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Andy Creek

Name: Antonia 'Andy' Creek
Age: 26
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Height: About 5 foot 8
Current Residence: Skyway City
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Owner of The Grind, a coffee shop near the Founders' Falls university campus
Known Relatives: Anthony Creek (Father), Megan Delaney (Mother, deceased), Troy, (Brother), 'lots' of kids
Notable Traits: Markings across her face, neck, shoulders and part of her back that might put someone in mind of cheetah spots. They're natural, something between freckles and birthmarks in appearance. She also speaks with a Southern accent.

Much Ado About Andy

Blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Ergo... a Change

Blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Steven -
- Her husband. The reason she is covered in children and smiling all the time. And round. Andy doesn't care much that she isn't as active on the hero scene. She's got her hands full with the restaraunt and 8 going on 9 kids.
Fen -
A doofy guy she used to know when she worked with the Battle Ready Organization, Fen was a good friend who is now off doing his own thing. Good on him.
Cherry -
One of Steven's cousins. Cherry is crazy powered and one of the few people who Andy trusts to babysit her kids. Largely because of her powers. Though, she hasn't been available as much lately, she and Cherry hit it off pretty well.
Nemesis -

Abilities and Weaknesses

Stuff stuff Stuffity stuff.
Stuff stuff stuff. Stuffstuff.

Other Notes

♥Andy's mode of transportation is Cal; a 1979 Ford Ranger. It's been lifted, painted black with white and chrome detailing and the inside is decked out in shades of blue.
♥Andy has a bloodhound named Hoss. He's ten.
♥Andy has three piercings in each ear and keeps them filled with silver hoops. In addition, her nose is pierced with a silver stud.
♥Andy hates the taste of butterscotch.


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