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Player: @Saucy Mynx
Bits and Pieces
Moniker: Leela Noulastnaem
Species: Fae
Age: Appears mid-20s
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Glowing Orange
Hair Color: Fire Orange
Occupation: Magic
Powers: Fire Control

Cheery and bright, Leela seems at times to have no cares in the world. Born to a fae mother she speaks little of, her nature is tied to fire. It's only thanks to her own youthful impatience that she came into the time slipping. And now she can't seem to get out of it.

She is hard-pressed to tell when she is coming and going, but does what she can to make the best of when she is. Knowing that any failure to contain the humans' mess and problems will leak over into her own world, she toys around with her own kind of heroism. While not inherently good or evil, she seems to spend more of her time with those who could be categorized as 'good'. It should not be assumed that she is, in and of herself, of this alignment... Fae will do what fae are of a whim to do.

A Little Story


The Journal


Keeping track of when she is has proven difficult for her (at times) flighty nature and mind. To this end, Leela decided she needed a journal. She won't say where she got it beyond it having been a gift, but the journal is one of her most treasured possessions. In it are names, dates, notes, pictures, drawings, little bits of paper or things she was given to help her keep time straight in her mind. Embedded into the front cover is a spiralling clock, the hands rarely stopping as they spin silently and fast.

Now if only she can remember to keep the journal close.


  • Njall - Though she refuses to say just what the relationship between them is, it is clear from conversation that Njall is someone she is close to and comfortable around. The tall Asgardian -though confused by her time travelling- seems to welcome her company in return. Depending on when she is, the two are dating or even more... And depending on when she is, they also have a child. A fact that sets Leela into giggling hysterics and happy stream of consciousness chatter.
  • The Paladin - As with Njall, Leela will not pinpoint her exact relationship with the armored man. It is obvious that she's spent time around him with with the way she is comfortable around him. ...Even if he finds her flighty and confusing, he still laughs at her and seems to enjoy her company. Well... so far he has.
  • Lee - Having met the angel version of Ashlee, Leela hit it off quite gloriously and humorously with the blonde girl. If anything, Leela adores her for her spastic and eager nature, loving that she did everything she could to help explain the time bendy-straw paradox to Njall. She is thrilled to have her for a friend, and would gladly hide her from scary Njall anyday.
  • Kee and Kree - Leela calls them charlings... Likely her own little play on char and darlings. These two teeny dragons are nearly always closeby, if not ON her somewhere. They look similar to this, but in varying shades of orange and red.

Powers and Bonuses

  • Leela's inherent nature allows her to play with fire and not hurt herself. She can summon it in the form of fireballs, fire rain... sometimes even surrounding herself in flames.
  • The other aspect of her powers is... time slipping. It was an accident and while she has little control over the large aspect of it, she has localized control which lets her seem to move around faster (unnaturally so, when considering a Fae's normal quick movement) for short periods of time and "tweak" certain things around people near her. On the other hand... she has a very difficult time staying anchored in the time stream. While she may appear two days in a row, her age between those two days could be vastly different. ..this causes quite a bit of problems and even more confusion.
  • Leela's Fae nature has gifted her with several inherent attributes. When it comes to her looks, she can shift her size as well as cast a glamour over herself... Enabling her to appear more human than she otherwise would be. The Fae are naturally charming, gifted at speaking languages, and healing.
  • Another natural gift is her keen eyesight. Able to see things that are quite far away, as well as some that are hidden. As an extension of her powers, her eyesight sometimes shifts between normal and thermal sensing. Not always something she can control, it has been known to startle her and lead her into very close encounters with buildings.

Weaknesses Thanks to being what she is, Leela has a few... built-in weaknesses.

  • Cold Iron. Go figure. Cliche, but true. Iron will hurt. A lot. And temporarily weaken or destroy her fire abilities... She is not sure how it will affect her time control.. and is in no hurry to find out.
  • Rowan wands tend to ruin her glamour. While not necessarily a weakness... it's terribly irksome and likely to set her off.
  • Leela's temper, though usually collected and calm, has been known to switch to a fiery explosion of rage and ire. Getting in this state usually means her glamour drops and she is much harder to reason with.
  • Shiny objects. Terribly distracting.


  • Leela's long ears are pierced no less than eight times, and the piercings carry over to her glamour. Delicate silver rings fill each hole, connected by a silver chain that is just as delicate. Hanging from the lowest hoop in each ear is a red ruby globe.
  • Leela has no idea who her father is. She openly admits this. As for her mother, she knows... but things aren't exactly copacetic between the two. In fact, her mother is currently quite angry at her for messing up the magic and ending up with the time-slipping issues.
  • Leela hates beer, loves honey mead... but really has no tolerance. So she generally sticks to apple juice.
  • Along with the earrings, Leela wears two other things that are testaments to her weakness for shiny objects. A wide silver band around her right wrist... and a necklace. A silver chain bedecked in small items she seems to have found interesting. An old copper key, a wire wrapped penny, a jade circle, an antique diamond ring, a small silver bell, a well polished black rock... No item seems to be more important than another. They are all just pretty.

You know you want to. Talk.

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