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Player: @Levidicus
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Joshua Kross
Known Aliases: Josh, Levi
Species: Mutant/Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'10'
Weight: 178 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish/American
Occupation: Former musician turned Super Healer
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Greentown, Alabama
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father: Joseph Kross; Mother: Maryland Kross; Unknown sibling(s)
Known Powers
Flight by way of natural wings, healing abilities and melodic voice.
Known Abilities
Able to splice space and time with his voice allowing teleportation.
Trenchcoat, worn to hide wings.
His wings seemed to be white with red tips, perhaps bloodstained.



Friends and Allies

Supergroup: The Millenium Paladins



Southern hospitality and turning the other cheek is how Joshua was raised. He isn't one to pick a fight but will stand up for the weak. A man/child that loves to listen to stories and people in general, those lucky enough to hear him sing have said he sounds like a chore of angels. He doesn't sing very much anymore b/c of his father passing.

Character History

Everyone has a Beginning

Upon my return I am taking on a new role as a defender named Levidicus, I plan to make a Virtueverse page for him soon along with some original art provided by myself and tons of back story. This is pretty much a over view of his past. I didn't see an official forum for origins in this the virtue thread (if there is one please let me know) I'd love feedback and things I could improve upon. So read on if you feel so inclined.


Every one has a story, a hardship they’ve had to endure and overcome to get where they are. Levidicus is no exception.

Joseph Kross by day was a carpenter and in his off time a youth pastor in a small church on the outskirts of Greentown, Alabama. Joseph had sworn off love of the mortal world in a search for “divine” love. However, god works in mysterious ways and at the age of thirty two he fell passionately in love with a woman named Maryland Combs. Within three months they were wed and she pregnant.

Born March 16th 1987 to Joseph and Maryland Kross, Joshua took his first breaths in a world that hates and fears him. Joshua was a rare mutant, his mutation visible upon birth. Joseph was torn, growing up in the south there were always crimes of hate against skin color and race, he had never really cared for mutants and even turned them away from his small church on a few occasions. He knew if the child were to live to adult hood he might be malice or angry at the world, he didn’t want his child to grow up in such hardened conditions. During the night Joseph took the infant from his mother as she slept, taking the child into the den and placing it face down on an ironing board he reached for a blade. As the blade flickered in the dim light he witnessed his infant son sleeping and a tear fell on to his cheek. He recited the Lord’s Prayer softly to himself and placed the cold blade to his child’s skin.

The next morning Maryland awoke screaming. Joseph rushed to her side. She exclaimed she had a dreamt that in the night someone took Joshua. Joseph reassured her everything was alright. She arose from her bed and went to the crib. Again a shriek filled the air as she held up her child. In his back, just above his shoulder blades were to small quarter sized holes. She turned to her husband who sat in tears, a bond was broken that night and for six years Maryland said very few words to her husband.

Joshua was a bright child. His father wanted him home schooled for fear his mutation might grow back and his mother agreed because she didn’t want to be alone at home all day. Maryland went to night classes at a local community college and taught her son during the day. Joseph now had four employees and was able to refurnish the church with a new booth for the choir to sing. Maryland led the choir and her favorite soloist was her son. Joshua, as his mother put it “had the voice of an angel.” When this six year old opened his mouth to make a joyful noise it would entrance anyone in the building. Joshua was credited with a revival in the church for when people heard his melodic voice it brought tears to their eyes. His father was bursting with joy. However, god works in mysterious ways and when Joshua turned seven Joseph was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Maryland broke her silence and loved Joseph with a new passion. Joseph decided to quit his job, he had worked far too hard for six years and he said it was time he rested. Though the diagnosis gave him little more than a year Joseph thrived at home. He felt himself renewed when around his son. He couldn’t explain it, the doctors couldn’t either. The family lived for the church and in that his life was credited by all those who visited his son.

When Joshua turn fifteen a woman in a dark suit sat in on one of his choir practices. The woman moved to tears approached Maryland and introduced herself as Lucy Furlington, a small time agent who thought Joshua should take his gift to the next level. His mother was hesitant but his father thought it a wonderful idea, a chance for his budding son to spread his “wings.” His mother and father discussed the situation for hours and decided that upon graduation Joshua would be able to sign the contract. Ahead of his age group Joshua graduated at the age of seventeen and Lucy was there, his church threw his graduation party and Joshua signed the contract.

Upon arriving in New York Lucy informed Joshua his name wouldn’t do, it was too plain and he needed something unique. His mother wasn’t happy with this decision, she believed a name meaning “the light of god,” was more than adequate but Joshua was a child and thought it would be fun so he renamed himself Leviticus his father’s favorite book of the bible. Lucy liked it but thought they should change the spelling slightly because that is what real rock stars do. So Joshua became Levidicus.

A year into his recording career Levidicus received a phone call from home; Joseph’s cancer had finally caught up to him. Levi caught the first plane home and arrived at his father’s bedside. Levi held his father in his arms and Joseph opened his eyes, a shell of the man he once was. “I never wanted to cut your wings Josh, that’s why I wanted you to pursue your music; I never wanted to keep you from soaring.” Tears fell from Joshua’s cheek to his father’s forehead, the father of an angel passed on June 6th 2006. Joshua didn’t attend his cd release party. He attended his father’s memorial service and walked into a sunset. His mother let him fly.



Joshua was always rather in the dark about his powers, he didn't know until age 16 that he could actually heal. However, his powers have always been manifested. He cleanses negative energy without even knowing it, but after realizing his mutation he sought help in "increasing" his mutation so that he could heal consciously.


Born with natural wings, his father amputated the night of his birth he has recently grown new wings. Though small at this point and easily hidden in his coat he does have the ability of flight, his speed will only increase as his wings blossom.


He has always possessed a melodic voice but through training his healing powers he has discover that his voice can be used as a form of self defense. Singing on hyper sonic levels can leave his enemies bleeding from the ears and deaf. Recently he has learned that he can even cut the fabric of space/time and use teleportation, while only able to teleport others and one at a time it is a useful skill.


While able to heal others he himself is rather vulnerable. Unable to heal himself except in small bursts it is known that he has never been sick. Perhaps he is capable of healing his self he is just unaware.

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Creator Notes and Trivia

Levidicus is Unaware that what his father did to him upon birth and his mother never told him, for all he knows his wings are a secondary mutation.

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