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(Below are the dedicated playlists of songs associated with Engel. Each playlist corresponds to a specific event or the relationship a character has with Engel. The music chosen has been carefully selected by me over the years to best fit the situation or relationship. Playlists may update at any given time. If interested in reading and listening to playlist options at the same time, scroll through and open the links in a new tab. Some of the tracks/playlists are considered explicit.)

Engel's Playlists

"ENGEL IN DER HÖLLE" -- Main Playlist
"ENGEL IN DER HÖLLE" -- Photon's Gaming Playlist

Character Playlists

"CHAOS THEORY" -- Zephinerahk (Collaborated with player)
"FADED ANGEL" -- Corrupted Engel
"SCARLET COPYCAT" -- Engraanahk
"HEART OF COURAGE" -- Afterglow

Duo Playlists

"CACKLING OBLIVION" -- Engel and Dimentus
"ELEMENT OF CHANGE" -- Engel and Zephinerahk (Collaborated with player)
"DOCTOR'S NOTE" -- Engel and Mitzi (Pre-redemption)
"FERNWEH" -- Engel and Mitzi
"CORROSION" -- Engel and Agraanahk
"CHAOTIC CATALYST" -- Engraanahk and Agraanahk
"ANGELS & DEMONS" -- Engel and Engraanahk

Arc/Event Playlists

Vigilante Icon Web.png
The Battle-Hardened Radiant
Engel in der Hölle
Nature Lover
The Faded Angel
· Natural Stalker ·
Claws / Ninjitsu
Real Name
Engel Linden
Engel, Angel in Hell, Bride of Chaos
Sept. 16th,
Berlin, Germany
Germany and America
Unknown pocket dimension
Talos Island
Owner of "Angel's Scissors 'n' Sweets"
Marital Status
Married to Zephinerahk
· Known Relatives ·
Mitzi Maheras (aunt), Darren Maheras (uncle-in-law)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
25 (Regen Serum will slow aging)
162 lbs.
Body Type
Athletic, but soft. A bit curvaceous.
Jet-black, waist length
Brilliant, bottle green
Caucasian; lightly tanned
· Distinguishing Features ·
Faded scars on body: Forearms, shoulders, chest, and a few small nicks on lip and under the left eye
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Element manipulation (Druidic magic), Empathy
· Equipment ·
Implants in immune system allowing for a greater metabolism/quicker regeneration
Super Group
Elemental Haven
· Other Affiliations ·
F.I.N.A.L. (Ex-agent)

WARNING: The information on this page is considered MATURE. Darker and heavier themes are utilized in this character's story.

Recent Changes (8/25/20)

  • Added new artwork.

NOTICE: Engel has existed since 2010 - Due to the maturation of all RPers involved with Engel, Engel's entire backstory, including all characters involved with Engel, as well as Pocket D interactions from Virtue, have been officially retconned. Over the span of ten months(!), the same group of friends replayed the story from start to finish! The brand new Engel will be featured here.

MujxkYu.png Backstory

Growing Up in Berlin

Information coming soon.

Death in the Family

Information coming soon.

0mTEF32.png Social

RP Hooks/Traits

  • German Accent - Engel has a German accent. It has watered down a little with time, though is still evident.

  • Kriegshund Disabled - Due to Engel's mother defecting on the Kriegshund blood inheritance, Engel did not receive any natural benefits aside from her eye color.

  • Emerald Sheen - Engel's eyes are a radiant shade of green. Their color is extra rich, and slightly brighter than a normal human iris. This is characteristic throughout the Linden family's bloodline, on account of the Kriegshund influence making the pigments strong.

  • A+ Hair Care - Engel has maintained the health of her hair ever since she was ten years old. It reaches to her tailbone, and the bangs to her chest. It's very luscious, naturally straight, and soft to the touch!

  • Regen Serum - A top-secret serum to enhance metabolism and decrease physical aging, it was primarily used for the Lindens and other Kriegshund agents with the intent to enhance their abilities. Although Engel is not a Kriegshund, Mitzi installed the Regen Serum's system in her body, anyway.

  • Bride of Chaos - Engel best utilizes the elements of fire and water. Her elemental blessing has also granted her an extensive lifespan, and awakened her powerful empathetic abilities.

  • Timid - Engel can be quite timid around new people. However, it does not hinder how kind she is, even with strangers.

  • Nature Lover - Also Engel's Badge title. Nature itself seems to be fond of the presence of Engel's gentle spirit. Wild prey animals are at peace around her, and domesticated animals bond with her easily. Any fruits or vegetables she grows in her garden also seem to thrive exceptionally.

  • Angel's Scissors 'n' Sweets - Engel has a successful bakery and hair salon in Talos Island! The building is split in half, allowing for either profession respectively, a healthy distance from each other. There are subscription programs which allow for goodie bags monthly, and permanent goods or service discounts.

  • Life is Hard - Engel is covered from head-to-toe in various scars, whether they be surgical, or deriving from combat or self-harm. Surgical scars exist on her forearms, back, and sternum, as well as one under her left eye and under the lip. Self-harm scars are most prominent on the sides of her neck and her forearms. Combat scars exist on her abdominal region, sides of the shoulders, and back. She tries to hide the self-harm and surgical scars with long-sleeved shirts and-or turtlenecks.

  • Smells Like a Strawberry - Engel smells about as sweet as she acts. Between her extensive hair products and body lotions, she produces scents of shea butter, wild strawberries, mandarins, and pink jasmine. Her hair products are tame enough that her scent is not overbearing.

  • Multilingual - Engel's first language is German. She also knows English and limited Japanese.

  • Sassy - With individuals whom Engel trusts, she has been known to show a bit of playful sass. This primarily shows around Zeph, or with Mitzi, who typically joins in with her own sass.

  • Zephinerahk's Engagement Ring - Zephinerahk crafted a joined, four-ring band for Engel when he asked for her hand in marriage. It occupies all four of Engel's fingers on the left hand, leaving out the thumb.

  • Young and Beautiful - Between the Regen Serum in her bloodstream and the Omnimental blessing, Engel doesn't look a day over 24, and won't for five more years!

  • Dainty Housewife - When Engel is not busy running her shop, she spends her days at home, humming and cleaning the house or resting and reading a book.

  • Traumatic Spiral - Engel suffers from PTSD, severe depression, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

  • No Doctors Allowed! - Engel has developed both acute Tomophobia (fear of surgical operations) and Nosocomephobia (fear of hospitals). Her Nosocomephobia is triggered by hospital smells in particular.

  • Perfectionist - Driven by her depression and anxiety, Engel suffers from intense perfectionism. She often feels inadequate in what she says, does, or creates. This results in her maintaining physical appearances (contrary to a common symptom of depression) and putting out genuinely good products without fail.

  • The Best or the Worst? - Although Engel is extremely skilled with her hidden blades and martial arts--even renowned for it--she attempts to avoid combat as much as she can these days, and if forced into a corner, she relies on disabling the other party rather than going for the kill.

  • Lawful Good + Neutral Good - Engel is a well-balanced Lawful Good, though she will fall into Neutral Good on occasion. Her Lawful Good side is driven by the promise she made to Wilhelm to live a long and happy life. She does all that she can to make this happen. However, she will still reach out and help others, as helping others makes her feel happy. She also promised Zephinerahk and the elements to care for him and all life--thus, her Neutral Good secondary alignment.

  • Traditional Dishes - There's no denying that Engel loves to make and eat traditional German dishes. It reminds her of home, and allows her to stay close to her culture's culinary standards.

  • Hammock Bed - Zephinerahk crafted a large hammock for him and Engel to sleep in at home. It's cushioned well with pillows and blankets, so Engel doesn't notice the holes or rope material.

Various Quotes

Some quotes may contain mature language.

Pre-Retcon Quotes

"Hasn't anyone told you not to play with pointy objects?"
Dimentus,, Event Roleplay ((CoH, 2010))

"Pie is not an element." "YES IT IS"
Zephinerahk and Engel,, Out of Character ((CoH, 2011))

Engel,, Event Roleplay ((CoH, 2011))

"*Engel is used to Zephinerahk eating grenades.*" "*Zephinerahk flails a bit.*"
Engel and Zephinerahk,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2012))

*Engel continues to put the sass in assassin.*
Zephinerahk and Engel,, Casual Roleplay ((Discord, 2018))

Spookoholic,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

Retcon Stage Quotes

"[GER] You bother me. Being near you bothers me, but I could never inflict you on the world with your condition. Be happy that I'm willing to deal with you. Because nobody else would. They would take one look at you and that horrible goo that comes out of you and declare you unfit to live. I'm trying to fix you and nothing is working."
Mitzi,, "Welcome Home" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

Mitzi,, "Welcome Home" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"[GER] I want to eat solid foods. I want to chew. I want to smile. I cannot smile. I want to talk. I want to talk to you. Please talk to me. Please do not hurt me. I want to help. I just want to have my voice, Aunt Mitzi."
Engel,, "A Right to Her Voice" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"I swear I'm going to quit." "You said that last weekend, when we were all wasted."
Amanda and Kathy,, "Intercepted Carrier" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"What do I call him? Fuckass, or Ears?" "Let's not get into a habit of calling him "fuckass," for one."
Larke and Amanda,, "Intercepted Carrier" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"I see that. You have a small voice. I must listen very hard for it."
Zephinerahk,, "A Small Voice" Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"Our lips are sealed. Bryce, if you fuck up, I'm paying Larke to shave your head in your sleep." "Fuck you."
Kathy and Bryce,, "Engel Meets 5-C" Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"I will show you happiness, one day. What it means to feel. I will give you what you do not have."
Zephinerahk,, "She's Always Waiting" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"You are troubled by things that are not real." "And yet HERE YOU ARE!"
Zephinerahk and Mitzi,, "Out in the Open" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"[GER] I do not want to be scared of others in the way that you are!"
Engel,, "Out in the Open" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"I vill help protect you. Because, you are my friend. So--you do not haf' to leave."
Engel,, "Pet" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

His face was kind, and handsome. Full of wonder. And those eyes swirled with life itself. He radiated a peace like no other, and he was her refuge. A great force of nature. Natural beauty. .... A finger of the palm lifted, examining the texture on his thick neck nearby. "Vhat am I?" she asked very quietly. "Vhat am I, to something like you?"
Engel,, "Learn To Feel" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"[GER] Please? Please--Put the instruments away--"
Engel,, "Under the Knife" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

He gripped his head, pulling, pulling apart as the two entities that now resided in this single space screamed at one another in tongues inhuman, like knives against granite, like the crack of thunder.
Zephinerahk,, "Split in Two" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

He hefted, and with Zeph's weight working against him, tossed him over his back. There was a roar from Darren with the effort, and Zephinerahk was promptly suplexed onto the pavement, and not very nicely.
Gladius Excel,, "Disarming Force" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"Whatever is going on--If they're fighting over some kind of territory--Don't you think you might be at the center of it?"
Kathy,, "Das Karmesin" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"Don't be afraid, Engel. I won't hurt you. I love you."
Agraanahk,, "Das Karmesin" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

... And then, she came to hate herself. So much so that Engel fractured in his hands.
Engel,, "Das Karmesin" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

Engel's inevitable Hell was her desire, as with flame, she could erase the need for control. Life would no longer have its control over her, and she would plunge into chaos.
Engel(?),, "He Won't Return" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"I'm not trying to be your friend! I'm not even going to ask you to trust me...! I'm asking you to take that fucking break!"
Kathy,, "Hellbent" Storywriting ((Discord, 2019))

The memory struck Engel like a knife. Tears were welling up, and she clenched her eyes shut. "Why...? Why do you love zhe doctor...?" "...I love Mitzi because I believe that, like you, she has a lot of hardships. She is victim to her own mind. But, she can be very kind. And she wants to be better. She has been trying so hard."
Engel and Gladius Excel,, "Iron Will" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

The Little Devil could not pay the toll at the gate. So the Angel of Hell took over, to finish what she had started.
Engel(?),, "Höllenwächter" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"[GER] You are too busy being afraid of things that are not real, and the people all around you, who do not care who you are! You did not see the very real monster at home! And I care very much who you are!...You are my creator! With your heavy hand and unkindness...! How dare you think that I was okay to begin with!" "[GER] Please! I want you to hate me, so it will hurt less when I make you pay for these sins!" "Open zhe gates, Mein Höllenwächter!"
Engel(?),, "Höllenwächter" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"You cannot sneak up on me like zhat, Mein Karmesin. You really startled me..." .... Engraanahk was driven into the soil with a crunching impact, the earth rippling as she was released. "Oops."
Engraanahk and Agraanahk,, "Scarlet Copycat" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

Her shifting on feet came to a halt as she worked out the final details of her body, such as the rending muscle tones and elongating claws. "If you keep me forever, I feed you forever..."
Engraanahk,, "Crimson Bride" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"If you think that I deserve to live, then...I will. But...Kill me, if I must pay that price. I do not know--who to ask for forgiveness." "No one. ...You will not die."
Engel and Zephinerahk,, "Crimson Bride" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"Hure." "Jaaa, Ich bin deine Hure."
Engel and Engraanahk,, "Supernova" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"We haf' promised to live for him! Whatever he becomes, no matter what! We promised to care for zhe elements. So vhat haf' I done?! Vhat are you doing?!"
Engel,, "Supernova" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"Zhey want you. Both of them. I am just a whore to you. To everyone else. It is vhat you want me to be, because it is what you ask for. So look at me with a little more respect, you pig."
Engraanahk,, "Supernova" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

In this moment, as the impression swelled, bone erupted from Zephinerahk's head, skewering into the eyes and jaw of his brother. Those barbed hooks locked in, and in a wrenching twist, pulled the godling's form down.
Zephinerahk,, "Weight of the Sky" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"I do not deserve to be called an angel, you know." "You are an angel. You have lived through so much more because of me."
Engel and Zephinerahk,, "Element of Change" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"I will love you until all the lights in the sky are gone forever. I will love you until the wind stops its forever dance. I will love you until the ocean stills, forever." "Until dhe ocean stills..." "I will love you until fire no longer gives light, until all it casts is darkness, forever." "Vhat about the earth...?" "I will love you even when the earth is only dust." "...Can I call you mine?" "...Yes." "Then, you are my Zephinerahk." "And you are my angel."
Zephinerahk and Engel,, "Element of Change" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

Pocket D/Casual Quotes

Please reinforce Engel's smile
@Photon Cannon,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

"where's engraan, my wife?"
Anonymous,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

[Team] Zephinerahk: remind me to never show you things on engraan
@mightyBos,, Out of Character ((CoH, 2019))

"photon fucked up an emote, get their ass" "GET THEIR ASS"
Fistfight and Ambush Predator,, Out of Character ((CoH, 2019))

"Well I just struck out with a nazi, what's up?" "Huh? What nazi?" "The german assassin chick at the end of the bar" "Dipshit, she's not a nazi."
Blood Brother Basher and Mike Ramiro,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2019))

"I would watch a compilation of Agraanahk scenes with the Great Horned Rat's voice lines played over his dialogue"
@Photon Cannon,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

"Are you gonna sit here and tell me that this isn't Engraanahk at 4 am puppeting Engel's body, only for Mitzi to walk in and get threatened?"
@Photon Cannon,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

*Mike Ramiro is a fancy boy doing a fancy bow for MOTHER.*
Mike Ramiro,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2019))

*Raising the peace sign, he phases out of reality.* "((He did not just"
Dr. End Times and Engel,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2020))

"Vell, if you are ever needing anything, you can just ask me. Okay? I do not bite!....That is my husband who bites."
Engel,, Casual Roleplay ((Discord, 2020))

"engel's charisma stat is something she literally wears on her chest if you catch my drift"
@Arctique,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2020))

"Chicken milk." "Do not."
Mike Ramiro and Engel,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2020))

[Local] Engel in der Holle: ((break his bones michael))
@Photon Cannon,, Event Roleplay ((CoH, 2020))

*Engel in der Holle waters the Podge with lightweight alcohol.* "....I hate everything..."
Engel and Serpent of Diablo,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2020))

Relations, Friends, & Enemies



  • Status to Engel: Husband
  • Aliases: Zeph, "Agent Orange" (by Dimentus), "Ears," Caleb/Tim/Isaac/Ivan/Bruce etc.
  • Elemental Type: Omnimental (Primary earth)
  • Elemental Tier: Monolith
  • Key points for Engel: The love of Engel's life. Gives color, meaning, and feeling to all that Engel does. Encourages Engel to look after herself when she forgets to. Lets Engel use his name, even though he is unbound. Takes Engel anywhere in the world. Brings Engel fresh dairy goods for the bakery from a no-kill ranch. Sleeps only so he can experience Engel's dreams. Adapts his form to Engel's fancy when he wants to flirt with her or "play a game." Calls Engel "beautiful" and "worthy." Makes Engel feel more at peace when nearby. Gave Engel a portion of his life force to awaken her Empath abilities and tie them closer together. Played along with the idea of a wedding when Engel expressed interest in a human's marriage.

It has been nearly three years since the Agraanahk and Engraanahk resolution, and Engel and Zeph are inseparable. They both seem to play off of one-another quite well and can finish each other's thoughts. Engel acts as a sort of translator for Zephinerahk's odd speech patterns and cryptic verbal puzzles to help others understand him. Although Engel prefers the PDA be kept at a low level around their friends, the two of them have a tremendously intimate relationship in all aspects. Engel's obsessed and head-over-heels for the Omnimental, to a degree that she worries she is overbearing, but not once has Zephinerahk shown disinterest in her ways. As a matter of fact, Engel's ever-abundant, emotional energy well is his favorite source of power! The atmosphere between these two always brings prosperity and fulfillment to those around them.



  • Status to Engel: Aunt
  • Aliases: Mitzi Maheras, Mitzi Linden, Weaver Red, Höllenwachter (by Engel(?))
  • Vocal Reference: Eartha Kitt
  • Key points for Engel: Aunt Mitzi/"Tantchen."

Information coming soon.

Gladius Excel

  • Status to Engel: Uncle-in-law
  • Aliases: Darren Maheras
  • Vocal Reference: Adam Tell
  • Key points for Engel: Takes care of her aunt for her.

Information coming soon.


  • Status to Engel: Friend, dedicated supporter of Angel's Scissors 'n' Sweets
  • Aliases: Jenna Ainsworth, Brightblade, Courage Heart
  • Vocal Reference: Amanda Lee / AmaLee
  • Key points for Engel: Sponsor for Angel's Scissors 'n' Sweets. Does artwork for Engel' shop. Heroine figure who promotes the health and safety of Engel's establishment.

Information coming soon.


  • Status to Engel: Friend
  • Aliases: Cackling Oblivion, Darius
  • Key points for Engel: Was the first person to open up to her.

Information coming soon.

Mike Ramiro

  • Status to Engel: Friend
  • Aliases: Unknown
  • Key points for Engel: Taught her how to make one of his favorite alcohol beverages. Very kind and caring towards those around him. Produces happy feelings when he is around his partner. First friend from Pocket D that she has exchanged numbers with. Works at Angel's Scissors 'n' Sweets in his free time. Is the first friend who has been told by Engel about Agraanahk and the Engel aus der Hölle.

Engel always goes out of her way to say hello to Mike if she sees him. Engel worries about Mike because of how often he ends up injured or stressed out, as member of the Skulls--which results in Engel trying to offer him relief through her powers. Now that Mike is working in his free time at Engel's shop, their friendship has grown tremendously, and Engel is excitedly looking forward to his and Hunter's wedding.

Hellion Firestarter

  • Status to Engel: Friend
  • Aliases: "Adam"/Hunter
  • Key points for Engel: Generally friendly and welcoming of Engel's presence. Sometimes passes out and takes naps in Pocket D. Always excited to see Engel. Mike's partner.

Engel met "Adam"--now known as Hunter--at about the same time as she met Mike. She likes to watch the two interact with each other, as their dynamic makes her feel comfortable in her own skin. He, too, has proven to be a genuine and kind presence, which puts Engel at ease around him and lets her feel like she can be honest about herself.


  • Status to Engel: Friend
  • Aliases: Kimiko, Kimi
  • Key points for Engel: Very playful and fun to be around. Attempted to use some of Engel's farm-grade eggs as weapons against other friends. Likes to fly around Pocket D on Engel's back. Willingness to play games with Zephinerahk. Likes to spend time around Engel.

Although Kimi seems stuck in her college years, Engel finds her presence to be refreshing--when she is not causing too much of a scene! The sense of innocence that radiates off of Kimiko makes Engel sometimes feel as though she has to be a mother figure towards her. Engel has not decided yet whether or not this is a good thing. Nonetheless, Engel greets Kimi when she sees her and likes to spend time in her presence. After helping Kimi deal with The Unnamed when it stalked her in Pocket D, Engel feels closer to the girl and cares about her well-being. Ever since that occasion, Engel has been pulled into Kimiko's main friend group. Engel goes out of her way to say hello to Kimiko if she sees her.

Fighting Gold

  • Status to Engel: Friend
  • Aliases: Marigold, Mari
  • Key points for Engel: Kimiko's partner. Has a very expensive-looking apartment in Founders' Falls. Always wears very cute outfits. Invites Engel to parties and helps Engel feel included within the friend group. Is enduring a cosmic horror herself, which makes Engel strongly relate with her. Really, really likes JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Heard Engel's explanation about Hell's Angel and Agraanahk and supports Engel for her struggles.

Truth be told, Marigold used to intimidate Engel. With Engel's lower self-esteem, though said self-esteem has improved, she feels like she and Mari are opposite sides of a coin. Engel distrusted Mari's friendliness at the very beginning, but because Mari has been so kind to her and encouraging, all of Engel's distrust has evaporated. While Engel felt like she could give Mari some reassurance over the case of The Unnamed, Engel had been afraid to open up to her about her own past. Engel recently decided to do this, and as a result, she feels closer to Mari.


  • Status to Engel: Friend
  • Aliases: Colt
  • Key points for Engel: Young ex-gang member. Has since joined Vanguard. Extreme enthusiast of Engel's shop. Was in a relationship with Riley.

Colt is young and reckless. He has a lot of room to grow as a soldier and a fighter, and Engel recognizes that, which is why she is not too hard on him when something fails. Engel had a nice opportunity to learn more about Colt while she gave him a new haircut at her shop. She is happy that Colt is trying to lead a better life, given his past, and is looking forward to where he might take it.



  • Aliases: Agraan, Red Zephinerahk, Das Karmesin, "Mein Karmesin" (by Engraanahk)
  • Elemental Type: Omnimental (Primary air)
  • Elemental Tier: Monolith
  • Key points for Engel: Zephinerahk's rejected (and separated) Absorb instincts in material form. Byproduct of Zephinerahk which altered into being its own entity. Corrupted Engel's Omnimental blessing. Loved Engel and the potential of her blessing, in his own sick, twisted way. Sexually assaulted her. Permanently scarred her. Killed, maimed, or permanently broke the psyches of nearly all Squad 5-C members. Killed others once close to Zephinerahk. Caused irrevocable damage to Zephinerahk's social life. Was reabsorbed by Zephinerahk.

Speaking with Engel about Agraanahk is typically forbidden. Encountering a cosmic horror, fully understanding it and its intentions with her, only to have that mortifying knowledge ripped from her when their eye contact is broken is a load of memories and feelings that Engel does not want to reflect on, lest it drive her insane again. "Das Karmesin" was the single entity for Engel to ever hate more than anyone else. Being stalked by a relentless, power-hungry Omnimental who wanted to use and abuse her left Engel rather tired and unwilling to deal with dangerous forces of that level again. Engel blamed herself for the longest time for Zephinerahk's splitting, but she has since come to terms with the situation, and it now exists only as an uncomfortable reflection of the past.


  • Aliases: Chaos Succubus, Scarlet Copycat, Monster's Plaything, True (Crimson) Bride of Chaos, Engel der Hölle, Engel aus der Hölle, "Hure" (by Engel), The Undying Star
  • Vocal Reference: Misty Lee (playing Camilla from "Fire Emblem: Heroes")
  • Elemental Type: Omnimental (Primary fire)
  • Elemental Tier: Greater
  • Key points for Engel: Assimilation of Engel's suffering, suicidal self-hate, and grievances from all sources of her life. Result of Agraanahk's corruption of her Omnimental blessing. Attempted to kill Engel in her sleep. Encouraged Engel to cut off ties with those she cared about. Took control of Engel's body on multiple occasions and during the Scarlet Copycat arc. Liked to light matches and eat matches in Engel's sleep. Liked to make unnatural fires and observe the random results. Shattered relationships that Engel had. Attempted to replace Engel to save her own life. Was defeated by Engel. Returned her power to Engel upon defeat.

The entity simply known as the Angel of Hell is something which Engel tries to cover up even more than talk of Agraanahk. The thoughts bring Engel great shame and self-disgust. Every single thought and emotion from the darkest corners of Engel's mind had been read by the Omnimental, who mimicked these things to learn and grow in sentience, only to vehemently play itself out as these very ideals. Engel had developed a sort of Stockholm syndrome for Agraanahk, and though she had tried to resist it, Engraanahk mimicked it, adapting her own love for the uglier side of nature. Engraanahk's perverse methods, personality, and ways of thinking stem from Engel's self-hate, and though exaggerated at great length, they still hold some truths which Engel can no longer deny. In choosing to learn how to love herself and accept her depression, she gained the upper hand to defeat Engraanahk, but even in killing the Omnimental, Engel felt guilt in putting the creature down. Because of Engraanahk, Engel has vowed to never again let herself get that bad or watch others do it to themselves. Now, Engraanahk lives on in Engel's inspirations to lead a happier and healthier life, and her desire to help others live easy.


  • When Engel was made, she and Mitzi were not originally related, but were instead rivals. This theme lasted only 24 hours before changing due to a dream that @Photon Cannon had.
  • Engel was never intended to be a main. However, due to players reaching out to help the abused woman, she rapidly developed and the pre-retcons story unfolded. This is the reason her story serves to remind that everyone is deserving of love.
  • Engel's title has gone through many renditions. She's originally known as "Angel of Hell" before becoming "Angel on Hell," finalizing as "Angel in Hell" out of respect of the German language's lack of double-meanings.
  • Trimmen pre-retcon was a peculiar magic rabbit known as "Razor."
  • Pre-classic Engraanahk was once known as "True Engenahk" in 2011 and was merely a powerful form that Engel could assume, though lose consciousness in the process. Prototype designs had her burn down a forest in her wake and nearly, if not most definitely, kill Mitzi.
  • The classic origin of the Engraanahk we know now stems from a since-retconned incident in 2011 in which Zeph's and Engel's relationship was nearly ruined. A one-and-done that Zeph had with a friend to try and control True Zeph drove Engel to break, and her corrupted power created True Engenahk.
  • Half of Engraanahk's character design plays on the horrors of sexual assault, abuse, and exploitation.
  • Pre-retcon Zeph and Engel had a baby! It is now up to the characters if a baby will be manifested.
  • Engel only became an Empath in the 2019 retcons.
  • 5-C members Scott, Randy, and Jackson were all supposed to die during the Agraanahk attack on 5-C. However, due to Scott's surprise use of an anti-magic dagger, the Agraan turn in which he'd kill the three of them was taken up by a necessary recoil. Karma occurred with Kathy's injuries during the Hellbent interaction with Engel(?).
  • It was kept secret from @Photon Cannon which 5-C members were Agraanahk's main targets, save for Jackson, until after the attack.
  • Agraanahk was originally known as "True Zephinerahk" -- And there was a Praetorian Zeph called Agraanahk. Both concepts fused into one for the retcons of 2019 and adopted the name "Agraanahk." There is homage to this theme of "True Zeph" based on the reoccurring theme that Agraan was "destined to win the game and become the only Zephinerahk left."
  • [A]graanahk's and [Z]ephinerahk's names were intentionally made to be on polar opposite ends of the alphabet. This also plays on the two-sides-of-one-coin concept.

SQmaAN6.png Events

Only the major plot-point RPs in which Engel was involved are showcased here. There are some in-between RPs and RPs between other characters which are skipped. The provided dates are when the RPs occurred OOCly; the dates are NOT equal to IC dates!

Major Events

  • [2-27-19] Welcome Home: The unspeakable mad doc-versus-experiment relationship between Engel and Mitzi is touched upon. Mitzi arrives home from work, still non-medicated and using Engel as a source to vent on. Engel is subjected to playing along with Mitzi's hallucinations, physical abuse, and threats of the latest surgical procedure to "find the source of the leak."

  • [2-28-19] Magic Rabbit: With Mitzi being the head captain of F.I.N.A.L.'s field medic teams, occasionally she accompanies on missions if the task is heavily manned. Engel is often brought along to assist and protect Mitzi by means of their unshakable combat dynamic. In this case, F.I.N.A.L. task force teams 1-A and 5-C--along with 5-C's latest mysterious, heavily-armored entity--were present. Engel and Mitzi proceed through the mission on the tails of both teams, while Engel tries to redirect Mitzi's violent paranoia about the uncharted agent that 5-C sports. The superpowered entity is referred to as "Ears" by 5-C, and "Ears" practically carries the mission.

  • [3-01-19] Water and Earth: Engel officially meets the "Ears" entity! On the edge of one of F.I.N.A.L. Archipelago's islands is generalized warehouse storage, and a vehicular workshop rests on the edge of the docks. Engel visits this dock anytime that she can get away from Mitzi, such as when Mitzi leaves her at home for in-office work. The vehicle engines, gasoline, and other energy-producing sources attracted "Ears" to this place, and it finds Engel sitting on one of the jeeps. With Engel unable to verbally communicate on account of her stitches, and unwillingness to show her face beneath the mask, it complicates her attempts to convince "Ears" to not eat the materials he finds. Ever curious of the monster, Engel follows it about, feeling more and more at peace within its strange, otherworldly presence. This sparks the start of consistent interactions between her and "Ears" over the span of a week.

  • [3-03-19] Emeralds:The most important meet-up that Engel has with Ears during this (IC) week. During this interaction, "Ears" becomes frustrated with Engel's lack of communication, but when it removes her mask, he finds her sickly and stitched-up visage beneath. There is a change in the atmosphere as "Ears" seeks out Engel's eyes beneath the protective cloth material she wears. The monster is instantly fond of the windows to her fragile, gentle soul. Engel uses her cellphone to communicate with handwriting and receives the name "Zephinerahk" from the entity. Engel reflects on the situation and decides to makes a promise to herself: If this cosmic tool of the gods wants to see her again, then she will start trying to find a way to live a real life--Even if it means to take out her own stitches.

  • [3-04-19] Speak Freely: After a few hidden uses of the daemonic artifact that Dimentus gave her, its mischievous nature pushed her nearer to her goals, and Engel acts on her promise, cutting out the stitches which held her mouth shut. After spending a few hours around Mitzi and wearing her suit's mask, she vocalizes to her aunt. Mitzi immediately wants to put the stitches back in, but Engel tries to reason logically with her aunt, telling her that Mitzi must not have seen any black leakage for the past few hours--therefore, the black ooze is just a hallucination. Considering this, Mitzi runs a few harmless tests with Engel involving video recordings. Thankfully, Mitzi did not hallucinate and improperly see the recordings, though she improperly saw the real world. Engel was officially allowed to go without the stitches.

  • [3-04-19] What's In Her Head: Evidently, Mitzi had arranged meetings with an injured contract mercenary whom she suspected of being a spy. Though this was a very common thing to hear, Engel was surprised to overhear the interaction between her aunt and the agent known as Darren Maheras, or Gladius Excel. Despite him acting cocky and amused by her aunt's obvious instability, he seems to have a change of heart, after becoming frustrated with the captain. The two communicate peacefully after Darren asks, "What's going on in that head of yours?" Although Darren is reluctant to see any doctors or receive medical treatment for his injuries, he agrees to continue seeing Mitzi for check-ups on the recovery process. Mitzi, daresay, makes a friend by the end of the meeting.

  • [3-07-19] A Small Voice: The next time that Engel meets Zephinerahk, she uses her voice to communicate with him. However, her verbal English is not as good as her written or read English, and it leaves their conversation moving at the pace of a turtle. Nonetheless, the two bond, and Engel learns a little bit about Zephinerahk. Zeph takes away the cloth around her eyes without asking, and when Engel panics, he tells her that her eyes are beautiful. He drowns himself in those expressive souls again, which sparks the beginning of an inner emotional conflict for Engel.

  • [4-07-19] She's Always Waiting: Another meeting between Zeph and Engel. This time, Zephinerahk shows a bit of his power to Engel, and he takes her to an unknown city in the U.S. away from the F.I.N.A.L. Archipelago. Zeph parks himself on a skyscraper above the city, and he and Engel have another heart-to-heart in which she confesses the reasons for her ghastly appearance, and her own self-hate. When Engel tells Zephinerahk about her mentally ill aunt, unlike Dimentus, he promises to not harm Mitzi. He then ensures Engel that he will "find her happiness, one day."

  • [4-13-19] Pet: Engel has some self-doubt in which she wonders if she is "like a puppy" to Zeph, or put bluntly, "a pet," given his state of advanced inhumanity. Zephinerahk catches on to her worries, and tells her that she should not have bad thoughts. Following this, Zephinerahk coincidentally leaks that he had many friends before 5-C found him on a carrier mission and took him in. However, because of what he is, he had to leave these friends behind so that they would not be hurt by people who wanted his power. Engel assures Zeph that she will help protect him and that he does not have to leave her.

  • [4-21-19] Engel Meets 5-C: Evidently, Yian'vela--or "Angelfish," as she's aliased away from the Maruloix peoples--had made a deal with Zephinerahk in which she would provide energy sources for him to feed on, so long as he did work for her with Squad 5-C. By some unknown means, the deal was not being held up on Angelfish's end, according to Zephinerahk. As a result, he had been at the warehouses this whole time to consume energy sources found there, and it was becoming noticeable. 5-C intends to have an intervention with their as-named "Ears," however, upon arrival, they find that Zephinerahk is with Engel. 5-C and Engel meet and then learn even more about Zephinerahk and what it means to be an "Omnimental"--a rare, all-element-based elemental. Engel sticks to her promise and suggests that she and Zeph go together to other places to find him energy to eat, in order for him to become a stronger elemental, because it is so difficult for an Omnimental to grow.

  • [4-26-19] Force of Nature: A few off-the-island trips later, and Engel and Zeph stop in another U.S. city. This time, Engel gets an eyeful of what it means to be an elemental--their nature, their instinct, and their need to feed. To be "Adaptive" and change to match the energy around an elemental, or to "Absorb" and cause surrounding matter to change and suit the elemental. Zephinerahk dives into his Absorb side and very nearly causes a power outage after he pulls power from a power plant. Engel manages to talk Zeph out of taking everything that he can, simply because he can, and offers reasoning behind it, sensing destruction and danger in a reckless mindset. Zephinerahk agrees to "take more time to grow," which marks the beginning of damage to Zephinerahk, as over time, he more and more rejects one half of the two-sided coin that is his inner balance.

  • [7-24-19] Trimmen: Zephinerahk brings back a Guide Hare from one of 5-C's missions into a place known as the "Sorcerer's Willow." The Guide Hares, like other endemic life within the Willow, are imbued with magic, and are slightly more sentient than normal animals. Guide Hares also have the special purpose of leading good-hearted individuals to secret places otherwise unreachable without their leadership. He introduces this Hare to Engel, showing that he befriended it by allowing it to eat the leafy foliage that grew on his chest and arms. For this, Engel names the Hare Trimmen ("Trimmer" in English), and Zeph tells Engel that Trimmen will stay with her.

  • [7-29-19] Out In the Open: Despite Zephinerahk being told to avoid Mitzi, he takes it upon himself to confront her directly--by appearing in their home on the island. Mitzi pulls a gun on Zeph and opens fire. Panic takes over the home as Engel tries to get herself in the middle of it. No one is physically hurt from this exchange, but Engel is put through the ringer. Things turn complicated as Engel must talk to Zephinerahk outside about how his inhuman appearance upsets her schizophrenic aunt. After she parts with her friend, she goes back inside to confront Mitzi, who has become even less trusting of Engel. Engel tells Mitzi about how she has been sneaking off constantly to see Zephinerahk. Furious, Mitzi forbids Engel from leaving the home for the next few days and keeps Engel present with her at work.

  • [7-29-19] Under the Knife: Mitzi comes to the conclusion that she must plant a tracking chip in Engel. There is a room behind Mitzi's office which is used for on-site operations for Engel for when Mitzi is needing certain equipment to work on her.Three days after the incident with Zephinerahk, Mitzi corners Engel in this room. An explosive PTSD episode breaks out of Engel, who becomes outwardly violent and self-destructive. Mitzi tranquilizes Engel before she can further damage herself, and a tracking chip is placed between the clavicles under the skin.

  • [7-30-19] Learn To Feel: With the tracking chip in place, Engel is allowed to roam the island again, so long as she does not go anywhere near Zephinerahk. After a week and a few days recovery of the body-damaging PTSD episode, Engel decides to go out and get fresh air before a rainfall, and without fail, Zeph finds her. His presence causes the chip's electrical current to act up, and Engel decides that the weather could be a good alibi for the chip temporarily malfunctioning. Engel embraces the chance to see Zephinerahk and they chat. This leads to Zeph telling Engel about how he does not feel emotions like humans, and she suddenly realizes that this brings her heartbreak. Engel can no longer deny that she has fallen in love with him. Zeph tells Engel that he does not know how to feel love, but that he believes she can teach him--This is because of Engel's locked potential as an Empth, which he can see within her, but does not tell her exists. Engel fears that she disrespects and belittles the Omnimental for having this crush, but Zephinerahk tells her that he does not see it as that. They both reinforce their exchanged promises and stay out in the rain.

  • [8-1-19] The Hoax: Having previously been offered to ask for help anytime, Engel decides to seek out 5-C members Kathy and Jackson's assistance. Engel has formulated a plan to have her tracking chip be removed, but is training Trimmen to carry her chip around the island while she is spending time with Zephinerahk. Engel chooses to seek out Kathy's help on a rainy day. Jackson uses his medical knowledge from his years in med school and swaps out the chip which Engel has with a dud. Engel offers to help the couple on a mission to repay the favor.

  • [8-05-19] Solar Initiative + Inner Light: Engel takes on an infiltration and sabotage mission against the Solar Initiative with 5-C and Zephinerahk. Her role is to reclaim stolen F.I.N.A.L. data from their banks, and she succeeds. A few nights later, Zephinerahk has decided to show Engel something special. He warps the two of them away to a mountain range in Europe where snowcaps and daylight reign. Engel knows within her heart that something vital is about to happen, and so she offers her trust to Zephinerahk. He takes a part of himself--his power--out of his core, and imbues Engel with a piece of himself. This opens up Engel to the elements, and all surrounding life, and bestows upon her something new made possible by this blessing--her Empath ability. Engel immediately shows her potential as a human vessel for this gift, as her very presence causes the surrounding elements to thrive, and new life grow. Zephinerahk and Engel develop a deep spiritual connection through this bonding, and Engel begins to feed him her emotional energy, as well as encourages the surrounding elements to adapt to him, and feed him, as well. It is a bonding and exchanging that is prominent for the years to come.
  • [8-11-19] Angel Wings: With Engel's new abilities, by her own spiritual desire for freedom, she has created wings with her newfound power. (Engel is able to hide these wings at will, and does so to avoid Mitzi's attention.) Zephinerahk tries to teach her how to fly, and she very nearly gets it, but fails. After this, Zephinerahk takes her by the ocean and teaches her more in-depth ways to use her powers. He shows her "how the water sings to her," and Engel practices energy manipulation to embolden a sphere of water that he has created. Without realizing it, Engel creates an elemental Will-o'-the-Wisp, and Zephinerahk does not tell her of the new life she has created. He does, however, see the great potential in this.

  • [8-20-19] Disarming Force + State of Being: By tearing away a piece of himself and watching Engel's energy flourish so, Zephinerahk's instincts to feed have become almost unbearable. Although he hides it well, when it comes out, he has reminded himself of what Engel said to do, and continuously avoids the method of Absorption. Over the span of a month, Engel has heard more and more about her aunt's friend, Gladius Excel. He had convinced Mitzi to see a psychiatrist on-site and receive medication a few weeks prior. With Mitzi's mental vision becoming less cluttered and foggy, she has begun trying to see Engel under a different light, and wants to have a better relationship with her--though, still with intentions of "curing" this "unknown disease" that her niece has. Mitzi and Engel's outing is interrupted by Zephinerahk, who has come to see Engel and confront Mitzi yet again. Mitzi tries and fails to be understanding of the monster. As Mitzi grows more hostile, Zephinerahk becomes on edge. Having been helping with a cargo job nearby the dock, Darren spots the unfolding events and approaches the scene, only for Zephinerahk to suddenly turn red. All involved parties see this as a hostile color, and Zeph grapples Gladius Excel with intentions to drain the power in his tech armor. Darren proceeds to defeat Zeph in a wrestling match, and Zephinerahk calms down. Everyone exchanges words before Engel promises to inform Mitzi at home of--yet again--the secrets that she has been withholding. Back at home, Mitzi does a better job of listening to Engel, but is very suspicious of Zephinerahk and the blessing he has given her. Engel shows Mitzi that she is just fine, and that she does not think Zeph will let her stay away. Mitzi warns Engel to be very careful and to keep her updated. Engel manages to keep the secret about the false tracking chip.

  • [8-25-19] Return to the Elements: Although Engel offers Zephinerahk her energy, and he feeds, the hunger always comes back. This unfortunately brings the two of them to a breaking point. Zephinerahk has grown more and more distant from Engel, as he seems to be withholding himself from her as time has gone on. He feels her love for him, but cannot comprehend it within himself. When Engel and Zephinerahk take a stroll through an unmanned forest, they come across a male elk. Engel is horrified to witness as Zephinerahk is entirely consumed by his Absorb instinct, and eats the elk alive, torturing his prey as it agonizes and perishes, by means to get as much energy as possible. When Engel seizes their connection and limits the flow of her power into him, and demands that he leave the gruesome remains alone, he confronts her. Zephinerahk tells her the hardest thing to hear: That everything will die, in time, and forfeit its life energy to the universe, and its physical matter to the elements. There is also a new voice within their connection. He insists that it is only natural, and Engel has a breakdown, demanding that he take her home. Zeph obliges, confused by the human frailty.

  • [8-25-19] Split in Two: Engel spends a week dwelling on what she had witnessed. Because he had acted so differently, she decides that Zephinerahk had not been himself, and perhaps was mentally hostage to his instincts when he killed that elk. She tentatively begins to trust him again, and he offers to help her learn how to fly near that same forest. She gets it this time, and they fly together. Engel begins to hear that unwelcome voice again as, in their heads, Zephinerahk has a conversation with himself. This time, they are talking about the friends that they miss, and then Engel and her beauty and "light." After agreeing upon her beauty, they are then arguing about an unknown "game" that they play, and one's desire to draw power from Engel's "light." At once, the voices go silent, and as Zephinerahk lands, Engel is separated from him (them?). When she circles back around, she is shocked to see that the mountainside is gone. She goes to Zephinerahk at the center of this absence, and begs him to let her help him. Zephinerahk refuses to use Engel, and as a result, Zeph splits clear in half. Unknown to Engel, he now plays a new game--"We will do things our way, the way we want, and at the end, the strongest will consume the weaker." Zephinerahk A and Zephinerahk B fight each other for only a moment before both halved-in-power elementals go in opposite directions. Engel chooses one, and pursues it, while the other is lost to both of them.

  • [8-30-19] Fading Dementia: Engel's connection strengthens with the Zephinerahk that she chose. She entirely loses connection to the other Zephinerahk, as with each passing day, the two were becoming vastly different, a butterfly effect, based upon their actions and decisions. Engel tries her best to give the weaker Zephinerahk energy and ask him what has happened, but he does not tell her, and he becomes much more scarce around her. Engel recklessly attempts to engage the Solar Initiative and steal some of their solar-powered tech to give to Zephinerahk, and Gladius Excel catches onto this. He and one of his robots, Cenadyne, go to Engel's aid and pull her kicking and screaming out of danger. With nothing to give to Zephinerahk, Engel considers the daemon artifact which Dimentus had given her, as a means for them to remain in contact. It did, however, have negative side effects on Engel when she would use it, and she was beginning to notice this. Engel exchanges a heart-to-heart with Darius through this artifact and tells him that she must feed it to Zephinerahk. After saying goodbye one last time to the ancient dark mage, Engel gives this artifact to Zeph the next time that she sees him, which is nearly a month later. Engel uses their strengthening connection to see if he has learned how to feel certain emotions yet, but he has not. Despite this, she confesses her love to him and expresses upon him her affection. He receives it, but does not reciprocate, before in frustration with himself, attempts to take too much of her energy well at once. It backfires on him, and he teleports himself away.

  • [9-01-19] Das Karmesin: In the middle of September, Engel is told by her friend Kathy that 5-C had been damaged beyond repair by something that was "not our Ears." Kathy arranges to meet Engel in a few weeks after the dust has settled. When they meet up, Engel tells Kathy that Zephinerahk had split in two, and Katherine expresses concern for Engel's safety. Kathy notes that she had seen Zeph on the island and that Engel could probably find him if she went looking by use of their connection. Kathy asks Engel to take a break from all of the madness, and Engel insists that she must keep her promise. Engel finds Zephinerahk on the edge of one of the Archipelago's islands, and attempts to console him. The moment that they both have their guard down, Zephinerahk is separated from Engel, and she blacks out. Engel wakes up to a state of partial consciousness, as her brain waves are being eaten. Practically drugged, Engel is forced to endure the horror that is the ever-red Agraanahk. Engel understands this not-Zephinerahk on an uncomfortable level, and because of his main diet of consuming humans, he has learned how to feel emotions. He forces unwanted affection on Engel, expressing his love to her; sexually exploiting her, cutting her up, and rewriting himself over Zephinerahk's connection. Claiming Engel and her power, he corrupts her blessing, changing it to suit his needs. This corruption and this trauma causes the nature of Engel's Empath abilities to alter. Zephinerahk manages to wrangle Agraanahk off of Engel, and Agraan retreats with his task done. Zephinerahk sees that he can feel no connection to Engel, and in agony, her inner voice cries out, telling the world, her Hell that "she will endure you monsters no more." Misinterpreting this, Zephinerahk abandons her.

  • [9-02-19 & 9-11-19] Fallen Angel (I & II): Engel drags herself back home and patches herself up as best she can. When Mitzi returns from work, she finds Engel in her bedroom with unnatural, handprint-shaped bruises and cuts on her body. Mitzi demands to know what happened to Engel, but Engel cannot recall most of it on account of being half-conscious, and for what she can recall, Engel refuses to tell Mitzi. The only name that she gives to Agraanahk is "Das Karmesin," or "The Crimson," and does not know his true name. Mitzi considers that Engel is in a time of need and sees it as an opportunity to try and improve their relationship, as over the course of a few months, she has begun to feel regret for abusing Engel. With the medication, she sees that the unknown plague is not real. Engel tries to hide her presence from Agraanahk's connection, but he keeps his tabs. The next morning, Mitzi makes Engel breakfast and has her stay in bed to rest.

  • [9-14-19 & 9-15-19] He Won't Return + All By Myself: Three days after the attack, Engel was feeling well enough to get out of bed. She has seen or heard no signs of Zephinerahk. She assumes that Mitzi wants to cut her open and investigate a cause for the ethereal bruises that have not faded away, even in the presence of the Regen Serum. Mitzi finds Engel struggling through chores and makes her stop. Although Mitzi has good intentions behind it, she inappropriately addresses Engel's attack. The questions asked of the woman with fresh trauma causes Engel's emotional state to spiral out of control, and some of this corrupted power shows through. Mitzi feels fear when witnessing this and suggests that Engel get some more rest. While Engel is asleep, a foreign presence blooms from the blessing and makes Engel sleepwalk, which becomes a reoccurring theme. The fifth day since the attack arrives, and Engel is waiting at the docks in hopes to see Zephinerahk. Instead of Zeph, Agraanahk becomes vocal towards her through the connection and toys with her mental state. Engel panics, and within this panic, she becomes aware of this entity inside of her, though she does not realize that it is an entity. She uses its power to shield her from Agraanahk's visibility and has success. It is at this moment that Engel realizes Zeph won't return and now she must protect herself.

  • [9-24-19] Trust No One: Early January. Zeph is long gone and Engel has distanced herself from 5-C. Her corruption has worsened and power grown, though it only shows through her Empathy, which radiates a negativity felt by all around her. Engel has gotten it in her head that justice should be served to those who have not earned their happiness, among a plethora of other ideologies. As a result, she has been assassinating corrupt business CEOs, serial killers, rapists, extreme polluters and deforesting companies, and non-threatening presences such as prostitutes--all of which is done either awake or in her sleep. It goes under Mitzi's radar, but Darren catches on, warning Engel that he had similar ideologies once, but it got him nowhere. Darren and Mitzi grow closer and closer as a happy couple, and Engel watches on in pure jealousy. When Mitzi confronts Engel about her concerns with Darren, Engel tells Mitzi that she does not want her help to feel better and that she does not want Mitzi involved with her "Das Karmesin" situation.

  • [9-24-19] Winter Willow The force within Engel has been rapidly growing. It has learned all that Engel knows and feels. Its goal is to have Engel gain enough elemental power to keep them both safe from being eaten by Agraanahk. It has influenced Engel's way of thinking--to a certain degree. And while Engel has tried to distance herself from Das Karmesin, the elemental within watches all that Agraanahk does. When Agraanahk attempts to over-feed in the Sorcerer's Willow and is kicked out by the forces, it gives it an idea. While Engel is asleep, it (she?) convinces Trimmen to show the way back to the Willow. It takes specifically what the Willow offers under the intention of protecting Engel, as it's elemental duty to play guardian of something--proving that it is another elemental growing inside of Engel.

  • [10-01-19] Premonitions: After making her latest kill in an unknown city, in the process of returning home, Engel is shocked to see Das Karmesin's reflection in shop windows. Agraan, however, has no body present. He has clearly grown to the state of an Elder Elemental, meaning that he completely overpowers Engel's methods of hiding in the connection. He voices his affection of Engel and ?, reinforcing his promise that he would not kill Engel, and encourages her to see him as Zephinerahk. Engel remains unaware of the elemental within. She lashes out at his notion and swears to herself that she will kill him. Das Karmesin leaves her with false hope and vanishes, letting her believe that she can still conceal herself from him. The elemental within comes to realize that Engel is the one who is truly safe from death--even if the human does not realize it. This marks the point of when their internal bond begins to sever.

  • [10-02-19] Iron Will: Driven nearly mad by an unknown force and spiteful of those around her, Engel sees no other way out than to burn the whole world down, and use the destructive power wrought by it to kill an Omnimental. Her broken heart cannot bear the thought of hurting those who care about her, so she tries to make them hate her. When Darren and Engel next see each other, while Mitzi is away, Engel begins to retell the tale of Mitzi shooting Wilhelm and turning her into a homemade abomination. Engel forces Darren to hear embarrassing facts about her aunt in hopes that it will deter his affection of Mitzi. Unfortunately for Engel, Darren sees right through her and asks Engel to tell him about anything that could help him help Mitzi with these things. Engel reaches her breaking point.

  • [10-02-19] Höllenwächter: Mitzi returns from work in a rage, as Darren has told her what Engel did. The two have their catastrophic, relationship-breaking fight. Engel channels her corrupt power to simulate Mitzi's hallucinations and demands that Mitzi go back to the way things were between them. Mitzi refuses and tells Engel that she cannot help her; that she doesn't have the power to help this corruption. The fight nearly turns physical as Engel begins to destroy the home and advance upon Mitzi. Mitzi tells Engel that she is no longer welcome as her niece and to leave the home. It pains Engel, and the Omnimental within Engel takes total control when Engel's guard goes down. Encasing a forced-asleep Engel within itself, the fiery, red-striped Angel of Hell (Engel aus der Hölle) makes its attempt on Mitzi's life before being shot. The pain the human body endures distracts the Angel of Hell, and she changes her mind, finding Engel's suffering over a further-broken relationship more satisfying than a family member's death. The Angel of Hell gives Mitzi a new name, Höllenwächter (Hell Guardian; likened to a Warden), and demands she be freed to roam this Earth, Engel's "Hell." Mitzi lets Engel(?) leave the destroyed home and goes to Darren's home. It is the last that Engel sees of Mitzi for years to come.

  • [10-09-19] Scarlet Copycat: Trimmen flees the site of destruction and finds Zephinerahk. Because his objective has been compromised by the foreign entity, he is directionless and seeks this direction with his initial follower. Zephinerahk, now of Elder Elemental status himself, sees in the Hare's magical essence that Trimmen has stayed true to his path and not brought Engel to him, but that Engel is also in danger. Trimmen leads Zeph to where Engel is, which is a now-burnt-to-the-ground forested plateau overlooking the suburbs of a familiar city. He finds the entity likened to as the Scarlet Copycat here, nursing itself on Engel's flesh by slow-cooking her in internal UV rays. Upon seeing Zephinerahk, though Engel is made to believe that she is dreaming, she so desperately wants to have Zeph back that she overcomes the Scarlet Copycat's control and wakes up. A heart-wrenching scene occurs in which Engel adamantly disassociates ties between Agraan and Zeph, and being reckless, attempts to seduce and love on Zephinerahk, as a very forced, last-ditch effort to "teach him how to feel love," as she fears this will be the last time she sees him before she dies. Zephinerahk struggles until he comes to an understanding of the Omnimental slowly killing her, and fights to tear it off of her. The Scarlet Copycat objects and demands she be allowed to protect her territory. With Zeph rejecting her affection and Engel unable to see through the haze of her mind, Engel turns all of her despair into self-hate, which echoes off of the equally-Empathetic Omnimental, multiplying upon itself. This causes a much-unwanted beacon of energy on her person. As the Omnimental reaches the highest state of Greater Elemental, Agraanahk decides that his Crimson Bride is ready for him. He arrives with an army of manipulated, screaming birds, and attacks Zephinerahk while Engel flies off. Engel predicts Agraanahk's notion to teleport to her, and utilizing the Scarlet Copycat's power, readies her weapon. When Das Karmesin is upon her, she guts him and stabs him through the head. Engel is crestfallen to find that it does not kill him, and the Scarlet Copycat assumes control of Engel's body and voice. She addresses him as "Mein Karmesin," and offers her unexpected, twisted love for this other half of Zephinerahk and her desire to continue living. Agraanahk suggests through the connection that her fate's decided and seizes the two of them, plummeting towards the earth.

  • [10-10-19] Crimson Bride: Agraanahk wastes no time to tear pieces of the Omnimental away from Engel and consume them. Engel's outlook is bleak when Zephinerahk recovers and arrives to the scene, simply circling the trio in confusion. When Agraanahk begins to sexually assault Engel, she cries out in pain, causing Zephinerahk to act swiftly. Zeph launches Agraan towards the sky and hurriedly tries to remove the Crimson Bride from Engel's body. The Bride can tell that Agraanahk is about to win his and Zeph's game, and in full support of the winner, resists Zeph's attempts to protect Engel. Agraanahk delivers a final blow to Zeph, burrowing one of his glass spikes into him. Zeph struggles, which causes the spike to rapidly absorb his energy. The cosmic horror begins as Agraanahk achieves the highest state of elemental power: Monolith. Zephinerahk is left with a massive hole in his body and languishing. Still fond of his "lovely star," Monolith Agraanahk reaches his full height, and lifts Engel. He forcibly tears away his Crimson Bride from her, tearing into its essence as he tosses it aside. Engel is gently set in the dirt, and a fully-awakened Engraanahk finds a form for herself, showing her true colors of hot-blue and purple flames. Considering the nature of the stars above, Engraanahk formulates a way out alive--but knows that she must tend to the victor first, being his spoils. Between the frenzy of energy feeding and a toxic love affair, the two are lost to Engel and Zeph. Zephinerahk and Engel exchange words through a clearer connection, and Engel asks him to cast judgement for the things she has done. He tells her that she will not die and begins to restore her blessing. The two are in mutual agreement to address their respective demons. Engel's Empathy feeds Zephinerahk, and he regains mobility, his wound closing. Zephinerahk approaches the Monolith and True Bride of Chaos and offers one more game, a rematch, to Agraanahk--"We will fight, but this time, it will be just us. The winner will consume the other." Agraanahk, cocky, notes the immense difference in power and sees it as an easy win. He tears his spoils to shreds, collecting pieces about his Monolithic halo, and casting aside her core to the earth near Engel. He adds to the terms that "the winner will have Engel and her light." Their game is marked to begin shortly, as both turn to witness their angel versus her demon.

  • [10-15-19:] Supernova: Engel's most difficult fight yet occurs with the creature she later on will name "Engraanahk." For the time being, she refers to her as Whore (Hure), and spiteful, the Hure accuses Engel of being a hypocrite. She forces Engel to recall any and all bad thoughts and memories within her, ranging from her suicidal self-hate, to her outward hate she would sometimes feel around Mitzi, to her most depressive thoughts, to feelings that Agraan and Zeph both respectively gave her, and so-on so-forth. Engel feels complete disgust as the white-hot magma which had sank into the earth reemerges in her Engel mimicry form, wearing a borderline-lingerie, shredded version of her assassin suit. The mimic tells Engel that in order to protect her, she must become her. Engraanahk believes that, because she, too, has Empath abilities and is made of Engel's energy, if she kills Engel and acts as her replacement, then Agraanahk will keep her alive, and create copies of replacement Engel's energy to consume, just as he had done to the original Engel. Because Agraanahk did not consume Engraanahk, her crimes against the elements are left unpunished, and she adds to these crimes by her raw ability and desire to leave behind a scorched earth--to bring Hell on Earth, and destroy all life and balance, as a means to get power nearly equal to Agraanahk and further ensure her longevity. In the fight for her life, the elements come to Engel's aid, though she cannot control most elements. The elements see that Engel truly regrets the damages she has done and her powerful desire to right them at any cost. The elements use Engel as a vessel to carry out their law. Engel's presence forces neutrality and balance, which cuts off Engraanahk's ability to feed on the surrounding elements. Engel directs the elements and crushes Engraanahk within stone. What power was once pulled from the earth is torn out of Engraanahk as she loses support of the earth. Brought to a low-power state, the Hure's red color returns as she regenerates, wasting more power. The fog of chemical materials which the Hure once utilized is overtaken by Engel, suggesting that water, too, has abandoned Hell's Angel. Engel agonizes as the Hure does, as more and more, Engel can see herself within the fake demoness. She feels genuine regret for causing another creature's suffering and asks Engraanahk to relent, but she refuses. The lower-grade Greater Omnimental engages the human. With Engel's weapon stolen by the Omnimental, fire and earth create plasma blades for Engel to cut her down. Engel whittles away from Engraanahk, who continues to waste power in a self-hateful, suicidal frenzy, as this is all that she knows. She tries to flee, seeing that Engel has gained the upper hand, and Engel's wings lash out. She grapples Engraanahk, and when air abandons her, she pulls her to the earth, on her knees. As they both weep, Engel implores Engraanahk to submit the power of fire, Engel's natural element, and return stolen energy to its rightful source. An unspoken, silent exchange occurs between the Engel in der Hölle and the Engel aus der Hölle, and she submits in a final strike. Fire abandons the Omnimental, and leaves her with nothing--All power is returned to Engel. However, Engel is too physically weak to handle all of the energy returning to her body at once, and instantly falls into a coma.

  • [10-18-19:] Element of Change: Engel remains within a coma for six months and is nurtured by the elements. While in this coma, Engel witnesses the final fight between Agraanahk and Zephinerahk, and catches vague glimpses of Zephinerahk overtaking his monster. Engel has many dreams about Berlin and cousin Wilhelm within the coma, and these dreams seem to keep her from dying. In mid-to-late July, Engel awakens from her coma in a place she recognizes only from a dream. It is a hidden crystalline grove within the Sorcerer's Willow, and two fae are present. These two fae were asked by Zephinerahk to help watch over Engel. Zephinerahk stirs from the nearby lake in his full Monolithic state and shows that, by consuming Agraanahk, he has come to understand and feel human emotions. Heavy emotions like guilt, pain, grief, and even love are expressed towards Engel. They have a genuine heart-to-heart, and Zephinerahk answers Engel's difficult questions. Zephinerahk states his apologies and feels that his majesty is built upon bloodshed and horrors, dampening its glory. Engel initially tells Zeph that he should not apologize for Agraanahk, but comes to realize that Zephinerahk is taking full responsibility, as they have recombined, as foretold. Engel allows him to bear this burden, while bearing her burdens of Engraanahk's actions, and forgives Zephinerahk. He does the same to her, and reassures her that his love is learned, and his alone. Both Engel and Zeph recognize that it will take time for them to heal and grow in this new bud of a relationship. The two rest in the Willow together and fill each other's spirits with a long-lost peace.

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(All) Ksenia Solo


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(Left to right) Engel, Engel/Zeph/Dimentus (2011), Empowered Engel, Phase II Engraanahk (CO) (Click to view larger images) [1][2][3][4]

Avatar Makers

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(All) Engel (made on Picrew), (Click to view larger images) [5][6][7]

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(All) "Engel Mimic" Engraanahk (made on Picrew), (Click to view larger images) [8][9][10]

Official Artwork

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(Left to right) Engraanahk (stylized) gift from GainGator, official Engraanahk commission by GainGator, Engel gift (drawn by @UltraRankGrunt), Engel's and Zeph's 2012 wedding (drawn by @mightyBos), Engel and Mitzi custom figures (made by @UltraRankGrunt) (Click to view larger images) [11][12][13][14][15]
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