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{([THIS IS A PLACEHOLDER. SORT OF. I've yet to flesh out this character well enough for acomprehensive article.])}

CoH Doc Witch Screen1.jpg
Doc Witch, doing what he must because he can.
Doctor Witch
Player: IcePhoenix
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 30
Personal Data
Real Name: Dave Dellins
Known Aliases: Doctor Witch, Dr. Dellins
Species: Human (with birth mutation)
Age: 34
Height: Approx. 6'
Weight: Approx. 210
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black (Dyed)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Streetdoc
Place of Birth: Midwest U.S.A.
Base of Operations: No base.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: No known relatives.
Known Powers
Radiation-based Healing and Assault, and Nervous System enhancing powers
Known Abilities
Basic-to-Advanced medical skills
MAGI Trench Coat, Standard-issue jump-jet, MedKit designed to heal Supers
The good doctor is, for the most part, a neutral party.He'd work in the Isles as well as the City, but he can't get an ID for there.


Under Construction

This page about the character "Doctor Witch" is, yes, under construction. Indefinately.


Doctor Witch is affiliated with...


Friends of the Doctor.


Groups affiliated with Doctor Witch

Semi-Heroic Streetdoc

Play Description

Doctor Witch, a.k.a. Dave Dellins, isn't exactly the most professional professional you'll meet, but he's certainly a good one. In fact, he isn't professional because he didn't make it through medical school. No, the good doctor isn't a licensed doctor. But you can trust him... probably.

This mutant was born with the ability to harness and control nuclear energies through special cellular packets that are connected to his nervous system, allowing him to project said radiation in both harmful and helpful ways. The Good Doctor can heal friends, assail enemies, and even boost his own nervous system in order to run faster and jump higher than a normal human being (though flight is not possible.)

He turned to the street with what knowledge med-school left him, so Doctor Witch is able to use conventional medical skills to fix wounds as well.


Personal History

Play History

This is where I shall add things from In-Game Storylines that come up pertaining to Doctor Witch.

Tools of the Trade


These are the post-human powers exhibited by Doctor Witch.

Nuclear Energy

The following powers are based on the Good Doctor's inborn ability to control nuclear energies from within his body.

Radiation Healing

Possibly the one power in Dave's repertoire that has earned him the distinction as a doctor, he has the ability to administer radiation in such controlled amounts that it actually heals his target, rather than harms them. Don't worry, the risk for cancer is unlikely... in theory...

Radioactive Assault

Doctor Witch is able to project radioactive energy from himself in and attampt to harm his enemies. He has a large array of attacks at his disposal, ranging from shooting balls of radioactivity from his hands, to shooting X-Rays from his eyes, to even creating a field of nuclear energy around himself. He has yet to be sued by a prison inmate for causing cancer... yet.


The doctor is also able to channel nuclear energy through his nervous and muscle systems, allowing for super human feats of strength and speed. He can boost his speed to run faster than a normal hman should and attack with a fierce flurry of punches, boost his strength to wield weapons such as, oh, I don't know, a SLEDGE HAMMA! And he is able to boost himself in a way that he can jump to incredibly impossible heights. He'd do more with this ability, but he puts enough energy into it already...



These are the items and artifacts carried by Doctor Witch.

The Trench Coat

While trench coats are simply costume accessories to most people, the Good Doctor's connections with some MAGI clerics have allowed him to procure a Dimensional Trench Coat. The Dimensional Trench Coat has large pockets on its inside, and these pockets contain literal pocket dimensions, in which he stores his various other equipment.

The Goggles

... They do nothing!

The SledgeHamma'

On one of his many escapades in the Hollows, Doctor Witch came across a Troll carrying a strange notebook. This notebook detailed the process of creating a slightly enchanted sledgehammer called "Gabriel's Hammer". Along with sparking suspicions of dealings more insidious than those the Trolls conduct with the Skulls, this gave the doctor an effective melee weapon. Whenever a powerful enemy gets too close for comfort, Doctor Witch whips this thing from his jacket and soon they go flying!

((OOC: Yes, Gabriel's Hammer is temporary and breaks after a while. This is, of course, remedied by buying a new recipe and making a new one!))

The Holly Jolly Jingle Jet... Pack!

Due to his good heroing efforts, as well as his ability to find large boxes in the city, Santa and Longbow had granted Doctor Witch with the use of an effective and fun jetpack. This pack was very holiday-y, but, sadly, they had only given it temporarily and requisitioned it from him on February 3, 2008. No love for the Docta'?


Doctor Witch, as ICON rewards him with extra costumes, will have... EXTRA COSTUMES. As listed below.


His conventional, effective trench-coat and cargo-pants ensemble, this costume consists of a teal-ish colored trenchcoat, a pair of teal-ish baggy pants, his cowboy hat, red/green ski goggles, a red bandanna, red rubber gloves, sneaker-shoes, an office shirt, and a pair of plastic shoulder-pads, complete in red and black with spikes.

I'm Radiosctive

While listening to The Cape Radio, Doctor Witch heard of a Golden-Age themed party going on. While he missed the bulk of it ((Due to oppressive lag spikes created by the huge amount of people present, subsequently followed by an even more lag-inducing Rikti Invasion...)), Dave still came out of it with a semi-Golden-Age costume.

This costume is a traditional cape-and-tights suit, with the additional utility belt and HUD Goggles. This costume has an overlaying theem of Dark green base-colors and lighter green patterns lining it((In a, how'd you guess, Radioactivity Warning Symbol Theme.)) Even the long cape has this theme about it.

Trivial Trivia

Passing Thoughts From Others

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