Gemini Spirit

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Gemini Spirit
Player: @Zyxith
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Emily Yuki
Known Aliases: "Emi"
Species: Human
Age: Late Twenties
Height: 5 Foot, 8 Inches
Weight: Agile
Eye Color: Human: Black - Alter: Silver
Hair Color: Human: Black - Alter: Amethyst
Biographical Data
Nationality: Half Japanese
Occupation: Shinigami
Place of Birth: Colorado
Base of Operations: Wanders
Marital Status: Ex-Wife: Sarah Lance
Known Relatives: Twin Brother: Glacier Sagittarius
Known Powers
Martial Artist
Known Abilities
Super Reflexes
No additional information available.

To Wander & To Ponder... "The Innocent Elusive - Born in Battle"


[Dear Diary]


My Twin Brother and I were Born in the cold month of November, in the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado. However, shortly after our birth, our parents split up. I was too young to have known why, yet my Japanese Mother was loving and raised me. It was not until I became a teenager that I finally got to meet my Brother which had been living with his American Father, who was unfortunately quite the heartless man. Why did I leave my home in Kyoto? It is gone... as is my Mother. Luckily, Brother took me in. That is, after Father was gone too. Both parents died of illness. Brother never had issues with living alone, and so we took care of each other.


I recall it was Spring, the scent of cherry blossoms in the air. Yet, it was night and raining. My brother and I were outside, walking about the local park. We were enjoying a conversation while glancing up to the stars in the sky. That is, the ones we could see, mostly cloudy. Yes, there were dark clouds... a storm coming in, yet nothing we would have worried about. Single umbrella in hand, his eyes were straight along the path, talking. I kept noticing a mysterious black cloud, seeming to swirl. Then, a sudden flash of lightning behind us from the area my focus was on above. My vision shaking as I turned to my Brother.

He stood in a defensive stance as I could felt slightly faint, as if my body was without weight. I couldn't move as my expression was that of panic, even before I could tell what had landed. A shadow, that was all. It was as if there were features to this being, yet all I could visually form in my sight was that flame like shade. Glowing orbs for eyes and a wicked grin. Then, the sound of a spinning blade entered my ears. A scythe, long and still without detail as my mind could not process it, as if this individual was cloaked. Only seconds had gone by before I felt myself black out. Nothing... no sound, nor light...

Once I finally regained myself I could see my Brother held up by this creature. Hair fallen over his unconscious face, cuts and blood as if he was in a deep battle and losing. In a swift movement, I saw the weapon drawn back and about to finish him off. My eyes widening, heart pausing as I let out a terror filled scream. I had been trained in Martial Arts by Brother, yet I could do nothing as he was being hurt, about to be killed. I felt a burning in my legs as they finally gave way to listen to my will. Without thought, I moved, ran, sprinting toward this evil being. Before I knew it, I skipped a few steps, as if my body went beyond the limits of distance. Kicking powerfully at the shadow, watching as my Brother's body was released. His motionless, yet still breathing form falling to the ground as I turned my face to watch. Smiling, thinking he was safe.

It was then I felt it. Cold, as the feeling of my torso being cut was felt. When I opened my eyes, I was in my Brother's arms, the rain still falling down over us. I smiled up as the shadow being had gone. Surely we were safe at last. Hair fallen half over my eyes as droplets fell onto my cheek. It was rain, right?... no. It was my brother's tears. I was safe, as was he... why was he crying? I then glanced with blurry vision to the side. Seeing a body far from my location. Who?... wait.. legs... who's legs? My eyes wide once more as I could tell. they were my legs. I understood. I had protected him... and as my vision faded into darkness, I merely heard my beloved Brother yelling out my name. I am... glad you... are well, dearest Brother...


Consciousness came back to me for what felt like years in darkness. Did I truly die? It is difficult to explain my awakening, my being reborn as a spirit. I am a ghost, living in the spirit realm, other side or whichever humans decide to call it. This after life is full of mystery and complex laws that can barely be explained by Earthly physics. All that I can be sure of is, my "Superiors" told me I was a mistake, my death that is. The one who tried to murder my Brother and instead got me was a rogue Shinigami... a God of Death.

This Grim Reaper was acting outside of the law of the Shinigami, which my Superiors were of. Ones that aid in removing doubt and negative emotion from souls so they can be reborn. Humans, during life, were of the physical body and the soul. The spirit bound both together, a substance like energy and yet not... I do not fully understand, yet this rogue was after souls that created abnormal amounts of life force. However, the experiment that was meant for my Brother failed by my hands. The target is in hiding as any new actions would cause him to be noticed. I am now wandering the human side to locate clues as to where he is, solving the case of my own death.

Issue is, he could still be after my Brother and so I must find him first. I know it is selfish, yet I must know he is safe. That he is doing well and enjoying life. When I came to the physical world, my memories of him were fragmented. All I could recall were the feelings about him, his gentle persona. Still, it seems there are people I have located that are friends of his. Little by little my memories have returned to me. I now know who he is, where he is. I could not sense his aura before because he was lost in time.

Brother Found:

Aura binds not only the body to the soul, it is our mind, our emotions. Giving us invisible bonds to our friends, family and loved ones. Like the red thread of fate, it is possible to find anyone you are connected to, sensing their heart. Being a spirit, I seem to find this easier, yet humans do it on a level of sorts. I can sense you brother... about, yet in another time. I shall seek clues in Ouroboros...

I finally found him, my Brother. Alan Frost. He had been wandering timelines, seeking clues to his past. Ouroboros rules state no one can travel their own past, as it could alter their future. Honestly, that is not how I was taught. In fact, Ouroboros can be a term used to explain when, if going into your past and you cause an event to happen, you were meant to as it was what originally took place. Means for the timeline protecting itself...

When I asked his friends, they had said he had powers. Abilities over Aura and the element of water. However, for one to be able to use Aura, one must awaken to it. Normally, this is caused by a traumatic event. I had wondered... was my death what caused that? I had to talk to him, to ask him, to apologize for putting him through so much. The issue with Ouroboros is, there are limitations... I doubt he ever could go back to that night... I finally know why he couldn't, why he'd never have to revisit such pain...

The rogue Shinigami who tried to steal his soul had failed. Yet, that night he dealt damage to more then my Brother's body. As I disturbed the attack, I had caused such to happen... I found my Brother finally, sitting alone in Dark Astoria. Upon walking up to him, sad... crying... about to speak my words... I heard his voice. Watching as his lips moved, saying the phrase, "Greetings, who might you be lonely spirit?"

I understand now. It is best this way. Although I sense a calm bit of loneliness within him, I can tell he is doing well. I can see he is having a pleasant life, laughing and smiling. gentle and nice... I do not need to worry about causing him fear or doubt or sorrow by meeting him. His memories of me... are gone forever... Destroyed.

We spoke all night, until dawn. He told me I seemed lonely yet could say it was as if he knew me all his life. We talked deeply, I explained myself soon after, although I did not wish to tell him the truth completely. My story touched him and before I knew it, he took me to his place to rest. Saying, "It's silly, I don't use the word friend lightly, yet even though we've known each other a short while, I feel I can call you such. Cute, caring and strong in heart... it's like having an adorable little Sister!"

... Yes, I am happy. I am also sad... He has promised to aid me in my quest for my killer. A dear friend... My Brother. Thank you goddess he is safe and smiling.


[Sister: "Gemini Spirit" & Brother: "Glacier Sagittarius"]

Explaining The Truth:

The time had come, I finally gained the inner strength and will to talk to my Brother on that subject I had kept from him. The truth. All of my friends have told me to trust in myself, in my words. I held tightly to a single item, the last one that gave proof we were siblings. My home in Kyoto is gone, burned down after my Mother's natural illness took her life when I was young. Father had done it. The only way I could show Alan I was once his flesh and blood sister was to show him the photo...

It was a cold night as we walked through Dark Astoria, the place he first met me... as I am now. I told him what I knew, that he had been researching deeply for weeks, trying to figure out a way to give me a life after my mission. To enjoy being a human again, a second chance. I was upset and puzzled, why would he do such for me? He only met me a short time ago, he calls me little sister even though he has no memory about the real me. He smiled and said, "Emily, I aid those I find a bond with. besides, it's my life, I shall use it as I will. I enjoy my friends dearly."

After those words, I glanced away as I presented him with the photo I brought. He knew my whole story, other then that one piece I had left out before. As he gave it a look, I trembled, I could not look into his eyes. How could he believe a story like that. How could he trust me if I told him about an event that dealt with his life, yet he would have no memories of it nor my past self. A pondering expression fell over his face, then eyes shifted as he was silent... quiet... for seconds, minutes...

As I finally explained myself, that fragment of my story, snow started to fall, until I finally looked up into his eyes. He had a blank expression, seeming to be viewing beyond me. Never once looking back into my eyes. A gentle hand placed upon my shoulder as he stood to his feet, returning the picture. Leaning in, still focusing into the distance as he whispered, "Truth is pathetic. Emily Yuki, I must leave. Do not follow. Sayonara..."

...It is for the best. I do not want to be a bother. I do not wish him to be at risk for my sake. I need to worry about my training. Yes, I shall leave tonight. I will be gone for a while. My task is to defeat my killer. That is my focus now. Still, it hurts... My heart aches, I can not stop crying...


[1997 - Emily & Alan: Age 14]

Final Battle:

One evening, upon sitting in my home alone, I felt a cold chill in the air. Feeling my dimension start to open up, splitting, a hole torn right in front of me. For a while, nothing happened until I saw the flash of a shadow and suddenly my photo, the only proof of once being the Sister of my beloved Brother, was floating right out of my grasp. Watching it hover in mid-air until a second flash, fire slowly burning along the edges until ashes fell into my lap like blacked snow. The tears came, although not for long as I felt that energy and pressure. It was the being who murdered me... Blank emotion, followed by complete terror. It knew my location, my home. I had to finally act!

After a few days of research and discussion with those who had been training me, we had located the dimension the being was living in. Having come to my home, it was easy to track such energies. I planned a night to sneak in, knowing full well I would be expected, perhaps it would even be a trap. I didn't care anymore, I had to do something. I at first sent in my shadow, a body double to check out the area, yet she kept dismissing. We couldn't wait, me and a team of close friends dived into the broken dimension.

The place we found was like Paragon City, yet broken and destroyed, fire around fallen buildings. My gathering of trusted allies wandered about until locating what seemed like a girl in bone covered ninja clothing. Upon asking her name, she replied, "Greetings, I am Emily Frost. A pleasure." I gave a curious glance and let her join us, having saved her from a group of what seemed to be Clockwork. She soon explained she was of Praetoria, where in that world, she had joined with... the alternate version of my Brother. As I let this awkward and embarrassing thought sink in, we found a few captive souls who had their negative feelings feeding mysterious masses of dark energy. It wasn't until freeing all that we learned it was... "Emily's" doing.

As I turned around, she attacked me, stating she was given orders by her Brother. We had to fight back, it was all we could do. I wished to merely stop her, yet as I gave a kick to bring her unconscious, it felt as if she let go. Didn't put up her defenses, letting me strike with all my might... I was upset to find I had killed her. Her bloody self telling me to grow stronger. I didn't even have time to react before a fire broke out under us all, a man wearing a red suit. It was my Brother... No, the version of him from Praetoria. Telling us he'd kill, not let us pass. Mad, drunk, blood thirst in his eyes as he sent wave of flames. I knew it would be difficult, however he was harming my friends, would easily kill them if I didn't... and so, I finished him off.

I was informed that those two had to be taking down, having spent years experimenting on people, their bodies and spirits. Taking them apart, studying how the soul worked. Murdering hundreds upon hundreds in their world. Truly heartless. As we entered the next level of that reality, we found the inside of a building ablaze. Evil ghosts, an army of soldiers with no drive but to destroy. We cut through many of them before shutting down some portal devices, luring out a shadow who called himself "Master Rogue." It was defeated easily enough, perhaps merely a test. What we found next shocked me to my core...

My Brother, the real one, fallen on the floor of the burning building. Blood stained clothing as he reached up to my cheek. He said with gentle words he was sorry. I told my friends to leave me alone for a moment, I did not know what would come next. He simply smiled and touched his blood covered hand against a scar on my face saying, "I told you... Truth is silly, I do not... care about my memories, even if they are not there. I know... I sense, you do no say anything false. If you say you were once my Sister, memory or not, you are. Emily Yuki... Dear Sister...

I sent him back to the care of some healers I knew, able to fix him up. He was close to death, yet I knew he'd live. All the time he had been hidden, concealing his aura from me, he was continuing his work of trying to help me grow stronger. He needed to willingly give up his blood to me during a moment of deep emotional bond. I needed the blood of a living relative and he was all I had. My body was no long merely a copy of my original self, that blood made me real. A human, still with ghostly skills. This fusion gave birth to a new being, a new me...

At last, we found the base of operations for this targeted enemy of mine. The place was like an asylum and filled to the teeth with dimension brutes know as the Rularuu. Again we found a shadow, attacking right away. Before it held dual blades and this time a single katana. It fell to our might, stating a curious clue about how I should know who he was. I had no idea, my memories were all complete and yet who was it? We fought deeper within the disturbing realm, only to find another shadow. This time it held a massive sword. Once again we caused it to vanish, simple staying that Praetoria Emily and Alan... had a child. What did that mean?

I yelled out as loud as I could for the true form to come, to stop hiding. It wasn't until we damaged a machine used to extract spirit energy, that the being made himself know. We gave it a firm stare as we crushed the device, breaking it beyond repair. With anger over powering him, he made a strike. Massive scythe forming out of his right arm, black and bloody, glowing with red runes. A darkness forming about us all. This time it was not an illusion, giving deep cuts to my body and hurting my friends painfully. As I gathered my strength, thinking about my Brother's words, my body began to transform. Black turning to white as I was suddenly covered in light robes. "Master Rogue" kept up his assault until I put up a barrier around my friends, causing their injuries to heal.

My Brother... and I had done it together. I couldn't explain my movements as my body acted on it's own, quickly teleporting about the room, each kick sending him flying into another as I phased from one place to instantly form in another. Kick after kick until the armor of this man shattered and his body fell to the ground. A weak creature, trying to get to his feet. Telling me how he was the child of those Praetoria counterparts. Incest-based winged demon. As the now human looking man started to regain some focus, he explained how in the future of his world, his parents killed him. Upon reaching the after life, a special talent was discovered and this one was given the training to become a Shinigami. It wasn't until down the road, this being took a path that would ruin the order forever. Stealing an artifact to travel between space and time itself. He went to my dimension, my time and tried to steal my Brother's soul. Everything had gone according to his plan, that is until I changed... I evolved, I became a Shinigami.

As I saw him trying to strike at my friends, I vanished. Suddenly, without thought, I was in front of him, floating with my arms crossed, giving a sigh as I gave one last kick, sending him flying upwards. I took hold of that scythe and spun my body around and leaped up toward him. Splitting his body in half as he did to me those years ago. As his form started to vanish, I glanced at the light within. I knew it was his soul and he'd be able to regenerate around it. This was his plan, he knew I couldn't defeat an eternal source. Although, being a Shinigami I could absorb the aura around souls, breaking it's grip on the living realm. As I did so, cutting the link between such, I heard him scream, crying out like a lost little child not getting his way. Watching as the soul departed, all emotions and persona erased. That evil, wicked body breaking up violently until nothing was left. I sighed, glad it was finally over. I gave a hug to all who gave me their aid and the next day visited my Brother, glad he was safe, once again I could smile truthfully.

Yet... I feel as if this is a dream. is it truly the end?

Winter Darkness:

Upon the first day of Winter, I started to have nightmares. Such dreams were about lives, memories, emotions and the like of which I've never seen before. My point of view was of others, existing in these flashbacks, not as myself. I knew fully, consciously, that these were of the souls I save as my new task. When I take upon the aura of those who die, I keep their thoughts in my heart for a time. After a while, such will be discarded naturally by my body as it doesn't belong to me. Still, for reasons unknown, such feelings stay with me and have been for a week or so. My superiors might know why...

It would seem it's abnormal for this to be happening to me. I learned one day, and every morning since, that I will awaken in a weird form. Friends, people I've run into and others about at the time have said that I speak in different tones. Shifting along anything from acting full of sorrow, madness, anger or depression. It sounds as if I am taking on the personality of the spirits I free from haunting this reality. Their hearts upon death. This shouldn't be. It is said I look like myself, yet clad by shadows, with white eyes of fire. A beastly stance as I run about. I have even damaged my own home. I am lost as to what to do.

I soon discovered that I can regain myself in that hold of my loved ones. I am unsure how long this will last or if it may get worse. As of now, I find that during the night, my mind sorts out who I am. However, this is being disturbed by another force that I can't figure out. Thankfully, I find that I can ease this issue by resting in the arms of my dearest Sarah Lance. She has a similar issue with nightmares, which I am able to calm by being with her during sleep. Truly, it's a curious fact that binds us closer.

I have not yet explained to her that I sense a being in the back of my consciousness, one I can hear speaking to me when I awaken. Each morning, I quickly go to a quiet, empty place and let the voice calm and I am myself once again. Still, there is a name that I can not figure out, one that I keep viewing during conversations with this alter inside my thoughts. Who is... "Coil?" I see no names of the souls I send to the other side, their energy does flow about me though, yet this one is bold, dominate within me and gives a name.


[Anti-Emily: Defragment Room]

Coil Edward:

It would seem I now know why this voice in my mind is there. Brother did research, he truly is impressive. Not only does he study the time line from Ouroboros, yet he is also skilled with dimensional knowledge. That being said, it is now clear that a remnant of the heartless Shinigami know as "Rogue" is a part of me, forever linked to my soul. This is why I sense his voice in my mind, disturbing the balance of power of spirits within me. My superiors have confirmed this, yet tell me the fragment of him will never grow beyond what it is. Still, to keep from becoming my Anti-self, I need to embrace Sarah during any rest.

The reason why this piece of "Rogue" is within me is because his present self in Praetoria is still alive. I am sad to discover that, in order to be truly free, I'd have to end his life. Do not ask me how, yet Brother has ventured to Praetoria and checked upon this boy. He is an eleven year old named Coil Edward. Seems he didn't know much about his parent's evil work, merely a calm, quiet and inventive child. Records show him as an innocent, perhaps if he was raised well, he wouldn't become that wicked being that murdered me.

It might sound insane, yet... Sarah and I have a plan. Upon my Brother figuring a way for us to cross over into that alternative dimension, we shall adopt the boy. Teach and train him to become a decent individual. Perhaps, this might even alter the curse I have. Still, Brother has told me the time line will remain as it is. Even if this child turns out positive in life, it will not alter the fact I was killed by his future self. I will be as I am. Still, I would like to try.

With this plan set in mind, I would want aid in doing so. I want Coil to have a loving family. I love Sarah more then I can ever express. One morning, after explaining this idea to her, to care for a child together, I fell to my knees. I felt light and weak. My emotions bursting from my heart as I felt Sarah's ring glow. My very being effecting the life force within it. My decision cast by my spirit as I glanced up deeply into her eyes. Tears filling my own, rolling down my cheeks as I finally spoke. I asked her to marry me, to share my life with her, to protect our soon to be son... My Goddess... she said yes!

I love you, my soon to be Sarah Yuki!

New Beginnings:

With news reaching my superiors of my engagement to Sarah, word spread along the Spirit Realm quickly. I had no idea that it would cause such a disturbance, that it would be… against Shinigami law to wed a human. We guiders of the soul seek to save such from Earthy attachment and so for one of us to cling, to feel drawn to the physical world by one, such is taboo…

My love is strong, it always will be. It seems… the higher-ups in the after life were strong in their reaction against this. Enough so that they… placed a ward within me during a reforming of my body after a battle. Such would cause me a major dealing of pain when in contact with Sarah… I fought it though, fainting a few times until finally admitting to her what was the issue. The ward couldn’t be removed by my own hand. This gave Sarah the idea to reach into my body… and remove it. I made her hand intangible until she found it near my heart. The moment she took hold of it, her hand became physical… and within moments, it was gone. Vanishing into nothing outside my body… yet leaving a massive hole in my chest.

I can regenerate my physical body no matter the damage by using up my spiritual energies, my Aura. However, once I have spent such, I must rest for days to regain it. Upon waking days later, I found that I had been locked away. Taken and cast into a cell within the other side. Stolen away from my love and life on Earth. It wasn’t until one of my superiors, Dark-Heart, decided to aid me. Soon after, there was talk of a trial. The first being my exile to the physical realm, stuck in human form.

My powers were hidden from me, weak and helpless. No, I had help from friends and my love. It was sudden that we were all placed into the fated trial. Such was a series of illusions with shadows to face and questions that tested Sarah’s knowledge and trust of myself. Each answer she got correct, we continued on unharmed. Any she got wrong… we fought to prove it didn’t matter. Each step taking us closer to the goal of locating the Soul Binding Realm. My master, superior and ally to this was there. Dark-Heart asked our friends to hold witness as we said our words and entered the circle. Bodies and souls bound. Our love proven true in the eyes of Heaven and Earth.

A sound would echo deep within the realm. As we all walked through the caves and tunnels, we found doorways that would only open with truth. It would be Sarah’s turn to ask me questions, which I had the same level of knowledge of her. Never exact, yet still true to our hearts. We soon found the end of the path and I noticed a figure in the distance. As friends rushed, I told them to pause. It was my Brother. No… as he attacked, before he did, I knew it was an illusion. The gods did not plan on my powers regaining, my Shinigami abilities returning stronger then ever. I sensed he was false and we defeated the lie. How dare they ask me to decide against Sarah or Brother…

It had been a long and difficult journey, yet… it is done. We are both wed, happily living our lives now in peace aside from the occasional test of life. Coil is with us, we have gotten used to our joint existence. A story book ending… or we can hope for.

Unknown Shadow and Son:

Details would be best learned from: .Dark Heart & .Weird Gear


It was a disturbing feeling, to be taken to my superiors in the Spirit Realm one night without word. I could sense them forcefully summoning my body back, a task I heard was only done when deeply important. My friends and family were all I could think of as I felt myself breaking out of reality, shattering into fragments that were vanishing before everyone's eyes. I got to say goodbye to everyone... but not my dear wife, Sarah.

I shouldn't even write about the details but I need to write something to organize my thoughts and feelings. I was told my body needed to be caught up to it's true time so my work could continue. I still didn't understand, but I figured it had to do with the period I was asleep after my death. The fact that my body and mind were that of twenty-one. I really should be older, the age of my twin Brother. I couldn't figure out how this could be dealt with until the shocking news.

I would train for seven years in the Other World. Train? Is that supposed to be a joke? I wouldn't see my friends, my family... my love for seven years? I shouted out to the higher-ups, begging to go to where I called home. Even my personal superior, Dark Heart, just glared down at me and gave his normal displeasure with me. Apparently he told everyone he quit being my... babysitter. Tired of dealing with my drama and those about me. He even got reassigned to the Rogue Isles in the mortal world. I was told I would work in the Paragon area, but I didn't care.

"I don't give a damn about getting stronger, let me be with them! You promised if I did all your tasks and trials that I could live happily.... do my job too." I said firmly. Shaking their heads, I knew I could do nothing. If I went against them, I'd be punished again. Training... sure, I'll become stronger. I'll Grow Up. If that will free me someday...

I honestly don't even know how to describe what it felt like. Basically being alone that time. Year after year, feeling empty and void toward any of my instructors. I took on the mind set of a robot while they taught me, putting me through their classes and studies. I'm not smart, I failed a lot while there. It was like a stupid High School. It gave me plenty of time to think, figure myself out though. Reflect on what I spent my free time on, family life, even the situations I got into within my side work in Rogue Entertainment.

I'm a pervert, I understand but it's a side of me I can't just easily discard. I enjoy being with those I care about. Hugging, cuddling, being open to sexually and I wonder if it's what people frowned on me for. I did realize I had spent more time being naughty then actually getting to know my friends. Even thinking on that, I wondered... I mean, when I think about it... No. I shouldn't feel this way. I'm an awful person to even- No, I should talk to her. After this long period without contact with her...

I finally was granted the ability to return to the physical world but what did I learn? I had only been gone for a month their time. What seemed like a vacation's span to everyone, was a hellish near decade to me. How could anyone understand. I figured my Sisters, Cass and Sam Crane would be the first I explain to, but they seemed busy for a while so I found myself putting on a false smile and talking to friends. Catching up, as I still didn't know how to contact my wife. She was busy a lot and I was scared to speak with her. What if, that is my feelings... We had such romance, such build to our wonderful union.

Still... upon finally speaking with her once more... Why am I questioning and worried and feeling as if I'm about to break?

To Be Continued...:

Much has gone on in my life; My wife- Sarah and myself departing from each other, since I felt it was best for both of us... I have gained new abilities. I continue to aid my friends and loved ones in any way I can. This life as a Shinigami has given me a lot, but also taken from me a great deal. I walk a tough path, by my own hand and choice. I can step forward with the strength of those behind me, caring for me. Still, with my existence the way it is, I think I should stop writing in this diary. Perhaps one day I will again but for now...



Martial Arts:

It is a skill I learned from Brother. Although, my talent isn't as good as his. I favor to use my legs to attack. Kicking and running swiftly in a stealthy style. I am told kicking isn't suited to one wearing a skirt... Well, That is my choice! Why the issue? Really... *Blushes deeply.*

Ghostly Abilities:

Besides being able to turn invisible or intangible, I can teleport using my aura to link to where someone else is I can sense. It can also work for locations, if I have been there before. It isn't perfect. Another curious note is my clothing, it is physical yet made of dense spiritual energies. That is, my basic outfit. Others are summoned by a portal, the likes of which I use to return to my base by dimensional powers. It is a place to report to my superiors that exists between the other side and human world. I should probably explain my body also... it is real, yet only flesh because it's a fusion of my soul, aura and the ashes of my body after it was burned following my death.

Shinigami Powers:

Aside from my basic spiritual abilities, it seems I now have a special set of clothing that forms around me in Shinigami mode. My task as such is to find lost souls, free them from their negative binding to Earth. How I do this is taking on their sadness and regret, their emotional aura that keeps them stuck. Without such, the journey to the other side is at last possible. I may also be sent to deal with evil spirits or cases dealing with the supernatural. I still have superiors to listen to, yet my new body grants me easy access to the Spirit Realm. A fact I shouldn't take lightly, is I can now die... Although, only by the hand of another such as me. Another Shinigami, which from my knowledge, the chance of finding another "Rogue" is highly unlikely.



Ghost Lilith: This woman is a bit more complicated to explain. Seems like merely another villain, yet I can feel she has some good in her. I at least feel she can be trusted and treats her allies accordingly. Still, our first meeting she teased the hell out of me and it all ended up... well, that story is personal...

A'veren: I am not sure what to say about her. She is normally around Lilith and for silly reason, this makes me jealous. Not that I dislike her, no... She is a rather sweet and protective type. Sort of quiet, yet I enjoy being around her. A fun and playful sort.

Highly Envious: Friend of my Brother. A charmingly playful boy. It seems he is hyperly smiling and seeking candy when I find him. At times I wonder if there is more to him then meets the eye. Still, I sense a loving heart in him.

Mako: Another who knew Brother, at least enough to call him friend. She doesn't throw such a word around lightly, which I highly respect. A logical type in words and thought, although I can tell she deeply cares for those around her.

Maileah: She is one I found to have my Brother's scent upon her more then anyone else. It seems this is due to her being his ex-girlfriend. Told me they parted on good terms and a lot about him. A gifted magical type, curious and kind. I love to sit and drink tea with her and converse about the unique and unknown.

Cassandra Lance: Cass, as she told me to call her, was one I have spoken with a many times. She has told me I can count on her if I ever need help. Protective of herself and allies, although quick to draw her weapon. We stand and talk for hours if we can.

Eshet Lillah: What can I say about her? She seems to be within this gathering of mistress and pet types. I do not define her on such though, a respectable person who is a delight to be around. Also, she is an amazing Tattoo artist and skilled at piercings.

Caoimhe O'Devine: Caoimhe, I love her armour! Friendly and kind of heart, she is a delight to be around. Although, I have caused her to be uncomfortable a few times. She is quick to embarrassment and covers her face. I do not wish her to be upset.

Alynx: I once met her when wandering the club of Pocket D. At first glance, I thought she was another crimson color succubus. In time, I learned she wasn't as cliche as the others. She might be lustful and dominating, yet she's also warm and a good friend to cuddle against with a lovely home.

Suou: Very tough and powerful! We have been on a few missions together and I feel our team work is good. I can really open up to her too, explain to her how I am feeling and she won't turn me away.

Crane Family: At the moment, those I do know are Sam, Anna and Max. I will admit, I am rather confused at the family tree of such. Sam is the girlfriend of Cass and is a very nice person. Anna is her Sister if I recall, yet I don't know much of her. Max is a curious part of the family as we have talked the most. Quite open and a joy to be around, yet a bit bold... In fact, she seems to have a clone that likes to flirt with me named Kana.


Sarah Lance: It seems one night Cass created a clone with the help of her girlfriend, Sam. They named her Sarah and for a while, this caused a bit of trouble. I met her soon after and we all decided to try creating a life for her, with her own identity. I will admit, I did not expect her to form such a cute persona so quickly, along with growing feelings toward her. The four of us met and talked it over, we decided Sarah should stay with me. I will take care of her, although I don't view her as a copy. I love her for what she has become. She now lives with me in my home, it's all hers along with me. My lovely Sara-chan, since I can stay on Earth and live my life as a human, I will never leave your side.

Recently, I gave Sarah a ring. Silver leaf pattern along it's encircling surface. The tip was a cherry blossom, each of the five points being made of a diamond and the center of such jewelry was gold. Within the gems was a dense amount of my life force, tinting pink. If my being should ever be at risk, she'll be able to know... Fair, as I can sense her from anywhere myself.


Art by @Suicide Mask - Color by @Zyxith
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