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The Ancient
Floating through the world
43 Magic Scrapper
Martial Arts / Regeneration
Player: Sheryl
Activity Level: Frequent
Basic Information
Real Name: Confidential
Aliases: None known
Titles: None
Rank: Defiant Fist
Physical Identifiers
Species: Ghost, Formerly Human
Sub-Type: N/A
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Weightless
Build: Light
Complexion: Transparent
Eye Color: Always Closed
Hair Color: White
Distinguishing Features
Is transparent.
Always floating in the air.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: Undocumented
Birthplace: Undocumented
Nationality: Undocumented
Residence: Confidential
Occupation: Spirit Monk
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
Known Powers
Skills & Abilities
Modified Uniform
Fumiyo's Reciprocator uniform is actually an etherial construct, created with the help of Maggie Blossom.




Fumiyo is a mix of concept. She first and foremost an incarnation of my extreme patience and sometime wisdom in the real world. Second, she is based off the game Jade Empire. Third, the bulk of her wisdom, and mine, is that gleamed from many many sources of material. Her background is a mix of Jade Empire, Sword of Truth, Wheel of Time, Saga of Fire and Ice, the Forgotten Realms, Magic: The Gathering, and other sources of fantasy. Do not scoff this, these books while entertaining also contain some important insights and conventional wisdom regarding the real world. And to supplement my immense supply of fantasy background, I support it with my History Major, my study into religions around the world and personal experience. As I've said on Fumiyo, "Remember child, mortals make catagories and rules and traditions to help them understand the world beyond their perpection. Nothing is truly black or white. The world is drawn in shades."


Fumiyo is the last of what was when she lived an already ancient order of Spirit Monks. She became a ghost at the destruction of her home, the monastery her order lived in. A greedy ruler tried to take and harness the power of their Goddess, and failed. In the attempt through, Fumiyo ended up channeling the full power of her goddess and was killed. By her deity's will she lives on as a spirit, continuing the works of her order in helping the lost spirits of the dead and those living who have strayed into the world of the spirits.


Life to Death


When Fumiyo became a ghost, she died in a room flooding with the power of her goddess even as she landed a killing blow on the man trying to take that power. The resulting backlash killed and yet reanimated Fumiyo as a spectral ghost. She became an avatar of her Goddess of the Cycle of Life and Water. She since wandered the world taking care of spirits that couldn't find there way onward and stopping others from abusing the powers or taking power from the spectral world. She had thought the incident that made her done with till again it happened. For most of 2009 and beginning of 2010 Fumiyo has been traveling the world to set right things that had fallen and been corrupt.



Fumiyo is a ghost, a spirit, a spectral being, and undead or whatever you class a 3000 year old Spirit Monk turned Avatar of her goddess. Fumiyo's strongest strength comes both from her dual condition and her age. 3000 years is time to learn all of life's lessons and then some. And being a ghost helps, in allowing her to flit about the world with ease, unseen except when she wants to be. Her second condition, Avatar of her Goddess, grants her the strength and power to continue interacting with the world at large. When she draws on large amounts of strength from her Goddess, also known as the Water Dragon by some or Goddess of Rebirth, spectral dragon wings appear on her back and a blueish aura surrounds her, serpentine dragons just visible in it.

Martial Arts

The order of spirit monks was not necessary the most peaceful. While they kept themselves above and beyond the quarrels of the world, they could defend themselves with ease. And further more, not all spirits willing followed the beacon to there temple and portal to rebirth within. When they had to venture into the world to find these spirits, knowledge of fighting often insured survival, against both mortal and otherworld dangers. Fumiyo is a wellspring of ancient martial arts and weapon forms. Her strength is unflagging as a spirit, and the chill of death she leaves behind insure her martial art techniques remain effective on mortal flesh, through her attacks are all aimed at the soul and spirit.

Living as a Ghost(regen)

Fumiyo's spectral status grants her many advantages, but with it come disadvantages. While she can take more than a mortal, and continue on when some would have fallen, the more contact with living spirits she has the more damage done to her spectral shape, requiring more energy to sustain herself till she falls apart as it was. She can never truly be killed through, and will always reappear after a short time on her own through some powers can help speed the process.


Fumiyo is very old, having been born and died in a time before written history. As such, she knows the lessons the world has to offer better than most, and always tries to pass them on without directly revealing them or interfering in other's stories. She holds to the belief everyone needs to learn life on their own, but knows everyone sometimes needs help along the way and therefore she never hesitates to help. She is always amused by the going on of the mortal realm and often seems to be aware of the cosmic joke.

Spiritual form

Fumiyo is a spirit. She doesn't truely exist in the physical world, but just hangs halfway between it and the spiritual world. She tends to phase in and out of the two at all times without seeming to realize it. In a fight, she can temporary focus her energy into a single contact point and through that interface with the physical world causing different effect dependent upon her desires. Because she's a spirit, her energy gives her substance and as such can cause damage far beyond what her form might suggest.


Fumiyo is blind to the physical world. She can't see what a person wears, looks like, their hair color, their weapons, or anything else physical about them. She instead see people by the aura they emit. All living things have such, through some have learned how to hide it. Others, like true androids or robots, lack such auras and she can't feel their presence, only know them by the sound they make. The earth itself is also made up of essences and auras, that help her decipher what the physical world around her looks like and whats occurred recently. Because she views people by their auras, this gives her greater ability to read someone, to know what they may be thinking or what their real personality is or when they lie among some things.

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