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Justin Kain, the Sleep-Stalker
Justin Kain
Player: @Talisien Nightbane
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Johnathan Ramsey
Known Aliases: Kain, The Sleep-Stalker
Species: Human Dreamweaver
Age: 9; 19 artificially
Height: 5;11
Weight: 150
Eye Color: Yellow; Green as Johnathan
Hair Color: Black; Brown as Johnathan
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Lackey
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Unconfirmed
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Harold Ramsey (Father, deceased); Lilian Ramsey {Birth mother, deceased); Liliah Mertyl-Ramsey (Step-mother, deceased); rest unknown
Known Powers
Dreamweaver mutant abilities, telepathy via dreams,
Known Abilities
None of note
Demonic dagger
No additional information available.

One night Johnathan Ramsey went to bed and didn't wake up. Instead, Justin Kain did. Johnathan Ramsey was a good student who did well in school. Justin Kain gave his teachers nightmares. Johnathan Ramsey loved his parents. Justin Kain murdered them in their sleep. But there was something strange.

You see, when Justin closed his eyes, he didn't fall asleep. He'd enter a new world where his word was law. Where everyone was at his mercy. And when he stabbed someone in this new world, they'd wake up and find themselves internally bleeding. Sometimes Johnathan wakes up in mornings, unsure of what happened, why he's hunted, and why people refer to him as Kain. But when he falls back asleep, sometimes he sleeps for weeks on end, walking the streets as Justin Kain, the Sleep-Stalker.



For a more extended story of Johnathan Ramsey's life prior to Justin Kain, please see his respective Virtueverse (Work in Progress)

Operation: Dream Catcher

For more information, see: Operation: Dream Catcher

The pet project of Talisien, a unit of the Shadow Spiders was tasked to kidnapping little Johnathan Ramsey from the Freedom Corps base at Sharkhead Isle. It was here that Markel Smythe and Executioner Garroh kidnapped Johnathan, using drugs to suspend him in a dreamless sleep. Johnathan was placed in a stasis tube, and sealed in the base. Soon, Johnathan was forgotten, especially when the Shadow Spiders moved to the Asgard, leaving Johnathan's prison behind.

For half a year, Johnathan laid sleeping. He may've remained there forever, forgotten... until Bad Dream started taking interest in Operation: Dream Catcher. Once again, Markel was sent, but this time it was Markel Darkweaver who was sent to retrieve Johnathan and deliver him to Bad Dream. Upon possession of the boy, Dream began artificially accelerating his growth and "programming him", wanting to make a new assassin. What Dream didn't realize is that he'd created something more...

The Birth of Justin Kain

The stress from reawakening, since Dream didn't bother continuing to drug Johnathan, tolled on him heavily, combined with the extended sleep. Suspended in the tank, watching the members of Black Tie come and go, as well as mixing with the "programing" being played to him every day, Johnathan developed a new side of his personality. This side was Justin Kain. From almost the moment he was placed in the tank, Justin Kain was the dominant force in Johnathan's mind, meaning Kain learned all of the control of his abilities but also gained the mental blocks preventing him from utilizing his powers against certain individuals, notably the Black Tie.

After a few months of learning and growing, Justin (now physically and mentally 19) was once again "liberated" by Freedom Corps during a process of Black Tie relocation. Back in Paragon, Justin became dormant as Johnathan was reunited with his father and step-mother. Johnathan returned to school, think his nightmare was over. Unfortunately, it was far from that.

Within a few weeks, Kain rose up. Deciding that a normal life was unacceptable and no longer the correct path for the two, he began to take steps to ruin the life of Johnathan, who was still mentally 9-years-old. First it began at school. Due to his condition, Johnathan was placed in the Special Ed classes, to help him learn. Kain began tormenting his fellow students, going as far as to even pour LSD in one kid's milk at lunch. Expelled from school, Justin was a step further to ending the life of Johnathan Ramsey. Finally, using his powers, Justin murdered both Harold and Lilah in their sleep.

Returning Home

Abilities and Powers

Justin Kain is one of the infamous Dream Weaver mutants, who's dreams do not see the future; they shape it. As such, Kain's method of attacking and killing his enemies is indirect, such as later in the night after a fight. Kain has shown proficient mastery of the dream world, able to bend it and twist it to his like, via lucid dreaming. For instance, Kain could bring someone he hates into his dreams, repeatedly stab them in the stomach, and in the real world that person could suddenly have open stab wounds or begin internally bleeding. Occasionally, Kain is even able to manipulate his dreams to inflict pain with none of the damage, in this case having his target feeling like they're being stabbed in the stomach repeatedly but have no signs internally or externally of an injury. Kain can also use these powers to alter his appearance, heal injuries, and manifest objects out of thin air.

Another interesting development of Kain's is his ability to summon and manipulate the pure essence of the dream world in the real world, which manifests itself as dark purple flames and energy. This essence can leave physical burns, but more importantly, it fatigues its affected target, making them more likely to fall asleep.

Kain also has been known to have minor psychic abilities, such as basic telepathy and telekinesis. However, his eyes must be closed to perform these feats.


Outside of the dream world, Kain is not particularly agile or strong. In a fist fight, without his dream-fire, he's unable to hold his own at all. He can't really dodge, and he can't take a punch. Disrupting Kain's attempts to use his Dream Weaver powers simply require loud noise, violently shaking him, or dousing him with cold water.

Kain has also shown a dislike of lullabies and hates when people sing around him. Perhaps there's another weakness that Kain is unwilling to admit.

Lastly, due to restrictions placed in his mind via Bad Dream's "programming", Kain is unable to use his powers against anyone with a rank of agent or above in Black Tie. Even attempts to use his dream-fire will result in a misfire or missed attack.


Kain is mean. Really mean. Kain doesn't get along well with others, but occasionally he'll make alliances or find someone modestly pleasurable to be around. However, women are little more than sex objects and trophies to him, and men are little more than people to take bullets for him.

When it comes to enemies... well, some have proven to slip between his fingers and fight him off in the dream world... but most die very quickly.

This Love

This Hate


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-Markel Smythe
-Bad Dream


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