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"Gilded cuz I'm fancy as fuck, Osprey cuz I fly into tha sun."
Gilded Osprey
Player: @the Symphony
Origin: Technology Originicon_technology.png
Archetype: Stalker V_archetypeicon_stalker.png
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: McKenzie Remembrance Blythe
Known Aliases: None
Species: Terran; non-earth native human.
Age: 21
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 127
Eye Color: Pale blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Plymouth colony refugee
Occupation: mechanic, pilot, scavenger
Place of Birth: Plymouth Colony
Base of Operations: Plymouth Colony
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Katherine Nichole Blythe, deceased. Father, unknown.
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Mechanical savant, atmo and near-vacuum fighter pilot experience, stealth, pick pocketing and scrap prospecting
Cytix "Deepstrike" stealth combat suit DS-1A with custom modifications. The Freedomsong Raptor class strike Corvette.
No additional information available.


Personality, Appearance and Abilities:

Personality Traits

McKenzie is a short, scrappy little blonde that often has smudges of grease on her face and clothes. She presents herself with a cocky confidence and usually has a playful smirk twitching on her lips. Her icy blue eyes seem to have a touch of feral intensity; even when she's amused, her gaze is razor sharp. Physically, she has something of a ballerina's build; thin arms, stomach, tiny yet firm butt and relatively strong looking thighs and a small chest. Her body looks like it's been hardened and it's obvious she's very agile and fast. Her arm sleeve tattoos depict alien creatures and alien symbols that no one would recognize. She speaks in a strange mixture of accents; southern drawl meets, Creole meets, East Coast. Almost always wears rings on every finger (represented in game by finger-less gloves); the rings are a variety of Gothic bands, skulls, claws and unique sculptures. She looks totally human, and other than her accent and arm tattoos there's nothing about her appearance that suggests she's not from Earth.

-McKenzie is a skilled pilot, mechanic and scavenger. She can get any rust bucket up and running and has combat experience in both atmo-craft and space craft. Granted all this comes on alien and scavenged tech, meaning she won't be able to jump into a F-16 and fly it without a crash course.

-She is very dexterous and sneaky. She has great hand-eye coordination, able to pick-pocket, lock pick and sneak with high levels of success. She is also really fast and slippery.

-She is tough for her size, able to take a beating and has an earned high level of pain tolerance.

-Has a Raptor-class FTL (Faster-than-light) Corvette, the Freedomsong. This is a single-pilot spacecraft capable of atmo-maneuvers. It has 2 Particle cannons, homing missiles and twin mag "chain" guns. Currently she is out of ammo for both the missiles and mag guns. Freedomsong is out of fuel for it's FTL drive as well. This ship is her home and it's where she keeps her suit. Using the particle transporter allows her to summon her suit at a press of a button and a teleport to various locations globally.'

-McKenzie's main source of super powered ability comes from her Stealth suit. The Cytix, "Deepstrike" suit. It's form fitting, enhances stealth, can fly via energy thrusters, gives a level of enhanced strength and endurance. It is powered by a small, clean reactor that also feeds it's electro-melee combat suite. It uses a portable force field to defend itself in heavy combat situations. The suit can be summoned from a push of a button via particle transporter technology. The suit is stored on the Freedomsong when not in use.

Plymouth Colony:

McKenzie was born on Plymouth Refugee Colony, some hundreds of light years away from Earth in the middle of the Ireni Imperium. There the only collections of Terrans are kept in slum-ghettos. These Terrans are humans that are descendant from alien abductees, lost travelers and explorers. A city of a couple hundred thousand humans, unable to get home and at the mercy of the Imperial government. Any human unlucky enough to find themselves in Ireni territory get detained and taken to Plymouth indefinitely. Officially ruled as a refugee camp, Plymouth is nothing more than a colony for grooming slaves for sale and trade. Those living on Plymouth fight every day for survival, scavenging for food, trading whatever they can and avoiding roaming Terran gangs, slave traders and military conscription. The best a Plymouth Terran can hope for is a good master or to make a name for themselves in the military or a mercenary unit. The only other option is death via starvation or murder. As the Terrans say: Plymouth colony is fucking paradise.

Early Life:

Katherine Blythe risked her livelihood by not reporting her pregnancy to her patron warlord. No matter who the father was, that child belonged to her patron. Katherine's primary value was her fertility and if she defied her patron now, death would be the default for her. Instead, Katherine found a way to hide deep in the slums of Plymouth. McKenzie was born into this world, free from a Terran gang, but without the safety that one would bring. She was also still a slave to the Ireni and would not truly be free until she came to Earth. For Katherine, just providing for her daughter would take all of her time.

McKenzie grew up among the gutter rats of Plymouth; the orphans and unwanted children. She learned to steal, lie and avoid getting caught. She also learned what it took to survive in Plymouth. By the time she was 12, she experienced a plethora of traumas, from abuse, to friends' deaths to public humiliation: the preferred method of punishment for light crimes on Plymouth. But she also grew up listening to the stories of Earth from the Earthkeepers, the strange old men and women that either held on to the scattered knowledge of Earth. McKenzie lived for the next Earthkeeper story, to listen to the music from their collection and see the Earth artefacs. The nights her mother was around, Kenzie would beg her to tell another Earth-story. Like many young Plymouthians, Kenzie dreamed about Earth; a world where Humans were the majority and where there was no slavery. Mckenzie held on to these dreams, looking up to the stars. She vowed she'd leave this hellhole and take her Mother with her.

As McKenzie matured she would find stealing less and less viable and instead helped support her and her Mother by digging through the scrap yards, finding bits of tech to fix up and sell. Kenzie spent most of her days during her preteen years in this junk yard, teaching herself all sorts of useful skills and staying away from the dangers that typically would surround a young Plymouthian.

Eventually, Katherine would have to pay for her past sins. The Warlord took Katherine away but was either unwilling or unable to find McKenzie. Mckenzie would never see her mother until years later, when that gang sent her a vial of her ashes.

Ronin years:

By the time McKenzie was thirteen, she was hanging out in the exclusion zone, the territory outside of Plymouth colony. There she started to hang out with the Terran underground; mostly just eccentric tinkerers that didn't want their inventions smashed by idiot gangers. She would steal and scavenge for them while they taught her more about mechanics and piloting, becoming something of a test pilot of their makeshift atmo-craft. Kenzie's small size and hand-eye coordination made her the perfect test dummy and she developed a passion for flying. At fifteen, equipped with an impressive set of skills, she was able to prove her worth to a Mercenary Fighter Wing called the Ronin. For the next three years she fought and bleed with this crew, earning the callsign "Gilded Osprey". Still, she was only ever a Plymouthian, simply on loan to the mercenary unit. She'd never be free and she was treated like shit. Even her callsign was supposed to be something of an insult: Gilded, because the joke was that she was a "fancy girl from Plymouth" and Osprey making reference to her crazy risk taking, as Ospreys weren't afraid of flying into the sun. But, like with ever other name she was called, McKenzie owned it, highlighting the pride that was in the name. She was tough and deadly but she'd only ever be a gutter rat from a people of refugees: she had no place in that part of the galaxy. She would never be promoted and would only barely earn token respect from the handful of veteran wing-mates that managed to survive with her.

Escaped convict:

While McKenzie was resentful of her crew mates of the Ronin, it was at least better than anything she experienced on Plymouth. Nonetheless, she bid her time and shortly after her sixteenth birthday, she made her move. She stole her wing commanders long range scout, a Raptor-class corvette and struck out on her own. The next couple of years were not unlike her time in the exclusion zone; she was constantly on the run, looking for the next scavenge prospect, finding shady work and just looking for ways to keep flying. She got her hands on a piece of Cytix technology, a prototype stealth suit that she would use to further her scavenging and thievery potential. With her own ingenuity, she kept her ship, which she named FreedomSong a float and kept her stealth suit operational. Eventually she would find what she had been wanting since she was a child; coordinates for Earth itself and the means to get there.

Arrival on Earth.

"A large blue and green marble, bigger than many moons. And on it, billions of us. We're the majority and we do whatever we want."- Earthkeeper Jameson- The Hope of Earth

After pilfering just enough fuel, Mckenzie made her jump to Earth. Having just arrived, she's still trying to find her place on the Big Blue. In some ways it's just the paradise she dreamed of, but in others, she sees eerie similarities to Plymouth; there's plenty of gangs roaming about trying to exert their will and there's plenty of authorities enforcing their own rules. But, at least McKenzie is free now. She doesn't have to look over her shoulder any more and maybe she can make a name for herself. Maybe this little gutter rat can be something special.

Current Events

Since arriving on Earth, Gilded Osprey has already made waves as the Sneaky Mechanic and as a Fly-girl. Word on the street is she's jovial, confident and possibly an alcoholic. She's also the girl you look up if your looking to get something flown, fixed or filched.

When McKenzie first arrived on Earth she was directed to Paragon City to register as a displaced dimensional. When she tried to say she was a human from this dimension, no one believed her. That, on top of the number of medical tests and paperwork they wanted her to fill out, caused her to nope the fuck out of there. She found her way to the Rogue Isles, where she spent most of her time planet-side as a pick-pocket, just getting enough money to buy the basic necessities. Living on FreedomSong meant she really just needed to steal for food and fun. McKenzie found the Isles not much different than Plymouth Colony and easily made herself invisible, only making enemies occasionally. If needed she would use her combat suit to dispatch any gang leader that was gunning for her.

Despite her typical reclusive personality; mostly do to the fact she spent a majority of the last three years alone, she could not help but find herself extremely extroverted once on Earth: There were humans EVERYWHERE! Even if there were also demons and mutants and magical beasts, this place was not like back home. She wasn't the one standing out. She wanted to get to know whoever she could. Unfortunately she learned most of what it meant to be an Earthling by hanging out in Pocket D. This meant casual sex, drinking without consequences and hero/villain pageantry were shoved in her face, and it shocked Kenzie. Back home there many reminders of the cheapness of mortality and sex was merely a tool used to survive or gain an advantage. Kenzie wasn't sure how she fit into this culture. Surprisingly, McKenzie came out relatively unscathed, learning to mesh with the D culture, while not totally succumbing to it. She can often be seen drinking away the pain of her last combat or chatting it up with her friends in the corner of the Blue-side bar in Pocket D.

As for the war, as Kenzie called it, between heroes and villains, she thought it was no different from any other political struggle. She had no desire to be apart of it and took jobs from both sides without hesitation. But as the supernatural saturation of P-City and the Rogue Isles became apparent to her, Kenzie knew she wouldn't live for long. She was completely outgunned, only barely able to go toe-to-toe with the moderately powerful gangs with her combat suit. In the past, she would have simply ran; jump FreedomSong a few light-years away from danger and go dark for a bit. But McKenzie couldn't run away. This was the land of her literal dreams; she grew up dreaming about Earth, she had to make this her home. So she became increasingly driven to make herself untouchable in this war. Not only did she work constantly to find ways to upgrade her tech, she also sought ways to ingratiate herself to others; bartering favors and making personal connections that she could call on if she just so happen to piss off a random demi-god that roamed the streets.

McKenzie has done a number of odd jobs since arriving on Earth, from refrigerator repair, water-filtration installation, piloting, thievery and spying. She prefers to work for registered Heroes or Villains, as they can pay her with a favor she can hold on to, only wanting to cash in when judgment day comes. She hasn't shied away from typical hero/villain work as well, running your typical kidnapping, thievery and assaults on the Isles or criminal apprehension in P-City when the price is right. There's not too many jobs Kenzie will turn down, but she prefers to take jobs inline with her passions, prioritizing them in order: Flying, fixing, filching and fighting. Occasionally Kenzie has been known to be in a bad mood and just go lair-diving to punch some poor fools. Those that know her suggest to stay away from her when she's pissed or pissed drunk.

Important OOC Info

please read

((Comfortable with all kinds of content. Immersive RP- Kenzie has a living canon. She's a living, breathing human girl. She makes mistakes, has bad moods and might be drunk but there's an IC reason/motivation behind everything she does. I'm a super laid back RPer, just want my characters to feel alive. As long as you respect her canon, I'll respect yours and enjoy Rping with you! Also we all may make mistakes, so don't worry if we need to retcon or clarify something!

I love scenes that show off all our characters being awesome, flawed, epic creations. If you want to talk about creating a deeper RP scene other than just chatting in the bar feel free to contact me in game or on discord: Gilded Osprey #9361

Kenzie is currently looking for patron-cilent relationships. Always looking for ways to use her skills as a pilot, mechanic, thief or spy. She currently has a craigslist ad for Gilded Osprey that can be used an excuse to contact her.))

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