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A former theoretical engineer for the military, Grayson Draves was part of a project in development of a personal weapons platform using experimental nanotechnology. Several prototypes were created the most promising being a suit created from synthetic polymers bonded with nanite giving the suit incredible resilience while allowing the fabric to function as the suits components. The end result of the project was both lightweight and flexible yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of combat as well being capable of bringing a staggering amount of firepower to bear by channeling Aetheric energy though the suits nanite infused fibers. Before the project could be put into production however it was shut down under the reasoning of being too costly compared to training conventional heroes. Unwilling to give up on his ideal however Grayson continued work on a stolen prototype in the hopes of giving his fellow man the means to fight super powered villainy without resorting to help. Fitting the suit with a modified pilots helmet and donning a heroes name Grayson has set out to prove the feasability of his dream in the hopes that the average man need no longer stand on the shoulders of his super powered peers.

Inertial retired from active duty in mid 2006. He now works as liaison for the UN in their International Bureau for Super-powered Affairs (IBSA) division.

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