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Frank Bigelow of the Cerulean Legion
Frank Bigelow
Player: @NeverBorn
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: same
Known Aliases: none yet known
Species: Human
Age: Frank has the mind of a 33 year old.
Height: 6'
Weight: 137 lbs.
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black (tinted green with mold)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Formerly a film professor at PCU. Currently unemployed.
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: same
Marital Status: Marriage ended by his presumed death.
Known Relatives: Father (John Bigelow) and Mother (Barbara Bigelow).
Known Powers
Energy Blast / Energy Melee
Known Abilities
Handyman, encyclopedic knowledge of American cinema
Frank is officially considered deceased by the world at large.

Frank was made specifically for the Cerulean Legion. I wanted to experiment with a character who should by all rights be dead, but that was brought back to life to fulfill an unknown purpose. It's the search for purpose that inspired me.



Frank is currently a Sentinel within The Cerulean Legion.


Frank Bigelow was a popular film history professor at Paragon City University when he was targeted by a roving pack of Vahzilok fiends. They abducted Frank, drugged him, tortured him, and ultimately killed him. As the final touch to their atrocity, Frank's brain was removed from his body and placed inside a stitched-together replacement, an Embalmed Cadaver-to-be.

Before the makeshift Frank could be reawakened, Cerulean Legion member Joshua Caine arrived on the scene, following a shard-induced hunch. Caine easily mopped up the Vahzilok, but found no living souls to rescue. As he prepared to leave, Caine noticed his extra Shard pulsing fiercely. Curious, Caine moved the Shard around the area as a test, and found it reacted strongly to the dormant zombie lying on the slab. Caine trusted the shard and allowed it to come into physical contact with the creature. To Caine's surprise, the shard merged with the body and charged it with cerulean energy. The creature -- Frank -- collapsed to the ground, vomiting formaldehyde.

Frank's mind is completely restored thanks to the power of the shard, but his original body is lost. As a result, Frank Bigelow is officially deceased, and allows his wife and parents to believe this is the truth. Frank quietly uses his own name when acting as a Legionnaire, but keeps it out of the papers so that his loved ones never find out what he's truly become.


Frank's powers are granted by his Source Shard, the well from which the power of The Cerulean Legion is drawn.

Energy Blast

Frank is able to channel concentrated energy through his body and direct these blasts outward toward his enemies. The blasts are concussive in nature and deliver enough force to send grown men off of their feet. As Frank has honed his skill, he has found different ways or channeling the blasts, both in speed and potency.

Frank unleashing his full force

Energy Melee

By concentrating, Frank is able to focus the shard energy around his fists, giving him an incredibly potent weapon in close quarter combat. Frank uses his energy punches primarily as a tool to send an enemy flying and put them back into the line of fire for his devestating blasts.

Other Powers


As with all members of the Legion, Frank can channel the power of the shard to fly through the air.


Before the attack, Frank was a film professor at PCU specializing in film history in the United States. Although he finds little practical use for his film knowledge these days, he tries to keep up on the latest films and trends.

Frank is of average intelligence, but has found work as a handyman and groundskeeper. He prefers to keep busy, as not to spend too much time thinking about his condition.

Frank blending in

Frank has no need for food, water, or even air. When he breathes, he does so solely to assist with speech. He has avoided food ever since the change, unsure of what an undigested meal could do to his body.

Frustrations and Recent History

Initially, Frank found his condition intriguing. Despite the personal trauma, Frank was thrilled to experience the power of being a superhero in Paragon City and, specifically, a member of the respected Legion. Frank quickly gained the reputation for a cheerful, if mistake-prone fellow who just happened to be in an unfortunate physical state. Recently, it's become clear this was part of the initial shock. Frank has become much more despondent and depressed, feeling a distinct lack of connection with those around him in the Legion.

In January, Frank stepped away from his handyman job for a bit of fresh air, but fell prey to a Vahzilok ambush. Unable to remove the source shard from Frank, the Vahzilok worked towards brainwashing him in an attempt to have a Legionnaire on their side. Over the course of several months Frank suffered, finally escaping their clutches. The stress of the abduction coupled with Frank's already fragile mental state temporarily caused him to scale back patrol duties.

Frank Space copy.jpg

Rise of the Gray Mourner

Frank Bigelow recently responded to a call for help from Salamanca authorities. Pastor Damien MacNeil -- Salamanca resident and unwitting Mu descendant -- had been kidnapped by Circle of Thorns mystics who intended to merge the Pastor with a demonic force. Frank (and sometimes partner Fickle) attempted a rescue. There was an accident. Instead of rescuing MacNeil, the pastor was absorbed and twisted by the dark magical forces into a murderous creature -- the Gray Mourner. The Mourner killed Fickle, and Frank barely escaped. Since that time, Frank has been scouring the city for signs of the creature, feeling responsible for bringing it into the world. Every person the Mourner kills deepens Frank's resolve.

In recent months, the Mourner has been spotted throughout Lord Recluse's Rogue Isles, drawn by unknown reasons. Frank has quietly begun late night raids into the heart of Arachnos's territory, hiding in plain sight by removing his cerulean colors. So far, he has had no luck in tracking down the Mourner. Instead, he's twice had to escape into orbit to elude pursuing Arachnos Fliers.


Frank is friendly and eager most of the time, rarely willing to show his darker emotions. He tends to get over-excited, which could be a byproduct of his learning his powers. Frank is always ready with a joke or a helping hand, although even this behavior is becoming more erratic.



Frank Bigelow/DOA

Frank Bigelow/Sommersby

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