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"It's useless, when you see what I'll do to you..."
Player: @Jupi Knight
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: 30
Personal Data
Real Name: Piper Mihailov
Known Aliases: Pip, Piper
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Brownish red
Biographical Data
Citizenship: America, Russia
Occupation: None.
Place of Birth: Russia
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single. Asexual/Confused.
Known Relatives: "Finnigan" - Her gun. "Sampson" - Her Apache knuckle duster.
Known Powers
Radiation emision, snipe
Known Abilities
Manipulative, persuasive and batshit insane.
Finnigan, Sampson, typically small knives in a boot. Misc equipment hidden in her belt.

"Dirt Room" - Blue October
"Panic Switch" - Silversun Pickups
"Black Betty" - Ram Jam
"Electric Worry" - Clutch
"Get Your Gunn" - Marilyn Manson
"In The House In A Heartbeat" - John Murphy
"Russian Roulette" - Rihanna

Songs most hummed by Piper while fighting:
"Moonlight Sonata" - Ludwig Von Beethoven
"Swan Lake Waltz" - Tchaikovsky

(Profile picture art by Wolvtrune!)
(Banner art by Mike!)

Piper Mihailov grew up with your stereotypical impoverished Russian family. Her father, part of the militia was often gone, while her mother was a factory worker, spending most of her time doing everyone else's dirty work. At the age of twelve, Piper started to notice that things were changing in her small hometown. People in strange helmets would bark orders, and had begun commanding her father. Her mother was beaten if she did not live up to the standards of these soldiers, returning home to a sobbing Piper who had to tend to the wounds. Her father tried to quit, leave it all- It wasn't worth it. Their food had been rationed, money taken. They didn't have much in the first place, and this new army had begun to take it too far. They wanted out.

The military had began fumigating the areas in order to keep their 'prisoners' in line with some sort of drug. It messed with everyone's heads from time to time. People would see and hear things that weren't really there. All Piper knew was that this smog had covered her whole town by the time she woke up one morning, and posters were plastered on the walls of every building. Arachnos. That's what they called themselves. Leaking radiation into their homes and abusing her people. She couldn't let this happen. After a time, Piper's father started noticing the girl's potential. She was able heal the ill by the simplest touch. She could clear a room of smog for a small time. It was strange. But it seemed the radiation had effected her... positively.

The families were made to wear masks, of their own will, and special clothes so the radiation wouldn't effect their features. It had already started tearing through people's systems like a disease. Unstoppable. Piper's face had grown to look burned. Scarred. She'd never look the same. It was around the age of fourteen that Piper and her family had packed up the few things they owned and tried to sneak from the country. Though it didn't take long before Arachnos had caught them trying to board a ferry to leave. Seeing her parents knocked in the face by the butt of a rifle is never an easy sight for a young child. It was Piper's chance to try and prove herself. To save what little she had, and what she could salvage. Though they were in an area that Piper knew her "powers" could be amplified, it seemed she couldn't muster the power to heal her parents. Though.. It could take only a moment for a keen eye to find a gun. Guns. Her dad used guns. He was a wonderful aim. As men crowded her parents, the girl took the small window of opportunity she had to snatch an assault rifle. Twice her size, it took her a time to figure out how to work the machine.

A perfect shot. Three men were left in pools of their own blood by her hand. Piper had a new talent.

Her parents were lost, though. No matter how hard she tried, her powers wouldn't heal them. They had been beaten too badly and lost too much blood in the time it took her to shoot down the three soldiers. Swallowing her pride she was determined to move on with her life. Stealing a gas mask from a fallen Arachnos was her only way to hide her face at the time from others. She snuck on the ferry and was on her way to the Isles.


Ashamed of her face and how she came to acquire her powers, she hid her face and became a hermit. Living alone in a small abandoned apartment in St. Martial until she was old enough to work, she toiled away days at a time plotting to get back at Arachnos for what they had done to her, her life, and her family. A small cat came into her life which she dubbed "Finnigan". He was a fat, old, but lovable cat. He smelled a bit, but Piper couldn't really smell, anyway. One day Finnigan came home with a few scratches and claw marks. Surely a fight with another cat, but after years in such an intoxicated state from Russia to the Isles.. Piper's mind immediately jumped to the conclusion that Arachnos had harmed her best friend. She healed the feline as long as she could until he would one day pass away around her eighteenth birthday. She had been working rogue to keep enough money for her and Finnigan to be fed. Devastated and a little on edge, she spent a month's worth of money on what else but a gun. A beautiful gun. It looked just like Finnigan.. Well.. To her.. And he spoke, too..

Piper is most likely seen as a fully (physically) developed child. Not so much as Mad Laz, of course. She's rather friendly in most situations, though if she has Finnigan strapped to her back, he'll advise her to stay away from certain people. Such as in the D, Finnigan knows who to steer Piper away from. Perverts, of course. She has no real clue about sex other than watching porn from time to time on the big screen with Indescribable. Cluless as she is, she can hold an intelligent conversation, depending on the topic. Murder? Sure. Porn? Now, she can!

When a situation arises where Piper is instructed, or asked to remove her mask.. There might be a bit of confrontation. Piper, in her mental state, seems to believe that her mask IS her face. Only the front muzzle is ever removed to eat or drink. Though it's unclear if she removes the mask to shower, she has never been seen with it off, leaving people to believe she's a rather hideous monster underneath. This simply.... may or may not be true.

Piper's uncanny ability to be indescriably innocent towards her own sexual indifferences is unimaginable. The woman has been described as asexual, lacking the complete desire to have sex, or even enjoy the idea of sex. That's not so much the case, more that she has no idea what is involved in sex. Men, women, inanimate objects-- Piper holds a small form of attraction towards these things. Be it loving, towards a table... Or brotherly, with a human, it's hard to describe what possibly goes through the girl's mind. But, for all intents and purposes, the girl has no clue what sex is, other than people putting penises in holes on the television.


Though Piper may seem a little mentally off, she understands she can be seen as "weird." Advised frequently to take mental health tests, she has the capability of passing them everytime.
Smarter than she looks, it would seem. Her favorite test taken is always the Rorschach test. No matter how many times she sees a simple ink blot, it always forms into something amazing. Of course she could never tell a doctor that she saw a giant cat with a missile launcher in his arms taking out Lord Recluse, it's always amusing to her!

Though it's mostly a charade- she is a little nuts. Not that it's her fault, of course. She can manipulate and play off people's emotions easily, quickly able to turn the tables on anyone that questions her sanity. Whether it be with her mind or with the aim of Finnigan to someone's forehead, her point always gets across.

In her own mind, nothing she does is wrong. She's perfectly rational and a goddess in her own world. A beauty, a vision, someone to be desired. Of course in reality she knows that's not true. Even being mistaken as a male by fellow Breakouts' member Mad Laz. A little offended by this, she tried not to let it get the best of her. The crazy bitch knows she's a woman, and is damn proud of it... Though she doesn't QUITE understand what that means.

She tries her best to take insults and misconstrued thoughts in stride, however... What Finnigan has to say about it isn't always so wonderful.



Finnigan - Finnigan. The big boy. More or less treated like a cat, this assault rifle is a deadly foe to have, indeed. 'Feeding' Finnigan 'treats' is one of Piper's favorite past-times. Making him a 'fat kitty'... Of course, there aren't enough bullets in the world to make this metal weapon chubby at all.


Sampson - Sampson is simply an apache knuckle duster that Piper found on the street after knocking out a local Mook. The identification in the man's wallet read that his name had been Sampson. From there out, this fabulous little knuckle ornament has become quite handy in knocking obscure people in the jaw.

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