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US Sentry
Player: @Aceospades
Origin: Science
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 1
Personal Data
Real Name: Roger Stevens
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human
Age: unknown
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 240 lbs
Eye Color: Blue (No Pupils with mask)
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Founding Member of the Justice Force
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
US Sentry's Power Gauntlet gives him access to a wide array of powers including: Flight, Force Fields, Energy Blast. His enhanced "super-solider" physiology gives him enhanced Strength, Stamina, and Agility.
Known Abilities
Trained in military Hand to Hand Combat techniques, tactics, and several classified skills.
Power Gauntlets
No additional information available.


Roger Stevens was your ordinary man. 6'4 weighing 240lbs he may have appeared to be stronger where in reality he was actually weaker than most. Tired of being picked on because of his lack of physical strength and grace Roger decided to enlist in the US army. There he thought he could develop the skills to impress all those who mocked him. He could of not been more right.

While going through boot camp Roger earned a reputation as being the hardest working recruits ever to enter the Army. He, unfortunately, also earned the title of the least skilled recruit in army history. Frustrated that his skills didn't improve, Rogers took his problem to his superior officers. Knowing of Roger's devote patriotism and eagerness to improve himself they suggest an experimental program. Believing that the US government would never to do anything that would endanger him Roger agreed to the experiment.

For the next year Roger under went extreme gene therapy and physical training to maximize his new abilities. His strength and agilities increased 10 fold. His body soon reached the pinnacle of human strength and agility.

On the last day of his "treatments" Roger was given his uniform and the most importantly the power gauntlet. The power gauntlet was a combination of the Mega band and power ring technology. It was untested and extremely deadly. Unbeknownst to Roger the reason the scientist wee increase his physical abilities was not to make him a better soldier but to allow him to control and withstand the sheer power of the gauntlet. They had been attempting to give the gauntlet to their best and brightest but with terrible results. The power had either sent the subject into a coma or killed them outright. As they brought out the gauntlet the scientists told Roger,

" You are our nation's protector, Fight for Justice, Fight for right, Answer to no law, only the greater good of the people, Be their light in the darkest night"

As roger fastened the gauntlet to his wrist he felt a wave of energy flow through him and felt as if he would explode. Battling the sensation Roger's new altered physiology slowly began to control this new power. Once he had the power under control it was time to test it. While preparing for the test the lab was attacked by members of the Fifth Column. They killed the scientists and then went after Roger. Turning his powers at them in a fit of rage Roger let loose a blast the not only killed the Fifth Column members but also leveled the lab. With that mistake the secrets of the power gauntlet were lost forever. Upon realizing he had just committed murder and thus swore never to take another life.

With his new powers and purpose US Sentry set out to eliminate the Fifth Column and to protect the American people. It was through his battles with Fifth Column and other Villains that led US Sentry to join forces with Superstellar and the rest of the Justice Force. Together they enter a never-ending battle against Injustice and evil.


US Sentry by Kirin
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