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Player: @JKnight1
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 13
Personal Data
Real Name: Jeddiah Desmond
Known Aliases: Beastie, Dez, Dezzie
Species: Hybrid Human/Vampire Bat
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 95 Lbs
Eye Color: Pale yellow, slight glow
Hair Color: Course black fur
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Freelancer
Place of Birth: USA, Ohio
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: (Parents) Aria Desmond, James Desmond - Deceased
Known Powers
Scream, Shriek, Shout, Shockwave, Twilight Grasp, Darkest Night, Howling Twilight
Known Abilities
Torn and ragged clothing

Desmodo was a creation that came to me at the spur of the moment. I noticed there weren't many bestial mutants, especially bat ones. So Desmodo came to be.This article about a character is a stub -- a small, but growing, work in progress. If you're the creator of this character, why not consider expanding it?


OOC Information

Desmodo is based off of the Vampire Bat, or Desmodontidae Rotundus. He can only feed off of the blood of other beings, be aware that does not necessarily kill them, but may have that chance.


Desmodo wasn't always freakish. He was, only a few months ago, a normal human.Born Jeddiah Desmond, He had a girlfriend, a job, a clunky car, still lived with his parents, and was in college. Nothing strange whatsoever. But during one night he had gotten into a huge argument with his girlfriend and had stormed out to walk it off. The night was rather dark even with the full moon gleaming over the buildings. A few clouds speckled the sky, some moving lazily, a few moving erratically.

As he walked down the blocks, one of the more erratic clouds seemed to grow bigger...and getting lower. As the minutes passed it got closer and louder. a swirling, fluttering, and flapping cloud of shrieking and screeching. A migration cloud. Jeddiah tried to run away, but it followed. It was in need of a feeding, and he was to be the source. In an instant the swarm enveloped him, slashing and raking and biting at him. his screams were drowned by the shrieks and flaps and flutters of the cloud of bats. All he remembered was blood and darkness. And that irritatingly high pitched screech.

When he woke, the world was upside down. He was hanging from his cieling, blood dripping from his body, matted in his fur. He started freaking out, screeching and shrieking. He wasn't human anymore. He rushed to a mirror and howled in fright, shattering all the glass in the house. Jeddiah was no longer a human, but a hybrid, a man-bat. A freak.

After he had ran off, shrieking in the early morning, he was soon caught by a Hero and taken in. They had found his parents, girlfriend, and closest friends all dead. He was the suspect. After they had restrained him, they tossed him in the Zig, where he was treated like a dog. He was beat, made fun of, used, all sorts of things. Finally, after being busted out. He is trying to make his place in this unaccepting world.


Since Desmodo's transformation, he has become more bestial and primitive. His speech is raspy and halted, his vocabulary is that of a first grader, he only understands basic concepts, and is rather loyal to anyone who asks him to do things.

He is rather kind. He tries his best to be nice, but people are often mean to him, and he gets mad. they get loud and it hurts his ears. So he makes them killing them, though not his intention.

His weakness is women. He is a gentleman. He tries his hardest despite his look to be nice to them, flirt with them, and compliment them. He is very protective of them too. So watch it all you women beaters.








Sonic Attacks





Dark Miasma

Twilight Grasp

Darkest Night

Howling Twilight







Spade Retenra - Hero, Dawn Fire - Hero, Jacob Tech - Hero, Vexxin Vega - Villain




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