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Player: @Tipsy
Group: The Grim Vale
Personal Data
Real Name:   Weiji Chen (aka Xin)
Age:   Twenty-three
Occupation:   Mystical Consultant
Place of Birth:   St. Martial, Rogue Isles
Signature Badges
Secret Path, Dispossessed,
Geas of the Kind Ones, Marked for Death
Known Powers
Lifeforce Distortion, Magical Aptitude,
Flame Generation, Wind Flight



Despite her complex history, Distortion has established herself as a trusted and powerful protector of Salamanca, in addition to serving as a contact for many heroes for the region, leveraging extensive knowledge of magic and local folklore. She's passionate, crafty, and powerful.

Though in recent years she's left the coven, Weiji grew up in the Cabal; her continued presence is Croatoa is extremely polarizing across their ranks.

Powers & Abilities


For most of Weiji's life, she didn't know her real name, and was called simply "Xin" -- a Chinese girl, inextricably raised by The Cabal. For reasons she didn't realize until later, she reacted to her Cabalist training differently than most Adepts -- most of her elemental spells did not affect elements, and in fact directly affected life itself. As a young teenager, this was greatly upsetting, and she thought herself as somehow 'broken'. As she moved into more advanced elementalist magic, even her efforts to cast lighting was warped: lighting would only manifest as fire.

What Weiji saw as dysfunction, one squad within the Cabal smelled this as an opportunity. The Bane Sidhe, who trained themselves to be more brutal and militant than most Cabal, sought to mold Weiji into one of their new members. It took years for them to recruit her, however, and she did not enjoy their particular brand of violence and cruelty. This tension made her reach out to the Cabal elders for guidance. And here, with this visit, her true origins were revealed.

Weiji was a descendant of a rich, privileged family, and her parents were part of the Tsoo based in St. Martial. She ended up in Salamanca as an infant, on a trip with her mother, visiting their vacation residence. This was a time before the town had fallen under the chaos of the mists, and her mother was killed by an assassin seeking revenge for gang violence. Left abandoned, some Cabal scouts detected a magical presence within the infant, and "adopted" (kidnapped) her, raising her as one of their own. The elders lifted a glamor spell cast on Weiji, revealing a small tattoo on the bottom of her foot; Tsoo ink. This was why her magical abilities were so different than other Cabal adepts: it was a blend of two different paths.

This revelation stunned Weiji. She rejected the Cabal, angry for at them for masking her past, and traveled to St. Martial to discover her original family. After spending a few months interacting with the Tsoo, she quickly realized their crime was intolerable. So she returned to her home town, started working as a hero, and has spent the last few years forging her own path.

Last Updated: 1/29/2020

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