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Player: DragonEye
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: James Cliff
Known Aliases: Flame, Lizard
Species: Red Dragon / Mutant
Age: 24
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: '
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: English
Occupation: Merc (occasional)
Place of Birth: Classified
Base of Operations: Classified
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father, Brother, Sister
Known Powers
Fire production, Control, immunity, increased strength, toughness, Flight (winged)
Known Abilities
Practiced Brawler





If anything, Flameclaw is motivated by a mixture of need, and thrill of adventure. He does not consider himself a villain: if anything he is neutral, but does tend to leave some morality to the side at times in combat or when trying to get a job done, but he tries not to kill innocents.


Flameclaw is for the most part, fairly easy going. He is neither quick to anger or prone to outbursts of emotion. He has a laid back attitude to life that can probably be attributed to the longevity of his species.


James Cliff seemed to have a problem with Pyromania in his younger years. His parents thought he was going through a phase as he grew, but it was one he never grew out of. He had multiple visits to phychiatrists to try and solve the problem, but nothing seemed to work. He ended up burning down his family house once during his sleep, prompting a beating from his father. He was shocked as he had been asleep at the time, not knowing where the flame came from: but due to is history and flaw, the blame was naturally on his shoulders, with the fire originating in his room. He was also suspected of setting several other fires, even burning down his school. He wanted to stop.. but there was just something within him that drew him to fire and flame.

When he was in his mid teens he found out why; when he found out he was a mutant. The change came across him overnight.. he went to sleep early, feeling ill with a high temperature and a fever.. falling asleep very quickly. When he awoke, he found himself.. changed. He had the power to create fire, breath it and control it. He was immune to heat and flame and could breathe fine even in an inferno. However this blessing also had another aspect: he found himself to be a physical mutant also, turning into a humanoid Red Dragon. He was freaked out and at a loss for action. After a half hour of indecisiveness he did the only thing he could think to do: he fled. Packing a bag of things and dressing as best he was able, having to modify some of his clothes to accommodate new features such as his tail and wings, he opened his window and escaped into the night. Flight came naturally to him, and he fled into the hills. His next week of life was spent as a scavenger, stealing into the town in the early hours for food, moving around the country till one night he came across another mutant, one who introduced him to an underground mutant gang who all possessed mutations that made them unable to fit into society. His next year was spent with the gang. They eventually were found by underground Arachnos agents from Mako's wing, who took them to the rogue isles with promises of pay and money in return for their talents. On the isles, Flame left them to go his own way. He soon found work as an enforcer for a local criminal gang with connections to the family, though eventually left them to make his own way, finding his powers made him a formidable force.

Flameclaw cos.jpg


Flame Related

Flameclaw is able to create fire, even in places where none exist. He is also able to breath it as any other Dragon can, with this being his favored tactic to attack at range.

The ability to control flame: he can make it die down to nothing, or enhance it into an inferno. It can also be thought of as a 'flame telekinesis', he can move it around, control where it burns and even make it flow over and around things in thin air. He has practiced enough to be able to create a solid sword out of fire. He uses this as a favored weapon. He can also create various other shapes out of flame too. He also uses this to create flame armor for himself, he creates fire around him for protection, somehow being able to 'harden' the flames around him for extra armor when need be, despite how it apparently breaks the laws of physics, its a magical ability. He sheathes his fists and claws in super hot flame when in serious combat for extra damage.

Flameclaw is immune to heat and flame, his fiery nature also provides him with excellent protection against cold and ice attacks also.

Flameclaw is immune to all aspects of fire, including the need to breath oxygen. He can breath the product of fire: carbon dioxide aswell as oxygen. He is also immune to smoke, being able to breath it just fine. As a creature of fire, Flameclaw is actually actively healed by flame, though as he would say 'Its more like a high speed regeneration when in flames..'


As a dragon, Flame is covered in super hard scales. These provide excellent protection against all attacks, able to turn away bullets and blades with ease.

Self explanatory: when all else fails, these things can work as a last resort. They're dragon claws and teeth, so much harder than natural ones.

He is much stronger than a human, able to lift about 25 tons over his head when calm. He's also much tougher in all aspects, muscles and bones capable of taking superhuman stress and impact. When angry he can get up to twice as strong.

Again, self explanatory. He's a practised flyer.

He heals much faster than a human. He's also immune to diseases and poisons, his blood burns them up instantly.

Not exactly a 'power', but Dragons live a very very long time.. James has over ten thousand years of natural life ahead of him.

Flameclaw can assume the form of a full dragon at will, with it arguably being his 'natural' form now. He tends to spend most of his time as a humanoid dragon though, theres not many spaces that could fit the bulk of a full sized dragon. He measures over 100ft in length in this form and is vastly stronger and tougher.


James carries around a pistol at his side: a revolver by choice. He does not use it for serious combat: its just there for show mainly, still, he has a moon clip and some loose rounds in a flame proof pouch at his belt. He has made the mistake of getting too hot before now, causing the ammo to go off and mess up his clothes.



He does not need to eat or drink, he gains all sustenance naturally from being in a fire or from the presence of magic, whether a leyline, a nexus, or proximity to magical items. He still eats and drinks from habit though, mostly for pleasure.

He does indeed have a bed of golden coins. He was surprised to find them very comfortable to rest on for a dragon. He tried it once when he gained a bunch of them from raiding a council vault, merely to see if there was something to the myths. He wont admit to sleeping on them though.


Humanoid Attributes

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Dragon Attributes

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