Knight Byrd

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Knight Byrd
Player: DK Murphy
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Edward Steven St. Croix
Known Aliases: Eddie, Steven
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: English
Occupation: Superhero, Musician, Barista
Place of Birth: Sheffeld, England
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Olivia St. Croix, Mother (deceased), Steven St. Croix, Father (Deceased)
Known Powers
Ability to summon the darkness and cause fear
Known Abilities
Quick reflexes
No additional information available.


Basic Information

Real Name: Edward Steven St. Croix

Nick Names: Eddie, Steven

Known Aliases: The Knight Byrd

Occupation: Hero, Musician, Barista

Place of Birth: Sheffield, England

Base of Operations: Paragon City

Known Relatives: Olivia St. Croix, Mother (Deceased), Steven St. Croix, Father (Deceased)

Affiliations: Amazing Avenging Allies

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 215lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Dark Brown


Eddie "Knight Byrd" St. Croix is a Brit with a sense of humour. Born into a well established family, Eddie took the time to enjoy the finer things in life, and learned that living for the moment was the greatest of all ways to live. He has kept that, and refused to let his darkness powers manifest into his personality. Seen as a flirtatious, charismatic chap about town, Knight Byrd is able to get information through his casual style as much as he is through ability to garner fear though his opponents.

As Knight Byrd, he keeps a darkness about him in his fights, but can't help but flash a smile at a pretty lady. As Eddie, he's a far more relaxed gad about town. Sarcastic, smarmy, and full of energy, he enjoys playing his guitar as much as he does dancing the night away. Being a hero takes a lot of time, and lowers the lifespan of everyone involved. Might as well enjoy the time you have when not in a cape.


Knight Byrd's mutant abilities came in the form of a mastery of the darkness through his fighting, including inducing fear into his opponents, as well as tapping into his opponents health and stamina to better his own. Somehow this manifestation has made him lighter on his feet, allowing him to leap for great distances.

Byrd also realized that the best way to not be defeated on the streets of Paragon City was to avoid being hit. Because of this, his reflexes are much faster.

Primary Powers - Dark Melee

Knight Byrd's Primary Powers have been called a form of "Dark Melee", which seems to allow him to pull from the darkness to truly add more power to his punches.

Secondary Powers - Super Reflexes

Knight Byrd's training seems to have formed a secondary power in super reflexes, which provides him a tremendous amount of defense.

Pool Powers

Knight Byrd's mutation has granted him an ability to be lighter on his feet than most. Because of this he can jump long distances and gains even greater defense in combat. Moreover, his training has allowed him greater ability in fighting.

Recently, he was given new gauntlets that allow him to connect onto a teammate or foe's location, and transport them to a new location. He has begun using this in combat situations.

Character History

With great power comes great responsibility. That's the phrase, anyway. In the case of Eddie St. Croix, great power came with a great reason to have some fun. St. Croix's mutant power manifested, many believe from the stress of learning of his parent's death, while others think it might have been because of his first kiss, that from an Addison Kestryl.

Regardless of the death of his parents, or his first kiss, Eddie's powers began to manifest, it seemed that this young musician had a knack for finding a dark place and focused that energy. For some, it caused fear. But not for Eddie. Eddie began to thrive on the thrill of fighting evil. When his girlfriend Addison began running around as Lady Kestryl, the two were suddenly dubbed England's Talons of Justice.

They were young, they were in love, they were the talk of the town. Eddie was known as the "Byrd Wonder", and everything was going great.

Until Lady Kestryl disappeared.

Not much is known about her disappearance. The two heroes were seen fighting thugs outside a nightclub, and when Knight Byrd decided to go in for a bit, Kestryl claimed something else to do. This would be the last time she would be seen in England.

Eddie spent months trying to not only clear his own name in her disappearance, but also to attempt to find out what happened to her. Everything led to a dead end. Until...

Paragon City.

It was uttered by a drug dealer, a known heavy in England named Pyromeo. Before Knight Byrd knocked his lights out, and sent him to jail. Paragon City was the only thing he could get out of the perp, so he set his way to the States, in a continuing search for his love, Lady Addison Kestryl.

Stories/Recent Events

Knight Byrd's search for Addison stalled for a bit, as no one seems to know where she is, or has even heard of her. Meanwhile, in his search, Byrd came upon a fellow hero named Falcontress, a bit of a flirt with a penchant for handguns. In talking with her, using his own flirtatious nature to get information, he discovered that her own Super Group, the Amazing Avenging Allies had all but disappeared, it was similiar to Addison's disappearance. He knew he had to investigate it further.

Because of this, he joined their ranks. His relationship with Falcontress has since soured, but he has taken on many friends within the group, and associated with it. He has since moved on with several other former members of the Allies to form S.A.B.E.R.

Meanwhile, Addison's younger sister Morgana has come to the States to help in the search, picking up the Lady Kestryl mantle, but it may be too late. Another pretty face has gotten Eddie's attention.

Nadia Luma, an 19-year old Preatorian has taken a fancy to him, and he's returned the attention. While it may just be passion, it could lead to something more down the line. The two have declared their love for one another, and are talking about moving in together, now that they've left the Allies.

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