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Artist's Rendition of Funktronic Felina
Funkatronic Felina
Player: WesFox13 (@Amazing Felina)
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Vanessa Airea
Known Aliases: "Funka" (as a nickname)
Species: Human although she calls her "species" "Panthera Leo Sapiens" when in her superhero form
Age: 27
Height: 7' 2"
Weight: approx. 210 pounds
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Crimefighter/Scientist/Archaeologist
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Invincibility, "Toon Inflation".
Known Abilities
Intelligent, Cunning, Persuasive and Clever.


Funkatroinc Felina was born Vanessa Airea in San Francisco, California. In her early years she spent alot of time studying science and mathematics. She wasn't that much of an outgoing girl but she always liked costumes. She always liked the idea of going out as someone you really wanted to be. She had gotten good grades from elementary school all the way to high school. After Graduating high school she went to a local community college in the San Francisco area. One night when she was experimenting with a new genetic compound in order to finish up a school project while her cheerleader roommates went off to a costume party, something caused the compound she had accidentally placed on a wobbly shelf along with some lion, cheetah, cougar and leopard fur as well as some odd rubber compound to fall on to her and mix together as they fell on her head. As first she was completely distressed at what happened and that she would have to start over. She cleaned up the mess while accidentally getting a small cut on her finger that a drop of the mixed compounds went into. She quickly washed off the blood from her finger and found that it was completely healed. She then looked at herself and she then realized she had forgotten her glasses in her back pack. Almost not realizing it she stretched her arm outwards across the entire room to grab it and after she had put them on she shrieked in surprise at what her arm was doing. Her arm quickly snapped back to its normal shape. She then quickly went to her bathroom and felt her face a bit. It stretched and deformed with her every poke and prod. She then stretched her body taller and then shorter and to every shape she could think of. Although she looked at her little chest and then got an idea. She then inhaled a lot of air and then began to blow into her thumb. Surprisingly her bust grew to that of one of her cheerleader roommates. She then got a sly smile on her face and decided to change her appearance a bit for the costume party, she tried a few different forms until she came up with a good one. She blew into her thumb and her clothes and body changed into the now-familiar form of Funkatronic Felina.

She then started to go to the costume party when she saw someone being mugged in an alleyway. She then walks up the mugger and tells him to let the victim go. He then threatens to shoot but almost in an instant she was right against him and had his gun in his hand. She then crushes it in her hand and drops it. The mugger being persistent takes out a knife and tries to stab her. Funka covers her face but surprisingly the knife just bends and breaks when it strikes her chest. She then looks down at it and she grins a bit Cracking her knuckles. The mugger runs off scared as the victim thanks Vanessa for saving her and asks her who she is. Vanessa thinks for a moment and says, "Funkatronic Felina.". She just came up with the name on the spot after what she looks like and what she's wearing. Funka then walks to the costume party and shows off her "costume" to the other patrons of the party and has fun for a few hours until a news report about the person she just saved came on the television with an artists rendering of herself based on the description the saved mugging victim gave. Everyone looked at her and cheered her on. Funka not familiar to all of this attention to her self, blushes and then thinks that maybe she could do alot of good with these new powers.

A new Beginning in Paragon City

Vanessa Airea after asking for a transfer to a Paragon City university, moved there to continue her education but also to start her crimefighting career. She had started out like many Heroes in Atlas Park, fighting off muggers and gang members as well as Circle of Thorns Members as well as The Lost and some Rikiti stragglers that were left over from the war. Her missions varied between saving hostages and stopping the plans of Archanos with the PCM in Faultline. As well as trying to stop her evil double from an alternate universe with another good double of herself from an alternate universe. Soon She or rather Funkatronic Felina was slowly getting well known in Paragon City.


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