Lady Mirage

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Lady Mirage and Tiki
Lady Mirage
Player: @Lady Mirage
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Roe
Known Aliases: None
Species: Unknown
Age: 15
Height: 3' 10"
Weight: 58 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Portal Corp. Medical
Place of Birth: Unknown Exterior Plane
Base of Operations: Portal Corp.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Restorative Magic Specialist, Energy Blasts, Flight, Invisibility, Various Utility Magics
Known Abilities
Respirator, Iktali Eye
No additional information available.



Coming from a magic rich universe and possessing significant mystic powers since birth has left Mirage hard to impress, and she has seen come to the point where wielding massive amounts of mystical power against the forces of darkness has become rather run-of-the-mill. Her odd upbringing has given Mirage a kind of streetwise innocence, and she tends to engage in casual, lighthearted conversations at fairly inappropriate times.

While her childhood molded her into an accomplished hero, Mirage is really terrible at just being a kid. A short lifetime spent standing on the front lines of the war between good and evil has left her a social wallflower when the laser beams stop flying; not exactly helpful in the complex, clique-laden society of Paragon City's heroes.


Restoration Magic

Mirage excels in the use of healing magics, and has been known to repair grievous injuries with little more than a sideways glance.

Energy Blasts

When pressed to defend herself, which in Paragon City terms means "constantly", Mirage is able to call forth a variety of focused energy blasts.

Additional Powers


While the magic of wingless flight is known to her, Mirage is hardly the most graceful being in the skies above Paragon; something ripped billboards and cracked windows across the city can attest to.


Mirage has magics at her disposal that allow her to bend light around herself and others, allowing her to diffuse villainous plots with minimal confrontation.

Utility Magic

Several minor spells round out Mirage's arsenal, ranging from speed enhancement to sleep induction.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Hailing from a place where magic advanced instead of technology, the skies over Mirage's homeworld have never carried industrial pollutants. She has no natural resistance to these chemicals and is therefore highly allergic to the earth's atmosphere, especially in industrial cities like Paragon. While outside of her hermetically sealed room at Portal Corp. Mirage must wear a respirator that filters chemical residue out of the air around her.


Coming from a world with limited technology quickly became a problem with the amount of tech even novice heroes encounter. In addition to her respirator, Mirage carries an artifact known as the Intaki Eye. On long-term loan from the M.A.G.I. vault, the Eye's magic allows her to easily operate complicated devices like computers and keypad locks, though she will admit she had to use it on her cell phone for the first few weeks.

Character History


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