Der Bundesadler

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The Federal Eagle
Der Bundesadler
Player: @Angel Silhouette
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 38
Personal Data
Real Name: Special Operative Kai Röbke
Known Aliases: The Franconian
Species: Human
Age: 33
Height: 196cm
Weight: 95kg
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: German
Occupation: Crime Fighter / BfV Operative / BND Operative
Place of Birth: Bamberg
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Not known
Known Powers
Powered Combat Hardsuit (Semi-Environmental), Energy Wings, Target Assist Drone, Assault Rifle of unknown make
Known Abilities
Demolitions, marksmanship, pyrotechnics



BfV Logo.gif BND Logo.png

Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz

Operative Röbke was originally an agent for the BfV, the internal secret service agency in Germany, as a counter-measure to the super-powered criminal organizations who threatened the "free and democratic basic order" of the nation.


After the Rikti attacks, international attention was drawn to Paragon City, Rhode Island and the Etoile Isles. Seeing that Paragon seemed to be the focus of the Rikti invaders as well as the attentions of Lord Recluse and his Arachnos organization, Operative Röbke's employment was transferred to the BND so that he could be sent to Paragon City to observe both of Germany's new potential threats.


Bundesadler the hero is a very distant man. He is concerned about the well-being of those he protects here in Paragon, but his helmet and demeanor aren't conducive to showing it. In his personal life, he is better at showing his emotion, but tends to distance himself from others due to his facial disfigurement. He believes that people don't see him as a man, but a scar, and finds it difficult to allow himself to get close to others.

Powered Combat Hardsuit

To a limited extent, Adler's hardsuit protects him from ballistic, energy and environmental damage. It also allows him a greater freedom of movement by increasing his physical strength and adding speed to his movements. The suit also gives him tactical advantages when fighting crime.
  • Targeting: Working in tandem with his feuerleitsystem, his helmet and visor contain a targeting system that displays an array of information that can be opened, closed and moved around his visor via a psionic interface.
  • Stealth: His armor is a multi-layered ballistic material, the top layer of which is made up of metamaterials. This upper layer gives him a negative refractive index, making him virtually invisible as the material bends the light around his body.
  • Energy Wings: Integrated into his armor is a pair of high tech wings. The wings are a unique blend of modern and trans-dimensional technologies, binding solid materials with a web of almost tangible energy. The technology used in his wings is classified by his governments, but they are known to serve the double duty of reducing Bundesadler's weight and propelling him through the sky like the eagle he has taken as his namesake.
  • Feuerleitsystem - Beneath Bundesadler's wings there is a small device that, when deployed, floats up above his head and assists him with targeting. This is more of a necessity to him than a convenience as he has only one eye, and it makes up for his lack of depth perception.

Assault Rifle

Adler carries assault rifles that are reminiscent of those carried by Nemesis soldiers, Vanguard operatives and old timey gangsters, but the resemblances are only superficial; everything about the inner workings of these weapons have changed. In function and purpose, they is the same as any other, but Der Bundesadler's modus operendi does not involve killing the lawbreakers. He has taken deadly weapons and turned them into non-lethal crime fighting tools. Depending on his target, Adler employs rubber bullets of varying viscosity, from gelpacks to vulcanized rubber; however he has been known to make use of armor piercing projectiles when dealing with meta, supernatural, or mechanical threats. The bore on his rifle approximates to a 12 gauge shotgun; but depending the situation, he can utilize sabot type rounds, allowing him to use ammunition of various calibers.


Bundesadler employs a range of gadgets to help him apprehend criminals and malevolent metas.
  • Web Grenade - A small cannister filled with a sticky solution which aerosols on impact with the target or ground. The resulting web can drag a flying target to the ground, and stop a charging rhinoceros in its tracks. The sticky concoction quickly dissolves into its component ingredients, making for easy apprehension and cleanup.
  • Caltrops - From a compartment on his arm, Adler can release a cluster of jacks into his hand and fling them out into a target area, fouling the efforts of those running through it, making it difficult and painful for them to even walk.
  • AAAD - Automated Aerial Assault Drone: Adler carries a small kit with which he can construct a small aerial vehicle that will follow him around and assist him in subduing his targets. The ammunition carried by the drone is comprised entirely of rubber bullets, as once it is activated, there is no way of actively changing is ammunition without breaking it down and rebuilding it.


Long ago, Special Operative Kai Röbke was known as The Franconian. He wore the red and white shield of the Franconian flag and protected the people of the former Duchy of Franconia using only an old MG-42, a M1 Garand, a tazer and his sport bike. At the time he was, more or less, a vigilante; concerning himself mainly with non-meta threats like muggers, drug dealers and gun runners. He never used deadly force on a human directly; usually the threat of his high calibur machine gun was enough to stop lawbreakers cold. When it did not, a few warning shots or perhaps a burst into the engine block of their vehicle could sometimes do the job; when that failed, the tazer mounted to the underside of his gun barrel was sure to stop them in their tracks. His activities were condemned by the police and federal enforcement agencies as dangerous and unpredictable, however all of their attempts at apprehending him were stymied by the citizens who considered Röbke a Godsend and were overjoyed that someone had finally decided to step up and challenge those that the law enforcement could not find or could not touch.
The Franconian's good fortune could not last forever, though, and he was shot during a raid on a narcotics deal. His ballistic armor protected him from being killed, but he was injured very badly. The ensuing firefight brought the authorities and, after the dealers had all been taken care of, he was arrested and taken to a secure hospital ward where his wounds were seen to and where he began his new career.
The authorities' good fortune had placed the conservative government into a political quandary. The Franconian was a hero of the people, he was loved; if word got around that he had not only been arrested, but put in prison, the outcry would be enormous. People would begin to distrust the government, and the left wing would use it as a tool to manipulate them into shifting the balance of power. There really was only one clear choice: This man had the people's best interest in mind, he was educated at Friedrich-Alexander University, and he had the support of the public. When he awakened after surgery, he was met by the president of the BfV and the Chancellor of the country. He was given a choice to become an agent of the BfV or to disappear entirely.
The deal was made and kept secret so the people would not know that the government had any hand in his actions. He was supplied with better equipment, better weaponry, and a more efficient mode of travel; but those weren't the only thing to change. In order to show that he now protected the entire nation and not just Franconia, he changed his costume and his name, making the sudden difference in appearance and appellation known through the news media.
Der Bundesadler, The Federal Eagle, was born.

Weaknesses and Limitations

When he was known as The Franconian, Operative Röbke was shot by a sniper while intervening in a narcotics deal. The bullet struck his then full face visor with a glancing blow, shattering it and embedding large pieces of the material into the left side of his face. His eye and his self image did not survive the injury, and he has been left a lonely, embittered cyclops. Due to his monocular vision, he relies entirely upon his targeting hardware and software to compensate for his lack of depth perception and peripheral vision on his left side.
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