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@Tarnished Divinity
Player: User:Heavy-Mettle
Origin: Confidential
Archetype: Confidential
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Danny Peterson/Midnight Star
Known Aliases: Mettle Star
Species: Kheldian infused Human
Age: 27
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 450lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dyed Yellow
Biographical Data
Nationality: French Canadian
Occupation: Lab Assistant
Place of Birth: Oaken, NH
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Brian (Brother Deceased), Diana (Sister-in-Law), Amber (Niece)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



Heavy-Mettle, or usually just "Mettle" to his friends is a hero who is able to bend the symphony of sound-waves that surround him to resonate with his friends, protecting them from harm; or causing dissonance to rip apart the resistance of his enemies. Due to recent events, the reformed Nictus Midnight Star has merged with Heavy-Mettle; bringing an all new perspective and power level to Mettle's crimebusting.

Recent Headlines




Early Life

Daniel Russell Peterson was born the second child of a lower-middle class family. Danny was always the biggest kid in the school, regardless of his grade; his older brother, Brian, was in all aspects the opposite of Danny. Where Daniel was large, in good shape, and had a good number of friends; Brian was smaller than most, had asthma, wore glasses, and was generally picked on.

So the life of the brothers went, as different as night and day, but just as inseperable and necessary to each other. Danny tended to play the enforcer, keeping any who would try to pick on his brother, or any of their friends, at bay. Brian was, of course, the nerdy one; he would spend hours upon hours studying, and was always willing to help Danny with the more advanced subjects.

After they graduated high school, Daniel went on to be a band promoter, while Brian studied medicine, and eventually met his first love, Diana. Diana was not the type of girl you would expect to find with someone like Brian, she looked like the typical cheerleader type, but was smart beyond that stereotype. Later that year, Brian and Diana married with Daniel the best man at the wedding. A year later and they had a beautiful daughter, Amber, who they soon found out was born mute.

Although not rich, the Peterson family lived happily for a few more years, until the Rikti invaded. When the aliens made their way to Earth, Daniel's parents went to help the heroes who stood up against them. A schoolteacher and baker by trade, neither had any power to stop the Rikti by themselves, but both agreed that it was "the right thing to do". Daniel was in California at the time, and his parents forbade Brian from joining them as he now had a new family who needed him.

After only three days, the Petersons were killed by a Rikti Chief Engineer as they tried to dismantle his teleportation disruptor.

Recent History

Following the death of their parents, Daniel quit his job and moved with Brian, Diana and Amber to Paragon City, the alpha strike point from the Rikti Invasion. Brian convinced Daniel to go back to school, while he worked toward his degree in Sonography, hoping to find a cure for Amber's condition. Enlisting in RHI - Paragon City with his brother, Daniel took a double-major in Music Appreciation and Microbiology.

Both Peterson brothers earned their degrees a few years later. Most folks took Daniel's size to imply that he was not booksmart, but through dedication and intelligence, Daniel was able to complete his double-major with excellent marks. After their graduation Daniel and Brian founded "Speech Technology and Applied Research" or S.T.A.R. for short.

Brian and Daniel began research into finding a way to restore Amber's voice, combining Daniel's degree in Microbiology with Brian's in Sonography, they began to grow vocal regenerative bacteria. Their idea being that by injecting these bacteria into the failed vocal chords, they would regenerate celluar structure bringing the vocal chords to a healthy state before the bacteria died off.

One night, leaving the labs much later than everyone else, Daniel began the walk back to his apartment on the other side of their neighborhood "Steel Canyon". It was on this night that Daniel heard cries for help coming from an alley to his left. Flating himself against a building, Daniel peered down the dark alley for a moment before making out a woman on the ground kicking and screaming against a man with what looked like teal skin. Looking around quickly, Daniel found two lengths of chain that had been discarded from a nearby hardware store. Wrapping these chains around his hands, Daniel stepped into the alley.

The woman, Debra Rogers, later gave testimony that the large man appeared seemingly out of nowhere, shouted for the teal skinned man, later identified as Lenny Calhoun, to let her go. After laughing, the teal skinned man, or "Frostfire" as he made her call him, flew toward the large man, ice encircling his fists and he let loose two powerful blows on his opponent.

Debra finished her testimony by saying that those previously mentioned blows seemed to have little effect on her savior, instead they just seemed to infuriate him. As he brought his own mighty fists to batter against Frostfire, the teal skinned man just laughed and flew off. After checking to make sure she was okay, Debra stated the man escorted her home and then left without a word.

The Turning Point

Daniel cheered and hugged his brother as the other lab assistants broke open a bottle of champagne. They had finally cracked the genetic code for their vocal restorative bacteria, and in a few hours would be submitting their samples and research to the FDA for approval. As Daniel stood triumphantly holding the vial containing their working sample, he grinned goofily at his brother, knowing that the team had saved not only his niece, but every mute in the world, from an existance of silence.

"What the hell...?" Brian muttered as a window melted while a slow moving ball of flame entering the room through the new opening.

His eyes widening, Brian jumped between the ball of flame and his brother as Daniel stood watching, his world moving in slow motion. As he watched Brian smile sadly at him, Daniel's eye were blinded by a flash of light and an overwhelming heat. As the ball of flame exploded, everything went black.

A Hero is Born

Daniel woke in a hospital bed, his body felt bruised and broken, but a quick check revealed all limbs and extremities in tact. Looking around, he saw that Diana was sleeping in a chair on the other side of the room. Not wanting to disturb her, Daniel got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom, walking past the mirror, Daniel turned his head. Someone had painted the mirror completely black, odd for a hospital he thought. Shrugging, Daniel proceeded to relieve himself.

"Danny? Danny where are you?" Diana called, her voice sounding worried.

"Right here," Danny responded, walking out of the bathroom.

"How.. how are you...?" Diana asked softly, a suprised tone in her voice.

"How am I what?" Danny asked as he walked over to the sink, taking a paper cup and filling it with water.

"How do you know where those things are Danny?" she asked.

"Well..." Danny started, smirking a bit, "I just looked around and saw the sink, figured cups needed to be nearby, where's Brian, is he okay?"

"No Danny, he's not," Diana responded, starting to cry, "He's dead, and your supposed to be blind."

"Is this some kind of joke?" Danny asked, his tone becoming serious, "I am not blind, my eyes work perfec..." Danny stopped, he had brought his hand up to rub his forehead, and found bandages, lots and lots of bandages, covering the top of his head and his eyes.

"What's happening....?" Danny asked weakly

The Present

Daniel eventually got his answer from an old collegue of Brian's. Apparently the lab had exploded, and likely the only thing that saved Daniel's life was Brian's body between him and the blast. At some point, the vial of vocal regenerative bacteria had spilled onto his face along with a mess of other chemicals based on what the emergency teams who pulled him out of the burning building had said.

Danny was physically blind, however the chemical mixed with the bacteria had left him with a few... "changes". One of these was that while he could no longer see by light refraction, he could now "see" through sound refraction. In addition, he was able to warp the sound waves that surrounded him.

Daniel's new abilities had come at a high price however; he was the only surviving member of the research team, and all of their notes, studies, and samples had been destroyed in the blast. The highest cost however was his own brother's life. The paramedics had not found Brian's body, but were confidant that no one could have survived a blast at such close range.

Danny decided that his gift, which had cost five lives and the joy of thousands, could only be used to protect others. Daniel left Paragon City that day, retreating to the Appalachian Mountains to refine his new abilities.

A year has passed since that day, and Daniel, or Heavy-Mettle as he calls himself now, has returned to Paragon City. Fighting fire with fire, Daniel bring a bonecrushing, earsplitting brand of justice to the streets of Steel Canyon.

Of Squids and Men

In his travels, Mettle came across a severly wounded reformed Nictus, upon finding out what it was, and that it was dieing; Heavy offered to merge with the Nictus to allow it some sort of comfortable death. Only wondering after the fact what effect the Nictus' death would have on him.

Luckily it was never something Mettle found out. Due to the substantial amount of energy that his body produces, his biochemetic makeup acted as a sort of rejuvenator for the wounded Nictus, who Mettle came to know as Midnight Star.

Deciding to keep their union in tact, Heavy-Mettle and Midnight Star have become Mettle Star. A name as melded as the two entities themselves. Things are still a little shaky as each gets used to, and in turn changed by, each other; but so far, both parties are happy with the arangement.


Heavy-Mettle has a number of powers that allow him to combat villains.

The Symphony

Due to the explosion involving microbiotic organisms engineered for regenerating the vocal chords and unknown chemicals, Heavy-Mettle's sight was altered in such a way that he now "sees" through sound waves. This sense is so acute that Heavy-Mettle can distinguish colors based on the refraction of sound waves off of a given object, similar to how a normal person distinguishes color by light refraction.

This attunement to "The Symphony", as he calls it, allows him to alter the sound waves he sees, allowing him to create resonating shields to lessen damage to friends and allies as well as create dissonating shields to weaken the bodies and armor of foes, making them much less resistant to pain.

Finally, Heavy-Mettle is capable of directing multiple waves into tight "sound beams" enabling him to damage and disorient enemies.

Umbral Manipulation

With the melding of himself and the reformed Nictus, Midnight Star; Mettle has been able to use his own energy, combined with that of Midnight Star to manipulate the Umbral Energies of the universe. Mettle has used this manipulation to hold foes in place, cloak himself from the sight of others, and even as a weapon against criminals.

Explosive Propulsion

Through (painful) experimentation, Heavy-Mettle has learned to create sonic "explosions" beneath his feet, allowing him to jump far and high; small sonic "cushions" are used to prevent broken bones upon landing.

Kheldian Transformation

Due to innate abilities, Midnight Star is able to reform Mettle's body into a number of different "echo forms" of her previous host. Mettle cannot hold these forms indefinitely, but while transformed, he can increase his energy output or make himself more resistant. Midnight Star tends to use whatever form would best fit the situation, often without warning Heavy's conciousness first.

Constant Vibration

Due to constant microscopic vibrations at the celluar level, Heavy-Mettle is constantly kept in peak physical condition due to the 24/7 workout. This allows him to run and jump at olympic levels, in addition, his wounds heal slightly faster than normal and his energy levels are increased.


In addition to the powers granted through chance, Heavy-Mettle pulls from his background as a Scientist and a Bouncer to complete his arsenal of justice.


Trained in basic medical skills as part of his Micro-biology degree, Heavy-Mettle is about as useful as an average EMT; with a Paragon City Medpack, he is able to remove the pain of some wounds and awaken the unconscious.

Tough as Nails

Heavy-Mettle is an imposing figure. When faced with the 6'7" wall of muscle, even the hardiest of villains have been somewhat intimidated. Due to their mild distraction from this, those Heroes who team-up with Heavy-Mettle find that thier attacks will tend to strike true and for more damage as the villains "wait to see what the big guy does".


As with any Hero, there are a few circumstances/objects/emotions that are capable of causing the giant rocker pause/discomfort.


Heavy-Mettle feels responsible for his brother's death. In some ways, Heavy does not feel he is living up to the ideal he should be to honor his brother's memory.


Heavy has been providing for his brother's wife Diana and his niece Amber ever since the accident. If one of their lives were put in danger, Heavy-Mettle would do whatever necessary to see them safe again.

Water / Non-Standard Atmosphere

In environments where noise is muted or amplified, Heavy-Mettle will be, at the least, very disoriented. Likewise, because he "sees" through sound, his senses are hindered when sound is muted.

Nictus Energy Weapons

Mettle learned quickly that the Nictus Energy weapons held by Quantum Mercenaries cut through him like a hot knife through butter. After a few close calls, Mettle has learned to be much more careful while making his arrests, as even a thug with one of these in his hands could drop Mettle Star in a single shot.

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