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All that's left in life is death
The Gothic Head Splitter
Player: @Plum Whine
Basic Data
Origin: natural
Archetype: scrapper
Security Level: 50
Occupation: Security engineer for City Hall
Personal Data
Real Name: Kimberly "Kim" Rose
Known Aliases: Kim, Rose (never Kimberly)
Identity: public
Species: human
Age: 24
Height: 5'3
Weight: medium
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Blood Type: unknown black like her cold heart
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Steel Canyon (N), Paragon City
Birthdate: -
Citizenship: American
Current Residence: Rolling Hills Apartments, Paragon City
Religion/Faith: Pagan
Sexual Orientation: questionable
Marital Status: single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
all dead
Known Powers
breaking people's faces
Training / Abilities
long sword combat
Spooky looking shield, big black sword
Kim is not actually an incarnate. The Well made a mistake in its bouts of insanity and imbued her shield with the power of Incarnates instead of Kim. Whoops.

A tragic tale

Kim began as a rather happy person, wearing bright colors to contrast her dark hair and eyes. She was a happy kid who enjoyed skipping along with her older sister, Janet, and eating lollipops. She hadn't a care in the world. Her older sister worked down the road at Icon and Kim would visit her at work, marveling at the heroic costumes, imagining herself a super hero as well. Kim ran around their apartment in the northern end of Steel Canyon with a stick and a towel wrapped around her shoulders as a cape, fighting evil trash cans and defending the building from villainous raccoons.

But that all soon changed. Returning from a visit to Icon with her sister, Kim and Janet returned to find their home aflame. Several heroes had gathered to help the fire department put out the flames and chase away the Hellions responsible for the arson. In a last ditch effort to get the heroes off their case, several Hellions attempted to take Kim hostage. Janet intervened, throwing several punches. Janet wasn't a hero but she knew how to punch people in the face. The defense was successful until one of the Hellions drew a gun, shot her straight through the heart, and left her dead on the sidewalk.

Her father arrived on the scene, as he'd gone to south Steel Canyon for grocery shopping. So much for the groceries as he immediately dropped them, scooping the young Kim into his arms to comfort her. All that was left were Kim, her father, and a fire-proof chest which one of the heroes brought to them from the remains of their apartment. Her mother and older brother died in the fire; her sister a casualty of the Hellions.

With only the chest and his daughter, Kim's father moved the two of them to Talos Island into a nice apartment towards the center of the main island. Kim wore black at the funeral but continued to wear black afterward. Her shift from bright colors to black worried her father greatly. He enrolled her in a martial arts class in hopes she could use it as an outlet for her anger.

Several years later, she still wore black. She excelled in academics, played chess competitively, but failed at socializing. She had no friends, choosing to keep to herself. She'd developed a reputation of being black-hearted at school, but who could blame her? She'd watched more than half her family die before her eyes.

Her father took her aside one day, revealing to her what was in the box: a black bracer, jagged black sword, and a matching black mask. He told her he'd once played hero, running around in costume with a sword and a shield, naming himself The Head Splitter. He had no powers but he did what he could to help protect the city. He met her mother while heroing. She was a martial artist who wore a black mask using the alias Gothica. The two fell in love and eventually retired to start a family, leaving the hero business to the younger generation.

Kim couldn't believe her parents were once super heroes. She'd dreamed of becoming one for years, dropping the dream after the fire, but now was her chance to make that dream a reality. Her intentions weren't the same as they were back then. As a kid, she wanted to protect the people of Paragon, stopping robbers and rescuing cats from trees. Everything changed after the fire. All she wanted to do was to clean up the scum on the street. They needed their faces broken in. It was personal now.

Kim took the sword, shield, and mask and registered as the hero named Gothic Head Splitter. She began her heroing after school in Atlas Park, breaking Vahziloc faces and chasing Hellions, cutting them down one by one. But one day, while out cleaning up Atlas Park, a Vanguard announcement interrupted her quest. Rikti were headed to Talos. She immediately hopped the next train to Talos. As she ran out the exit, she saw her father running towards the train fall dead in his tracks, shot by a Rikti drop ship. That was it. Her family was all dead. Killed. She could feel herself breaking apart. In a rage, she cut down every Rikti she saw until they stopped appearing. In a seething rage, she fell to her knees and wept uncontrollably.

Shadows of the Heart

Kim is a rather cold and unemotional person. Her conversations often involve dismal or morbid subjects. She lost everyone she held dear in a series of unfortunate and unusual events, leaving Kim the only survivor in her family. She considers this her curse, living on, undying, while leaving everyone and everything she cared about dead and destroyed. For that reason she allows no one to get close to her.

Kim wears only black. Her wardrobe consists of leather, fishnets, and lace. She wears heavy black eyeliner, lipstick, and nail polish, which makes her naturally pale skin look even paler. She often walks around with a lace parasol.

Despite all this, Kim is actually very smart. She spent no time with friends or popularity in school, leaving her plenty of time to study, leading her into a highly technical field in computer science. Kim generally works alone in the server room in City Hall. Her job is to hack into City Hall's secure server network then fix all the holes in the security. She rarely talks about what she does.

Her hero identity was originally secret, but as time went on, she stopped caring about it being a secret and stopped wearing a mask. Just like that. She didn't see a reason to hide it. Breaking faces of the troublemakers in the city was just part of her normal life now. And so her identity is public, though few actually know who she is.

Broken pieces

Bits and pieces about Kim

  • Favorite band: Oomph!
  • Favorite TV show: Daria, NCIS
  • Favorite movie: The Faculty
  • Favorite animal: spiders
  • Favorite video game: Yakuza (series)
  • Favorite comic book: The Boys
  • Favorite drink: Rum and coke
  • Favorite food: blackened chicken
  • Least favorite food: avocado

  • Pet: tarantula named Rose
  • Car: None. She walks everywhere with her lace parasol
  • Tattoo: black rose with thorns wrapping around her right calf, pair of wings on her lower back
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