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"King's Row isn't as bad as everyone likes to think. At night, it's gritty and grimy. Shadows move in the alleys and Skulls punks roam the streets in packs, looking for their next meal. The area reeks of danger. But that's only one of its sides. As long as you don't go out alone at night, its pretty safe. You stick together with friends and you'll survive. You learn that quick growing up.

Ask anyone from the Row, and they'll tell you. It's real nice in the summer. It's not for everyone, sure. An acquired taste of the soul. But when the sun shines, lighting the sidewalk and reflecting off fire escapes, it's pretty dope. Girls playing double dutch while the boys watch and pretend they aren't. For those few, short months, you can almost pretend the problems don't exist. Ignore the drugs. Walk past the dope boys around the corner and pick up a sub at Rocco's Deli."

Player: @First Player

NAME: Miles Benedict
AGE: 27
OCCUPATION: Superhero, Inventor

  • Powersuit
    • Photon Blasts
    • Flight
    • Enhanced strength and durability


  • Superhuman intuitive talent at inventing


Don't skip the intro. It might be important.

Miles grew up under relatively unremarkable circumstances. No great traumas marred his childhood or adolescence. He was always a bright child, but the full scope of his intelligence didn't become apparent until he was in high school. Miles was fascinated by technology. All forms of it. As he grew, his technological aptitude progressed rapidly, even without increasing his study in such areas.

His teachers however, misunderstood his intellect and assumed he was a true genius, and moved him up to twelfth grade when he was just thirteen. But midway through the school year, it was apparent his brilliance only applied to math and engineering. He was promptly switched back to his proper grade level before the year had even ended. With a fervent passion for video games as well, Miles' social skills declined as he spent most of his time with technological devices and video-game consoles rather than people.

"It's not the greatest place to grow up, but when your back's against the wall and you've got nothing left, it'll do. We moved from Galaxy City down to the Row when I was six. Just my dad and me. Mom left a few weeks before. Didn't even say goodbye. Dad couldn't pay the bills by himself, so I got a job at Spencer's junk yard near Industrial Ave cleaning out sheds and stuff.
"We moved to the Row when I was six and It's barely changed since then. Same gangs, same turf wars. "Superheroes" rarely stopped through. You'd be hard pressed to name five heroes who regularly operated out of the Row. Back then, there was really only Charon. More of an urban legend than anything. We'd hear the dope boys fearfully reminisce about their encounters with him. They'd never admit it, but they were terrified. It was rare to see anybody else in tights."


You don't want to miss this next part.

The few friends Miles did have eventually succumbed to the gang life. It seemed like every other week, he'd hear about one of his friends getting hurt out in the streets. To keep himself out of trouble, he threw himself into his schoolwork. He joined his high school's Young Engineers Program. It was in the YEP that Miles really flourished. The club's advisers branded him a wunderkind. They said his technological ingenuity knew no bounds. He had half a dozen scholarships lined up before he knew it.

"I'd always been pretty good about taking things apart and putting them back together. In our crappy little apartment building, you got good at it real quick. It was weird with me though. I'd take something apart and study it, and then I'd just know how it worked. In YEP I thought I'd found my calling. It might sound a little arrogant, but I'm not afraid to say it; I was good at it,. Great even. My teachers called me a prodigy. I got acceptance letters from every college I applied to. But there was no way I was leaving my dad. Not in the condition he was in. He would've been out on the street not two minutes after I left. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if anything happened to him while I was away.

I became a bit like my dad after my college plans fell through. I fell off the grid completely. There was a whole week where I never even left the house. I might as well have been living underground. But eventually, for old times' sake, I visited Spencer's junk yard for the first time in awhile. He used to offer me a bunch of cheap tools before when I was working on projects in the YEP. He was cool. A little eccentric, but pretty alright. We sat around sometimes, just shootin' the breeze. I remember one day. We were sitting out back and he asked me what I planned to do now that I'd graduated. I told him I didn't know and I didn't really care at that point. That I was pretty much fed up the crappy hand I was dealt in life. I'll never forget what he told me. He said...

"Son... Life is like a game. How a man plays the game shows something of his character... How he loses shows all of it."


This is where things get interesting...

Miles had seen too many of his friends die due to gang violence. If he wasn't getting out of The Row, at least he could try and make it a better place.

"I was kicking around old boxes and cans in the yard after that, thinking about what he said when I found the thing that changed my life. Some old Sky Raiders' gear. Yeah. Sky Raiders' gear. In a junk yard. in King's Row. Just sittin' there in a pile. A pair of rocket boots, an old helmet, and a set of gloves. A little battered and scratched, but they still looked decent. And then, just like that, it clicked. Everything fit together. My chance to get off the bench and into the game".

It's not the end. Its just the next chapter.

After an illustrious career nearly a decade long, Miles stepped away from active crime-fighting and turned his focus towards other pursuits such as supporting less experienced heroes. Instead of selling his inventions to the highest bidders, he formed a tech company - Extra Life Solutions, focused on providing advanced medical technology to anyone and everyone. From energy-efficient diagnostic imaging machines to portable injection devices.


Check the settings.

As a kid he used to zap bugs with a homemade taser made from an old blender, a mini-fan, and some chicken wire. When he was twelve he shut down his middle school's entire computer network to get out of English class. At sixteen, he was manipulating ATM's into giving rather than receiving.

No longer the erratic and socially-awkward youth he used to be, Miles projects a more confident and capable attitude these days. As one of the youngest and most gifted inventors of his generation, Miles has become a sort of rockstar within the geek/tech world, his most recent claim-to-fame being 'The Slice' , a smart phone of his own design that's gained critical acclaim. Though highly sought after, Miles keeps the majority of both his tech and talent to himself, which keeps everyone in the business on the edge of their seats waiting for what might come next.

He's a self-confessed video-game addict. Everything from consoles to MMO's, to retro arcade games like Pac-Man. In fact, when not kicking superpowered ass or tinkering away in his lair, it's a good bet Miles is hanging out in one of the many arcades around the city. Just don't ask him to hit pause.

Superhuman Technological Intuitive Aptitude

Miles is a mutant with a superhuman intuitive talent for inventing mechanical devices, backed up by the ability to visually perceive mechanical energy in action. This power allows him to instinctively recognize the potential and functional uses of any machine or technological device in his visual range, a skill that combined with his natural intelligence gives him the ability to conceive, design and build highly advanced mechanical devices; and operate, modify and disassemble existing technology or create countermeasures for it.

Power Gloves
Magnetically channeled photonic energy beams are fired from the palms of his gloves.
In combat, Miles wears a high-tech visor that displays a hologram-like heads-up display that monitors such things as the energy levels of his gear, health readouts, mini-maps, etc. Being the hardcore gamer he is, Miles has customized the layout of his HUD to mimic first person shooters, with targeting reticles, objectives, and his enemies defenses.
A high-tech staff designed to fire concussive bolts of pulse energy, create force fields, and levitate objects.
Power Suit
In lieu of any physical superhuman abilities, Miles wears a lightweight, all-purpose combat suit (that is easily worn underneath his clothes), made from an imperivum-mesh weave material. The experimental material protects Miles from stabbings, while a high-tech "Power Belt" is incorporated into his suit that projects a thin force field around him and allows Miles to withstand more powerful impact forces, energy attacks, and gunfire.
Not necessarily an item he uses in battle, Savepoint is Miles' base of operations. His secret lair, his Batcave or what have you. Equipped with state of the art technology and an artificial intelligence named R.O.S.E. Inside the base, Miles has constructed a command center, which consists of a large bank of monitors capable of doing anything from monitoring crisis points around the city to playing the most advanced of video games available. He frequently watches Saturday morning cartoons on it. The base also possesses a high tech workshop, where Miles repairs his gear and builds new devices. The base itself is an old abandoned military bunker located under a junkyard in Kings Row.

Gear Maintenance:
Just like all technological devices, Miles' gadgets sometimes short out or overload and require regular maintenance.


High Score: Casey Peterson. Miles' fiance and the love of his life. Miles never really had any serious girlfriends before her. But when he met the ivory-haired bombshell, it was all over. To Miles, she's only girl that matters. Even if she's got the mouth of a sailor and the aggressiveness of a pissed-off pitbull.

Aglow: Lilah Brenner. She's an artsy chick Miles met years ago. An artist and tattooist, Lilah's personality is just as colorful as her wardrobe. Miles admires her artistic talents and endeavors. He also does tech work for her every now and then.


The Griefer: Miles' arch-nemesis who, for some reason, holds a personal grudge against him. He wears custom-made gravity armor, a high-tech, army green suit of armor that projects it's own force field using super small internal gravity generators. His rocket boots allow him to hover and his gauntlets fire blasts of energy. Miles apparently wronged him in the past, though he has no idea who the Griefer really is or what he did to him.

The Fainter: Edwin Codge is a d-list "supervillain" with delusions of grandeur. When touched by his left hand, his victims instantly fall unconscious. His enemies? Long sleeve shirts and body armor.

Doctor Devastation & his Mag-Men: Disgraced former seismologist Herman Howard accidentally stumbled upon a race of subterranean humanoid creatures made of magma while trying to prove his theory that all the world's volcanoes were building towards a massive explosion. Worshipped as a god by his new followers, Herman and his army returned to the surface to exact revenge on those who'd shunned him.

The Terror Twins: Mindy and Mandy Terra, also known as the Terror Twins, are two highly gifted and highly attractive young women who possessed the power of persuasion even before they discovered their telepathic abilities. The twins share a mental bond, and together, their psychic abilities are amplified to the point where they can move objects with their minds.

Boil: After a botched heist, stick-up artist Rodney Borrell tripped and fell down a ravine as he fled from police, into the murky and contaminated waters of Bloody Bay. Rodney washed up on the beach a week later, discovering he was no longer the man he used to be. He was extremely disfigured but could now manipulate and control bacteria.

Cold Shoulder: Once a promising (if self-centered) researcher in the field of cryonics, Sara Sleat was caught in a lab explosion that left her right arm twisted and mangled. Adding insult to injury, a corporate probe blamed her for the accident. She was fired and black-listed from the technology sector. Enraged, Sleat kidnapped a former associate and, with their combined technological genius, constructed the Cold Shoulder harness, an exo-frame for her chest and right arm that granted her incredible strength and the ability to drop objects to sub-zero temperatures with a touch.

RP Hooks
  • If you're into the tech world, you've more than likely heard of Miles. Feel free to recognize him in-game.


Crank it up.

"Invaders Must Die" by The Prodigy
"A Little Bit Cooler" by The Cool Kids
"Technologic" by Daft Punk
"All Due Respect" by Run The Jewels
"POWER" by Kanye West
"Opposite of Adults" by Chiddy Bang
"On My Block" by Scarface
"A.M. 180" by Grandaddy
"Breakfast Club" by DJ Z-Trip feat. Murs & Supernatural
"Grow Up" by Random
"Sometimes When You Lose, You Win" by Karate High School

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