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Who needs magic anyway?
Player: @Ashlaylay
Personal Data
Real Name: Georgiana Bishop
Species: Human
Age: 29
Eye Color: Glowing Pink
Hair Color: Black
Height 5'6"
Weight 132lbs.
Place of Birth: Boston, MA
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers: Telepathy

Georgiana 'Georgie' Bishop (born October 29th, 1989), also known as Enchanting, is a neutral aligned mutant living in Paragon City. She is currently unaffiliated with any super group.


She wasn't born into a legacy of magic. It doesn't flow through her veins freely as it does others. She was born a mutant to parents who panicked the moment she opened her glowing fuchsia colored eyes. Parents who were hardly equipped to raise a child in the first place, let alone one with powers they would never understand. They abandoned her— crying in a basket on the doorstep of the nicest house they could find in the little town neighboring the city. They sealed her fate that day. The women who lived in that house took her in without question. They named her Georgiana, after the witch who had founded their coven in the 1600s.

Born into magic she wasn't, but raised by it she was. And it was a struggle. Without the natural affinity for magic, Georgie had to work ten times harder to learn the most simple of spells. But work she did, all the while attempting to learn her ever growing powers that came from her mutation. She would take studying dusty spellbooks over being overcome with the unwanted thoughts of feelings of others any day. But with the help of the coven, she was able to master both magic and the abilities she had been gifted with.

Her found family meant the world to her. And she would always appreciate everything the coven had done for her as well, however, there came a time where Georgie felt she needed to find her own way in the world. That time came after her nineteenth birthday. With her family's support, she packed her bags and began her travels wishing to see the world.

Within recent years, she has settled down in Paragon City, moving into an apartment in Kallisti Wharf. Georgie has taken on the alias of Enchanting to the public, deciding her talents would be best put to use in helping both herself and others. But she wouldn't call herself a hero by any means. She doesn't much care for the politics between heroes and villains, finding both sides to often be in the wrong on certain subjects.


Telepathy is the power to mentally receive and/or transmit information. Users can sense another person's thoughts and communicate with them mentally or affect their minds. Branching off from telepathy Georgie has developed the skill of empathy, the ability to interpret the emotions of others. She can also manipulate emotions, forcing someone to feel one emotion more intensely than the others. Her powers branch into other mental manipulations, but she has yet to fully explore all that she is capable of.

She is also a capable magic user. Georgie was raised by witches who practiced within a coven. They taught her much about magic, including to not limiting herself to just one form of it. She is knowledgeable about both the light and dark arts having studied both.


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