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Player: @Arimikami
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Stalker
Primary: Spines
Secondary: Regeneration
Epic: '
Level: Expert
Statistic 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Fortitude Unverified
Stamina Unverified
Speed Unverified
Melee Unverified
Blasts Unverified
Support Unverified
Control Unverified
Personal Data
Real Name: Alexandra Natalie Evans
Identity: Secret
Known Aliases: Delusory
Species: Homo Superior
Date of Birth: December 25th, 1996
Age: Look at her birthday and do the math.
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Skin Complexion: '
Distinguishment: '
Medical Status: '
Financial Status: Despite being a freelance operative that demands a high price for her services, Delusory lives almost hand to mouth because she's usually paid in ways other than money and the money she does make is tied up in personal projects of hers.
Religion: Atheist
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives
James (father), Natalie (mother), Alexander (twin brother) Delusory also has two older brothers and a younger sister.
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mutated caucasian
Legal Status: Alexandra Evans has been missing for years and was abducted from her home according to eyewitness reports. Delusory is a freelance operative that's wanted by multiple national governments.
Place of Birth: Rochester, Minnesota
Occupation: Whatever pays the bills
Group Affiliations
Currently no affiliations
Base of Operations: N/A
Residency: Delusory rents numerous economy apartments all over the world that are really little more than boltholes where she can go to get away and rest from time to time.
Known Powers
Shapeshifting. Able to create a variety of toxins using her own bodily fluids
Known Abilities
Lockpicking, slightly above average with computers and adept at hacking, speaks multiple languages, and highly skilled at hand to hand combat
Whatever she can create out of her own body, the exceptions being a cellphone and whatever cash she has on her at the time.
Awards and Collections
Licenses and Certificates
IC Accessibilty of Article
Most information located here would not be available IC




The Perfect Family Becomes A Little Less Perfect

James and Natalie Evans had almost everything one could want out of life, two bright and talented sons, a beautiful house on the beach, fancy cars, parties, both had successful careers, and they were prominent and respected members of the community. In fact, the Evans thought there was only one thing missing from their lives that would make everything complete.

They wanted a daughter.

There was celebration when they discovered that Natalie was with child. When they found out she was carrying twins, and that one of them was a girl, their happiness knew no bounds. Then came the day of the birth and the end of all their hopes.

Their brand new baby girl, the one that was supposed to complete their lives and make them the perfect family, didn't even look human.

Truth In Lies

In their minds, this simply would not do and steps would have to be taken to correct it. Requests to see the child by friends and family were staved off by telling people that Alexandra had been born with genetic defects which required she stay in a private hospital for the time being so she could recieve special treatment to correct those defects.

What they didn't tell people was that the special treatment she was getting revolved primarily around cosmetic surgeries in an attempt to make her look normal. Unfortunately for her parents, Alexandra posessed regenerative capabilities that thwarted every attempt to make her look like a normal human, repairing the damage done to her body everytime surgery was tried and restoring her to her original appearance.

Through the Looking Glass

Admitting defeat but, too shamed to admit that they'd brought this strange looking creature into the world, the Evans brought their daughter home... after swearing her two older brothers to secrecy and agreeing about just what they would do.

Continuing the lie of birth defects, her parents told others that inquired about Alexandra that she had been born extremely ill and had to be kept in isolation to ensure her health, thus putting an end to other's requests that they be able to see the child while ensuring that their secret would be kept, letting her live out her earliest days in the top story of her parent's home, her only real company being the windows from which she viewed the outside world and her twin brother.

Misery Loves Company

Being that the two were mostly inseperable, Alexandra quickly noticed the way her brother's hands didn't always seem to want to work and how his body would shake or tremble at times with no discernable reason and immediately brought this to their parent's attention. Her father brought Alexander to the lab where he worked and less than a day later it was confirmed that her brother had Tay-Sachs disease and would most likely not even live to his teen years without some sort of medical breakthrough.

Psychology and Personality

Delusory's personality can change as easily as her body does and the only thing that can be said for sure about her is that she tends to extremes. When being polite, she's the very essence of eloquence. If she wants to flirt, sultry does not even begin to describe her, every word and gesture hints at untold pleasures just waiting to be discovered. Her compassion knows no bounds when she's trying to appear caring and concerned to others and if she believes anger is the correct approach, she'll display a viciousness that will give the bravest of people pause.

The reason for this behaviour is that Delusory has been spending so much time pretending to be other people that she's developing a form of depersonalization disorder and is beginning to have a hard time seeing herself, let alone other people, as real which results in her simply acting out what she believes are the correct responses in a given situation rather than expressing her own real emotions. The only thing that matters to Delusory is her own personal agenda and everyone, including herself, is nothing more than an object to be used to fulfill that agenda.

One may think that someone with a mindset like this wouldn't make friends often or easily and they would be right. Rather than seek people that can make her laugh or would provide a good shoulder to cry on, Delusory watches others like someone judging a competition and rates them on style, technique, determination, and success. The kindhearted and headstrong fool that's well liked by others but blunders through life is the kind of person she would avoid while a cold hearted and exacting killer that's likely to betray her but never makes a mistake is the one that bears watching and fostering a relationship with. In her eyes, the former is sure to add unnecessary and unexpected complications while the latter, despite being a potential threat, is the one that can be planned around and anticipated.

Honesty is something that Delusory has a very difficult time with because of this mindset. In her mind, it stands to reason that if others are nothing more than pawns in her plans then surely they must view her as an object to be used according to their whims and numerous encounters she's had with people, hero and villain alike, have reinforced this belief and have left her convinced that no one is to be trusted. Because of this, she likes to speak in metaphors, reasoning that if one has the intellect to puzzle out what's being said that they deserve to have that information. Even when others grow angry with her manner of speech and insist that she stop doing it, she continues to defy them, switching to single word sentences or avoiding referring to people or places, once again forcing people to try and figure out the true meaning of her words.

Occasionally, when Delusory encounters someone she feels is of particular promise, she'll go out of her way to engineer little complications in their life, slowly letting things escalate to see how that person handles the situations she places them in. If she approves of their actions and choices, Delusory will step forward and offer to help that person solve their problems, thereby putting herself in a position where the other person may feel gratitude and be willing to help her with some errands of her own. Those that don't match up to her standards will either be left to their own devices or she'll go out of her way to keep making matters worse, depending on her mood and whether or not she has other pressing engagements to deal with.

Of special note is Delusory's views on affection. Somewhere down the line a few wires got crossed in her mind and she now equates pain, both giving and recieving, with love. On those rare occasions when she meets someone she's grown fond of it's not unheard of for her to bite off a piece of them and eat it 'so she carries a piece of them everywhere she goes.' She's also been known to cut off parts of herself and force feed them to others 'so they know she's always with them.'

Strengths and Weaknesses

Depersonalization Disorder

For Delusory, this is both a strength and a weakness. Her inability to truely empathize with others can often cause complications when she has to deal with people in a social manner but, it also leaves her unfettered by emotions like guilt and feelings of obligation to others, giving her a clarity of purpose and freeing her to pursue those things that matter most to her.


Delusory heals back from injuries at a greatly accelerated rate. She's never tested the full extent of this capability but, she's healed from bullet and knife wounds in a matter of moments and has even grown back entire limbs in a short amount of time. The drawback of this ability is that, unlike many people that regenerate, Delusory's power doesn't try to keep her healthy per say and instead attempts to keep her body in a static state. Alcohol, anesthetics, narcotics, antibiotics, and more are all purged from her almost as soon as they're introduced. If she ever encounters something that her own regenerative powers can't keep her alive through then there's little hope that anything else can save her.

Toxin Generation

Normally sticking to a simple necrotic when fighting, Delusory is capable of transforming her own bodily fluids into a wide array of poisons including, but not limited to, necrotics, opiates, hallucinogenics, sedatives, and paralytics. These can be made from any fluid from Delusory's body such as her sweat, blood, saliva, or other secretions as long as she does it before it seperates from her body, meaning that it's not possible for Delusory to spit on someone and then after spitting on them decide to change that saliva into some sort of poison. It's unknown if she's capable of creating drugs that are more beneficial in nature as she's never tried and it's worth noting that Delusory is completely immune to any toxin that comes directly from her.


More often than not, this ability is held in reserve as a last ditch effort to get away when a plan has gone astray rather than Delusory's preferred method of infiltration. Even she's not really sure how it works but, it should be pointed out that if affects the entire electromagnetic spectrum and not just those parts of it that are normally visible to humans. This means that normal methods of seeing something that isn't visible, such as radar, sonar, and infrared will not detect Delusory. Psions who are able to locate people by their thought patterns and magic users knowledgeable in spells that reveal the invisible can find Delusory when she's invisble though. Because of this, she normally tries to quietly eliminate them when possible and avoids them all together when it's not.


Without a doubt, Delusory's favorite ability and the one that inspired the name she now calls herself. Thanks to this power, she can be anybody, everybody, and nobody. Delusory is capable of partial transformations such as growing wings for flight, gills to breath underwater as well as webbed hands and feet for added maneuverability, and uses this, as well as her ability to create toxins, for her preferred method of fighting, sprouting razor sharp bone spurs that she coats in poisons made out of her own blood and sweat. Full body transformations are possible as well and if allowed to study someone for a time, Delusory is capable of amazingly accurate mimicry, going so far as being able to fake the DNA of another person if she can acquire a sample for study. It's also possible for her to simulate clothes through her transformations and she can even remove those clothes if required to by shedding selective portions of the outer layers of her skin.

There are limits to her shapeshifting though. Despite being able to take the forms of a wide variety of living organisms, including plants, she's incapable of turning into anything inorganic. For example, Delusory could choose to cover herself in a chitinous exoskeleton but, growing impervium claws is beyond her capabilities. Mass is also an area where she has limits. She can change her size as well as form but, making herself as small as a mouse or as large as an elephant is well beyond her. One other thing that's beyond her shapeshifting capabilities is simulating the innate magical abilities of other creatures. If Delusory took the form of a pixie she wouldn't be able to make others fly by sprinkling them with pixie dust.

History and Current Events




Outside Opinions

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