song can be found here.

Other Theme Songs (And What They Represent)

Melissa - Porno Graffiti (This represents Tomasu's cheery side.)

This Fire - Franz Ferdinand (This represents Tomasu's thoughts on what needs to be done about the balance between good and evil and that, somehow, 'good' has gone out of control.)

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance (This song represents Tomasu's drug problem, and that he's a teenager.)

Dead - My Chemical Romance (Dead! represents, obviously, his death. I find that My Chem suits that part of his life- the drugs and death- really well, actually.)

Lose Yourself - Eminem (Lose Yourself is all about capturing the moment, because it only comes once, and this suits Tomato very well- He knows that you need to take control of life before it takes control of you. He's seen the other side, and honestly, it's just darkness.)

--Opinions and Thoughts--

((Feel free to stick yours in here!))


"Tomasu is my light in the darkness, my soul mate, the one who fills a hole that I've felt my whole life. I hate sounding sappy, but I like being truthful." - Ross


"Tomato is a fffffrickin' cool guy if I do say so mahself! He doesn't care that I gave him the name of a fruit - yes, a tomato is a fruit, dumb asses! - or that I pop Party Poppers in his face. I love hanging out with him, even if he wears tights, likes to slouch and yell "WHY ME!" into the sky. Haha!" - Envy


"He's a weakling with no skill in assassination. He lets his emotions get in the way, and I wish to never have anything to do with this puny little orphan. I'll let Cinny have this one." - Carpe Noctem


"Despite being a rather lame imitation of myself, Tomato manages to be actually sort of cool. Sort of." - Haldien


"Ah! Yes, my wonderful son...so special and loving. I'm teaching him about everything I can, from love to cooking to magic. Now if I can just get him to introduce me to his friends.." - Ashley


"Well, Tomato's a cute kid. Seems a little too nice and naive to be an assassin, but who am I to judge? Bottom line is, he seems pretty sweet, and he can stand hangin' around me. Guess he's cool in my books... Maybe..." Syl

--Ask Tomasu Questions!--
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