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"The only real honor is to show your strength on the battlefield."
Einarr Hildulfr
Player: @Huatar
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 45
Personal Data
Real Name: Einarr Hildulfr
Known Aliases: Odin's Hammer
Species: Human; Einherjar
Age: 64
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 254
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Licensed Hero
Place of Birth: Confirmed on Geatland
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Pure strength; Protection
Known Abilities
Expertise with Hammer
'Warhammer; Alrekr-Óðinn ("Odin's Might")
No additional information available.

Einarr Hildulfr is the current main of the player @Huatar. Originally began as a concept-character for the Double-EXP Weekend, and leveled mostly through Architect. Einarr Hildulfr eventually became a personal favorite to his player, as it was a unique character concept made with the use of the Special Item Pack bought from the NCSoft store.




Gruff, determined, but a bit brash towards those he has never met. Einarr only holds respect for those who have proven themselves strong and resourceful in combat, but holds a slight sneer to those who use only cunning, or magic. To him, strength is everything.

However, when he is given Mead (sometimes in large doses) he becomes, suddenly, a very loud, obnoxious, but friendly person, despite his violent personality. Of course, as those of Pocket D witnesses, when given too much of it he makes a huge mess of things. Other than that, he is mostly carefree when given a large amount of drinks.


Einarr seldom wears casual clothing - The only outfits he wears at the time is his usual Battle-Garb. His hair extends down to the crest of his neck, and is complete blond, as is his goatee. Einarr has a large figure, completely of muscle, that gives him his strength. His face is decorated with a simple pattern of War-paint. Due to his magical origin, Einarr has an aura of energy surrounding him at all times; his eyes are blanketed with an intimidating aura of golden light.

His face is lined with many scars, as is his body. When he is not wearing his armor, his body has a decorative tribal tattoo that denoted his status as the former Chieftain of his tribe.



Einarr was born into a turbulent time of war between the nations of Sweden and Norway, as the son of a powerful Nordic Jarl. For his entire life, he was trained in the arts of war; by the time he was age 12, he participated in his first battle and emerged from the fray with many kills on his hands. Though he was trained to feel no pain, nor any emotion during the midst of combat, Einarr felt regret for taking other lives. A personality flaw in a Nordic Warrior that was soon "fixed" by Einarr's father.

In his early teenage years, the young Swedish warrior had quickly risen above his kin as an outstanding fighter, incomparable to many. Some said that his abilities with the hammer was god-like - much akin to the Norse God, Odin. For many years, the very utterance of his name struck fear into the hearts of his enemies. Young in age, but his battle-cry sent a chill crawling down his opponents' spines. When his father died as Einarr approached his 16th year, the young warrior quickly took up the mantle of Jarl of his clan. From then on, Einarr took his strength not only to the battlefield, but to those of his own clan. At a young age, he had proven himself a capable leader, and so was not argued with when the time for his ascension came fast-approaching.

Warrior of Odin

As the years went on, his strength was rightfully feared across the land. Armies that opposed him withdrew their own to prevent a slaughter at the hands of the one they only knew as "Battle-Wolf." Einarr used this to his advantage and took a good portion of land for his clan. His might was well known throughout the land, and so was challenged endlessly to prove his power. Many Chieftains wished to wrestle the leadership of Hildulfr's clan, but failed in their attempts. Einarr had proven victorious over many other Chieftains, and the terms from these determined that Einarr would gain control of the fallen's clan. Within years, Einarr had an empire situated on the southern half of Sweden.

This change in power did not go unnoticed. From across the Baltic Sea, Norway's own prepared to launch an invasion into Sweden - millions of lives would be at stake in a fated battle. Upon learning of this, Einarr led his own kin to the north, near the border into Norway, where the two sides would soon clash. Many said that there were witnesses to a supernatural occurrence - the God, Odin himself, approaching Einarr and granting him his strength, so that he may fight in his name. After this event, Einarr was indestructible, and very powerful. Of course, that was the myth.

The truth was only started off by a single prayer. Late one night, Einarr had uttered a prayer for assistance with this fearsome battle. A single Val'Kyr Battle-Maiden had fallen from the sky and said to him that he would die, but not in battle. To ensure that this event occurs, she granted him promised strength for the battle, in the name of Odin.

The following morning, Einarr had fought through the battle with wishes that he would fall, and rejoin his passed brethren. However, no such glory came, so he ran out of options.

Valhalla; Banishment

Einarr became a fearsome conqueror following his father's death. When his enemies began to invade his clan's lands, Einarr's kin had put a stop to their advances for many years. The clan chieftain was rightfully feared across all of Sweden in his early years, and by the age of 30 all lands surrounding his clan's was successfully conquered and under his control. When threats came from Norway, Einarr was well-prepared for an all-out war. Blades clashed, and hammers smashed many days later near the borders of Norway, with the combined clans of Sweden rampaging against Norway's broken Viking armies. Einarr was highly regarded as a leader, and savior to his people. The Jarl of Sweden, during his reign.

However, after many battles with the Norwegians, Einarr began to feel a pang of regret. All of his kin had received their glory by dying on the battlefield, but Einarr had received no such pleasure. Many weeks went by before he decided to take that matter into his own hands.

He called one of his most trusted kinsmen to meet with him in the tent. From there, Einarr ordered him to shamefully stab him so that the clan chieftain could achieve attonement. A shameful way to enter Valhalla, but one that was easily disregarded. Upon his entering Valhalla, Einarr was hailed as a hero to his people and his lands. His own father had expressed his pride towards his son, and therefore Einarr had earned his place, and his share of mead.

However, those who followed Einarr (many of whom were in his clan) had expressed the truths behind the Einherjar's lies. For this crime, Einarr was chained to the walls of the Battle-Hall for all eternity, to learn from his own crimes. When the day the fated Ragnorok came, Einarr was doomed for all eternity to take no part in it. When all of those around him gave their afterlives to serve their God, Einarr was cast into eternal damnation and torture. He remained in the ruins of Valhalla for many centuries, alone and shamed.

A New, Mortal Life

Einarr had awoken on a plane of light - somewhat like Purgatory - after many centuries of imprisonment to the vision of a Val'Kyr Battle-Maiden hovering over him. He was alone in a lifeless plane, unchained, only with the Battle-Maiden overlooking him. The Val'Kyr had explained to him that the age of the Gods had long passed, and the world has changed much since he last walked upon it. Einarr was given one more chance to atone for his past misgivings, in service to Odin (who was mysteriously still alive, despite Ragnarok).

The Battle-Maiden had teleported him from Purgatory to a grassy knoll, on the outskirts of Paragon City. There, she explained that so long as he made use of his hammer to protect the people of the city, he would be forgiven for his shameful lie. She left him alone to find his own path. With her blessing, Einarr received wings.

With "Odin's Might" in hand, Einarr entered the city to bring his own form of justice to the evil-doers that terrorized its people, intent on proving himself worthy to enter the afterlife with renewed honor.



  • Einarr's name means "Battle-Wolf." It denotes his ferocity in combat.
  • Einarr LOVES Mead, and is impervious to all symptoms of Intoxication, and alcohol poisoning.
  • Though he looks young, Einarr is really over the age of 60.


  • The character was made as an experiment.
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