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This character is on the EU Defiant server only, but placed here as a RP reference for my American friends.
Devil's Harlot Bust.jpg
Devil's Harlot
Player: @16of69
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 34
Personal Data
Real Name: Beatrice McBride
Known Aliases: Harlot, Devil's Conquest, Con
Species: Human/Demon Hybrid
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175lbs
Eye Color: Brown/Green
Hair Color: Black/Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Aspiring Crimeboss
Place of Birth: Unknown, abandoned in Cap Au Diable at a young age
Base of Operations: The Shadow Eye Temple
Marital Status: Attached
Known Relatives: Devil's Spark (Daughter)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Ninjitsu, Fitness
Twin blades, Stone of Nullification, 'Wargear' Battlesuit, Cyber-Enhancement Battlesuit
No additional information available.

Devil's Harlot is the name used by an individual currently operating in the Rogue Isles as a mercenary for hire. Demonically possessed and trained in martial arts she specialises in infiltration and stealth kills.

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Quiet and detached Devil's Harlot does not interact well with other people when not talking business, or brutally ripping them apart with her blades. While most people attribute this attitude to her martial arts training the few people who've got close enough to her to get her to discuss her past are told a harrowing tales of growing up of the streets of Cap Au Diable, scrounging from dumpsters and hunting rats for food, hiding from rape gangs and up-and-coming villains who wanted to use her for target practice. She never had the opportunity to trust anyone or form any long lasting relationships and so has grown apart from society, seeing others as tools and targets with as much emotional response to killing a human as she would to stepping on a bug.

Having been hurt in the past Devil's Harlot has developed the belief that might makes right and that the only way to change the world and protect herself is to possess greater strength than her opponents, which at this point she sees as practically everyone else. To this end she has set her goal in life to becoming the most powerful individual in the world, so that no-one would ever have be able to harm her ever again.


Dual Blades

In 2008 Devil's Harlot acquired a pair of antique blades crafted from impervium while working as a middle man for Legacy Chain. The grip of each of them was set with a strangely glowing crystal which, when Harlot first held them both, seemed to endow her with notable skill in their use. Over time her connection to the blades has grown, allowing her to perform more complex sword techniques with ease and without any tutelage or training of any kind.


While most of her skills come from the hard lessons learnt in the back alleyways and sewers of the Rogue Isles at some point in the early 00's Devil's Harlot acquired at least some formal training in the art of Ninjitsu. So far she's yet to reveal exactly what the circumstances of this training were, or who exactly her Master was and rumours are rife as to what exactly went on for her to gain her abilities.

Daemonic Possession

Fitness and Flight power pool abilities

Soon after acquiring her twin blades and setting out to carve out a piece of the action for herself Devil's Harlot came into the possession of an ancient tome of unknown origin. While most of the book was written in a language she didn't understand one section seemed to hold a recipe for what was referred to as 'great power'. Gathering the ingredients and mixing the potion she eagerly drank the concoction only to discover she had now become the vessel for some kind of inter-dimensional being. With her body changing, skin darkening and horns and wings growing she suddenly found herself far stronger than before, able to move faster and, after some practice, able to fly.


Making skillful use of her stealth abilities Devil's Harlot specialises in assassination and swift, powerful attacks to weaken her targets and take them down quickly. When faced with opponents too tough to be eliminated in one shot she blends into the shadows before attacking again and again, wearing them down until she can make a clean kill.


Highly effective in close combat against even the most powerful targets; Evasive and elusive making her difficult for the enemy to counter attack; Flight ability and speed allow her to move quickly between targets


Attack strategy can be slow with enemies who possess powerful healing factors able to recover before the cumulative effects can take them down; With limited area effect attacks Devil's Harlot can easily be overwhelmed by large groups of enemies; While she's fast and evasive Harlot isn't particularly tough and when an enemy manages to land a blow it will usually cause her a lot of damage

Character History

Not much is known about the girl who'd come to be known as Devil's Harlot before she began to crawl her way up the criminal underworld of Cap Au Diable. Those who've managed to get close enough to here to share her bed have reported her night terrors and whispering fears in her sleep, mentioning rape gangs and chases through the dank alleyways and sewers. At some point in those early years Harlot acquired a smattering of training in ninjitsu, something else she's not eager to talk about.

Fortunata Kalinda, Devil's Harlot's initial contact on Mercy Island

Arrival On The Scene

In early 2008, while performing grunt work of agents of Legacy Chain, Harlot suddenly found herself in possession of two ancient swords. Immediately able to handle them even without any former training in swordsmanship the young woman realised these weapons were the tools she'd been waiting for in order to carve out her own place in the Rogue Isles. After making sure that none of the other agent who'd known about the existence of the blades could ever report back to the organisation as to what had happened to them Harlot left Cap Au Diable to make a name for herself.

Unfortunately she was off to a bad start with her first strides into Paragon City ending up with her captive in prison. Luckily her earlier massacre of the Legacy Chain operation had managed to attract the attention of a low ranking member of Arachnos named Kalinda, who sent a raiding party into the prison to release Harlot, along with a number of other promising villains.

After arriving on Mercy Island Devil's Harlot maintained close links with Arachnos, using their resources to help set up her own power base. Soon she discovered a previously untapped dimensional portal and, with the help of a rogue Arachnos Seer she met in Port Oakes, managed to unlock it and stepped through. Finding herself deep underground in a chamber whose only exits were caved in with soil and debris Harlot made herself at home.

The original costume of Devil's Harlot, abandoned when her transformation began

Setting Up An Empire

Leaving Mercy Island behind Harlot was drawn to Port Oakes, where she began to commit crimes for her own benefit including raids on banks located across Paragon City. During one of her heists she discovered an ancient tome which seemed to be written in a lost language. Using her association with Arachnos she made contact with a Seer specialising in acquiring lost magics who was able to translate a small section of the tome which gave instructions for how to mix a potion which would bestow upon the consumer great power.

Around this time she met an electrically powered hero from Steel Canyon while waiting to make contact with one of her agents from Paragon City in Pocket D. Seeing the strong man as a quick lay she shared a brief and energetic rendezvous with him in one of the dark shadows of the club, but when it came time to leave she found herself drawn to stay for the first time in her life. There was something about this hero which attracted her in a way she'd never encountered before.

On a sidenote while the union bore no children for Devil's Harlot an individual known as Devil's Spark has been seen on Mercy Island claiming to be Devil's Harlot's temporally displaced daughter from an alternate reality where she did in fact become pregnant from the encounter. In that timeline Harlot abandoned her life of crime after discovering she was pregnant and gained employment as a researcher in the Cap Au Diable University. She was later killed after being abducted walking home from work, caught in the crossfire of the gang wars which would eventually lead to the destruction of the city.

Obsessed with the acquisition of power the idea of a potion which could grant her that very thing was of immediate interest to the young villainess. After silencing the Seer and dumping her body in the ocean just offshore from Fort Hades she set out to collect the components as described in the recipe. After several trades on the Black Market, as well as raids on storage facilities around the island, Harlot had everything she needed. Traveling to Cap Au Diable she visited the University located there, using their facilities she quickly brewed up the strange concoction and eagerly drank it.

Whether there was a mistake in the translation, the recipe had been mixed wrong or the original intention of the potion was to do this exact thing Harlot soon found herself racked with pain, her body morphing and mutating as a daemonic entity slipped between dimensions and, using the potion as a conduit, possessed her body. Growing wings and horns Devil's Harlot had to abandon her old costume, whose fully shielded helmet no longed fitted over her behorned forehead.

Daemonic Vessel

Since then Devil's Harlot has slowly been working her way up the criminal underworld, tending to be drawn to tasks which hold the greatest chance of gaining personal power than wealth or prestige, while at the same time developing her skills at invention and crafting of equipment to help her contain the mysterious Voice which has haunted her since her daemonic transformation.

Returning to Pocket D Harlot met the electrical hero again, this time revealing to him the changes she was undergoing. In exchange the hero revealed that by day he was a research scientist and offered his assistance in curing her of the infection. At first she fought against this offer but as the hero pointed out how much of the own personality was being lost to the Voice she reluctantly agreed for him to look into her condition for her.

The Shadow Eye Temple, home of Devil's Harlot

With the Voice goading her Devil's Harlot began to expand her influence, hiring minions of her own to root out targets of opportunity and undermine her enemies. Envisioning an empire of her own, built on the ashes of Arachnos, she began to attack her former masters in small but significant ways, never going too far in fear of exposing her operation to retribution before she was ready to face them. With the increase in manpower she began to excavate the ruins of her home, discovering an ancient, forgotten temple which had lain buried and forgotten for an unknown period of time, presumably centuries.

Within the temple Harlot discovered special seals set into the floor of almost every room. These seals seemed to suppress magical energies, including those of the daemonic entity inhabiting her. With a measure of her mind back under control Harlot recognised the danger her reckless actions against Arachnos represented and quickly abandoned Cap Au Diable in favour of Sharkhead Isle.

Amidst the wreckage a number of strangely familiar crystals were also found, including a small glowing stone which fitted into the villainess's palm. This stone, an artifact of whomever had previously inhabited the temple, had the ability to retain a charge of the power of the seals, allowing whoever carried it to suppress magical energies wherever they went. The problem was that the daemon had become so integrated into Harlot's body at this point that to completely suppress it rendered the villainess too weak to defend herself, she needed some way to modulate the power of the Stone in order to access her the daemon's power just enough to allow her to act while at the same time stopping it from being able to affect her judgment.

Home Tutored

Focusing her attention on the homemade technologies used by the Freakshows across Sharkhead Isle Devil's Harlot began to develop her skills at manufacturing simple mechanical devices to both help channel the power of the Stone as well as improve her own abilities, making her criminal activities just that little easier.

During her experiments she came across a number of pieces of seemingly useless Halloween costumes based on the outfits worn by a number of different heroes and villain from around Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. At first she dismissed these as worthless and left them lying in the dust of her lair. After a few months and a passing visit to the Nerva Archipelago Devil's Harlot happened to meet a little old woman whose wise words inspired her to use her newfound abilities of invention to build a battlesuit to help focus the power of the Stone.

Giant Slayer

Luckily the timing was perfect and just as the suit was ready to be tested for the first time the ghost of the old hero Scrapyard began raging across the island, drawing all the enraged miners from the Pit to protest against their working conditions. Forming up with a number of other villains, who's all been drawn to the promise of reward for breaking the strike, Devil's Harlot managed to aid in the defeat of the phantasmal strike leader, planting the final blow which laid the ghost to rest, for a short time at least.

Encouraged by her victory over the formidable opponent Harlot traveled back to her hometown of Cap Au Diable where she hunted down the electrical beast known as Deathsurge. After slaughtering many of his minion Gremlins she finally faced off against the giant monster, single-handedly bringing the daemon to its knees. Unfortunately her victory was shortlived and soon the creature was fighting back stronger than ever but luckily a passing band of villains came to her aid, eager to loot the daemon's corpse for rewards.

Pussy Whipper

Having learnt her lesson with her near defeat at the hands of Deathsurge Devil's Harlot began to integrate herself with the other villains around the Isles. With the additional support and information sources available to her she began to target the greatest threat to her plans for a brave new world, the heroes of Paragon City.

Making contact with the cape hunter known as Crimson Revenant Devil's Harlot began a systematic series of attacks against the heroes operating within the Isles themselves, starting with the young and foolhardy heroine known as Mynx.

The signature hero Mynx shortly before her defeat at the hands of Devil's Harlot
Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

'Interviewing' Crey agents in the Nerva Archipelago to locate the young nekomimi, finally discovering the heroine was concentrating her activities to the Primeva region where her animalistic attributes gave her an advantage in the dense terrain. Under Crimson Revenant's advice Harlot decided to lay a trap for the kitten and by attacking a Longbow base set up in the region, and leaving evidence to implicate Crey knowing Mynx's enmity towards the organisation given her personal history with them.

With the trap set Harlot snuck into a second Longbow base, well aware that Mynx would be waiting for her to attack, believing it was Crey operatives she'd be facing. After making her way passed the garrison forces the assassin found one of Mynx's associates, Agent Hanson, securing the command centre. After murdering him along with his bodyguards Harlot was ambushed by Mynx, but using her own evasive skill she managed to wipe out the cat's entourage before they could lay a finger on her.

Spoilers end here.

Disappearing into the shadows Harlot began to harass the heroine, slowly wearing down the scrappy kitten with hit and run attacks, never giving the cape a chance to strike back as she blended between the equipment banks, striking from unexpected directions until Mynx could no longer defend herself. Incapacitating the neko Harlot bound the cat's claws safely before stealing passed the guards once more, returning to her lair with her prize for a little fun time. After several hours of games the assassin contacted Arachnos, letting them know she had something of value to trade and Mynx was handed over to their custody.

Back Alley Brawler on his way to inspect the Longbow operation in the Nerva Archipelago

Brawling With The Big Boys

Confident in her new ability to take down even the famous protectors of 'good' Harlot set her sights on a tougher target, Back Alley Brawler. Once again calling on the aid of Crimson Revenant she learnt from him that The Brawler was due to be performing an inspection of the Longbow facilities in Nerva and would be leaving himself vulnerable to an attack.

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

Procuring explosives from the Cage Consortium on Sharkhead Island Harlot broke into the base The Brawler was due to be visiting. Carefully working her way around the guard patrols she skillfully placed the devices around the facility, the prime locations identified by Crimson Revenant's agents. Leaving the site without having been detected by the Longbow agents she swiftly detonated the explosives as soon as she was clear, killing them all.

With security compromised Longbow no longer felt it was safe for The Brawler to visit the confines of a base, even one as supposedly safe as one filled with Longbow agents. Instead the organisation decided to make his visit a high profile media event, sequestering Liberty Isle and filling the plaza with Longbow operatives ready for anything the local villains could throw at them.

Spoilers end here.

Realising the challenge the army of Longbow posed, especially in such a open and shadowless environment, Devil's Harlot sent out the word, forming an army of her own to storm the island. Arriving on the shore the force, made up almost entirely of goons, ninja and droids under the command of Masterminds loyal to Harlot's cause, quickly began to sweep through the Longbow forces. At first their advance seemed unstoppable, with the combined might of the minions quickly overwhelming the pockets of Longbow, dividing the defending force and taking them apart with ease, but this all changed when The Brawler strode into the fray.

Tossing the weak minions aside with ease The Brawler plunged into the invading force, cutting down the Masterminds even as Devil's Harlot struck at him from the blindside. Soon the assembled villains were left bloodied and broken, limping from the island and scattering into the back streets of Nerva before Longbow could pull themselves back together or call in reinforcements to stop them. Given his long experience even The Brawler knew better than to try to follow them without backup and let them leave.

Even as she limped away from the battlefield Harlot swore she'd be back, and forming a new band of villainy she soon was. While the new force was still heavily in favour of Masterminds Harlot made sure to include a number of other villains this time as well, notably two more stalkers and a brute named Breaknquake, whose physical strength while not a match for The Brawler would certainly help tip the balance in the attackers' favour.

Once more arriving on Liberty Isle the villains moved against the Longbow reinforcements, but this time a more circumspect tactic was used. With the stalkers drifting between the Longbow unseen, only revealing themselves as they took the lives of the commanders and key personnel of the Longbow defense force, leading the rest into ambushes from their Mastermind compatriots.

Before he even realised what was going on The Brawler was left almost alone, his personal entourage all that remained of the Longbow garrison. Sweeping up the stairways Breaknquake slammed into The Brawler, taking the large man off his feet as the stalkers moved to take out the remaining defenders and the masterminds moved up to provide supporting fire to the assault. Almost as soon as it had started The Brawler lay in a puddle of his own blood and organs, even his legendary tough skin no match for the well coordinated assault.

As Arachnos forces arrived to scoop up the pieces and stuff them into a holding cell Devil's Harlot took the opportunity to strip The Brawler's mask from his face, leaving the once noble veteran of the Rikti War broken and disgraced, surrounded by the Longbow he'd been meant to assess.

Threat Identification Report

Devil's Harlot Profile Card.jpg

Alternate Costumes

Main Costume

As shown in profile image

Growing up in a rough neighbourhood has led Devil's Harlot to prepare herself for anything, and this philosophy is clearly shown in her costume of choice. While originally she wore a fully armoured leather suit her recent mutations into daemonhood have forced her to adapt this outfit to allow for the bulky wings that have sprouted from her back and the large horns growing from her forehead. With this costume she carries a selection of inventions, gadgets and other useful equipment on various straps around her body, many of which she herself has constructed.

Beatrice McBride when not out causing mayhem

Casual Wear

After acquiring the Stone of Nullification, which can clearly be seen being worn as part of her belt, Devil's Harlot was able to regain a more human appearance, allowing her to spend more time socialising in places like Pocket D and the Winter Palace Casino. With her fame in the Rogue Isles growing, along with a healthy respect for her reputation, she found she no longer had to rely on combat grade armour to survive, as many simply avoided her rather than try to face her in battle.

While in this form a great deal of Harlot's daemonically enhanced abilities were restrained, leaving her at her most vulnerable, because of this she is rarely seen in this costume outside of the relatively safe areas such as Pocket D or The Shadow Eye Temple. As this was the first use of the Stone of Nullification its effects were quite imprecise with her horns and muscular body shape being suppressed while her wings still remaining. Later experimentation with the Stone would yield more effective camouflage, but at a cost in her abilities.

The heavily armoured Devil's Harlot, ready for battle

Wargear Battlesuit

With her achievements in the Isles growing in acclaim, as well as danger, Devil's Harlot found the leather suit which had served her well enough early in her career simply not suitable for facing the powerful entities such as Deathsurge, Scrapyard and the invading forces of the Rikti. Using the technological skills she'd developed during her criminal career, as well as equipment and supplies those same exploits had furnished her with, Devil's Harlot fashioned a combat suit for herself which not only acted as additional protection but also allowed her to focus the powers of the Stone of Nullification, which is mounted in the chest plate, more precisely than she could in her casual outfit.

In this form much of the power of the possessing daemon can be focused through the armoured gauntlets of her battlesuit, which can usually be seen glowing with a green aura. This power adds to the power of her blade attacks, as well as allowing her to 'bleed off' the influence of the entity in turn allowing her to focus her mind more clearly. Since the power is being drawn away from her body Devil's Harlot's horns are considerably smaller while she is using the Stone in this way allowing her to wear a specially crafted helmet for additional protection.

While this armour has a number of advantages, Devil's Harlot rarely wears it due to the restrictive nature of the armour plating interrupting the natural flow of her combat style, preferring the less protective but more maneuverable leather outfit for standard criminal activity and only falling back on the battlesuit when expecting to be facing a far stronger opponent.

The technologically superior Cyber-Enhancement Battlesuit

Cyber-Enhancement Battlesuit

Concerned the daemonic entity possessing her seemed to be using her own experiences to strengthen itself Devil's Harlot took steps to further suppress its powers, resorting to technological means to replicate the abilities the entity had provided her. With even more precise control of the Stone of Nullification almost all of the daemon's power can now be channeled through the cybernetic suit, with the energy leaking out as electrical style lightning which Devil's Harlot focuses down the blades of her swords to add to the power of her attacks.

With so much of the daemon's power rerouted almost all of the physical changes usually brought about by its presence are undone, including both the horns and wings, the only remaining sign of possessing is Harlot's skin pigmentation, which still remains bright red.

The main disadvantage of this suit is that the power is channeled through Harlot's own nervous system and using the suit for extended periods could cause permanent long term damage. This means that although the cybersuit allows Harlot an as yet unparalleled level of control of her abilities she can only risk using the suit when expecting to be needing to access her abilities a great deal, such as when battling a Rikti invasion.

Known Associates






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