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Kali Erinyes
Player: @Andromeda
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Morrigu and Alecto
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Replicant: Gestalt Type
Age: 7 (Apparent Age 25+)
Height: 8'0"
Weight: 329 lbs.
Eye Color: Crimson, oozing blood
Hair Color: Magenta and violet alternating dreadlocks which take the shape of serpents
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Mechanius Imperium Shocktrooper
Place of Birth: Warwick, England
Base of Operations: Grandville, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Schnieder Bourchier (Deceased), creator
Known Powers
Flight, Speed, Corruptive Energy, Invulnerability, Super-strength
Known Abilities
Able to separate back into her component forms, Morrigu and Alecto at will, but is prohibited while doing so in the presence of her compatriots.
Morrigu and Alecto only despise their creator more than they do each other which makes the gestalt form they create highly unstable, violent, and wrathful

Brought into the world by a cruel, hateful man seeking to exploit and use his new "dolls" to fortify his own greed and power, Morrigu and Alecto learn the lessons their creator teaches them better than he himself would like. To sow their creator's destruction the two "sisters" forge a pack with the one person they hate less than him, each other. Though their scheme bears fruit and gives them their desire it is in no way how they would have wished it, the two hated sisters damned, by the perverse humor of their new taskmaster, to be trapped in the same body together as the Mechanius Imperium's gestalt shocktrooper, Kali Erinyes.



The entity known as Kali Erinyes is a gestalt[1] form created when Morrigu and Alecto merge together. The processes causes not only the replicant's physical forms to merge together but their mental attributes and personality as well. While the gestalt may be created by merging two separate entities, and it may split back into those entities, the gestalt is it's own unique singular entity. It does not regard itself in the plural form or have problems with the original entities that merged to form it arguing or fighting for control within the gestalt's consciousness. Replicants that are constructed so they may form a gestalt usually have personalities that work well with each other. This helps ensure that the new personality created will be mentally stable when the two separate personalities merge into a new one. In instances where the personalities of the two individual replicants are not compatible the mental state of the gestalt that is created will become unbalanced and develop psychological defects. The severity of the defects is dependent on how much the two individual personalities cannot reconcile with each other, and can range from simple quirks, such as obsession with cleaning or the taste of food, to extreme psychoses and insanity.

New Dawn Labs Replicant Architecture

Morrigu and Alecto are both gynoids[2] built upon the Replicant Architecture as developed and released by New Dawn Laboratories. Although they are both made to be near exact copies of humans they are completely artificial creations without organic components installed in them. For more information read the Replicant article.


Kali Erinyes

Morrigu and Allecto's hatred and loathing for each other causes severe psychological problems to manifest in the composite personality. This generally manifests as a severe and destructive rage, but also gives her an intense sadistic element. The fury that wells up inside of Kali is most common directed to humanity and naturally born forms of life in general, extending her hatred of her creator to all of his race and those like his race. When enraged she becomes very bestial and expresses herself in growls, roars, and snarls. Her bestial and sadistic nature spreads over easily into combat, the monster relishing tearing into her prey with her fangs, shredding with her claws, or simply dismembering with her hands. Although Morrigu and Alecto are quite intelligent, prone to subtlety and finesse, the composite Kali Erinyes seems to show none of this. Although not mentally deficient, Kali Erinyes is ruled by her fury and brutality, making her prone to quick and bloody action more than she is to plotting and planning, though she is perfectly capable of doing so when motivated to do so.


Morrigu is a true sociopath. Her upbringing by Schnieder Bourchier has taught her to never rely on anyone, trust no one and always be prepared for betrayal, and to always have a plan to eliminate and neutralize everyone you meet. To Morrigu all people are tools to accomplish means and goals and has no compunction about sacrificing a comrade for her own gain. While she is skilled at many methods of manipulating those around her, Morrigu prefers to use her appearance and charm to manipulate those around her. Compared to her sister she excels more in improvisational acting ability and reading people. This makes her better at impersonating other people for missions, but even her daily life she’s always acting, painting a picture of a harmless debutante, lulling those near her into a sense of complacency until she turns upon them.


Alecto is a complete sociopath just like her sister. Sharing the same mentor as Morrigu she's been taught the ways of using people as pawns for her purposes. She will lie, cheat, steal, and backstab those around her without the slightest hesitation. However Morrigu prefers to control those around her by intimidation. She always dresses in a way that will make her look imposing, powerful, and aloof. Where her sister excels at acting and interaction, Alecto excels in planning and logistics. She has extensive knowledge about various legal systems and accounting practices which can allow her to force opponents into situations favorable to her. Morrigu prefers to deal with her targets at a distance, only revealing herself when she is sure her well-laid plans will work.

Abilities and Powers

Corruptive Energy

Kali Erinyes

The main source of Kali Erinyes' powers comes from a series of generators placed in the palms of each of her four hands. Each of these generators is able to manipulate quantum strings[3]in a localized area. The main function of these generators is to scramble the vibrations of the quantum strings in an area, creating a field of chaos within which is typically perceived as a black-purple cloud with crackles with released energy. Kali Erinyes can either create these fields around the generators in her palms or create a quantity of it which stays in one location for a short time. Subjects exposed to this corruptive energy typically feal nauseous and become weakened as they're molecules are scattered around through different states of matter and energy at random. Removed from the effect of the generators subjects typically return to normal as the quantum string vibrations slowly return to their normal harmonics. While simply scrambling quantum strings is the main purpose of the generators Kali Erinyes is also able to siphon off matter and energy that is being effected by the corruptive energy field and convert it back into stable forms of energy for nourishment.

Construction Traits

Kali Erinyes has been built to be very durable and resistant to damage. When Morrigu and Alecto combine into a Gestalt their matter is compressed into less space than the two of them take up separately, causing Kali Erinyes to be made of unusually thick and dense material. Most types of shocks and blows are simply absorbed and dissipated throughout her frame. In addition to this her gestalt nature gives her redundant systems for function. Being a robot she is immune to poisons, suffocation, life-draining, psionics, and other similar attacks which specifically target organic beings.


Early History

Warwick Enterprises Ltd. was a company owned by Schnieder Bourchier. The Bourchier family had been one of the noble house of England in ages past by time had not been kind to the family. At least not in the eyes Schnieder. A man perhaps born in the wrong time Schnieder exemplified all of the arrogance and need for power that the most infamous nobility in ages past were known for. Thanks to his schemes Warwick Enterprises Ltd. had grown exponentially from the small company his father had left him to a powerful contender in the world of business. However these gains were never enough to please Schnieder for very long, determined to create an estate greater than his family had lost. With the introduction of replicants his business now had a new tool possible that was previously out of his reach. Determined to put this new technology to use Schnieder had work begin on the first replicant created by his company.

Morrigu was built by Warwick Enterprises Ltd. on Jaunuary 5, 2002. The first memory she would have upon activation would be her creator slapping her hard across the face for not addressing him as, "My lord", an experience that would be echoed and repeated throughout Schnieder's dealings with his new "doll", as he called her. Schnieder set about molding his new creation to be the perfect espionage agent, able to infiltrate the companies of his competitors and take them down from the inside. He taught his new creation how to read other people, how to manipulate them, while simultaneously stripping away any compassion or morality she might have had in his continual mistreatment of her. When she was finall allowed into the field she proved a resounding success, forging documents and siphoning away funds so a tecnology firm crashed to the ground and simultaneous wiping out every employees retirement savings, siphoning it back Warwick Enterprises Ltd.

With such a rounding success Morrigu had a partner given to her on March 13, 2002 when Alecto was built. Instead of commiserating with her fellow charge, Morrigu treated her new "sister" almost as bad as her creator. Morrigu would frequently set traps for her younger "sister", causing work to be deleted, framing her for misdeeds, and tricking her into social missteps, all drawing the ire of their creator. Despite interference from her older sister Alecto did show progress, becoming as unscrupulous and ruthless as her creator. However, perhaps from the extra abuse from her sister, she developed a cool, reserved, emotionally distant demeanor. Where Morrigu showed more skills in manipulating the hearts and minds of those around her, Alecto showed a greater gift for cunning plans executed with brutal efficiency.

With his two saboteurs in plan Schnieder set them to work, each of them eroding the fortunes of his enemies while filling his own coffers. Each replicant was always sent on different assignments, as Morrigu and Alecto would do more to undermine each other than they ever would an enemy, a fact punctuated by the continuing cold war they pursued against each other within the company. While Schnieder watched this he became complacent, feeling assured that both of his agents were firmly under his thumb and at each other's throats too much for them to become a threat to him. However his treatment of the two replicants never changed, their hatred for him growing day by day.

Becoming Kali Erinyes

What Schnieder failed to realize is just how much his creation's hatred of him had grown. With increasingly more and more complicated assignments given to them the two could never be monitored as they could in the days when they were first built. After two years of working for their creator both replicants yearn to eliminate their taskmaster. However both of them are possessed of limited means to accomplish their task. Neither of them posses suitable combat ability, training, or weapons, and building up suitable wealth and resources to eliminate Schnieder through economic means would take longer than either replicant is willing to spend. With precious few options available Morrigu comes to her sister to purpose a truce to eliminate their creator. Reluctantly Alecto agrees and the two begin planning.

They decide their best method would be to insert a computer virus into the Warwick Enterprises Ltd. computer systems. Once implanted the virus would begin transferring shares through a dummy corporation and back to themselves. Meanwhile it would start transferring computer systems and security overrides to their access exclusively. It's a bold plan but with one significant flaw: neither sister is skilled enough to create the required computer virus from scratch, and none of the companies they're currently investigating have something similar. Their search then goes out to criminal organizations who might have the component they need. A few are discovered but eventually the two sisters decide to infiltrate a group calling itself the Mechanius Imperium, a terrorist machine supremacy organization, figuring it should be easier for them to slip into and should prove sympathetic to their cause should things not go as planned. On June 12, 2004 they put their plan into action. Posing as possible immigrants into the Imperium they are able to slip past the first layer of security, being housed with other recruits. From there they both slip away deeper into the bowels of the facility. Morrigu stands on lookout while Alecto attempts to exctract the virus unnoticed.

Unfortunately, the are noticed. A security detail goes to investigate the unauthorized access at the computer terminal. Seeing the patrol coming Morrigu warns Alecto, the two of them running back into a nearby hallway and shutting security doors behind them to try and escape the patrols. With patrols closing on them they resume their old habits. They agree to split up, but when they do each of them tries to sacrifice the other to try and make her escape. Morrigu circles around and shuts a security door in Alecto's path, trapping her with the patrols, while Alecto turns on a radio transmitter she planted on Morrigu earlier, leading the patrols right to her.

When they're captured Morrigu and Alecto each blame each other for the entire plan while begging the Mechanius Imperium for assistance in their plight. They claim their desire to serve the Imperium is genuine and blame their actions on a desire for vengeance they feared wouldn't be fulfilled soon enough. Their pleas are heard by First Emperor Surtr of the Mechanius Imperium. He knows he cannot trust either of the detainees in the least and knows what they say for the lies they are; however, he doesn't want to appear as turning away another machine in need either or recruitment and popular opinion might drop. Finding the strength of their hate for their creator and each other interesting he finds a way to deal with his two detainees, put fear into those who might try to deceive him, and to please his perverse sense of humor.

For the next month Surtr has alterations performed on Morrigu and Alecto. He has all the work done when they're rendered unconsious after interrogations so neither can suspect what is being done to them. Each of them is fitted with a Gestant Catalyst, newly developed by the Science department. With it each of them is able to merge into one unique being indefinitely if required. When the devices are fully configured to create the desired gestalt and installed in Morrigu and Alecto the Emperor has them both brought to him under the pretense of passing judgement on July 23, 2004. Instead he gives a command word to force the two to merge into their new gestalt form, Kali Erinyes.

The New Reign of Kali

Although Morrigu and Alecto were able to separate back into their normal forms they're prevented from doing so unless the command is given by Surtr. The new gestalt being proved to be difficult to control, the act of fusing the two siblings together creating an emergant personality vastly different from the two component personalities. Kali inherited the worst, vile, and base elements from each of the two component replicants, the new form seething with hatred, and a desire for vengeance. However where Morrigu and Alecto are cautious, methodical, and cunning Kali Erinyes is none of these things. Consumed by rage the new personality is violent and destructive, delighting in rending foes. Surprisingly this made the gestalt more loyal than the two replicants were separate. Morrigu and Alecto might be duplicitous, but Kali is pleased as long as the Imperium gives her more foes to shred.

Kali Erinyes proved to be invaluable in early operations, becoming a tempest of violence that would strike fear into the Imperium's enemies and an inventiveness for creating pain that seemed unmatched. However she proved to be a burden when working with groups, other soldiers either too terrified to work with or unable to withstand her fits of rage and anger. Seeing this Surtr has Kali's upgraded, adding Corruptive Energy generators to her palms to augment her already formidable claws. The match seemed to be perfect, the twisted nature of her new weapons visiting even more terror and pleasing the gestalt's desire to inflict pain. Surtr had her made the head of the Imperium's shock troops in the department of Defense. With her at the head of the agency the Imperium achieved quick victories, breaking enemy defenses and acquiring great new resources for the Imperium.

The Warwick Father's Day Massacre

Please with her performance Surtr decided he would grant Kali Erinyes her original wish. On June 19, 2005, Fathers Day, Surtr let Kali loose to pursue the vengeance that brought her into the Imperium in the first place. Security could never have guessed what was going to happen when Kali Erinyes swooped down out of the sky onto the Warwick Enterprises Ltd. building, and some Mechanius Imperium signal jammers ensured none of the aborted calls for help never left compound. Her new found fury no longer letting her be satisfied with simply the destruction of her creator, Kali methodically continued until not a soul was left alive in the facility. Every surface in the building seemed to show signs of the carnage upon it, except one small end table next to a chair where what was left of Schnieder was found. Placed upon that end table was flowery greeting card signed on the inside with a delicate calligraphy script saying, "Happy Father's day from your loving daughters, Morrigu and Alecto."

After the attack the stock of Warwick Enterprises Ltd. plummeted. In secret Morrigu and Alecto purchased the deflated stock for themselves. The company is still in their control to this day. However the actual administration of the company is given to members of the Management department of the Imperium since Morrigu and Alecto cannot reasonable work together to control the company, or openly control it. Warwick Enterprises Ltd. is now chiefly given over pursuing Imperium interests in the United Kingdom.

Arrival in the Rogue Isles

With the Mechanius Imperium trying to create a working relationship with Arachnos in the Rogue Isles Surtr sent Kali Erinyes to be assigned to the Rogue Isles detachment. There her main purpose is to provide an image of the Imperium's strength, backing up the words of Imperium diplomats with the threat of violence. Able to accomplish what it often takes several squads of troops to do Kali Erinyes is perfect to assign to tasks in this location where large numbers is not an option for the Imperium. While in the Rogue Isles Kali has assisted Arachnos in a variety of tasks, from crushing Luddites in Cap Au Diable, to destroying the hopes and dreams of the innocent in Grandville, and even battling the Freedom Phalanx in Paragon City. Due to her efforts relations between the Mechanius Imperium and Arachnos have remained productive, despite the fact that neither group's final plan has room for the other in it. However the current truce has provided each with technology, resources, and information which is steadily improving the position of both the Imperium and Arachnos.

Physical Description

Kali Erinyes

Kali stands a staggering 8'0" in height. Her skin is a matte white, making her look much like a statue. Her hair at first appears to be a series of alternating thin magenta and violet dreadlocks but the tendrils shift and rustle contrary to the wind and the tips reveal themselves to be taking on the shape and form of serpent's heads. Her eyes are a even flat crimson as her eyes ooze what looks like blood, continually running down her cheeks and neck in a steady red stream. Her lips are painted a bright purple and bared teeth show long, sharp fangs. Her form looks thick and muscular to go along with her size, and she wears a black Military jacket with the logo of the Mechanius Imperium emblazoned on it, her legs bound in thick leather buckled shut with belts, the color scheme matching the imperium's colors. She has two pairs of arms, covered in gauntlets and each ending in sharp, clawed fingers. At her back are a pair of large, black metallic wings which help propel her into the air.



Morrigu like her sister is constructed in a way so that she can blend in and make positive impressions and manipulate those around her. She stands 5'5" in height and weighs 103 lbs. Her most dominant feature is her fiery red hair which she wears loosely down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are a deep green and her skin is a pale Caucasian hue. Her face and form are all designed to be pleasing to the eye and evoke positive reactions, giving her a small, slender nose, plush lips, a delicate heart-shaped face, and a voluptuous, curved shape.

Morrigu prefers to use her appearance to control and manipulate those around her and it shows in her dress. Morrigu favors more casual and evocative clothing such as light dresses with heels and two-pieces with shorts. She especially favors clothes that match her eyes or colors to offset and compliment her hair.



Alecto has the same body type and skin coloring as her sister and was built upon the same template as her. Alecto stands the same 5'5" in height and weighs 110 lbs. Her eyes are a deep royal blue and her hair in a vibrant blond which she prefers to keep in a thick braid. Her skin is also pale and her form matches the same curved petite shape of her sister.

Unlike her sister Alecto wants to project an image of stern control and power. Her dress reflects this in the business suits that she tends to wear. She usually wears a pair of lightly tinted glasses although she has no eyesight difficulty or need to shade her eyes from the sun.

Character Influences

Kali's aesthetics and character come from descriptions of the Greek Erinyes, and descriptions of the hindu goddess Kali. Links to the relevant articles are listed below. There was also some minor appearance choices made based on the description of the Erinyes from the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Monster Manual.

Erinyes Wikipedia Article

Exotic India Article: Mother Goddess as Kali - The Feminine Force in Indian Art - Warning, although this character's resemblance to the Hindu goddess is superficial, the article linked is a serious piece of work on the religious figure.

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  1. Gestalt is taken from the German word for "Die Gestalt" which means shape or form. In English it is used to convey a sense of wholeness. It is also been used in fiction to describe a form taken when two smaller forms join or merge together.
  2. Gynoid is the female form of the word Android.
  3. String Theroy postulates that matter and energy is made up of strings which vibrate at different frequencies to make up the universe. For more information take a look at String Theory on Wikipedia.
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