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Player: @First Player
Personal Data
Real Name: Clayton Lane
Occupation: Magician, Costumed Crimefighter
Known Aliases: Clay, The Amazing Fantasy
Base of Operations: The Copper Crown Theater
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Place of Birth: Confidential
World class magician and illusionist
Skilled hypnotist
Proficient chemist and engineer
Master of disguise

A lot of children grow out of their childhood dreams. Becoming an astronaut or a ballerina or maybe a professional athlete. Clayton Lane was not one of those children. He was determed to become the greatest magician who ever lived.

Magic was in his blood. Not literally, of course. His great-grandfather was a stage magician, his grandfather was a stage magician, and though Clayton's father wasn't one (he lacked the stage presence his father and his father before him possessed), he still owned and managed the theater that had been in their family for nearly a century.

"I hit the jackpot growing up in a family of magicians. My grandfather taught me everything he knew and man did that help wow kids on the playground."

Like the Lane family, The Copper Crown Theater has quite a history. Opened in the early-1900s and originally called the Copper Ale House, the friendly bar was later converted into a lounge club and then secretly a speakeasy when prohibition was enacted in 1920. After a spell of success, the bar was raided by police and the owner was jailed in 1925 and the Copper Ale House was shut down indefinitely.

When the repeal of prohibition came around in 1933, stage magician Jeremiah Lane legally purchased The Copper Ale House and converted it into a theater, rechristening it The Copper Crown Theater. And it had been in the Lane family ever since.

Until The Rikti invaded.

The hostile alien invasion not only brought about The Copper Crown's destruction, but the deaths of Clayton's parents as well. Distraught and with nothing holding him to the devastated city, Clayton left the country. Though deeply saddened by the loss of his parents, he still held onto his dream of becoming the greatest magician of all time.

"For a decade I traveled the world, training under some of the greatest magicians and illusionists. Escapology, hypnotism, mentalism, illusions, you name it. I've mastered it."

Ten years later, Clayton returned to Paragon City. He purchased the empty lot where his family's theater stood and rebuilt it, brick by brick. And in the years to come, it flourished. Opera performances, shakespearean plays, magic acts. Like Clayton Lane, The Copper Crown Theater was back.

One year after returning to the city, the Skulls gang came around attempting to extort money from Clayton in exchange for "protection" against outside threats. Clayton refused. Someone set fire to the theater the next night but luckily, Clayton was there to extinguish it before too much damage was done.

While languishing and deciding what course of action to take he happened to catch an old news reel about the anniversary of the death of The Breathtaking Balthazar, a 1920s era crimefighting stage magician. Inspired, Clayton decided to fight back against the criminal element threatening the city the only way he knew how - with a little bit of theatrics!


Master Magician: Clayton possesses no superhuman abilities but after having trained for nearly a decade under some of the greatest magicians in the world, he has become an expert magician and designer of magical tricks, gimmicks, and stage illusions.

Skillful Chemist & Engineer: Installed in the chestpiece of his costume is the bleeding-edge holographic projector Fantasy uses to create his 3D illusions. Nozzles in his gloves and gauntlets disperse various types of gasses Clayton has developed, such as a potent smokescreen that shields his movements, powerful hypnogens that make those around him more susceptible to his will and strong hallucinogens to cause vivid hallucinations. A combination of the hypnogens and hallucinogens, along with his holographic projector and a small cadre of mini-drones are how Fantasy achieves most of his illusions.

Master of Disguise: When investigating crimes and being in costume as Fantasy is impossible, Clayton frequently uses makeup and elaborate costuming to impersonate others and infiltrate locations where one is prohibited from entry.


Dutiful and respectful, Clayton carries the traditional values and ideals taught to him by his father and his grandfather. He is the archetypal gentleman. Chivalrous, responsible, and kindhearted, Clayton always tries to see the best in people. Although he views the world as a scary place he genuinely believes that that people are good and even the worst can be redeemed, a trait his foes often attempt to exploit.

  • Master of Illusions - A trickster by both nature and occupation, Fantasy employs trickery and deception to outsmart and defeat his enemies.
  • Large Ham - Boisterous and grandiose while in costume, Fantasy often refers to himself in the third person and uses theatrical gestures to better sell his actually possessing magical abilities. He is a performer, after all.
  • Escape Artist - Clayton's ability to escape death traps and "unbreakable" bonds is legendary. This comes from years of training by the best escape artists in the world.
  • Cool House - While Clayton owns and maintains the Copper Crown Theater, Fantasy's lair lies beneath it, hidden by trapdoors and trick walls. Containing all his gear and equipment, it also houses the vast collection of wigs, clothing and stage makeup Clayton uses as a master of disguise.

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