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Player: @IronSpyder
Origin: Science
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Carissa Schivoy
Known Aliases: Grav, Doc, Cari
Species: Human
Age: mid 30s
Height: 5'-9"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Former Crey Corp Research Scientist
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Peregrine Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Gravity Control / Kinetics Manipulation
Known Abilities
Power Armor, Wireless direct link to master computer systems
No additional information available.



Xieba - Songbird's Refuge SG


Engulfing herself in her work, Dr. Carissa Schivoy was ever the awkward one when it comes to what most people refer to as "normal" everyday social interaction. She is much more comfortable with her work than with other people. She was once a lead research scientist for the Crey Corporation but if you ask her about it she will most certainly change the subject in an attempt to avoid answering. She is now in her mid 30s and is shy especially around people she does not know. She does not talk much and when she does it is usually quiet or under her breath. Having little "super powers" of her own she has designed a system that enhances her inherent skills allowing her greater control over gravity and energy. Although not really able to fight she is able to aid others by providing support. Always feeling a bit like she is in the way or inadequate, "not really a hero" as she calls herself, she is always trying to find ways to improve her tools and skills.


Very shy around people especially those that she does not know well. Tends to keep to herself and to her work. Can be hot tempered at times especially when her inventions are scrutinized. Very protective of her friends. Intelligent and quick to learn new tactics enables her to overcome most odds. Will gladly give her life to save her comrades.




During the first Rikti invasion her parents were killed when a Rikti bomb exploded in the street near thier house. Seeing the bomb outside their house he instinctively threw himself on top of her and her mother in an attmept to protect them from the blast. This worked, however it cost him his life. Her mother survived long enought to make it to the hospital but soon passed from her injuries. She was adopted later by Dr. Sarah Forsyth a scientist working for the Portal Corporation.


Taking advantage of a special grant that was being offered by the Crey Corporation for students with exceptional intellegence she was able to attend college for free. After which her only obligation was to work for them for 5 years in the department of their choosing. She was placed into the research and Development department where she worked on adapting new and strange technologies into tools that she was lead to beleive were to be used to help people. It was only after being promoted to lead researcher did she find out the real truth. Crey Industries was using her inventions and research information to forward their own, sometimes ruthless endeavors for taking control of the city. Outraged by this she confronted her management but was soon warned against taking anything she had learned public. After that she began researching things more under the radar and keeping things to herself. Completely losing almost all trust in everything that anyone told her only beleiving in what she could create or prove for herself. As soon as her obligation to Crey had ended she immediately severed all ties with them and proceeded to look for work elsewhere taking as much of her research notes as she could get away with before embedding small viruses of programmed glitches as she liked to refer to them into all of her work to keep them from functioning at full capability. This little trick, after being discovered a few years later by the Crey Corporate, has put her on the company's black list and now renders her continually hounded and often times hunted by some of its more radical factions.


Feeling guilty that her work had been put to use in rather distasteful ways she began working in the Portal Corporation in an attempt to repay what wrongs her work may have done. Working closely with heroes made her feel better about the work she was doing but she could never rid herself of the memories of her past work no matter how hard she tried. The biggest change in her life came when traveling home one evening after a long day of work when she was attacked by a gigantic flame covered demon lord and its summoner from one of the local Circle of Thorns cultist groups. Just when she thought that she was about to pay for her past sins the demon and its mage were instantly incinerated in a whirl of flames, ash, and screams. Hovering overhead was a strange woman like figure that had saved her from the attack. After the initial shock of what just happened passed the figure had introduced herself as Xieba and that she was a hero that had been looking for Carissa for quite some time. She learned that Xieba had been pulled from her world by a portal and had been searching for a way to get back ever since. Wanting to help Xieba, Carissa started researching everything that had to do with portal technology in an attempt to help her new friend return home. Thus started the long friendship between Carissa and her best friend Xieba.

Current Developments

After Xieba saved her life Carissa started researching portal technologies but could never seem to get them to open without specific coordinates. She searched for any information that Portal may have had but nothing was on record. Then one day, the Rikti came again to Paragon bringing with them the destruction that she had been witness to in her childhood. As she stood outside of the main Portal Corp headquarters building in Peregrine island she was horrified to see incoming Rikti forces and many a hero battling with nothing at all that she could do to help. After that day of so much blood shed she began adapting her inventions and research so taht she could put it to use in rendering support to the ones that were brave and strong enough to be called heroes. So as to not draw attention to herself and keep the security clearance and tools that were available to her at Portal Corp she started leading a double life. She donned the namd Gravilon and began field training and testing herself and her equipment in Atlas Park. After some trial and error she bagan getting used to the idea of helping others while all the time secretly troubled that she never was a real heroes with no real powers. This is why she continues to create and invent new tools so that she may provide better support for thsoe that are in her mind the true heroes out there.

New Home

Being a loner was always something that Carissa had been accustomed to but always made her feel like an outsider. She remembers meeting Agent 3-X for the first time like it was yesterday. She was the kind of person that when she looked at you she made shivers go right through you but at the same time could make you feel at ease by simply speaking with you. She was definitely not one to have as an enemy. After a brief conversation she offered Carissa a home base of operations of sorts with the Stiletto-Heeled Enforcers Super Group. Although she finally started feeling accepted she quickly started to realize that she was surrounded by extremely talented and powerful women super heroes which again made her feel like she was in the way. This coupled with her research in aiding her friend Xieba to get home fuels her desire to improve on her capabilities so that she can continue to render as much support to her newly found friends whenever called upon.

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